CES 2012: PS Vita’s Augmented Reality Transforms Your Table Into An Arena

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A couple of months ago, a video surfaced that showed off some cool-looking augmented reality apps running on PS Vita. Since then, it’s been confirmed that Vita will come with six AR Play Cards and a voucher to download a handful of free augmented reality mini games via the PSN. Today at CES, we were able to see one of these games in action: Table Football (it will be called Table Soccer in the US, because we already have football).
Backstage, Sony Santa Monica Sr. Manager Dave Thach dealt the AR Play Cards on a table, and a soccer pitch sprung to life through the window of the PS Vita‘s luscious OLED display. The actual game is kind of like a turn-based soccer match – it reminded me of a 2012 version of paper football. But enough talk, let’s see it in action:

Bonus points if you spotted the Men in Black 3 alien who walked through the frame. Vegas is weird.
Table Soccer is just one of the augmented-reality games you’ll be able to play for free if you pick up a new PS Vita on February 22nd. We’ll highlight more closer to launch right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • I’d love one of these but am holding off. Two words – Memory Cards.

  • Will we get these cards included with the Vita at launch in the UK?

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    what do i win. please send the playstation vita bonus prize to.
    [details on request]

  • @2 yeah and looks good but pulsar(or whatever it was called) looked awesome so any idea if the release date/price

  • #2 it tells you in clip “included with every Vita” so I guess so :-D

  • Wow, I bet it has a gadget to make pasta already built in.

  • They said they come with every Vita but the Japanese didn’t get any but I assume as they posted this on the EU blog, we will.

    • Yes, we will have them here too at launch – in fact, I think a lot of this tech has been developed here in our London office.

  • I really want vita to be a success but I’m certain it just won’t.
    While the tech is impressive, it’s really only good for demo purposes. Who on earth will carry cards and hold the vita like that to play a game of footie? I’m sure that can’t be comfortable..
    I personally think Sony need to spend less money on fancy tech and more time on innovation that is no more than a gimmick.
    Oh well, we’ll see..

  • Yes they have said that we in Europe will also get the cards.

  • @8 I dont think AR will make the Vita fail at all. 3DS has AR cards and is selling close to 15 million. I dont think they expect people to carry the cards around with them, its just a bit of fun. Thats why it comes free with it.

  • nice! got my ps vita 3gwifi pre-orderd Asda are doing the 16gig cards for £35 got the aswell

  • not intrested in vita anymore.

  • @NoddingPenguin
    Plus markerless AR is something Sony will push in the future.

  • Less gimmicks, Sony

  • I really don’t see the point of this – how is AR adding anything to the experience of (a) a standard 3D rendered table/environment, or (b) a physical table football game?

  • These ar look boring has hell I’ll be play uc:ga when the psv comes out I will throw these ar cards in the bin if I get any in the box.

  • Cheer’s for the video, but remember….this is the EU blog, we like people refering to it as Football. This game was created hundreds of years before american football. There are even football teams that date back to before american football was invented. :P

  • Vita has been a total failure in Japan. 3 weeks after the launch it sold 30% less than ancient PSP and 5 times less than a 3DS.
    Too little, too late, too expencive and from a company that very few trust anymore…

  • I’ve preordered a Vita, but what surprise and disgust, after having to dig to find out the lack thereof, is absolutely NO Memory Card bundled with purchase. Why not? Because we will be forced to buy one anyway so it doesn’t figure? if we are handing over hundreds of our respective currencies then don’t you think a minimum sized memory card will not go amiss. AC cards are all very well and good, but it’s the MEMORY cards that count for all of us. I wonder if the same person/people whom decided PS3 should only get 256mbs of RAM had any decision on not providing a card with purchase. It seems illogicolly logicol if it is…

  • This looks awesome,but I didn’t completely get how the cards work
    Like,is there a set of cards for every game? He basically used them to make the teams show up,so is there one use for a card or can it vary like functioning as a scoreboard instead of a team,for instance)?

    • Opinions described it pretty well a couple of comments below this one. The same set of cards works with all AR games in the future so be sure to look after them – it’s not the case that each game uses a different set of cards.

  • @ 19 procion.
    The PS3 has 512MB of RAM actually, it’s just split between the video card and the system. It was also developed at the time when RAM was much more expensive than it is now.
    However I do agree with you on the high price of memory cards.

  • @20 The cards allow the game to reference fixed points of the enviroment. You’ll notice that the cards have different symbols on them so the game knows what is where. these will be universal between games so you should only need 1 set. There are games that don’t need the cards but they’ll advertise as such.
    Im not a huge football fan but this looks like it will be good for a laugh.

  • I would like to see more about ‘near’ next time you make a video.

  • Pmsl! when was over half a million units in 3wks in 1 country a failure! considering the economic climate in the world,the disaster that happened to Japan last year,yes the price of the vita compared to its biggest competitor,memory & games which imo the vita is worth the money considering what this wee machine can & will be able to do in the future,the price of the memory & games r a wee bit much tho,but over time they should come down.the 3ds is just a cheap toy compared to this & the tablets & smartphones cost way more than the vita/mermory & even a game put together & still won’t give u games this machine will be throwing at us over the next 12 months & beyond.if u don’t want one don’t get 1 simple!

  • Thanks and thats awesome!!! Would have bought it!

  • @12. I REALLY hope RAM cost was not the reason they made that [significant] error. It’s a bit like filling a fighter jet with regular petrol because jet fuel currently costs too much. Very short sighted if that was the case. Remember the reason we can’t get cross game chat…?
    I was a huge Sony fan back in the day of PS1 and PS2 but i’m afraid as time goes on I am losing my faith in them more and more..
    Makes me sad.

  • No worries James :-)
    I wonder if there will be more cards avaialble in time for more complex AR games as the tech develops.

  • @ 26
    I hope that with the PS4 they won’t do the same again. 8GB of RAM now for my laptop is only £35! In 2+ years time RAM will be as cheap as chips.

  • This just makes me want the vita even more, i just dont have the money right now. Maybe latter in the year after i see how it goes. Im saving up my free cash from here [deleted] but im no were near the target yet. The augmented reality thing looks great and i trust sony to do the right thing with the PS4 when they develop it.

  • can you guys run some competitions so we can win one please this will be the only chance I will have to be able to get a ps vita

  • well im extremely peeved, I bought a sony tablet expecting remote play but no nothing cant even plug it into my ps3 via usb. unknown device, it tells me sony what r u playing at y is the tablet not better than the vita, it should be for £450 also I got no leads i,e usb/headphones just a charger wich I think is wrong as if I was to buy a new experia I probably would get the leads for free, and the only quality games r ps1. how come vita getting there own games yet I have to go back in time. thanks for nothing. and dont even get me started on the yellow light of death that has happened 3 times since I bought my ps3 which im still waiting for a free replacement since 20th december.so you can imagine what it was like on christmas day just looking at my stack of games and new steering wheel which im unable to play unti I get my ps3 back so yeah thanks sony you really make me feel like just a number cos everyone I speak to doesnt care cos its just a job answering the phone and telling lies. cos thats all I get everytime I speak to customer service.

  • why are the memory cards for vita so expensive?

  • want to see xperia play get some updates, playstation plesse do more im dissapointed in your efforts ,after all you made the first gaming phone,now make it as good as you lot said you were going too

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