Welcome To The PS3 Demo Of Syndicate!

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Welcome To The PS3 Demo Of Syndicate!

Syndicate, as you probably know by now, is a First Person Shooter set in the classic universe first established by Bullfrog in 1993. We have taken all the great story elements from the original game – the setting, the mood, the agents and above all the chips – and transferred them into a much faster paced and visceral game, which is something that we think today’s gamers really will appreciate.
Syndicate is not just your average FPS though. It was clear to us from the start that utilizing the agents’ chips was a feature we had to bring into game. We did this through creating a gameplay mechanic called “Breaching”, which effectively simulates an agent using his military grade DART 6 chip to interact with other chips in the world – whether they’re in objects or even in other human beings.

Syndicate Co-op 4

But it’s not all about the chips; no FPS can do without providing the player with an arsenal of bad-ass weapons. The great thing for us was that we had some excellent examples to work with from the original, as well as having a futuristic setting that allowed us to come up with some brand new ideas of our own. In Syndicate you will find the usual suspects like sniper rifles, assault rifles and pistols, although don’t expect them to be anything like you are used to from contemporary shooters. Some of the upgrades you are able to get will transform these seemingly standard weapons into something else entirely. Alternate fire modes that turn an assault rifle into a sniper rifle, and cover penetrating ammunition are just two of the many upgrades you can get for your favorite weapon. Upgrades aside, there are also some new and futuristic weapons that are a ton of fun to handle. Use the Gauss Gun’s lock on mechanic to select a particular enemy and then bend bullets to take him out while you are behind cover. Or simply pick up the COIL rifle and reduce those pesky snipers to a pile of ash. The choice is yours.
In co-op there is a slew of weapons you can utilize as you play the game, and all of them can be upgraded in multiple ways. We have designed our research and upgrade system in such a way that the choice is always with you as a player. It will be you who decides what upgrades your Syndicate’s scientists will research, so you won’t be stuck with upgrades for weapons you rarely use. You might not be a CEO, but you certainly are in charge in this game.

Syndicate COOP FINAL11

But enough about the game overview, I am here to talk more about the Demo for Syndicate!
We here at Starbreeze have chosen Western Europe, the first of the co-op Campaign missions, to feature in this demo, as it has quite a lot of significance to us and was one of the first maps we built and completed.
Western Europe is pretty much entirely based on the same map from the original game and we have taken great care in attempting to bring it back to life in our re-imagining of the game. Players familiar with the old map will no doubt recognize the flow and general layout, but we have also taken in quite a few level details, not least of which are the iconic light towers.
The story of the co-op campaign sees you, the player, involved in brutal and ruthless corporate warfare taking place across the globe in 2069. As a new Agent of Wulf Western – a brand new corporate outfit on the rise – it is up to you and your friends to take on rival Syndicates on their own ground; eliminate their personnel, steal their tech, and takeover their market share.

Syndicate Co-op 5

In the demo it’s Cayman Global you’ll be challenging; they have established a military outpost in Western Europe that is threatening your own Syndicate’s expansion in the region. This is of course not acceptable, and it’s time to take action.
We have designed the mission in such a way that new players will have a chance to get used to the unique and different mechanics that Syndicate has to offer. These mechanics are all linked to the DART 6 chip your Agent has lodged in his brain. With the use of this chip the dataverse can be accessed. Objects, Weapons and even other human beings that are chipped can be accessed in a multitude of ways and manipulated. We call this interaction a “Breach”.
The very basic function of your DART chip allows you to heal (breach) your team members and, in case healing came too late, you can also reboot them if they are down. This was really our core mechanic for the game and it helped us create a game that really centers on team play. It also allowed us to create a challenging game which, particularly on Hard and Expert modes, will provide countless hours of gameplay.

Syndicate Co-op 2

The normal mode of the mission is intended to be fun and engaging for everyone, but once you master breaching and have moved on to utilize your available breach applications – software upgrades with different functions for your DART chip – then we definitely recommend checking out the harder difficulty settings!
When we set out to create Syndicate, we wanted to create a fast paced, visceral gaming experience that would put the player right at the core of the brutal and merciless world of the original Syndicate. We had a massive advantage in the fact that today’s technology can deliver this experience in a lot more realistic way than was possible 18 years ago.
It was clear to us from the start that Syndicate would feature on the PS3. Apart from the obvious technical advantages, the fact that PS3 owners can play Syndicate co-op for free on PSN was a major draw for us. We certainly hope that many people will take advantage of this possibility because the best way to find out what Syndicate truly is about is to pick up a controller and dive into the co-op Demo!
All of us here hope you enjoy the game as much as we do, and who knows, you might be joining up with one of us soon to make sure Wulf Western gains total market dominance!

