How To Tweet On PlayStation Vita

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As you may have read, last week we held a PlayStation Vita event in London where journalists and Access members got to try a huge array of games on PS Vita. One of the demo areas had devices set up with the Social Essentials applications and this week we’re going to show them in action, starting with Twitter.

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  • Just wondering does the vita have an in-game menu? (like the in game XMB) and if so can you load twitter then go straight back to the game after?

    • Yes you can. One of my favourite things about PS Vita is the multitasking. You just hit the PS button to go straight to the Home menu where you can tweet, browse the web, talk to your party – pretty much anything else except for starting up another game – and then jump right back into what you were playing and carry on from where you left off.

  • Nice!!
    I’ve read all of the tweets and was quite jealous :D

  • Lol read that tweet when you posted it, Now I have seen it written….nice

  • To be honest more likely to use my phone but that said the more features the better.

    Any idea when the vodaphone costs and the pre-order bonus retailers are being confirmed, want to order but holding off until these are answered.


  • Hopefully there will be a way to remove all traces of Facebook and Twitter from the interface because I DESPISE those things. I have them, yes, but I don’t use them regularly and I certainly don’t want my gaming life crossing over into my public feeds. The games I play and when I play them is NO business of anyone on Facebook. Let them imagine me off on wondrous adventures, scaling mountains and saving villages from evil rulers; let the public believe I may be off rocking & rolling with some true rock & rollers and having an amzing time; but don’t ruin the illusion by telling everyone I was sat at home last night in my pants playing Duke Nukem Forever. There’s no mystery left in the world any more and that’s partly because Facebook and Twitter have destroyed it.

    Please, let us remove all traces of these from the Interface. Not everyone embraces this tweeting mentality. “I am sat on the toilet playing Uncharted Golden Abyss LOL”… I shudder at the thought.

  • I’d like to see confirmation whether a memory card is a requirement for Vita to work, and whether Vita comes with one?

    Based on the recent announcements in the US the proprietary Vita cards are 2-5 times more expensive than similarly sized SD cards. That would jack up the price of wifi only Vita from 250 EUR to at least 270 EUR, probably 280 EUR with the smallest card. The 32 gig card alone seems to cost around half of the cost of Vita, which is outrageous.

  • Great video thank for showing us :D It will probably be my most used app :D

  • ohh the video didnt go long enough to show i was the first reply to a tweet on vita ever!

  • This was over 3G, right?

  • to comment 5.

    gamestation and game are getting the pre-order goodies in the uk that i know as its printed in there latest offers book.
    guy in gamestation also told me they will honor the original £10 pre-orders with the goody bag even tho the price to pre-order will be going up to £25.

  • Is the VITA facebook app functional atm?

  • Cheers hayzink, guessed they would be but good to know, one nice and close too. :o)

    Now just need the vodaphone deals as not sure if I’m going to bother with the 3g, probably just tether the phone but may just bite the bullet and go for the more expensive option.

  • After seeing the mem card prices,i won’t buy it now.especially as some games or the system require it.
    I’d need 32 gb,the amount of games i’d get.If you take the u.s price of the card,the system cost here,and two games.It could cost around £479.98.
    If PS4 goes with the propriety storage (understandable from a profit side) I won’t buy that either.

  • cynical in me says the other reason that Ps3 is dead or dying is this.

    1 Ps3 use to Tweet on twitter why not now?, because the browser sucks can sony fix the browser? yes they can but they wont it takes time etc etc, they are more forces on the Vita they new bady.

    2 Ps4 will come sont did say that they said it wouldn’t be logic to delay it while the other 1 from MS launch new console, PS4 will have a better browser cross chat twitter etc & maybe it could make toasts for you.

    there are other points but you see sony doesn’t care for it‘s Ps3 fanbase & it.

    don‘t get me started on the vita mem cards that is shocking, but here is a question

    can a game save on a mem card be deletetd meanin can i buy just 1 card for muti games if mem run out i just delete some or do i need muti cards if it the latter buy single cards.

    i don’t think so i buy 1 then.

