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We are confident that when PS Vita launches on 22nd February, it is going to change portable gaming forever and we have created an advertising campaign to show the immersive, powerful and connected gaming experiences that PS Vita offers.
The campaign celebrates that PS Vita brings the world in to play and brings to life incredible experiences wherever you are connecting to gamers all over the world.
PS Vita is our fifth platform launch and we have not lost any of our passion for gaming. Therefore, launching the ultimate next generation portable console gives us the opportunity to once again share our passion with you.
Take a look at our new TV ad celebrating the start of a gaming revolution, first on YouTube ( And let us know what you think.
PS Vita. The World Is In Play

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  • The world is in play (next week)!

  • Nope. Not feeling it. At all. Very weak.

  • OK ad. Not sure that it says much about the Vita though…

    • It you want to find out more about PS Vita then be sure to check out our YouTube channel which has loads of videos about all of the great games and experiences that PS Vita offers

  • Ok I suppose. But again another ad that doesn’t really explain what’s it trying to sell all to well. The actual games running and the features of the Vita described would be better. Doesn’t bother me cos I’ll be buying a 3G Vita with Uncharted at some point anyways. Don’t know when though. Lost my job a couple weeks ago so can’t be making any costly purchases just yet.

  • Nice could do with a bit more product info though that’s what I think!

  • i like it very good

  • That’s really nice. Geting closer and closer til the world is in my hands.

  • feels like the long live play advert for ps3, they should televise that advert again, it was awesome

  • im getting my vita next week but im in the same boat as Carnivius_Prime, luckily my vita is covered with birthday money now but the games are not i can only really get one excluding ssdd.
    was fairly set on what i was going to get but the reviews for the games have been way below what i expected so i no longer have a clue what to get for it.
    as it stands rayman seems to be getting the best reviews but i dont see the point it paying £30 when i can pay much less for the same game on ps3, last night i cancelled my pre-order for reality fighters and as it stand i have no clue what game to get next week when its out as i have no interest in getting uncharted and doint see the point in getting wipeout as i have hardly scrached the surface of wipeout
    not regretting my pre-order just torn with what to get.

  • * hardly scrached the surface of wipeout hd on ps3 *

  • That’s awful,most people are gonna think this is just a psp ad because they look so similar & we only got a quick glance of the Vita at the end! Sony REALLY need to work on their marketing if they want their products to succeed!

  • Sony, you are nowhere close to making this look appealing to a large number of your PS3 userbase or the general public. We are educated and know how SCEE likes to treat its customers, like we are second rate and many of us have had enough of it.
    The SCEE PS Store compared to the US and Japan is insuting, we regularly get content long after other regions either something as small as weeks or in many cases years, much content we never get. Of the content we do get we usually end up paying much more than the US, your rivals are not the same and content in SCEE stores for both are always a higher price on PS store than the rival. The idea of a digital sales focused console is laughable to SCEE customers. The situation now is no better then when the PSP GO launched.

  • We have heard the promises to catch up to other regions stores for years yet every week the gap in content grows, it does not shrink. Why should anyone have any faith this will change? There is a reason so many people on PS3 have made alternate US Store accounts, it is the only way to get access to much content they would otherwise never see. Yet PS Vita have disabled this abilty thanks to requiring a factory reset to switch PSN accounts, something that at the same time will destroy interest for people who wish to share a single PS Vita console the same way they share a single PS3 system. You seem completely disconnected from your customer wants or needs.
    Promises that things will change will not be believed by many, especially since on day one you will already be robbing SCEE users of a choice by not releasing the 32GB memory card (the prices of these compared to standard memory cards is another major issue entirely), in addition to that Vita game prices seem to match the US pound for dollar (Uncharted: GA $40 US game = £40 on Vita, unlike PS3 games where $60 US = £40) so on day one we are already paying skyrocketed prices.

  • We are already being treated like second rate customers and the Vita not even released yet, charging us much more for games for aparently no reason since not an issue on PS3, and then robbing customers of the 32GB memory card option meaning they will need buy an inferior sized card they may not want in the mean time or else no saving content.
    You need to SHOW you can treat us equally to other regions before many will decide if they want a Vita and you have failed to even come close to showing that so far.

  • Awful!
    I take it the Blog will be taken over by crappy VITA posts from now on? ;)

  • I like it :P It’s a bit like the ‘For Michael’ video :D

  • NO NO NO!! What a pretentious load of old ####. It looks/sounds like those horrible perfume adds you see at Christmas. I showed this to a mate who had not heard of the vita yet and I quote
    “So it’s a new PSP with two analogue sticks instead of that single nub thing then?”
    I mean come on Sony KNOWBODY apart from Playstation fans who have been following it’s progress know what it is and even then those people are unsure about what it can and can’t do (Remote Play for PS3 titles anyone??). Sony should be selling people who have never heard of it (that’s most of the general public) on it’s touch screen, amazing power etc. I mean everyone and their mother knew about the 3ds before it launched and what it’s features were but hardly anyone has heard of the PS Vita let alone of what it is capable of. 1 week to launch and I think too little too late :-( BUT I really want the Vita to be a HUGE success!! Good luck Sony as you’re going to need it with ads like that…

  • This is an awful ad, I am already getting a Vita on launch day so im fine! But what about all those people who don’t know what a vita is like other people have said it could just be an add for a psp!
    Here is an Idea just show a montage of games and the Vita with captions like ‘HD handheld gaming!’ ‘Dual analogue sticks for ultimate control’
    It really isnt hard Sony just make it simple and people will buy it if they know what it is!

  • No one will know what it’s about, it’s just odd. I’m not surprised though coming from Sony Ps as they do make odd ads, some damn right scary as well in the past.

