PS3 System Software Update (v.4.00)

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A new system software update (v4.00) will be released this week. In preparation for the launch of PS Vita in Japan, this update will prepare the PS3 to serve as a content management device. It will allow users to copy their media content such as games, music, photos, and videos between PS Vita and PS3, back up PS Vita save data to your PS3 hard drive, and update the system software for your PS Vita system using the network features of your PS3.

Other changes to take effect with this update include:

PlayStation Plus members can now choose to enable or disable each automatic update feature

  • Game patches
  • System software
  • Recommended games and videos
  • Sync trophy information

New PSN privacy settings for filtering friend requests and messages

You can find more details at

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  • Lwt down for me, nothing major besides Vita stuff :(

  • Damn! Haha was hoping there was going to be something super awesome in there. 4.00 just has a nice ring to it. Ah well always up for a new update.

  • Hopefully there are some additional secret features in this update!

  • Really v4.0 is just Vita junk, when we compare this to the Dashboard updates Xbox gets, I feel slightly let down.


    Almost got a heart attack when I saw the headline and when I read the rest, I got let down again as usual.

  • Ah hopeing for abit more but its an important update with PS Vita coming out. like the way we can chose what we want to automaticly Update.

    oh Follow me on Twitter guys!!/INathan_DrakeI

    Facebook if ya want

  • Does the PS Vita support OtherOS?

  • Oh man such an awesome update. BEST THING SINCE 2.40 SONY NICE WORK. MAN CAN’T WAIT. SONY YOU’RE THE BEST

  • Owwh I think the psn privacy settings for filtering friend requests and messages looks like something im gonna luk forward too!:)nuthin else lol im not gettin a ps vita so YA kno

  • I was expecting a Vita related update for 4.00 and I wasn’t expecting anything more.

  • Lol what a crappy update. I can honestly say I was expecting firmware 4.00 to be useless to us PS3 owners. Sony have became too predictable and they are really loosing touch with their fan base. Ah well its their company, let them do what they want.

  • Don’t forget these firmware updated are created in Japan so if the Vita is launching these features go to the top of the list.

    What we want and what they want are completely different.

  • I like the PSN+ changes :D.

  • Awesome. Give me a bigger HDD drive for my PS3 and that will be great. Or, just be nice to all your customers and release Media Go for Mac, so I can backup my data.

  • Crappy update, give us something useful, like a new XMB

  • Oh what a surprise more bloody Plus exclusive firmware updates.

  • Why cant you make a feature where we can attach/record a 30 second audio clip to send in a message? So simple.

  • Omg come on Sony bring cross game chat we been waiting years, can’t you see people are asking

  • Wacko, PS Vita changes…. But wait, you mean there’s a firmware update, and they haven’t taken a feature away????

    Ah well, Xbox gets an update next week, and I know there’s new features coming there, so at least there’s something to look forward to.

  • @18… Since when do Sony give us anything we actually want?? They just seem to ignore their users and go on their merry way

  • @20.. Yh I know but how they know it’s one of the most wanted feature

  • Man, I was hoping for the rumored store interface, but in general, the whole xmb needs a facelift, or a removal, it was cool in 2005,but even Sony has moved on. A new browser, again long rumored to be in the works with google, new general features – Sony Japan really should hand the firmware mantle to Europe or America, it’s like they don’t have a grasp on renewing features once they are in. It’s about time the firmware updates started competing with Xbox and even Nintendo, the biggest changes in recent years has been third party apps. Even stuff like twitter and proper Facebook integration, things that are everywhere isn’t on there. A proper media player and music/video organizer, better game organization, new interface – its supposed to be a game and entertainment center – but the entire interface, features and setup is starting to feel more like an outdated Tv or monitor menu – it really is overdue

  • should the update stop u from logging in?

  • @texinick Dude the biggest feature for the ordinary gamers coming to the 360 is Cloud Storage. Something you should have received a long time ago especially if you have spent/wasted your money on Xbox Live for around 10 years. The rest of the stuff is Facecrap related junk and Kinect junk features. Can’t wait for the Vita, knew there would be some kind of compatible Firmware coming to PS3 with it. At least Sony just drop it like “Oh yeah that’s coming out tomorrow. LOL did you see the dashboard update last year for November. They hyped it since E3 and the day before it comes out Sony says “Oh yeah we are adding Twitter, its out tomorrow.” Quite the opposite of hyping it up. Love you Sony

  • All these updates and you STILL can’t sort your PSN games alphabetically =(

  • About time for the PS+ changes, I want 3/4 of them options. Being a game enthusiast I know what games I want, as I look at information on my PC. :P The Vita stuff is pretty awesome though, can’t wait unti Feb, had mine pre-ordered for months already! :D

  • 4.00 adds Vita support? Are you @$%#$%$ kidding me Sony? VITA SUPPORT?