  • Four things I hope that will be added

    1) E-mail (Common sense)
    2) Google+ (I don’t know if it is still in beta)
    3) Video editor (Maybe your able to Transfar your work over to PS3)
    4) Paint (With stylus support)

    And also is there going to be a App Market?
    And does it support Basic App’s? (Notes, Calculator, Alarm?, Calender, FM radio)

  • #14, proprietary storage is not understandable from the profit side if people decide to forgo buying the system altogether because of fleecing with outrageous memory prices.

    Vita is facing really tough competition from Android and iPhone/iPad platforms, and Sony are really shooting themselves in the foot by obfuscating the real price of the system. 250 EUR did sound too good to be true, and it appears that it was.

    When people go to a store, expecting to pay 250 EUR for a system, but it turns out to be 350-500 EUR with memory and accessories, plus a game or two, many will turn around.

  • oh and also Why didn’t you support TransferJet? (Next generation NFC) now with the hype of Google Beam (First generation NFC)

  • #15, Vita is an Android device, so it SHOULD support all Android apps. Whether Sony has put or will put restrictions on that remains to be seen – I wouldn’t be surprised given their track record.

  • Is it actually an Android device? I’d heard they were putting Playstation Suite on it which is for Android devices but from what i’ve read it won’t actually have Android OS on it.

  • @18 I don’t think that the Vita is an Android device but you may have thought that because of PS Suit

  • @16
    it’s understandable from Sony’s side,they’ve wiped out all the money made from Ps1 and Ps2 days,and are trying everything they can for extra profit.
    But like I said,and it echoes your point,I’m not going near it with those prices.Two of my brothers have said the same.

  • The PSP doesn’t work on my Wifi but my 3DS does. I hope the Vita will fix that.

  • Ok, thanks for the clarification, James! Was under the impression as some Sony phones are Android.

  • “Yes you can. One of my favourite things about PS Vita is the multitasking. You just hit the PS button to go straight to the Home menu where you can tweet, browse the web, talk to your party – pretty much anything else except for starting up another game – and then jump right back into what you were playing and carry on from where you left off.”

    Even the PS3 can’t do this HAHA

  • Hey the vita looks awesome, no denying that, but why do the memory cards cost so much? Its not like they’re turning the world upside down. The console is expensive as it is and expensive necessary accessories just puts me off buying it.

  • Are their going to be any game/memory stick bundles like buy a ps vita wifi for 250-270 quid and get uncharted and a 4 gb memory stick? that sort of thing nt just a preorder incentive in some ps vita headphones…. lol

  • Looks great. I’d like to see more of the Vita UI as well.

    Also, great to hear that the Vita can multitask

  • @crusher915
    last i heard was sony due to the coalition with toshiba and hitachi who all supply and have the best tech in screens for tv’s and mobiles are to produce a gaming tablet. this will have everything you mentioned on it like google and so on, it will also have android. the vita is just a time filler and a sneaky way to bring in a few bucks as you are probably aware sony are in some money trouble and need a quick boost to actually continue plans to build the ps4. like iv said before vita will be a fail and as you can see from a lot of posts people are unhappy with the rip off tactics and a lot have already cancelled pre-orders

  • @25. “Even the PS3 can’t do this HAHA”

    well i suppose the PS4 will handle that little problem.
    but geuss it also comes with time and the way you use it.

    i can’t wait to get this.

    hope playstation will create some software where people can create their own back ground and icons like with the ps3 and psp. loved that.

  • i cannot see the problem with the price of the vita After adding on cost of memory etc, for a launch release one anyway, Well i knew it wasn’t going to cost below the 3hundred pounds mark, basic. so those people that are wanting ‘the biggest’ mem card (at launch?) Must of had some idea of what they’ll be looking at paying, i mean 32gb launch mem, be nice yeah but come on, Seriously? just get a cheaper one till the dust settles, i know it is a bad thing being asked to pay (at least) double for needed accessories, but business is just that.

  • “Social Essentials applications” Hmm looks good but i really hate all this twitter/facebook etc etc stuff on a ‘GAMES’ console :-/ I buy gaming consoles for playing games & that is it(maybe i am unsociable) :D

  • i’m going to blow my money on a Kindle Fire and still have enough change left for a mash-up, much more useful than a next generation paperweight, which is what my PSP turned into. My NDS on the other hand gets played to bits.

    handheld systems need handheld games!

