SingStore 2012: The Next Update Is Here…

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SingStore 2012: The Next Update Is Here…

Here I am again with SingStore update No. 2 for this year. Time flies when you’re having fun. And this is what I have for you this week:

Some more Steps (yay!) with ‘It’s The Way You Make Me Feel’, ‘Photograph’ by Def Leppard for you rockers out there and a bit of Katy B for good measure.

Steps_It's the way you make me feel Def Leppard_Photograph

Also released this week are the individual tracks from the Hi-NRG song pack including songs by Sinitta, Samantha Fox, Divine, Evelyn Thomas and Hazell Dean.

Sinitta_Toy Boy

We’ll be putting up the next discounted ‘You Decide‘ song list in game this week so make sure you follow us on Twitter @SingStarHQ to find out about the time and day of release. You can read all about how to vote for the next one and find the full tracklist on our website.

Also, did you know that since the end of December, the entire SingStore catalogue has been available to browse and buy from on the PSN Store? Whereas before you could only get hold of song packs, wallpapers, avatars and the like, you can now purchase all your songs straight from there if you fancy. Pretty convenient if you ask me! :)


That’s it again for me today. See you soon.

Nina xx

In English
Al Martino Spanish Eyes
Chingy Right Thurr
Def Leppard Photograph
Divine You Think You’re A Man
Emeli Sandé Heaven
Evelyn Thomas High Energy
Hazell Dean Who’s Leaving Who
Katy B Easy Please Me
Sinitta Toy Boy
Steps It’s The Way You Make Me Feel
Samantha Fox Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now
In Spanish
Ana Torroja Sonrisa
María Villalón La Lluvia
Mecano Un año más
Mecano La fuerza del destino

Track has previously been released on a disc.

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  • Hi,
    I’m getting Katy B – Easy Please me this week. Any chance we’re getting some Nicki Minaj or something soon?

  • can we get alot more 2011 content please. also any chance of increasing the amount of user content that can be uploaded. 5 spaces for video is not enough especially if someone wants to go for the trophys.

    • We’re trying but a loooong process… As soon as we have things, we put them up!
      Investigating video slots. Might be something we can do sometime soon.

  • Any hints as to when the individual songs from the Mosh It Up songpack will be available?
    And, what week in Feb do the Number Ones go on sale?

    • Probably end of Feb/begining of March.
      Not sure (well, I am but not tellin’ :))! Follow @SingStarHQ on Twitter and all will be revealed!

  • that would be great. thanks nina.

  • Hey Nina, there is chance to see some italian song? ;_;

  • Could I please request these?
    Bad Religion – “21st Century (Digital Boy)”
    Bad Religion – “American Jesus”
    Bad Religion feat. Campino (Die Toten Hosen) “Raise Your Voice”
    Beach Boys – “Kokomo”
    Beats & Styles feat. Justin Taylor – “Friend”
    Chikinki – “Assassinator 13”
    China Drum – “Somewhere Else”
    Dandy Warhols – “Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth”
    Dandy Warhols – “You Were The Last High”
    Daniel Merriweather & Wale – “Change”
    Daniel Merriweather – “Impossible”
    Die Toten Hosen – “Pushed Again”
    Faith No More – “Falling To Pieces”
    HIM – “Funeral Of Hearts”
    HIM – “Join Me In Death”
    Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me A River”
    Justin Timberlake – “What Goes Around”
    Kaiser Chiefs – “Modern Way”
    Kaiser Chiefs – “The Angry Mob”
    Kylie Minogue – “In My Arms”
    Manic Street Preachers – “If You Tolerate This”
    Pendulum – “Propane Nightmares”
    Pennywise – “Same Old Story”
    Placebo – “Meds”
    Presets – “Girl & The Sea”
    Proclaimers – “I’m On My Way”
    Pulley – “Insects Destroy”
    Radiohead – “Karma Police”
    Short Stack – “Planets”
    Silverchair – “Shade”
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)”
    Soul Asylum – “Runaway Train”

  • Steps <3
    But i come 25c short :(

  • Why are there still no recent songs on singstar .. as in songs that are in the charts right now.
    Is it too expensive to get the rights for them? Or is it just easier to publish old songs instead of trying to get new songs?

    • Nothing to do with either really. We have many new tracks on the list, even before they hit the charts sometimes, but unfortunately it takes a while to ‘get’ them.

  • I was thinking the same as #8…. also very apparent on Dancestar Party. Surely recent/current chart hits would prove more popular whilst they’re still getting airplay.

