PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 14:00 on Thursday 2 February 2012 until 07:00 on Friday 3 February 2012, GMT.
During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP.
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.

In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from If you wish to play online during the maintenance, then you may be able to do so if you sign in to PSN before 14:00 on Thursday 2 February 2012.
During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.
If you have any questions about this down time, feel free to visit the official PlayStation Forums at where you can post your query and a member of the moderation team will get back to you.
For the latest maintenance updates, visit the PlayStation Blog at, keep an eye on our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter at

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  • You need to reconsider the timing as this happens to be the first day of our weekend in the middle east!! Why not make it on Tuesday or Monday, everybody is working in them!!

  • Good on you for announcing this slightly in advance (not always the case).
    I understand this needs to happen, no worries, it is a free service after all. I can’t help but feel it would be appreciated if the reason for the maintenance could be put on the post, not in full detail but just a snippet.

    • I’m afraid I don’t have specific details of what the maintenance involves, other than that it is planned and required for maintaining the service.

  • This is happening more and more frequently; as @Ben_Toon says, could we have a little more info so we can better appreciate WHY we’re going to be locked out?

  • Any chance of the Yanks and Japanese taking their share of the pain?
    Europe always cops for it during peak evening hours after work/school/Uni etc.

  • is this update to bring vita capabilities to the network ?

  • is this update for the upcoming ps vita ? I heard a new update was coming to add new features for the vita I.e. New PSN store

  • I kinda feel insulted when you say we are carrying out maintenance. What maintenance? Be specific.

  • Thank you for the forewarning James. :)
    Incidentally, thanks also for the offer of a LBP2 Move Pack voucher code in response to last week’s Weekend Debate! Having said that, I’ve still yet to receive any code.
    I’ve tried emailling customer services about this and even contacting others who got chosen to receive a code, but haven’t had any feedback as of yet.
    I realise here’s not the place to really ask about it, but I’d appreciate someone at Sony getting in touch to inform me about my voucher code’s whereabouts, since your correspondence stated I’d receive it ‘later today’… on Monday. ;) No such luck so far I’m afraid…
    Thank you!

  • Well, There goes All Day Friday For Me…

  • Why always Europe take a dump on the yanks for a change

  • Hey guys,
    You know how it’s usually called “planned maintenance”, would it not be possible to give a little more warning if it is actually planned ahead of time?
    I understand maintenance is required and downtime is just an unfortunate affect of this, but PSN users would really appreciate a little more information and forewarning at least…
    That said, it’s great that the guys at Sony keep this free service running smoothly!

  • It’s about time you did these scheduled maintenance at the USA peak time. They have better game library in the PSN store, better PSN deals do its only fair they should suffer maintenance during there peak time instead of dumping on Europe/middle east!!!

  • Couldn’t agree more with previous posters.
    I can only remember a single time when one of these ‘scheduled maintenance’ has taken place outside of an EU peak time.
    It’s about time Sony had a little care and consideration for the EU and stopped treating us like second class citizens (later release dates, unrealistic pricing policy, less games releases).
    While they’re at it – a bit more communication about what is happening within these maintenance periods would be very much appreciated too.

  • @Anyone complaining about it being during EU peak time;
    Are the US guys really getting a significantly better deal than us here? The maintenance ends at 07:00 which means, at least as far most of my chums across the water are concerned, they won’t have access until 01:00. Don’t know about all of you but I never considered peak gaming hours to start after midnight.

  • America are the masters of the world. We all know that

  • Thx for the heads-up, guess I’ll try to get through those last crushing chapters on Uncharted 3 instead of playing co op :p

  • This is happening a lot lately. What are you doing Sony? Tell your new president to put the riiiiiiiidge racer down for a while and look into this.

  • @14
    I think you’re missing the point.
    Just because this maintenance happens to run over into some of the USA’s peak games time, the majority do not. They are usually all finished up by the time even the east coast of the USA reaches 5pm.
    However, ALL of the maintenance periods are ALWAYS at EU peak times (and as pointed out, first day of the weekend for middle east)
    Surely a staggered maintenance that affects the EU peak times on week 1, USA peak times on week 2, and Asian peak times on week 3 for example, would be acceptable?