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  • first. looks like a good demo. might download

  • delete the person who said first please lol

  • I remember playing the original version on the Amiga, never could complete it but extremely fun to play.
    Is there single-player mode available? It would be nice to play the game without having standard issue beer’d-up fools ruining it :)

  • @RetroModula: The Demo is Co-Op only, but i have been playing it a fair bit since yesterday and so far i have had pretty good teams! The full game of course will have a single player campaign!

  • Andreas is the games co-op the same as the single player story? Or is it based on missions?

  • Another FPS! just what the world needed…
    The old Syndicate games were great, abusing the name just to place yet another useless FPS on the Market is an insult

  • @Krazyungwun The Co-Op is completely seperate from Single Player – they are 2 different campaigns. They obviously share the same universe, tech etc. but it’s different locations and missions. The Co-Op maps are largely based on and inspired by the maps from the original.
    @BranMabLlyr Sorry you feel that way. Though if you are into FPS at all, i’d recommend you try the demo. You might be surprised at the setting and mood and the demo map (Western Europe) is very closely modelled on the same map from the original – right down to the light towers!

  • Is it possible to 100% complete this games trpphy/achievments Alone,?.. Or is this yet another m$ inspired(?) game that Forces ‘most’ avarage gamers out of their comfort zone to search for ‘teammates’, translate into total strangers who i really have no wish, Or need to spend my limited ‘gaming time’ with,?.. Now i am sorry if i am sounding a little sarcastic, i don’t usually introduce myself to people this way, but i am getting really fed up with co-op/multi modes being a requirement to be able to 100% the trophy’s, personally i wish psn had never introduced them, but since there here i do ‘aim’ to get them. .. btw my comment about devs taking the lead from m$, (xbox), i own one, am on gold, but notice that it is rare to find games for sp only on there, kinda like ms is forcing devs to make every game only truly finishable if you complete some online requirement, Which as you know costs money on xbox.. But you do say your aiming at the ‘new gen’ of gamers, so i guess thats were the ‘most’ profit lies.

  • Btw. i do enjoy co-op and multiplayer, but like most things Only when i feel i am given the choice to decide for myself, as i am a big ‘boy’ now. lol..

  • jep fps burn out , ( realy hate fps now)
    also why game devloppers are not focusing more on singelplayer !!!
    not every game need online mode ,when sony = learn i need plat tropie singelplayer en no tropies online !!!!!
    only 2-3 games i play online rest = only singel player .
    look ath ssx i not gone play online . ac revelation = no online
    make games cheaper but if u go online pay 10 € more

  • This demo has really got me wanting more of this game, I even asked a certain site if they are doing the Executive Edition as a pre-order bonus.
    This seems really fresh compared to all the other FPS games out there at the minute. It is kind of a cross-over of three of the best games I’ve played on PS3, those being F3AR (Gunplay and enemy), Mirrors Edge (Movement and Blur effect) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution (General setting and plot).
    So far in the time I’ve had it I have got to Rank 6 out of the available 10 and I’m just starting to get to grips with the research and tokens thing, very different from other games.
    If you want a real challenge then I suggest that you try the level on a solo run, I got just under 15,000 points on my solo run and found it more rewarding than being in a group.

  • Alright! some nice comments and questions here, taking them in order!
    @Chrisandsheva and @monoliet: The trophies are split between the single player campaign and the co-op campaign. However, as Jamsie_Payne91 points out, if you rank up, upgrade some weapons and breach applications, it is possible to do the missions solo. Though it’s a pretty tough challenge, even on the normal difficulty level.
    As far as i know, there are slightly more trophies for single player, and some trophies that are counted by both campaigns.
    We do have a very strong single player campaign – this is a Starbreeze game after all – but considering the heritage of the franchise, using a 4 player co-op to get the feel for 4 Agents (like in the original) was just a logical step for us.
    @Jamsie_Payne91: Glad you like the game! So you did Western Europe solo – you’d probably give some of us a run for the money then! Tried it in 2* difficulty yet? Apparently we have had one person in the company who managed it on 3* solo – but never seen it myself!
    Please do keep the questions and comments coming! I am happy to answer what i can, and as any dev studio, we are always smiling when we see people playing and enjoying our game!

  • Ok this is fine and probably very nice for all those who for some reason love FPS games (I’ve never found that genre even remotely immersive and it’s just too limited, third person is far superior) but will there be a more true to the original update of Syndicate? I always felt much more attached to the four little folks in the team on my Amiga version than I ever have when trying to play a first person shooter. Even if I did accidentally sometimes make one accidentally get in a car and accidentally run over the others and a bunch of persuaded civilians accidentally on accident.

