Two New Imports: Dezaemon Plus! And Blockids Out Now

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Two New Imports: Dezaemon Plus! And Blockids Out Now


Well we’re a few months into our new venture and we’ve put out a lot of gaming in that time. Dezaemon Plus! and Blockids will mark the fifth and sixth additions to the MonkeyPaw classic European game portfolio on the PlayStation Network. And we have a lot more surprises planned for our retro-gaming fans.

But we’d like to ask your assistance. We need you to tell your friends about what we’re doing and get the word out. We know our core fans are dedicated gamers and that you’ve picked up some titles already. But we need a bigger response so that we can influence more Japanese companies. We need to show them there is a viable market in Europe and that licensing is worth their effort. It is like voting with Euros. Spend more on the candidates of your choice!

Here’s a good choice for shooting fans. Dezaemon Plus! is a chance to play game god. You get to create a game using a robust game editor that allows you to form sprites, level designs, boss characters, music and more. Use parallax scrolling and other game design techniques to create a completely original game. Then play or trade with friends using a memory stick on the PlayStation 3 and PSP (PlayStation Portable) systems.

For puzzle fans, we have a new title as well. It is hard to put a premium on a game mechanic that keeps on giving but surely the Breakout mechanic (to give it a name) is one of the most enduring in all gaming. There is something so retro to sliding your paddle along that horizontal plane. Just about anyone could pick up a joystick and play.

So how can you improve on the mechanic? Gather some great game minds, throw in a little Japanese spice and you can actually pull it off. Japanese industry has a penchant for copying (does your Lexus look like a BMW?). But they manage to make improvements so that the copy becomes better than the original. So two games might look similar but the play of the new and improved version is quite remarkable when you sit down and play. And that is what you get when you play Blockids.

Dezaemon Plus! and Blockids are now both available for the low price of €4.99/£3.99 on the PlayStation Network under the Import banner. Pick them up today and support our efforts to bring you the best lost treasures from the Land of the Rising Yen.

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9 Author Replies

  • Are these PS one imports? If so I’ve heard of the shooter scroller game where you can make your own and it comes with a second disc with like 100 shooters people have made. If that’s the one I’m buying it ASAP because its quite awesome.

    We need Pepsi Man though seriously.

    • Hey Aaron, Dez Plus is the precursor and Dez Kids is the sequel. Both great games. My personal favorites of our line-up. And yeah, we have been working to get PepsiMan. You can imagine the licensing nightmare but we have this thing called persistence…sometimes it actually bears fruit. Hopefully it will with PepsiMan. Been working on it for over a year. Thanks for the support. Pick up the Dez games, you’ll be happy you did.

  • When are we getting that free Ocktober ps1 japan classic game????(ps+)

  • is there any news on Arc the Lad please Ray?

    • Hi Salmon,
      We gotta be getting close, eh? I can’t see inside Sony’s emulation process but it won’t be long now. And we will have all the Arc games ready to roll once we get Arc 1 out. Plus a few other great RPGs that I’m sure you’ll know about if you check out our website. Thanks for the patience, hope we can fulfill and exceed expectations.

  • Are they in the right language this time? :P

  • The shooter is in Japanese on the US store so I’d guess no, thats why we also need US imports.

    • Most of our games are in untouched Japanese. But anything adventure or RPG needs to be translated, of course. So we’ll bring you games like Arc and Alundra in English. But the Japanese games are all pretty easy to get around and are all fun games. We don’t put out any games that aren’t worth your time/money. Some might not be big names but you’ll be guaranteed enjoyment. Take a spin and find out for yourself.

  • too many shooter scroller imports

  • This is a REALLY good one though, you can make your own like LBP but you can control pretty much everything including the music, for a PS1 game, that’s pretty amazing.

  • We still miss Arc the lad in english
    US store got it months ago, if I download it from the states, it obviously works on my PS3. So, since it exist and works, why it is taking so long to get it in Europe?

    • Hi Bat,
      Its a matter of proper emulation. Because of differences in transmission and hertz, Sony needs to release the English-version emulation for the correct technical specs. The States version is different specs as well. So Sony is doing the proper thing. Please give them just a little more time. We hope to reward you for your patience. Thanks!

