Introducing Your Reality Fighters Sensei: Mr. Miyagi

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Introducing Your Reality Fighters Sensei: Mr. Miyagi

Reality Fighters is the Augmented Reailty beat ’em up coming exclusively to PlayStation Vita at the launch on 22 February. As well as putting yourself into the game and going toe-to-toe against opponents of varied looks and styles, your in-game tutor will be the world’s most famous sensei: Mr.Miyagi. Perseverance will be rewarded with the chance to play as Miyagi-san, and unlock his trademark handyman uniform and family headband.


Providing the voice of Mr. Miyagi is Jim Ward, a prolific gaming voice actor who has also performed in Call of Duty, Ratchet & Clank, Metal Gear Solid and more. Here are a few words from Mitsuo Hirakawa of SCE XDev Studio on the thinking behind this special guest appearance.
Why did you decide to include Mr. Miyagi in Reality Fighters?
Reality Fighters is a whole new kind of fighting game. Not only does it introduce Augmented Reality elements that allow players to put themselves in the game and fight in real-world environments, but the game also uses many all-new PlayStation Vita features like the rear touch pad, gyro sensors and more.
In addition to introducing players to the new hardware and unique gameplay, we wanted to create a mechanism for players to learn and develop throughout the game.
Eventually we decided that this mechanism should be a character who acted as the player’s guide. We specifically chose Mr. Miyagi for several reasons. Firstly, we needed someone who was a true fighting master who could easily take on the best fighters from around the world, but was also wise, and capable of teaching the player. Plus we had to consider the tongue-in-cheek nature of the game; some of our fight styles include ballet and break dance, as well as some unusual weapons like a toilet plunger. We needed someone who was tough, but also had a softer, more humorous side.
What is his role in the game?
Miyagi has two roles. First of all he is the sensei and guide we all know. He’ll teach players how to set themselves up as a character in the game, choose clothing and costumes, learn special moves and more as well as giving encouragement before a bout and wise words whether the player is victorious, or not so lucky!
Secondly he is our final boss character. Once players have fought through all the other fighters in the game they’ll have to take on Mr. Miyagi himself which is – as you’d expect – very tough!

Did you consider any other famous names for the role of guide and final boss?
Before we decided on Mr. Miyagi, we shortlisted various characters such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Li and even Mike Myers! It became clear that Mr Miyagi ticked all the boxes for us in terms of a true master who has a humorous side. Karate Kid being a worldwide hit and a film that we were all huge fans of also helped a little…
What is your favourite Mr. Miyagi moment?
Like many fans around the globe, I grew up watching Karate Kid and I must have seen the film more than ten times! There are so many memorable moments I can recall like the Halloween fight scene, Cobra Kai dojo fight scene … but my personal favourite is the “Miyagi vs. Kreese” moment. Kreese goes crazy and he starts beating up Jonny in the car park. Mr. Miyagi intervenes and has a one on one against Kreese. After Miyagi forces Kreese to his knees he says “Mercy is for the weak… when man confronts you, he is enemy…enemy deserve no mercy.” The audience expects Miyagi to deliver a fatal blow but instead he brings his fist to Kreese’s nose…and honks it.
This scene is a great example of who Mr. Miyagi really – tough, wise, playful – and this is the character we have tried to bring to life in Reality Fighters.
Noriyuki “Pat” Morita, the actor who played Mr. Miyagi, sadly died in 2005. Who provided the voice for this latest incarnation of the karate master?
We went through an extensive casting process and after meeting dozens of applicants we unanimously agreed that American voice actor Jim Ward was the most suited to this role.

[audio:|titles=3 orol]

We weren’t aware of Jim’s previous voice acting background when we decided to go with him, but his knowledge of how the voice files are played in game (when, where, how) really made a positive impact on the recording sessions. Jim’s been one of the best voice over talents I’ve worked with and he has great experience having worked on Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet & Clank and many more great titles.
From the moment we briefed Jim, he instantly ‘got’ the role so recording went really well allowing us to capture over 500 lines. Jim has also undertaken several roles that involve Japanese accents and this really helped with Mr. Miyagi so we couldn’t have asked for a better talent.

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8 Author Replies

  • This game suddenly got more interesting. I remember when Morita died, I thought I was the only one.

  • This is one of the most awesome launch games. Additionaly, it was developed in Spain :)

  • That is awesome.
    I miss Mr Morita. :(

  • The trailer is awesome.