  • I haven’t even payed much attention to this game, downloaded the demo not expecting much and I have to admit, I was completely and utterly blown away! I don’t usually like first person shooters, but this one is soooooo much different! The mood, the futuristic art style and atmosphere and unbelievably good and unlike any of the boring generic settings we see all too much these days. :P
    I had insane amounts of fun in the mission I played, and I feel that I’m going to play the demo multiple times over and still enjoy it just as much as I did the first time around!
    However, after failing the mission (d’oh), I watched the trailer and my jaw ended up literally glued to the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever hurried so quickly to pre-order a game, but I’ve just pre-prdered Syndicate and am counting down the days to release! I’m a bit annoyed that it’s out the same week as the PS Vita though, I won’t know what to play. >.<

  • @Carnivius_Prime: Lots of accidents there! I know what you mean though – we have been playing the original a lot as part of our “research” (sometimes i do love my job!).
    I honestly can’t say what kind of game there will be next in the franchise, or even if and when something will be made. I would certainly hope that our reboot of the franchise will be making lots of new fans and show that Syndicate is just an awesome IP.
    I am a big fan of the original (as most people are at Starbreeze) and i would love to see one for myself. Fingers crossed then i guess!

  • @ Andreas thanks for the reply, have to admit i never played the original, so if it has allways been 4 players then i definitely spoke my mind about m$ inspiring devs to include online in the Wost blog i could of picked,.. my bad on that.. mind you unless the original was either splitscreen or system link then it would of been out of my income bracket, internet in early 90’s, i wish.
    reading some peoples comments about this i am certainly going to check it out, and if it is as good as it sounds then it may be a buy, as i am sure that enough people on my friends/family list would also get it.. I just Hate it when i’m stuck with a game that no m8’s own and need to go online to ‘try’ and complete it.

  • Oh well. You know what? I’ll download the demo and give it a go anyways despite my dislike of FPS games. I’m sorta curious to see what the new Syndicate ‘universe’ looks like now. Gotta love demos. I wish every game release had them.

  • @Chrisandsheva: In the original you could control up to 4 Agents – it was not online though. But it’s that feeling of a 4 Agent strike force, going deep into an opposing Syndicate’s territory which we wanted to capture and hopefully manage to convey through our game. In the original you could actually choose how many agents you wanted to send into the field – it was up to 4. So we kinda stuck with that, all our missions will “recommend” 4 Agents – up to you if you want to try with fewer :)
    I know what you mean about pure single player games though, but there are a few on my play list which i greatly enjoy just getting all the trophies for! I have to say i was a bit spoilt with that in the last few months!
    @Carnivius_Prime: That’s what i like to hear! Give it a whirl and see what you think! Keep in mind though this is only a very small taster of the full game. On release we will have 9 co-op missions and a great single player campaign to boot!
    @BAZ1307: Thanks for the kind words! As you can imagine we have been playing the game for a long time now. I still have a blast everytime i got into a mission. Speaking of which… back to playing the demo :)

  • My friend told me about this game, will check this out.

  • Also where are all the new game for the store

  • I finished Syndicate on Amiga several times, and i would call myself an expert at this game as i figured out myself how to beat level 50 many times, and i could finish the game blindfolded after awhile. :)
    I wonder why people think Level 50 was so damn hard, but it really isnt. Its close to 20 years since i played it, but i think i hide the 3 AI’s players and did the level alone as the AI was mostly in the way. Then i mostly used flamethrower, but never more than needed as i could run out of ammo.
    I remember standing behind a corner alot of the time and killed them fast. :)
    Hopefully the new Syndicate is also made so you can just hide the 3 AI players somewhere and do all the levels yourself.

  • I tried the Syndicate demo and its damn buggy. It also totally locked up my PS3 and i had to turn off power OFF and ON again to access system XMB.
    This demo have serious bugs, and so far it didnt work on any server.
    I have a 25/25 Mbit line which works perfect in Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, Forza 4, Resistance 3, Killzone 3 etc..

  • @NoobBlast: sorry to hear about your problems playing the demo! We have been following the data coming in and are also of course noting down any feedback from the players. This seems kinda hard to track down at the moment, as i have just been playing myself and have not had any issues, and there are people playing online. But rest assured we are taking this kinda thing seriously.
    As for the original Syndicate: until recently my biggest hurdle was always the Atlantic Accelerator! That mission was just plain mean!

  • Hmm.. I didn’t read the two most important questions
    – When will demo be released?
    – When will full game be released and more importantly, price.

  • @ShadowDoGGG: The Demo is out as of last night – so you can download it right now!
    The full game is out on February 21st in North America and on February 24th in Europe. So in about 3 weeks!
    Pricing really depends on where you buy it i think – not something i can answer easily!

  • Deus Ex, Prey 2 and now this.. the RFID implant, transhumanist agenda propaganda machine is now in effect. Nanotechnology is already here, this isn’t some dystopian future, Syndicate is just an view of the extreme end of the scale.

