WipEout 2048’s Zombie Apocalypse

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WipEout 2048’s Zombie Apocalypse

Hi Everyone, this is Karl Jones (Lead Designer) and Stuart Tilley (Game Director) of WipEout 2048 for PS Vita.
The new WipEout game is our biggest and most adventurous ever, with loads of awesome new stuff for you to get your hands on come February 22nd. But almost every game has at least one cool feature that sadly finds its way to the cutting room floor, and WipEout 2048 is no exception L. Earlier this year we prototyped a new (hidden) game mode called ZOMBIE.
Now, this is WipEout, so our zombies were never going to be the sluggish, lumbering, flesh-eaters you’re familiar with. These are 1000mph steel and carbon fibre machines of menacing evil, and they want you dead…


The rules of ZOMBIE were simple enough – survive the horror for as long as possible by avoiding or taking out the Zombie ships. You start in darkness, alone on the track. Then you hear them in the distance, the digital scream of their engines filling you with dread. They start to show up on your Zombie radar, a handful at first in hot pursuit and full of ominous darkness. Then they’re on you, ramming you, destroying themselves if need be, but they’re taking you with them. You can pick up Cannons and the occasional (but very rare) Quake to defend yourself, but it’s only going to delay the inevitable – you will die. As time goes by, more and more Zombie ships appear, becoming more and more aggressive, until you are surrounded by a swarm of carbon-clad deliverers of Armageddon, and that’s before a Zombie Mother-ship even shows up…shudder!


Our prototypes showed that it was a lot of fun to flee from a horde of terrifying Zombie ships, but ZOMBIE was just one of a number of cool modes in prototype. In the final reckoning, we made the call to put Zombie mode on the back burner. That said, like a real-life Zombie, ZOMBIE mode is dead, but it’s not completely dead. ;)
ZOMBIE mode won’t be in WipEout 2048, but we’ve still got loads of great game modes sprinkled in amongst our awesome Races. Head to Head, Speed Lap, Zone Mode, Time Trial and Combat events – every one of them with its own online leaderboard so you can fight for position against your friends and even the rest of the world.
That’s all from us for now. Don’t have nightmares.

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  • day 1, cannot wait for new Wipeout.

  • ZOMBIE sounds like the perfect pick up and play for five minutes, leaderboard-raging and thumb-numbing experience that Wipeout on Vita needs, why did it get cut? But anyway, DLC it for sure.

  • Sounds epic to be honest :) But if it didn’t make it I’m sure the rest is great too.

  • So you actually made zombies cool for once, and then it got cut? :p It does sound like ZOMBIE could make a pretty cool new mode for WipEout, though I’m sure there are plenty of other cool features that have had to go on the back burner over the years.
    Can’t wait to play WipEout 2048, so thankfully it’s not far away now :) Though, you still need to add some CoLD SToRAGE to the soundtrack! Happy holidays to all the folks at Liverpool Studios :)

  • The Wipeout franchise is one of the reasons I have chosen the Playstation system to satisfy my gaming needs since 1998. It is undoubtedly my favorite game saga and it will always remain so forever. I recently pre-ordered my Vita specifically for Wipeout 2048, and just as all previous Wipeout titles, including Wipeout HD, i’ll fight for 100% completion and platinum trophy. Keep up the remarkable work and see you online in 2012.

  • I think this is a good choice can’t wait for this & the Vita nice work Liverpool studio’s as always stuck with wipeout since the PS1 that will never change!

  • I’m really looking forward to 2048!
    I’v been in love with Wipeout for a very very long time now, and it will defiantly be my very first Vita purchase!
    Zombie mode sounds REALLY fun!
    When Fury came out and added all of the awesome much more aggressive gameplay I thought it worked extremely well, so I really hope we see more of that in 2048!
    Hopefully Zombie will end up in our games at a later date through a patch or maybe DLC!

  • please revive ZOMBIE MODE, seriously
    im not even joking

  • Not in the least bit interested in the Vita but dayum, I love Wipeout.
    Please say this is coming to the PS3. Please..?