  • Yeah definately need some LMFAO and more tinchy and wrech32 please

  • I almost get the feeling they aren’t even trying any more.

  • Please Playstation tell me why you took Monopoly Minigame out of the store… I was gonna buy it… :( Bring it back!

  • these very very very poor updates are killing off singstar.
    i loved it on PS2 (own all except bollywood!) & loved it on PS3, buying nearly all the discs & lots of store songs…. until we get to 2011!
    2010 – 35 songs purchased
    2011 – 3 songs purchased!
    need i say more?
    you REALLY need do find some way of speeding up content arriving on the store (although still waiting on 2010 big hits!)
    another suggestion to get singstar back to the top where it should be. make the singstar game free to download, with maybe a few of the best songs on there.

  • Another terrible update. Who picks these songs???
    Also, any “rocker” with an ounce of credibility would never, ever touch Def Leppard.
    The song choices are killing SingStar. I must have around 300 songs now but it’s been a long, long time since there was more than one song in an update that I wanted… now it seems to be an average of one “decent” song per three of four updates.
    SCEE, in my opinion, need to re-market the game, properly, get some money in and employ someone who has a broader knowledge of music to get the licensing sorted. Because it’s been laughable for ages now.

    • I can only reiterate what I have for the past few years: It is not about just ‘choosing’ or ‘getting’ tracks you and us like. The process is complicated and in cases very very slow, that is all.

  • Sony has a lot of great artists.
    They have anounced that the entertainment devision would work more closely thogether to have more synergie so I was expecting more current songs but it probably doesn´t work yet :-(

  • If you can buy all Singstar songs from the PSN store now does that mean that the old problem of only being able to download Singstar songs onto one PS3 will be eradicated? The DRM on Singstar DLC is very annoying – when my old 40GB PS3 died I had to spend an age on the phone to Sony in order to transfer the licenses to my new slim model.
    @14 “Also, any “rocker” with an ounce of credibility would never, ever touch Def Leppard.”
    I quite agree! Been campaigning for more ‘real’ rock and metal for an age but have all but given up now.

  • Any chance ofthe following songs/artist
    jessie j-price tag
    duran duran-come undone
    artic monkeys-fluorescent adolescent
    the clash-london calling
    the smiths-theres a light that never goes out
    any madonna
    any katy perry
    any biffy clyro
    any bob marley and the wailers
    any bruce springsteen
    any guns and roses
    any metallica
    any beatles
    any oasis
    any pink floyd
    any supertramp
    any thin lizzy
    many thanx

  • Why isnt there any Turkish songs on the store?
    And i would like to request SHAKIRA!!!!

  • What’s happening with the discounted Number One songs?
    Your Blog post suggested they would be up this week. I’ve been following Twitter, and apparently they’re waiting for the okay to put the tracks up.

  • All these people complaining, come on!
    Think it’s great you guys are still able to provide us with songs every 2 weeks! One update is not as good as the other but I understand it’s hard to “just” add a song. Keep up the good work then I’ll keep singing :D

  • Just wanted to echo the query from amplifiedAnt – are there any plans to simplify the DRM on Singstar and bring it in line with other music games? We have two PS3s in our house, and it’s annoying that the songs purchased can only be accessed on one console not the other.

  • Any chance of getting more Depeche Mode songs from the 90’s? Also Something in my House by Dead or Alive would be awesome.

  • Having to install Media Go to access the PS Store on PC is not convenient at all especially as I primarily use Linux.
    As for songs, I’m still baffled why the Backstreet Boys have never had any releases on DLC. You would think it was easier for Sony to license music from their own music divisions.

  • Nina,
    Can you do anything about the compatibility of the game to the official Playstation 7.1 wireless headset? The microphone isn’t recognized.
    Other than that, can you answer generally HOW long songs take to get cleared? It doesn’t matter how crappy/awesome each update is, you’re always going to disappoint someone. But, I’m pretty tired of the “it takes a loooooong time” response.
    Sony BMG is one of biggest holders of music rights. WHY does it take so long? Is the fact that Singstar also requires the music video content the major issue?
    On top of what many of us perceive to be decreasingly interesting content, London Studios/Sony/SCEE/??? decided to fragment the brand by creating Dance Star. Yeah great…what about all of us who have spent YEARS and hundreds of dollars supporting singstar? Singstar already HAS the functionality of dance, yet instead of making that portion as good as possible, we’ve now been forced to choose AND rebuy songs. -___-
    Anyways, I love the brand, and I hope you and the crew keep making it better and better, because it hasn’t felt like that in the past year.

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