  • be nice if this was for a new ps3 update to release 4.01 if possible and get rid of the nightmare that is 4.00! strange though i went to my friends house yesterday they aint even affected by 4.00 certain systems get affected by the “firmware!” :@ :/ :( strange eh come on sony you morons step it up abit eh! :@ fml lol

  • I agree we do need to be given more info, makes people think you’ve got something to hide when you don’t even give little info on what is being done. I’d like to know if part of it is for the Vita, I’m going to guess it is.
    And on that note I’d like to know when using remote play on the Vita are there any plans to make the Ps3 go into a standby mode, I was using remote play with my PSP the other day for the first time & I don’t how the Ps3 just displayed the Remote Play mode screen the whole time.
    I mean I did switch off the tv in the end after playing 30mins & noticing my Ps3 was just going to stay on like that the whole time but is it possibly the Ps3 could run in more of a power saving mode without display while using remote play? & if so could we at least be given the option to switch off Ps3 display while using it in setting?
    Thank you! in advance for any info you can give me on this.

  • *sigh* this means no PS3 for me tomorrow. X (

  • thanks atleast no major hack

  • I do like some PSN

  • @grimbarian;
    You’re wrong to assume I missed the point. Even worse to dismiss my own point. The time for this maintenance differs from the ‘majority’ yet everyone is raising the complaint as if it’s the same.
    Can you guarantee that this timescale won’t be used for future maintenance? If it reverts back to normal, ask yourself if the timescale is to inconvenience the EU or in actual fact to benefit those carrying out the work.
    Everyone’s a martyr nowadays.

  • for once i not so bother about maintenance times this 1 is a bigger.
    we know why, morgan of SCEA said it over on SCEA PSN store update post the new PSN store for vita is february 14th.
    the ones who pre-order 1st to get the vita, i will add they in turn have to add things on Ps3 as well.

  • @Project2insanity
    If your point is that the timescale is different, yet everyone is raising the complaint as if it’s the same, perhaps that is because it inconveniences the EU users in exactly the same manor as every other scheduled maintenance has. That point remains valid.
    Can I guarantee that this timescale won’t be used for future maintenance? No – no’one can, another point that has been made about receiving more information about these scheduled maintenance.
    Do I believe that the maintenance is done deliberately at that time to inconvenience EU players? No, they have to do the maintenance. However I do believe that they do it at those times as we are the ones who will complain the least.
    American’s wouldn’t put up with it.
    Neither would the Far East.
    Everyone’s a martyr? No – some people just aren’t as willing to bend over.

  • Oh gods sake!! Why always at the busiest time in Europe??? Surly it would b better to do the maintenance during the night when peak time 4 Europe is over, getting more and more annoyed with ps3 and psn! I bet the japs don’t get this hassle!!!!!
    Even if I leave my console on before the maintenance starts I run the risk of over heating my system and then get it repaired 4 the 3rd time in the last 2 years.
    Cheers Sony ur about as good at customer support as the use of a chocolate tampon!!! Ie… Bloody useless!!!

  • Yes, the service is free, but thats what you get.
    I know a service needs to be updated now and then but here is something very broken…
    Thats why I wait when there is a PS4 and check if it improves, if not I take my business elsware.

  • @grimbarian
    The point remains valid? You do realise your point is entirely based on EU being inconvenienced more than the US at peak times, right?
    ‘However I do believe that they do it at those times as we are the ones who will complain the least’. Okay, fair enough. You ‘believe’ that. Try getting some facts before deciding why maintenance is at specific times rather than your own theories.
    ‘Everyone’s a martyr? No – some people just aren’t as willing to bend over.’ Or maybe there are people who don’t rely on the PS3 as life support. One day every so often. Get over it.
    If you want to make a final ‘point’, go ahead. I won’t waste any more of my time on this redundant subject.

  • The facts are the average maintenance is always in the EU 4pm to 2am which given the 9 hour time difference in the USA works out to be 7am-5pm EST, so there you all go our argument is very valid, Sony EU needs to grow some balls and say enough of dumping on the EU online peak time it’s time Asia and the USA take there far share of losing online peak time for scheduled maintenance.

  • Anyone else here disagree with the ‘opinion’ that these scheduled maintenance’s Always inconvience the US less than the EU, ?.. just that i was also replied to in the last blog on this subject by the 1 guy who says different to the rest of us.. but though he may have reasons for his point of view, both today and last time this ‘debate’ arose, i was left confused (totally) by his reply to me. similar to comment 14… only i allways thought that one side of America is like up to 5(?) hours behind or ahead of the other side.. seriously me heads hurtin trying to figure the whole time/scale difference out,
    I would say the best solution was mentioned above, ie have a rolling peak time for each region, each taking turns to not being able to sign in to psn from, is it 1400 tomorrow ?, though usually its 1600.. which is really the Main issue regarding who is or isn’t inconvienced the most..
    just a opinion.

