MotorStorm RC Trophies – Full List & Platinum Revealed!

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MotorStorm RC Trophies – Full List & Platinum Revealed!

MotorStorm RC is almost here! In no time at all you and your friends will be drifting on ice-caps, going for gold in the desert, fighting for fractions of a second along tropical beaches, and facing down your competition amongst a ruined city.


It’s rare for a PlayStation Network download game to feature a Platinum Trophy, so I’m pleased to reveal that MotorStorm RC is one of the few that does on both PS3 and PS Vita! “Lunatics Unite”!


Collect at least one medal on each festival event and you’ll reach the ‘Supercharged’ speeds of the Super Car: 16 lightning-fast Hot Lap challenges await that will test your skills like never before.
Let it Slide

Drifting has never been so much fun, but holding that slide for more than one turn can be tricky. ‘Let it Slide’ rewards your mastery of the drift when you throw down 2000 points in a single attempt. Do you have what it takes?
Wall Brawl

The Pitwall is the home of your MotorStorm RC community. See your friends’ times, their successes, their failings and, most importantly, challenge them to do better. Beat 10 times posted by your friends on the Pitwall to earn the ‘Wall Brawl’ trophy.



So what could the secret trophies be? Here’s a tip-off for one of them, to put you in the right ball park and get the ideas flowing:


The secret trophies will be revealed on the MotorStorm RC facebook page and the PlayStation Forums when the game is released but, in the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments below.
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