    It does NOTHING to enhance PS3 user experience after all this time?!?

    I’m getting Xbox 720 next-gen, 100% sure.

  • Was hoping hoping for some more video streaming apps such as “Crackle”.

    I feel us PS3 owners, especially in the UK, are being short-changed whilst the XBOX gets a makeover and a whole raft of new editions.

    Pointless update as fas as I’m concerned.

  • Really? that’s it?
    4. 0 is a joke of some kind?
    Disappointment. I now regret choosing PS3 over XBox,

  • At the VERY least I wouldve expected PSone ingame XMB at this point, its the simplest feature ever and is still not there. They could even do ingame music on all PSone games easily but they won’t.

  • Disapointing.
    The Xbox comunity has something to look forward to when they get a update. This is just sad. Amd there is still so much Sony can approve.


  • @haydn_16 It will never happen. Sony admitted that the ps3 isn’t build for that. When it starts the game all the memory is used for that game and there simply is not enough memory for the cross game chat. The voice chat in some games are enabled just because they are in game features and not from the system.

  • So nothing important again and I once again have to be interrupted from playing games to dl an update… thx… Trying adding a cool feature we care about that we can use now sony…

  • Kind of wish sony listened to their customers… We are paying them after all.

  • Considering the Vita isn’t being released in Europe until late February, let me say thank you Sony for giving more features we don’t need.

    Also, not to sound insensitive to sufferers of Epilepsy but how the hell can I remove that stupid prompt when my system boots up. That is the most ridiculous thing ever. Will it change over time to give us other useful suggestions that you worry about? Take a 15 minute break ever hour? Eat our greens? Check for lumps?

  • Oh, and I’d also think it would be nice to remove that huge PS+ icon under Playstation Network. I had PS+, waste a massive waste of money, don’t plan on getting it again. Don’t need a massive icon for it.

  • Worst update of the year ah ah.

  • Trying to look for hidden changes… Only thing I noticed was the vidzone logo being different and the silly health warning when booting up the system and when you press triangle on a game :\

  • also text saying sync complete when ur syncing ur trophies has dissapeared. also our ps3 customer support are stupid trying to say deactivate and reactivate system to make text re appear they have no idea about programming please get ur engineers to see why the text from syncing trophies has gone?

  • @ 39 (gforce-92)

    the vidzone logo did not come in this update i have had this new logo for over a week it must have also updated ur vidzone app recently that is why u noticed logo change

  • Cross game chat? Google Chrome? YouTube HD?

    Nope. British English support.

    Worst “major” update ever.

  • You’d think a X.00 would offer some actual features.
    To think I was looking forward to this firmware revision.

  • lol all you people threatening to go to Xbox must be insane. I had 15 of them cause of the shoddy workmanship. It was proven the knew about the extreme high fail rate before they launched. Ps3 is of far better build quality.
    Regarding cross game chat it’s on 360 and worse thing they ever did. Your playing online and people are in chat it’s lag mayhem everywhere. I personally would rather online quality over silly add Ons like chat. If you want to talk do it out the game so you don’t ruin it for everyone else. Oh and not to mention lack of team communication if you are too busy talking to your mates.
    Not sure about vita myself only time will tell.
    Regarding the comment further up about another update for plus subscribers surely if we are paying a subscription we should also get more options? Should think yourself lucky you can play online without having to pay.

  • All those changes to the automatic update features, but how about game saves?

    I have automatic update turned completely off, but still whenever I start up a game for the first time, the system asks me if I want it to automatically upload the gamesaves to the cloud storage. Why is there no way to turn that thing completely off so it wouldn’t ask me that with EVERY single game?

  • the ps plus changes are good but arent we supposed to get a psn revamp by the end of this year?

  • Am i missing something as i have gone into the auto update settings & it doesn’t let you select which features you want to update.
    It has got them all clumped together so you have to do all whether you want to or not.

  • Well there is some cool stuff there, but with it being 4.0, I was expecting at least one really special thing. PSP compatibility like minis, PS2 compatibility or an improved browser…

  • The Browser is BROKEN Sony! What could’ve been expanded upon as one of the strong features of the system has been completely neglected for ages. YouTube will only display very chunky graphics video etc

    I’ve recently bought a Sony Blu-Ray Player for another room in the house and was surprised to see that it had an XMB with WAY more features than my PS3! TV-stations, even a YouTube app it’s all there! I feel sad :(

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