Arc The Lad Returns With An Accent

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We have some great news for those patient and accommodating fans of Arc the Lad. The English-version emulation of the game has been completed and is set for re-release on January 18th in the PS one Classics, Imports section, on the EU PlayStation Network. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience and sincerely thank all of you for your immense patience during this process.
Many of our games are true Japanese imports. When we first released Arc on the EU PlayStation, the game was in Japanese. But a game of Arc’s complexity needs to be in English. Working Design’s wonderfully localized version is still one of the most appreciated tactical RPGs of all time. So we can now present the full depth of story in English that was needed to enjoy this game.

Players follow the young adventurer Arc, who sets out to save a world teetering on the edge of oblivion. But he’s not alone; seven different party members will join the quest over the course of the game, each one bursting with dozens of hand-drawn frames of animation that immerse players in the surreal fantasy landscape.
Arc the Lad introduced gameplay features like jumping and body blocking that extended the tactical strategy element. Further enhancing the game’s presentation, the epic soundtrack is widely remembered for its excellence. Players can also choose to plumb the depths of an optional 50-level dungeon that, if conquered, will influence future events in Arc the Lad II, unlocking a key character and a separate side quest.
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Thanks again for your support and expect even more classics returning on MonkeyPaw Games soon!

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  • thanks for the definite update guys stops all the wondering :)

  • Looking forward to this. Hope it’s been worth the wait!

  • Will be getting this one for sure. I do love you guys, and I think you do a fantastic job here, but I’ve been quite disappointed by the delays, and the fact that this game and its sequels have been up on the US store for a long time already.
    This whole system of digital content being available in one region but not another is just silly, and unfair to consumers who want access to the same content as other PS3 owners.
    Sorry for the rant. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Blender, no worries. We appreciate the caring. If you didn’t care, we’d really be hurt! Sometimes sh_t happens, its how you recover that counts. Just glad that we could get you the game in English. Thanks for waiting.

  • how about PS2’s Arc the Lad twilight of the spirits? an HD remake would be much appreciated. Most underrated RPG by far.

    • We don’t have that license. But it would need a translation. Not sure if it is possible at this point. A good question for the old Working Design guys.

  • Do PS+ users get it for free?

  • Brilliant update!
    Thank you for the confirmation and thank you again for the heads up!
    So far, looking to be a great year!

  • Looking forward to play it in english. :) Hopefully you’ll bring us the whole trilogy as well. 2 Questions:
    1) Will Arc the Lad 2 & 3 also arrive over here?
    2) You said last week you had the rights to Tombi. Will it be in english as well? :)

    • We wouldn’t leave you hanging. We’ll bring the trilogy. The other versions have been QA’ed in English so we’ll get them out to you. Sink your teeth into this one!.
      Tomba will be in English, yes.

  • Nice, that will keep impatient gamers who keeps asking for this game quiet.

  • Hi Ray
    Please answer
    Do you know if we are ever getting Crash Bash as Psone classic. I have asked forever and have been told that it was legally cleared waaay back in august 2011 and want to know where abouts we are with it.

    • Hi Cheeky,
      Sorry but that one is not in our portfolio. That is a SCE game so it might have come from them. But this experience with Arc is a good example of just how it takes for these games to get emulated and QA’ed. So give it some more time.

  • do people who have already bought it get it for free or will you just update the game?

    • You will get it for free if you’ve already purchased the previous one. But not quite sure how it will be done. That will be a Sony question. Sorry not to have information on that. I’m in Japan.

  • finally guys :) now what about 2&3 annd arena?

  • #5: I asked the Dutch PlayStation team on twitter last week about the missing free Plus games, Arc the Lad and Trailblazer(minis). They said 18 jan for both, and they will be free for plus members for four weeks.

  • thanx daftmav :) and also i think us users on eu home should get same stuff as usa home every week but it wont happen cuz usa is bigger :( i know i wanna moan about it but moaning wont do nothing so from now on when ps3 home gets anything cool il buy it

  • Yes! Finally something to scratch that SRPG itch.

  • “The English-version emulation of the game has been completed”. Erm, well if the game has been on the US store for quite a long time I bet it has been completed for a while now. Wasn’t the whole Japanese release on EU store a mix-up by SCEE?

  • “Many of our games are true Japanese imports. When we first released Arc on the EU PlayStation, the game was in Japanese. But a game of Arc’s complexity needs to be in English. Working Design’s wonderfully localized version”
    that is so true we need to understand the story, but i hope you not makeing the late excuse [complexity] so complex that we foul up.
    when 1 2 3 & arena are sitting on the SCEA store but we know blame SCEE QA.
    it makes a great devs working designs that put things right but hang on you said working designs they no more but under they new name G-works.
    but i’m still a bit sore why can SCEA have 3 arc the lad for free when SCEE can’t, it because of special deals excues I’m i right?
    so basically SCEA gets things early, no delay of content, have alot of content & get more special deals, when us SCEE we have to pay for LESS.

