PlayStation Home: No Fighting in the War Room

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PlayStation Home: No Fighting in the War Room

PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM GMT on Wednesday 15th February for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…


nDreams presents the very first Clubhouse for Europe! The War Room is perfect for clan meetings, socialising and plotting world domination. You and your fellow warmongers can stand at the podium and address the other members, with your face and words appearing on huge video screens throughout this high tech facility. Please note – You must purchase the Clubhouse slot to use this item!


Heralding the launch of our brand new gaming console, the PlayStation Vita lounge graces Home with its presence this week. Featuring trailers and information on the PS Vita as well as a slew of launch titles, this space contains all you need to know about this groundbreaking device. We will be updating the space with quests galore in the coming months so don’t forget to check back regularly!


Do you share your HOME with a cute LOOT Schnauzer Puppy or Dragosaur? Now you can decorate your personal space for your companions with the LOOT Animal Furnishings Bundle. Those cute critters won’t be able to interact with the items, but at least they’ll know they’re HOME. This bundle comes with the Dog House – Small, Dog House – Large, 3 Pet Baskets (in Green, Yellow and Red), chew toy, dog bone and the BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE: TWO Food bowls (Plastic and Steel!) Hit up the LOOT Store for the FREE plastic dog bone.

Juggernaut Games is excited to introduce the newest version of the haunting Cutteridge Estate personal space to Europe. This macabre space is full of ghostly happenings and dark mysteries. Do you dare face off with the ghosts of Cutteridge Estate to banish them forever into the gloom? Terrify and delight your guests with controllable weather, ghostly hauntings and the built-in Poltergeist Puzzle Box!


Konami releases their Secret Agents line. No matter what nefarious plots are waiting around the corner, you know you’ll save the world in style. You have all the tools a great agent needs to diffuse any situation. Concealed weaponry, lasers, telecoms, smashing good looks, you’ve got a license to thrill as an International Man or Woman of Mystery! Try out the new custom animations!


Ever visited the zoo and wished you could take a couple of cute animals home with you? Well, Lockwood’s zoologists have been hard at work to make that dream a reality! Tembo is a beautiful baby elephant in miniature. He’s incredibly cute with flapping ears and a waving trunk. He can even do a little trick, but you’ll have to be patient and watch him quietly to see him do it. Make room in your home and your heart for this adorable little guy!


Solve all your furnishing dilemmas with the Slice range from Cucumber coming to PlayStation Home next week.
Last week we released the apartment version of Go Fish! If you also miss the crazy crustacean action of Oscar’s Lobster Mania, you can now have your very own version in tropical island form, available from Estates.
Last up, to celebrate the most romantic time of the year, a special PlayStation Home Valentine competition is taking place on the PlayStation Forum.


For a chance to win the Valentine Cupid companion from Codeglue, you will have to take up the challenge with a fellow PlayStation Home user in order to create the screenshot of the perfect Home couple of friends, gamers, lovers… Head over to before the end of the event on Sunday 19th of February.

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  • is that handgun that the male agent is holding an M1911 .45 Pistol?

  • That Vita Lounge looks like it might be the nicest version of the Gamers Lounge/ Music Cafe yet :p

  • I have one problem with PS home.. there are so many areas, some get neglected..
    for example, the Playstation PLUS EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS area.. sounds amazing!!
    … but there’s nothing in there besides a “cocktail menu” that has “these games coming soon!” which is dated.. 2010!! it’s over 1 year old content.
    Just remove that stupid PS + Members area. It’s an insult to those who paid.

  • “We will be updating the space with quests galore in the coming months so don’t forget to check back regularly!”
    Got to love the irony in this XD you haven’t even fixed the winter holidays space, still no quest 3 from the christmas (I’ll remind you that we’re mid February) and you say you’ll be launching quests for the Vita space? Yea, this gave me a very nice laugh.
    Also, the Cutteridge Estate comes a bit out of date I must say, don’t you think this would’ve made more sense to be released back in the end of October with the Halloween? Just a thought…

  • does the war room come free if we already own the original clubhouse

  • @#5 You really asked that lool you wish (me too) :p
    What you own is a clubhouse slot that only grants you for free the basic clubhouse, this is a new clubhouse that does not require you to buy a new slot, but you’ll have to buy the clubhouse itself.
    Frustration I know right, after all this time always reading “we’ll change clubhouse layout and blah blah blah” and now that they finally release a new one you’ll have to pay and I’m betting it will be not less than €5, damn shame -_-

  • Speaking of the GO FISH! game? We had this in the Shopping Centers we caught all the Required Fish to get the UNDERWATER Apt. Then after Home got Updated many month’s ago the Underwater APT. went MISSING from our Apartment List on HOME so we don’t have our UNDERWATER Apt… And we won it fair and square!
    Can we GET out UNDERWATER Apt back PLEASE?

  • Great more boring home content that no one cares about.

  • Well, putting on Dr Strangelove on Blu-Ray tonight. Thanks for the tips.

  • when will PSH be back on?

  • James the update is great but I know it sudden with already new clubhouse out but can you ask PSH team when we will get desert clubhouse because my clubs wants that one to and How about new emotions for happy couples on PSH and Will dream yacht be able to move like two in PSH America. Please and Thank you from HRH Prince Jake of Sodium.

  • Clubhouse is £3.99 so 5.99 euro and VitalogyPJ your so wrong about Cutteridge manor house because most people buy it for game nights.

  • Hello,
    I have a question; Does the Clubhouse from Ndreams come free if you already own the basic clubhouse or does it have to be purchased?

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