  • hmmm, PSVita or a new guitar… Please help

  • “Posted on 28 November, 2011 at 10:04 pm by maddogarchie64

    hmmm, PSVita or a new guitar… Please help”

    Buy guitar, go to local town centre, busk for money until you have enough for a Vita, buy Vita

    Job done! :p

  • MobileTone I actully agree with you, handhelds need handheld games! if i wanted a huge game i would be gaming on my PS3.

    maddogarchie64 dude i though you were really hyped for the ps vita? well the cost of a vita mem card and the 3G ps vita will be ALOT. Im gonna just stick with my PS3 SLIM.

  • born2destroy The PS3 is a game console! i use ps3 for gaming, dont you? also dont forget the PS3 is 5 years old, software updates can only do so much.

    Carl-G No one is forcing you to use them, but you might as well have them.

  • I hear the vita memory card (32 GB) is about $199 (about £145) if this is true then forget about me buying vita.

    My PS3 SLIM has 250GB.

  • needs youtube support, google plus and email. seems wierd to limit the amount of social apps to 4. more social apps offer more online socialising which in turns offers free marketing through word of mouth on social platforms. ???

  • @FooFan73. That could work…

    @DAVIE222. I am but the cost of it all, it comes down to a lot of money which I’m not sure I can afford unless I save up for a long time, and I kinda need a new guitar

  • @ DAVIE222 – yes, nothing better than playing an epic blockbuster (Uncharted) on a tiny little screen hey, that’s what home consoles are for, Handhelds should be used for 1/2hr blasts at the most to kill those lunchbreaks. why have a game that pushes they system to it’s limits and kills the battery off in 2hrs? Why is gaming so popular on iPhones/Andriods etc? cheap quick thrills!

    do they not wonder why Game’n’Watch systems took off so well?

    ps: best handheld RPG, Dragon Quest IX.

  • I’m usually the first person to criticise Sony but I think in this case people are being totally unreasonable saying Vita is a rip off just because they are using proprietary memory cards again. Seriously, how else did you think they would be able to afford to sell the Vita for so much below cost?

    At least we can get a small memory card to start with and upgrade to a bigger one later. This still means we are getting the most powerful portable game console far below its manufacturing price. People would be moaning a lot more if it cost twice as much but supported SD cards, this is a good compromise.

  • @maddogarchie64
    definitely a guitar fella

    couldn’t agree more

  • PS Vita is a great console, can’t wait the european release!
    I’ve got a few question, James, can you answer please? :)
    1, PS Vita has 2 card slot, one for the game cards and one for the memory card?
    2, Is there any chance, to play the games, that I previously buy at Store for PS3? For example PSN games (Plants vs. Zombies, Dead Nation), minies, PSOne Classics, PS2 Classics?

    • 1. Yes, that’s right.
      2. Not all PS3 downloadable games will work, but minis, PSone classics and PSP games that you have downloaded from the Store will work just fine (and look great).

      One cool thing that not everyone knows is that you can change the controls on downloadable PSP games, meaning you can play Resistance Retribution with the two analog sticks, for example.

  • @James Gallagher
    Thanks for the answers! :)

  • Could you do a blog with a video showcasing the OS and the multitasking? And detailing what can be opened while in a game, and what cannot?

    There are conflicting reports out there about what the multitasking is like. I’ve read people saying that in demo units, the web browser can’t be opened while a game is running.

    It would also be good to see what the performance is like – i.e. how quickly you can switch between things. To me it’s one of the most important things that new handheld hardware should get right – if you’re genuinely taking something out and about with you, being able to flick between different things quickly is important.

    • I wouldn’t read much into reports based on demo units as they somethmes have different versions of the OS and it’s still work in progress. From my relatively short time with Vita I’ve found it to be a very quick multitasker but it’s no good me just saying that so I’ll schedule in a video shoot to go through it all.

  • James I still haven’t received my Payday code from the PSNplay promo.

    I have rang customer services who couldn’t help, spoke to rabbid walker via twitter and left umpteen messages on this blog. No one is willing to help me get my code which I paid for.

    Can you please help?

  • Dear Sony can you send me a Vita for Christmas, pretty please.

  • Can you use games bought on another PSN account like on PS3 or is it like the current PSP where you are limited? Because it would get too pricey for me and my husband to buy the same game twice!

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