  • Awww, no ZOMBIE mode after all…
    …however, that must mean that WipEout PONIES made it into the game, right? :O

  • Please get this in as DLC, sounds like a great mode.

  • “Hey, check out this new game mode that’s not in the game.”

  • I’ve owned 2097, Fusion, Pulse, Pure, HD and the Fury addon and still I’m just useless at these games…
    Also I am a little confused about this blog post going on about a mode that won’t even be in the final game.

  • ” Also I am a little confused about this blog post going on about a mode that won’t even be in the final game.”
    Maybe it’s a joke about the japanese sales,both the mode and console are dead. ;)
    I always wondered,if this support cross play,does the PS3 version get 2048 tracks,also does HD/Fury still have players online?

  • u mention this really cool thing now, I was gonna get this but when I preordered PSVita I decided to go with modnation racers because it had more features, if I’d known about this before I would have gotten this, now I have no money:(

  • ps vita
    price = note real price u anounced = 250€ + 50 € mem stik( 16 gb)
    i hate lies like i hate u are mis using u power to look in ore privecy sony .
    2 = make game cards bigger so saves on mem stik + updates.(no need over priced mem stick ).
    3 = price games = not ok no booklet but price same = ????????
    4 = 200 € vita + more games ath good price wil sel more vita .
    5= i told lots of time u need monsterhunter on u consolles
    u give €€€€ to capcom + release the game in euro zone if u gain back whith sales = more vita win win .
    6 = more indie games + cheaper price
    32 gb not in euro = biggest joke .
    them promes u whith dead bone , en when u in u get nothing .

  • ps. u need to give c4 to pers. who not put the zombie mode in the game

  • This should have made the cut it sounds much more exiting than the other modes and they look awesome. Releasing this as a DLC would be awesome.

  • most pointless blog post ever thanks for informing us what we wont be getting. im really excited that we wont be getting it.fail!

  • why does every game need to have zombies in it? i’m getting a bit bored of the zombie theme.

  • Not for me. WipeOut is way too difficult. Waste of my money (the PS3 version) as I couldn’t progress after playing the first levels.

  • You could have a mode where you’re chased by enemy ships. :P

  • To any moaning that a post was made regarding a feature that won’t be included; two points:
    1) Would you rather no blog post at all? Really?
    2) Some of us ‘are’ actually interested in the development of games.

  • Hell yeah Wipeout! Sony Liverpool, I vote you get that game mode into the game at some point, it sounds really original, I don’t think any other racing game has a mode like that.. closest competitor is Destruction Derby, another Psygnosis classic :)

  • Sounds great, hopefully it can be returned to as DLC.
    Wipeout is the first game I’m getting off the store for the Vita, so it’ll be on the memory card all the time.
    Love the series, and can’t wait for this installment.
    Just think, this was the mode judged the best one to cut- all the other modes are even better!

  • If they’re the complete opposite of traditional zombies (slow, stupid and sluggish) then why name them that? It’s completely misleading. Why not something more fitting such as Sentinels, Predators, Hunters, Death Droids, Seekers etc..

  • is any of the vita games available for the sony tablet s. cos at the moment im just getting ps1games

  • Nice game, Also Why would you really want ZOMBIE in it?, More like You’d not even play the *Zombie* Part mode, Anyways I might get this if I’m able to receive my money when this comes out!

  • Reference post 22 I’ve never got on with wipeout either, only uncharted for me when vita comes out.

  • Thanks! Instead of the normal marketing stories we get, finally a great story of some behind-the-scenes work, which doesn’t lead to a direct ‘buy this buy this’. Would be nice to get some more stories like this (scrapped stuff, artwork, dev hell stories, that sort of thing)
    Thanks Karl! Have a great 2012!