  • Hey guys, thanks for the kind words and your support!
    @Clopezi – Si, the game was developed by Novarama who are also responsible for the Invizimals series:)
    @maddymad – check out the Japanese trailer here (gulp):
    @Mulukh/Falcon1991 – I miss Mr. Miyagi too! We’ve had a lot of fun recreating Mr. Miyagi in the game and finding sound-alikes etc. Long live the sensei!
    If you have any questions/comments please post and I will try to reply to as many as possible!!!

  • great game!!!!!!!!!!!

  • just a quik avatar change….

  • If Mitsuo Hirakawa is a fan of The Karate Kid, surely he knows that his favourite scene actually occured at the beginning of the sequel! However, as the scene was originally filmed for the 1st film, I’ll let him off! :-D

  • Looks great, would love to see Chuck Norris in a DLC character pack.

  • Did you consider any other famous names for the role of guide and final boss?
    Before we decided on Mr. Miyagi, we shortlisted various characters such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Li and even Mike Myers!
    translation you couldn’t afford any of above!

  • Hi RedeyedRonin
    Thanks for your comment. I feel we couldn’t have chosen a better sensei character than Mr. Miyagi for Reality Fighters. He plays a great role in the game and the game actually gives us an opportunity to celebrate the great character that he was! I hope your viewpoint will change once you’ve played the game. Also, to set the record straight, Mr. Miyagi’s images have been licensed/approved by Miyagi estate so it’s all above board!

  • I guess I am the only one who finds this resurrection of the relatively recent dead uncool?
    This isn’t like games featuring famous historical characters from decades past or more, was only a few years ago and here he is doing Kung FU in a videogame.
    ‘Too soon’.

  • Excellent Game – I had the chance to try at an Access Playstation Event. The augmented reality side is brilliant and a new dimension to the game.

    • Hey Mechanoid42
      In addition to fighter placements in the “real world”, there are many weapons and special moves that uses a lot of AR effects so be prepared to have your brain messed up!

  • Looking forward to this. I have a question dose this have online multiplayer? Am guessing no but I thought I would ask aether way I will be picking this up along with my Vita next month.

    • Hi Ocelot07,
      YES!!! Reality Fighters has 2 players support on Ad Hoc or Infrastructure (online). Single Player is fun, but serving someone you know offline or online is even better. When the game launches, I wil be accepting your challenges, muhahahahaha

  • Wow – I love Miyagi, and he sounds like the most awesome fit for this game.
    I was at the Vita event in Manchester and got to play the game, it certainly was’t what i was expecting as it had tons of combos, counters, moves and specials, plus you could add weapons to give you even more moves and depth. I expected something a bit more lite!
    I loved how i could be a straight up kung fu master or play it stupid with a cool zombie who crawled out of the ground, and when you see this in augmented reality it looks amazing.
    I was interested before i played it as it looked different from the usual batch of ports of games i’ve played before, now it is definitely a day one purchase for me!!!

  • bit confused by the complaints. Miyagi was a fictional character right? Morita the actor who played him died but the character Miyagi (having Morita’s likeness) can be licensed to use in this game. Looks like a fun game anyways and certainly preferable to yet another boring Tekken/Mortal Kombat/whatever. Nice to see something a lil bit different and quirky in the fighting game genre.

  • Any chance of an announcement on prices for download. Also getting a demo?

  • Chuck Norris special attack could be a fist shoots out of his chin lol

  • You guys are awesome for making the game an online multiplayer

  • played this at the glasgow event on monday and have to admit its now a day one buy for me had fantastic fun with it.
    so glad i went to the event because i was not to taken with this game until i tried it but its great fun.
    only £17.99 on amazon and its a full title with a platinum as far as i know :)

    • Hi Hayzink
      Thanks for your post!
      I was also at the event on Monday in Glasgow so we may have met:) Coincidentally, I used to live in Glasgow for over 7 years so the event felt like a homecoming!
      We have been making sure the game has a solid fighting mechanics and mixed that with Augmented Reality gameplay flavour (weapons, special moves etc.) so I am sure you’ll have a great time.
      I personally spend ages tweaking my fighters because the game comes with a huge variety of customisation tools so one day you might see me in my Kung Fu costume, or in my mankini in another:)

  • mr miyagi, getin da game jus cuz of im lol legend

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