Shinobido 2 Revenge Of Zen Reveals Its Story, Weapons, And More!

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Shinobido 2 Revenge Of Zen Reveals Its Story, Weapons, And More!

FilithieRich here from NAMCO BANDAI, back again with MORE video from our lineup of PlayStation Vita titles hitting on February 22nd in North America and Europe. This time I’m bringing you a sneak peak at a fresh new trailer that shows off the epic story of betrayal, assassination, and intrigue in the latest action-thriller from the pedigreed team at Aquire Corp.

Check the video above for a look at all of the slice and dice action, as well as a glimpse at my favorite new mode of transportation, the GLIDER SUIT! Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the latest trailer, and stay tuned right here to the PlayStation.Blog for more sneak peeks and updates on all of our PS Vita titles through launch next month. Until then, watch your back for the blades of your enemies, they’re everywhere!

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  • As I’ve mentioned before the graphic don’t seem to have improved a lot, but since Shinobido: Way of the Ninja was my favorite PS2 game I’ll definetly get it when I get the Vita.
    I also hope you will make a Shinobido game for the PS3 instead of the Samurai games.

  • Omg it looks soo Awsome!I cant wait for it!
    DAY ONE!I hope that they will have Map Editor & Online multiplayer as DLC :)
    I hope i will see a new Tenchu on PSV or PS3 too,i cant wait to see what happens to AYAMEO_O

  • I’m a little disappointed about this game. I really enjoyed shinobido on the PS2. It was like an earlier version of assassin’s creed. This just looks like the original, polished up a bit and had a few characters changed. The missions seem to be the same as do the locations. This game has potential like AC or even Arkham City. I just think it looks stuck in the past.

  • Sorry Namco for using your blog for this….
    Could one of the blog staff PLEASE tell the PSN tech guys that a lot of people haven’t been able to sync their trophies for over two days now. It’s crazy. I was stuck on 10% for an hour tonight. I know it’s not your department, but we stand a better chance with you than SCEE Customer Services (genuine oxymoron).

  • “zen the spider lilly”
    yeah ok or… i dont know a good name?

  • Only found out about this game recently, and shall be getting it with my Vita. Looks pretty fun, thankfully I haven’t played the previous one so any similarities won’t affect me!!

  • big fan of Tenchu and Shinobido, but I’m not buying a PSVita just for this. Any chance of it being released on PS3 also?

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