  • @Sony Liverpool – hope you will read it ;)
    Please let the Zombie mode return with DLC!!!
    Wipeout is a great series – Player since 1995 ;)

  • Am I the only one that recognises this as the marketing ploy that it clearly is?
    1) Create cool game mode then deliberately omit it from final game.
    2) Tell everyone about the cool game mode that sounds like it really should have made the cut but won’t be in the game.
    3) Sit back and wait for the barrage of pleas from fans to make this mode available as dlc.
    4) Rake in the extra profit from game mode as dlc.

  • looking forward to zombie mode………………bawwwwwwww noooo what do mean it’s been cut why tell us things building our anticipation yet again hoodwinked still like those without games
    happy new year have a great 2012 to in the PS3 and Sony world.

  • I’ve loved WipEout since the original Playstation and can’t wait to get hold of it for the Vita.
    Also sounds like ZOMBIE mode could make for some pretty cool DLC :)

  • 33@ = u understend
    dlc = biggest joke
    big expansions = ok
    maps -weapons -armore- MODES are a rip of .
    when are u gone learn to give dlc free ??? to say tank u to buy ore games !!!!!! i not buying dlc . on lots of games enimore but wayt special edition on cheap price .
    u tink u can do everiting u like
    we to can play that game.
    very good sony not suporting SOPA enimore = freedom of speech = we go to other companies whitout if u suport criminal laws !!
    happy new j. to al

  • agree with 33. If you tell people they can’t have something, they infinitely want it more, and therefore the high price for the DLC (when it eventually releases) will be justified. This is a deliberate slap in the face for the real fans.

  • Soo wipeout is Zelda but for the playstation?… the same game for every new console.
    … yeah still going to pick it up like I’ve done with all the others.
    Zombies?… really? again?… Does every new release games have to have a Zombie game pack/addon?
    The Art however looks good so maybe a few skins would be good

  • when will they release a new Wipeout for the ps3????

  • The name was stupid for a driving game where isint any zombies

  • In other words, this will probably be DLC which we have to pay 5€ extra for, a few weeks after the game is released…

  • Don’t you guys get bored knocking out the same game year-in year-out? This franchise needs reinventing, just as Modern Warfare did for COD, something (or someone) needs to change.
    Feel free to contact me for suggestions.

  • Don’t you guys get bored knocking out the same game year-in year-out? This franchise needs reinventing, just as Modern Warfare did for COD, something (or someone) needs to change.
    Feel free to contact me for suggestions.

  • ye wat elevator said

  • I think the series has pretty much nailed it’s overall look and feel. They just got to keep building on it, like they do. Keep adding new levels, ships, modes and features. Like Polyphony does with the Gran Turismo series. WipEout is so perfect so I fear any big change could only be for the worse.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include this in either the release or as free DLC in the future.
    I didn’t get to go to one of those events so I never even knew this kind of gamemode existed, but becuase you just teased me with this article, I now not only know of it. But really want it!
    It’s soooooo unfair to tease and never release. Free DLC would be awesome, but I would also pay if it’s a proper addition with extras such as unlockable cars, maps and new gamemodes. :D

  • OMG!! Im so getting this for ps vita and ps3 and I already pre ordered the vita ahhh hurry up 23 FEB.. … Im such a fanboy ^^

  • “Zombie mode is dead, but not completely dead”
    Translation: “Zombie mode got a lot of attention. We’re already expecting to sell lots of this game, so we cut zombie mode out, to add it as DLC later on to make some extra cash as we now know people want it.”
    There’s no way that Zombie mode was cut for size, or timing, or any other reason than that. Hell, they’ve already put it in… but I can’t fault them for it either, it makes sense to do it and get some extra income, but it is getting annoying how many games show something in development then it magically vanishes, and later on shows up as DLC when it should have been part of the full game.

  • That looks really good, but don’t bother build it up and make out like it’s vanished and then add it as a paid DLC at a later date.
    Have more respect for people who spend their hard earned cash on video games and have supported your games for years, and not have them find out they need to spend an extra £20 to get a full game that you would’ve gotten 10 years ago, where you would have to unlock the extras.

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