Unit 13 Infiltrates PS Vita March 7th, Covert Mission Video Walkthrough

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We’re at CES this week showing off the latest, near final, build of Unit 13 and have something special in store for the PS.Blog community.
In case you missed the announcement from the PlayStation Vita CES keynote yesterday afternoon, Unit 13 will be released across Europe from Wednesday, March 7th, 2012. We’re really looking forward to getting Unit 13 in your hands, only a couple of weeks after the launch of PlayStation Vita.
Thanks to the intuitive dual analogue sticks on PlayStation Vita, Unit 13 offers the first full shooter experience on a portable gaming device.
We’re also delighted to confirm a first look at the Unit 13 Global box art:


But what I’m really here for is to provide you with an exclusive video walk through of a new level and game type in Unit 13. This is the first detailed video walkthrough of a Covert mission.

For those of you unfamiliar with Unit 13, there are four main mission types. ‘Direct Action’ refers to larger, multiple objective missions which reward tactical play. ‘Deadline’ are medium sized missions where you race against the clock and speed is rewarded over tactics. Elite are small to medium sized missions with no health regen or check points and players are rewarded for taking as little damage as possible. Finally, Covert missions require you to infiltrate locations without being spotted by the enemy. It rewards players for remaining unseen and additional bonuses are given for leaving enemies alive. If you’re spotted, you have a few seconds to recover… if you can eliminate the alerted enemies fast enough. Each game type has unique scoring rules, so make the best use from the the six available operatives and their equipment.

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