    • Hi Skookie,
      It is true that games often get released in the US before the EU. The basic reason, at least in our case, is that we are a US company. Its also easier because there is only one language for all the support metadata. But the biggest reason is simply sales. The US has far bigger sales on most all games so it makes sense to get that market first. The best way to move this needle is to tell your friends about what were are trying to do. More information should help boost sales. We need more people trying our games to keep this going. We promise we won’t bring you any bad games. Look at the line-up and you’ll see. Puzzles might not be your cup of tea but there isn’t a bad value out there. Hope you guys can help us make this a success. Thanks!!!

  • whoo there i just notice at the top of the post it says GB should it be others too?
    I’m not complaining i’m glad it coming out for UK store, is it a typo?

    • I saw that too. It should be coming to more territories than just GB. I’ll ping SCEE and see what’s up with that. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Good news finally, it’s abit bizarre how when it failed to be released people have moaned constantly and ever since, now it’s announced when we are getting it nobody comments lol just shows how people complain for the sake of it :)
    Glad this is coming soon and will purchase day 1

  • PS+ users got the original release of this for free, but couldnt use it because it was ofc in a foreign language… since we’re technically entitled to this since we invariably didnt receive what we should have originally, will us PS+ subscribers be (finally) getting the english version for free?

    • Hi Cousteau,
      That is our understanding. While it is SCEE discretion, we think you’ll be able to get the game for free for a limited time if you are a PS+ member. Please try it!

  • You guys are bringing over Tombi/Tomba?! AWESOME!
    One of the best games on PS1, I have many fond memories of it and still play it every now and then, I hope it’s a real success on the PS Store along with the other Arc The Lad games, II in particular is a fantastic game.

  • Thanks, ray :) Also, a final question, hope you can answer it. D: Will you guys be able to release the sequel as well?

  • @sephiroth180 see post 7 and the reply. Yes, the sequel and number 3.

  • Well, it’s still not on PlayStation Plus in the store, maybe tomorrow? D:

  • huzzah!!! this is great news, there really are so many great rpg classics for the old gray box, please get your dirty monkey paws on more of them :)

  • thanks Ray, will keep my eyes on the update tomorrow then :)

  • Great :)
    Still waiting for Money Idol Exchanger though :(

    • Hi Sakulukk,
      Very sorry to say we couldn’t get the EU rights to Money Idol Exchanger. We were able to put it out in the US but Athena repeatedly warned us it would not be available in the EU territories. Sorry we can’t fulfill on this one. But we do have Magical Drop if you need your drop fix. Still a great game to this day!

  • by tomba i guess you mean Tombi the one with pigs!!

  • @xenokiller90
    I think Tomba is what Tombi was called in either America or Japan.

  • Good news about Tombi! How has Sony not the rights to that franchise anymore?

    • Rights reverted back to the original creator once the license ran out. Common in many games where the platform holder picks up a hot game.

  • Oh, and please bring Tombi 2 as well. That was a classic!

  • Well, I already have Arc the Lad, so I will unfortunately be skipping this one. I’m keeping an eye on future MonkeyPaw releases though – I got Shienryu and Sonic Wings already, and will be looking forward to more imports in the future. Might snap up Dezaemon too, though I’m not a big fan of game creators (RPG Maker is rotting on my shelf…).

    • Genocide, if you’re a shooting fan, the Dez games (Plus! and Kids!) are fantastic. They happen to my favorites (and I love GaiaSeed). Once you play, you’ll see why. Kids! (not out yet in the EU) has over 100 shooters inside it alone. So you’ll see what I mean once you start playing. Highly recommended by someone who values value.

  • Hey, a quick question, If I download the English language version of this, will I be able to keep the Japanese version on my PS3? are they classed as two different games or with the latter overwrite the previous one?
    Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEASE! Can you release Tombi! instead of Tomba! I have Tombi! on disk but I would still buy it from the store when it gets put there, but I would have to decline from buying Tomba! due to the regional changes (mainly intro music, because the intro music for Tomba! sucked compared to Tombi!)

  • Your Joking right ? That ? You seriously think I’d play that ?

  • Down loaded Arc the Lad earlier, the game is still in Japanese.

  • the reports of arc the lad being in japanese still are false.
    people must be downloading the old copy from there download list as the new copy of arc the lad is english, i have checked this.
    dont be put off it is deffo in english

  • Still not avavible in the Norwegian PSN store.

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