  • I enjoyed the advert. Very well produced and it made me want to find out more.
    As for the people saying the advert should just be footage of the games with “HD gaming, dual analogue sticks” text displayed over the top… well, that’s why they don’t work in advertising.
    Good work Sony. :-)

  • @Carl-G – Stop stealing my thoughts! This is very much in the same vein as “Michael”, assuming it’s by the same agency.
    I think it did a good job of conveying the depth of core games available wherever you are.

  • This advertisement is awesome!
    For those who say that it doesn’t tell enough about the PS VITA:
    It will, OBVIOUSLY, not be the only ad in the campaign.
    Can’t wait to see more and can’t wait to get my hands on this beast of a machine in 8 days!

  • Epic fail Sony. You have great hardware and software but just don’t seem to know how to market it. This ad tells people absolutely nothing about either. I love Sony to bits, but they just seem to live in their own little bubble when it comes to its consumers.
    From Twitter
    CEO Kaz Hirai
    Congratulations to the developers of Reality Fighters. A 4 1/2 Star review from @ign! Impressive.
    This made me chuckle, thats 4.5 out of 10 Kaz…

  • Worst ad. Will sell no PS Vitas. The ad shows no features of the device nor the games, graphics, 3G, Chat and so on. Terrible.

  • I kind of liked the ad. (Canadian here) Its better than that disingenuous US ad that shows the gent pausing his game at home then continuing it REMOTELY – A FEATURE WHICH JOHN KOLLER THEN POO-POOED 30 SECONDS LATER ON THE PS BLOG WITH A “WAIT AND SEE”. Remote play is in no way or shape functional outside of browsing media at this point in time with the Vita. Quite embarrassing when the hackers are already ahead of Sony’s engineers in this regard and can get ANY PS3 game streaming to the Vita.
    So, I’ll take pretentious perfume ad over outright marketing lies any day.

  • @27
    It’s a parody/fake account you idiot!

  • @29
    A simple; thats a fake account would have sufficed.
    In any case, its the type of thing I’d still expect from them.
    Over the years they have failed to bring the simplest of things the consumers want for no apparent reasons.

  • Love this. It captures the Vita thing pretty well :) Looks good.

  • The disappointing this is no one at SCEE is going to read these mixed comments from actual PlayStation FANS and think: “Maybe we got this one wrong.”
    No, no, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re just to buying public.
    Unlike what another commenter said, I don’t think it should just be non-stop game footage and a list of features. That said, you SHOULD stress the virtues of the device you’re selling. Look at Apple’s ads for the iPhone/iPad. “This is the device, this is what it can do, this is why you want/need one.”
    This grandiose hogwash completely missed the mark. The ad does not inform a potential buyer what it is. It assumes you know all about why this Vita is not just “a new PSP.”
    And, that’s why this ad does not work.

  • reminds me of the Epic Michael advert. I have to agree i found this epic but i think if your running this advertisement on tv then you need adverts like this but also other apppealing adverts like one that show off modnation racers and LBP as well as uncharted. Get them gorgeous Vita games on tv and get people talking about them.

  • Sorry, terrible amount of typos there.
    disappointing “thing”
    They’re just “the” buying public.

  • Just fix it so I don’t need to have the unsortable install bubbles (for PS1, Minis, PSP & Vita games) in my Games category on the XMB and I will buy the Vita.

  • an ad is an ad. sole goal is to convince you you need it. I dont

  • Was hoping for a crazy new campaign like there has been for every other PlayStation launch but this is just a blatant rip off off the Double Life PS2 ad, not bad but not as inspiring as the original :(

  • Awesome! Congrats guys :D

  • great first ad nice one :)

  • Another terrible, obscure and cold feeling advert made by SCEE way to go… Really thought the advert campaign would be something special considering it’s been so week. Why do you guys feel the the need to show off features by cryptically describing them people are confused enough about the Vita already IMO in terms of what it can actually do … Remote play PS3 games/ PSONE Classics etc?

  • Yous will need something better than that to convince me into buying one of those. I can’t help thinking of COD while watching it. Not only will the Vita only have 1 or 2 war games like that but the ad is very similar to the COD ads Activision runs except activision can actually afford to pay famous people like the dude from Super bad to be in theirs.
    The more Vita crap Sony throw at me on this blog and through Emails only have me hating the hand held more and more.

  • THE WORLD IS IN PLAY IN ONE WEEK !!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Dont get me worng guys I like the ad and I wasnt saying just plaster Dual Analouge sticks across the screen I was just saying show the features of the Vita and why its next Gen make it clear to consumers.
    Like others said I dont think this will be their only ad!
    I cant wait to get my hands on one! 8 Days!

  • What the hell was that?!

  • I know what’s missing! Where’s Kevin Buttler!?!?!?

  • Its good.
    But someone has obviously been watching Double Life :)

  • So…. let’s get this straight.
    1 – you have the most powerful handheld on the market
    2 – you have loads of USP’s
    3 – you have the best launch line up in Sony’s history.
    …. and THIS is how you choose to promote Vita?
    Meanwhile you ignore simple things like putting a Vita prelaunch section on the PS Store, filled with all the trailers and preview content you’ve already created? Neither do you bother to produce things like avatars so PSN users can promote their interest throughout your network… (but hey, why do that anyway, seeing as you can’t see vita owners online on your ps3 friends list and vice versa?)
    Come on guys! If you wonder how you’ve gone from being first to third in the global console market, it’s because others have better, more integrated marketing….. particularly between their network and other channels (Yes, I am referencing Xbox Live).
    From the above ad the PS3 launch campaign has taught you nothing.
    How very dissapointing.

  • Cool add, will this campain also be rolled out in Denmark

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