PlayStation Plus Presents ‘The 12 Gifts of Christmas’

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PlayStation Plus Presents ‘The 12 Gifts of Christmas’


Hello all, and welcome to a very special PlayStation Plus update.
You may have already seen Andy’s recent ’12 Deals of Christmas’ update where we’ll be offering you a great deal every two days on the PlayStation Store, in most cases with an additional discount for our loyal Plus subscribers. But that’s not all!
Starting today, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download one title from PlayStation Store at no extra cost, every two days – this will include 8 PSN titles, two minis and two PSone Classics, which will all be yours as long as you’re a subscriber. These 12 titles have all been available in Plus before over the last 18 months, and so are perfect for new subscribers or those who have joined recently. If you want to discover which games you can grab without having to pay a penny, you’ll have to head over to PlayStation Store and check them out, but we’ll be updating this post with information on each title – just be sure to download them before they’re gone.
Our first gift title is SEGA’s classic, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 which will be available to download at no cost for Plus subscribers until 3rd December, when a new title will be available.
Remember, all these are added extras to this month’s content – as a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can still expect the same level of great content during December 2011, as well as enjoying this superb offer, which is perfect for filling gaps in your collection if you’re a late-comer to Plus, or even better if you’ve never been a subscriber before.
The sooner you become a member, the more time you’ll have to download extra games, so don’t waste a moment – subscribe to PlayStation Plus now and grab your 12 Gifts of Christmas.
Thanks guys – I wish you all a very happy festive period!

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10 Author Replies

  • Picks dropped jaw up off the floor :O

  • I already have Sonic 2 from another PS+ update, will we be getting different games from the ones that already been in a PS+ update?

    • I’ve asked James to add a line to the post to explain what this is all about – we’ve got all your usual Plus content coming in December, and small additional discounts on the deals that we’ve put together over Christmas – those are for our current subscribers.
      Those of you who are considering joining Plus (wouldn’t be a bad time to jump on board by the way) or have joined in the last couple of months will be the ones to get the most out of these 12 titles, since you’re getting another chance to grab some of the games we’ve offered since Plus began.
      I hope that clears up any confusion – those of you who have been with Plus from the beginning, you may well already have the games we’re offering in this campaign, but December’s content won’t be any less interesting because of it.
      Thanks all

  • Wow I didn’t think PS Plus can get any better but it just happened!

  • Haven’t Sonic the Hedgehog 2 been in one of the PS Plus updates already?

  • Is there going to be anything new or is it all recycled like Sonic2 which we allready got a few months back?

    • There might well be something around the halfway point that nobody’s had before – at least not as a free title.

  • I already have Sonic 2 from previous PSN plus month.

  • I appreciate the offer and do not wish to appear ungrateful but I do have one query.
    Are these true ‘gifts’ that are ours to keep or are they classed like any other ps+ freebie and are no longer available if you do not renew your subscription?
    Other than that, good show old bean

  • Not a great start if we have this from ps+ already?

  • Wow giving away something you gave away about 4 months ago, nice one

  • We have already gotten that game!!!! You are really showing loyality to the the psn + members who are already members….

    • There’s plenty in December for those of you who’ve been with us from the beginning – if you’re not interested in any of these 12 titles because you already have them then this promotion just isn’t for you.
      Not doing you any harm though, eh?

  • hey are we going to get anything new?

  • This is a nice present for the people who only subscribed recently but I already got the game free with PS+ some time during spring/summer.
    Anyway, I certainly won’t complain as long as the usual update next Tuesday will be normal and it’s great for the newcomers!

  • Also please don’t call a mega drive game a ‘PSN’ game. It’s older than the PS1…


    • It’s in test, as soon as it’s out, it’s going into Plus for a month. Barring any issues it’ll be a little later this month.

  • The plus offer is little big planet 2 £22 with 10 pieces of dlc.
    Which i think is an awesome offer, i couldn’t find it on the main store though.

  • Lame, giving games that have already been offered is just silly. But hey, it’s “free” on top of normal monthly content so nothing to really complain about…

  • im gonna echo a few people and hope that all 12 “gifts” aint ones that we got earlier in the year, come on Ross, sort our ps+ out will you, compared to the USA its so very poor and if it continues until april (15 months for the price of 12 lol) then i wont be re-subscribing to the uk ps+ (i will subscribe to the USA one though), and i should imagine im not the only one who thinks this, if you want my money, make it worth it!

  • Every Plus subscriber has this game.
    Are there also titles coming that were not included in Plus earlier?

  • Already have Sonic 2, but this is great news. looking forward to see what other games will be free.

  • Nice idea, but please please please can we have games they haven’t previously been given away?

  • “as a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can still expect the same level of great content during December 2011”
    Well… last month you promised us:
    Quote: “including some of the items the US enjoyed late last month.”.
    And we didn’t get a thing after the update on November 2nd!!!

  • Awesome. Sony in ‘giving away stuff we already gave away’ stunt. Yay for the SCEE PR machine. Seriously, can you just let us know if the stuff on offer over the next 25 days consists of stuff previously given away on plus as it will save a lot of us checking the blog.

  • lol “as a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can still expect the same level of great content during December 2011” Ross I think your confused over the EU Plus content and the US. we’ve not seen great content for months.
    also another repeat of a free psn game we have already got. SCEE sucks so much.

