PS Vita – The Stock Has Arrived Down Under!

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PS Vita – The Stock Has Arrived Down Under!


It may be nerd-core, but there’s something very special about witnessing a truckload of PS Vita units being unloaded, unpacked, and prepped for final shipping to retail. Yes, we’re now officially in the final days leading up to the PS Vita launch in Australia, and ladies and gentlemen, the stock has well and truly arrived.


Here’s a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the operations of a major games company. As you can see, the PS Vita units arrive in very large quantities. Palettes to be exact, each containing somewhere in the order of 500 PS Vita units per palette. That’s a lot of PS hardware (drool).


Operational staff carefully unpack each of the palettes, separating stock into relevant groups (3G versus WiFi models and so forth). Then begins the arranging of actual orders for each of the major retailers. The same needs to be done for each of the hundreds of cartons containing the various software titles and peripheral accessories that will also be available for PS Vita at launch.


So there you have it. If you’re anxiously waiting to get your hands on a PS Vita on Feb 23rd, rest assured, the delivery trucks are probably on their way to your favourite game stockist this very minute. Now I’m off back to the factory to sniff those freshly opened PS Vita cartons once more! :-)

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