  • You may want to remove ‘AU’ from the countries for this article, as the game has been banned in Australia (Sorry, ‘Refused Classification’). :(

  • Really enjoyed the demo. Love the look and feel of the game

  • @Supvic: don’t forget about chipped bank cards, passports, facebook location check ins – we are already being tracked.
    @dSkuld: Perhaps you can import the game from NZ? From what we have heard there will hopefully be changes to the Australian rating system in the coming year(s).
    @jakster123x: Glad to hear that!

  • I really liked it! But there was some VOIP issues that i hope get sorted… BTW i still have Syndicate working on my Amiga 1200 ;-)

  • What resolution does this game run at?
    Visually it reminds me of Riddick in that the image quality seems a little soft/blurred even on my 22″ monitor so on a larger screen it could be worse. Does this run on the same engine as Riddick?
    Gameplay seems quite interesting and I’ll definitely be checking this out up on release.

  • Downloading this and Twisted Metal quickly before PSN goes under maintenance (again).

  • did not like the Demo.

  • The game/demo is not as I expected…it’s better ;)
    Also Andreas what’s you favourite Breach Application.

  • @LAILIEL: depends on the role i take on in the team, but i usually always have Shield and C2C Pulse. It’s quite versatile, as i can hang back and support my team, or pop the shield and heal over time and go in to tank/breach a turret etc.
    I do love Backfire though – nothing quite beats knocking a Reactive on his backside!
    When i started the demo the first chip upgrade i got was the extra memory slot – having 2 breach apps makes a big difference to me.

  • Trailer looked awesome. Will this be available on the playstation store ?
    Probably get in end of march
    Cant w8 till ps vita ;). BEAST

  • @Minijss: the demo is currently available on the PlayStation network.

  • I live in Spain at the moment, but have a GB account….. does this mean, I won’t be able to get it? I can’t find it on the store

  • @Hollandnigel: Sorry, can’t answer that one! Not really sure how the region stuff works.

  • Careful what you recommend to the poor guy, if your caught importing this you could be up for a 10K fine and jail time. However they have no rules on downloading the game so hopefully PSN will have it for download, or maybe origin. Is the PC version region locked? I’d love to get the game, the CO-OP demo was so much fun but no way in hell am I risking a 10K fine!

  • @Muzzar69 thanks for clarifying this. I am obviously not saying you should be doing anything illegal or anything that would carry a fine! The game is great, but not if you have to pay a 10k fine for it!
    Not sure about region lock on PC, probably best to head over to Origin and check or drop EA a mail to find out (not something we developers really deal with much i am afraid!).

  • Andreas thanks for replying!! Appreciated! This game is seriously addictive!! The full game will be awesome!
    Please please tell me your making more co-op missions? For dlc etc?? That would be the cherry on the cake!! I will even give ideas if I have to make some really different missions!

  • @krazyyngwun: You bet, always happy to talk to gamers and answer questions and comments!
    The full game will have 9 co-op missions and you will also have an addition difficulty rating (expert) available.
    As for DLC and future content – that is something i am not allowed to talk about! Though if you have any ideas though, feel free to post them here! What would be your ideal mission in Sydicate Co-Op?

  • what this game do with is people communicationg with headsets and co-operating as it is a co-op demo!!! Last night I healed someone, I was needing healing, so I stood next to the guy and all he did was shoot, heal me, nahhhhhh…..I then had demo was taken off..this isnt going to work, PSN co-op doesnt work as people dont communicate or have headsets or are lone gunmen…its a disaster………….

  • Terrible demo, last comment was not allowed as it must of been too negative.

  • why did you delete my comment??? what a immature thing too do

  • why did you delete my comment??? what a immature thing to do, and All I wrote was that it had bugs and that it look like a port, the rest of it was good. it was positive credisisem.

  • @swahilikongen: Not sure what happened to your comment, but i certainly did not delete it (i actually don’t have the ability to do that).
    In terms of bugs, we are aware that some people were having some problems with the demo, and these problems are being tracked and addressed for the final game.
    @skidpro: Syndicate Co-Op certainly is a game that requires team play, to a certain degree anyway. We tried to balance it so that on normal difficulty rating at least you won’t necessarily need to communicate and you can absorb some lone gunmen. I had some great games this week with random people, even brand new people, who did not heal – what i did was hang back and heal them. After a round or 2, people usually pick up healing and rebooting and then i moved forward and played more aggressively!

  • i have a game story that am sure will be a hit. The problem is how can I get an interview the gaming companies..
    If anyone knows how, pls replay..

  • Hi Andreas,
    I played the demo together with my girlfriend today and we were both very impressed! We’re definitely picking it up on the release day! I was just wondering, do you know if the game will be released digitally on PSN? We live together and have one console each, that way we can play play co-op titles in full screen. It would be nice if we didn’t have to buy two physical copies, as 120€ is a bit too much money to spend, no matter how good the game is…

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