  • “as a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can still expect the same level of great content during December 2011”
    Well… last month you promised us:
    Qoute “including some of the items the US enjoyed late last month.”. And we didn’t get a thing after the update on November 2nd!!!

  • (sorry, posted double)

  • Come on Sony, this is BS – I know there are recent PS+ subscribers, who don’t have it, but doing so you are punishing early adopters. Is it some kind of “thing” to do nowadays in console business?

    • Nothing at all has been removed from the normal Plus schedule to get this organised, so nobody at all is being punished.

  • PlayStation Plus Presents ‘The 12 Gifts of Christmas’
    it should be called 12 gift for new subscribers cause that´s what it is.
    and for all you plus subscriber get a nrain playstation plus can only offer you what´s on the store and with our store update being crap that´s what you get.

  • anyone know – if I become a Plus subscripor, could I use the new ‘auto’ download for this ? I think they will disappear after two days , and I am away a lot in Dec …

  • Any sign of a renewal deal in the near future? My plus just expired and would hate to miss a deal like jurassic park by a day or two

  • LoL i actually feel sorry for plus subscribers clearly this is aimed at getting new customers which is fair enough. But its typical of Sony to put two fingers up at its loyal long subscribing customers.

  • @28 nope you have to log onto the store and download yourself. So don’t bother.

  • Yes, very crafty, not giving anything away to anyone who subscribed about 3 months ago, All this is doing is suggesting that maybe I shouldn’t subscribe, the past few months have been lack lustre to say the least. I don’t normally moan when I’m being given something free, but when that something has already been given out, maybe I could buy 1 set of presents for my kids and get one up two hours before the other, and then reward them for round two, perhaps Sony should trademark the idea…

  • let me guess more than 10 of the title i have already have sorry but i wont be renewing this month i bought 3 months and got utter usless content 4 crah games, hydowhatitmacalled, the only thing i find useful is the auto update and the online saves offer me that for 20 pounds for the year and ill be happy also the dynamic themes are very nice but overall the service is utter [DELETED] and not worth the money…
    more and more content latley is rehases of ol monthly offers and is insulting to us loyal psplus subbers

  • Nice surprise (although like many I got the Sonic game some time ago from plus), although my general suggestion would be to over the course of next year try to move plus away from being a discount game service to more stuff like the online game storage. Cross game chat is an obvious one, but cross game clans could be a nice addition to the system, integration of the online storage with local multiplayer games, basically similar to what is in latest uncharted allowing you to log in two users at the same system, but not relaying on per-game online tracking of inventory etc. Would love it if I could always log in with my user when playing multiplayer at a friends place and get full access to my unlocks etc.

  • Here’s the idea – when you re-include some content, give people alternative. You have technology for that kind of deal, it was used in downtime freebies rewards after all.

  • @ps+ users
    when will you learn? + users get shafted again, i feel sorry for you guy’s but then its not the first time so more fool you for renewing your sub! hahahahaha cough i mean hohohohoho merry christmas

  • The first deal was LittleBigPlanet 2 for £24.99, I really hope there are better deals than this, you can buy LBP2 platinum for just £17.99, not exactly a deal…

  • do you know what, it might just be easier to stop making this blog, you all seem to put in half the effort required anyway so whats the point? theres never any decent replies to questions (although Andy does try, more often than not he cant answer our questions) i mean look at it, on the update post yesterday, 118 comments, 7 replies, is this REALLY good business? Honestly, im getting more and more disappointed in a company/product that ive tried to support for a VERY long time (all my products are sony, my TV, my stereo, etc etc) and i cant imagine im the only one. (in fact i know im not the only one from all the posts on here)
    Basically, what id like to see is a little bit more RESPECT to us (ie, the PAYING public) from this company before I and many others end up taking my custom elsewhere on the next batch of consoles

  • GUYS JUST BE GRAYEFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • grayefull?????? (im guessing you meant grateful) but why should i be grateful for a “gift” that i had already been given??

  • Ross McGrath
    I want to apolagize for all theese people who cant be happy with what they get.

  • This is very good to hear and I am really looking forward to seeing what we get, I just hope it’s not all disappointing rubbish.
    As you can already see from the comments starting off with Sonic was a bug mistake, not only is it ancient rubbish but we have already had it!
    12 Gifts – *****
    1st Gift – *

  • SalmonCannon
    not evryone has it…..

  • Just to make a positive comment:
    I like the idea of getting a freebie every other day!

  • quote ”this will include 8 PSN titles, two minis and two PSone Classics, which will all be yours as long as you’re a subscriber”
    What he means is 7 PSN titles (maybe? i doubt it.) two minis, two PSone classics and 1 Sega classic.

  • The best line is “as a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can still expect the same level of great content during December 2011”
    Setting the bar pretty low me thinks, /me looks at November 2011, October 2011…….

  • It’s remarkably easy to appear ungrateful when given a gift by someone who knows perfectly well that I’ve already paid them for the item once already as part of my PS+ subscription.

  • been some pretty bad months of plus…..

  • Davie222 I assume you want to pick up the Little Big Planet Bundle @ 24.99 :)
    See the problem here is this :
    The game is available for 14.89 free deliver within the UK..Now thats a deal mate :)

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