  • TBH I’m not that bothered about not being online for one day, it coincides with my wife’s only day off this week and we have a full day planned with our children. What I’m annoyed about is that they never seem to do these maintenance that will disrupt the US peak time, and that we don’t have the same game releases, for example chrono trigger, that’s been out on PSN US for months and it’s a very popular game yet there isn’t going to be a EU release

  • @chrisandsheva is it a 5 hour difference? If it is I stand corrected must have been thinking about the flight time from manc airport to Florida international.

  • @ bregalad920 tbh m8 i am not sure, i know theres a few hours difference from one side of the US to the other, and am ‘sure’ (?,again) that theres about 3 or more time zones in that massive place.. But its been a while since i learned these thing so again, not 100%.. Be nice if someone could post the facts.

  • Japan set maintenance times not America, also what’s going on at the moment. Can’t play GCI or download dlc for WWE’12

  • Hi if maintenance is due for tommorow why do i keep getting logged out now. So guess it has happened now without notice. does that mean maintenence is going to be cancelled tommorrow?

  • @dave guess your just havin bad luck? …. cos im signed in now no issues or not getting signed out so it hasnt started yet plus once signed in u dont get signed out maybe your internets causing the problem

  • maybe but main prob was ps store kept kicking out and said maintenance . it continued for few hours prior. my net connection was fine as no issuea on laptpp. owell sure will be fine when I check before official maintenance. ps vita rules lol

  • oh thats proper well weird [Deleted] tbh dave lol and btw just so u know ps vita “DOESNT!!” rule lol on day one release in japan it [Deleted] crashed cos of the firmware and then they think oh we will release part of this firmware ie firmware on 2 ps3s which has caused 100s if not more than 1000s maybe more than that issues with ppls ps3s type in ps3 update 4.00 crashing ps3s or ps3 4.00 brick job or type in peoples complaints of the firmware on sonys own ps3 blog for the uk and us plus its all over various forums on the internet! so just be warned if u buy a vita! expect it to “MAYBE!!” just “MAYBE!!” crash lol because when it crashed it was on bbc news and its even on bbcs own webpage talking about it sony even apologised because everyones systems was crashing on release day of the vita lmfao!

  • So come, answers!?!
    a) Why do the US have downtime on Thursday morning, 6-12am (6 hours), but in the EU it’s 2pm Thursday to 7am Friday (17 hours)?
    b) Why does the EU need more downtime?
    c) Why do we need to sacrifice our Thursday night whilst the US is down only during it’s quietest point?
    d) If the US and EU are being dealt with differently (hence difference durations) how’s about scheduling the EU work at a time to suit the EU?
    e) If the job is being separated by US/non-US why not split the non-US into better time zones and deal with them individually?
    To anyone peddling the “it’s a free service” line, why does it seem that the US get a lot better value from their “free service” whilst the rest of the world (except for Japan, OF COURSE) is treated like lepers?

  • Oops, US time 6am to midnight *facepalm*

  • Why are these updates always on the worst times possible in the EU, but never in the US?

  • This sucks. Do I loose my 200% in GT5 for not being able to log on today?

  • Those anyone know when the next filmware for ps3 is out? Hopefully after this maintenance, Oh also when are MW3 elite members geting their maps? Its unfair ps3 players have to wait while 360 players are playing the new maps as of right now, uncool MW3

  • Wait a min, I can still sign in on my PS3 as normal so that’s means will it affect other game servers (eg: MW3 servers).
    I can still sign in as usual, but PSN services like Store, Home is in maintenance. Not sure it will affect Sony related games like LBP or MNR servers.

  • really wish this hadn’t been today. Got made redundant from my job and really could have used some online Uncharted 3 or LittleBigPlanet2 with my ps3 buddies to cheer me up this evening. meh…

  • been working for me all day and i have had to sign out a few times

  • I don t understand I had my ps3 turned on just before 2 so I could play in the evening yet my friends were still logging on in the evening?! I thought u could nt when the network was down! So I had my ps3 on for 4 hours while at work for no reason it seems!!! Not happy!

  • I need to go on Playstation Home!……lol

  • There seems to be a problem with the store today, I can’t download anything and when I try to go into my download list an error message appears…

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