  • Posted on 24 November, 2011 at 5:51 pm by Bat-Gianni
    We still miss Arc the lad in english
    US store got it months ago, if I download it from the states, it obviously works on my PS3. So, since it exist and works, why it is taking so long to get it in Europe?

    if we can download these games from the US store and they work fine on an EU ps3, why cant the games developers/publishers sort themselves out?

  • 1st off 1 of these titles are out last week i seen it so this is‘nt new News.

    2nd I‘m starting to get annoy by the fact SCEE are so Slow coming up 2 months now, still no arc the lad you could say SCEE robbed us so we haven’t had our free october PS+ free game as advertise, it coming up to last month of year what have we gotten more jap shooters then USA imports.

    & You ray are misleading us you said aludrida & V-bandit were the hell are there, this is unacceptable don’t play SCEE mindgames with us.

    or do you want me to quote you with the link you posted.

    as for imports do PS2 titles fall under imports section too if when SCEE says so like end of year when Sony leaves for 3 weeks due to Xmas.

    as you know the last store update is on xmas week that it till january so PS2 titles 2012.

  • @ray

    i only wish you guys could bring more in a shorter amount off time.
    but i take it you guys are gonna release all imports that U.S also got?

    i kept noticing that SCEE wasen´t posting the games during head up store update i kinda get the feeling SCEE is trying 2 make it look like ppl don´t want imports. so they don´t have 2 try and get us the U.S one´s

    • Hi Dgnfly,
      thanks for always giving us your support. We remember you! And yeah, we will try to supply the EU store with all the games the US gets (with some exceptions where licensing doesn’t permit ex. Money Idol exchanger). Otherwise, if the US gets them, so will you.

      Thanks again.

  • @Ray

    and like many off us fear i take it Arc the lad has 2 go through SCEE slow Q&A again.

    • The other games in the series have been put through emulation as well so once Arc 1 releases, the others will be ready to go as well.

  • Hello, hello,

    First I want to thank you for bringing us fantastics games like Sonic Wings Special, Arc the Lad, Shienryu, etc…

    Second, two similar questions:

    1- Games like Alundra, Tombi!, Legend of Dragoon and similar (european versions) depend on you for its release in Europe Store?

    2- Games from Square-Enix (Xenogears, Parasite Eve 1, Chrono Cross, Chrono Tigger, Legend of Mana, etc..), Capcom (Megaman 1-2-3-4-5), Konami and other importants enterprises (USA and japanese versions) depend on them or you for its coming to Europe?

    Thank you, very much ;-)!!!

    • Hi Sergirt,
      Thanks for your support. Glad you love the shooters. Dez Plus and Dez Kids will nice additions for you. My personal favorites!

      You are correct in your assessments. Games like Alundra, Tombi, etc will depend on us to release. We have those licenses and we can bring them to you. Companies like Square and Capcom don’t license out much so its pretty tough for us (or anyone) to pick up their titles independently. That said, we are working with some of the bigger companies to do localizations so that they can bring you their titles, even though we’ll provide more of the legwork. Either way, we want to get you the best Japanese games we can. We don’t care who publishes, per say, just want to make sure you get to play them.

      Please buy these games and support our efforts. If Japanese companies see there are real sales coming from the West, they’ll be more likely to do deals.

  • We’re getting Alundra? ****ing awesome.

  • Cool, will we get Dezaemon Kids too in the future?

    • Hey Aaron,

      Right now, Dezaemon Kids is available for the North American PSN. But we’ll make sure you guys are definitely in the loop on a potential European release.

  • This is unrelated, but do you have any idea when we’ll see Corpse Party in Europe? thank you

  • @Ne0Astar0t

    you´ll need 2 ask Xseed they publishing the game themselves last info it should be in SCEE slow ass Q&A department that could mean between now and 6 months.

  • Right. I didn’t notice this was a MonkeyPaw employee replying, I thought it was someone with Sony. My bad.

  • Thanks for answering me. I support you. Now I have bought two new games, Gaia Seed and Dezaemon Plus. Bring us these wonderful games to Europe. Thanks for your effort ;-).

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