PlayStation Home: Living Life Without Limits

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PlayStation Home: Living Life Without Limits

On Thursday 17th November from 8AM GMT PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

Take a left down Leisure Avenue, go right down Relaxation Boulevard and where do you find yourself? Easy Street, that’s where. And that’s exactly where Pot Noodle wants to send you this week! Spend a short while taking it easy in Home Square and you will be rewarded for your lack of efforts with a free Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle outfit. Curious? Who wouldn’t be? Check it out after this week’s update!

Inspired by New York, London, Paris and Milan runways, Lockwood would like to present Drey – the exclusive high fashion collection only in Playstation Home. It’s time to celebrate in style – say hello to the new you!

DREY_Motorcycle_WhitePlayStation Home: 16th November 2011 DREY_Muse_PlayStation Home: 16th November 2011

What is Drey?

It’s about living life without limits – a life of social events and being the person who lights up the room when you enter. Drey deals in the fascinating, incredible, shocking and amazing. It’s not just about how you look; it’s about how it makes you feel… a million dollars.

TheRetronaut_RedBlue_PlayStation Home: 16th November 2011 TheRetronaut_WhitePinkPlayStation Home: 16th November 2011

Finally Fool Throttle introduces more off the wall fashion with the Retronauts, a bunch of stylish space travellers who wear only the finest vintage space suits. They’re all about accessorising, so even their space helmets and their ray guns are in colours that complement their outfits. And what’s the point in traveling if you don’t bring back a few souvenirs to show off in your apartment? The Retronauts have lugged some attractive crystal formations back from the far corners of the galaxy – they make great ornaments!


The Novus Prime Safety Commission has approved the release of the Power Mech Suits! These walking battle tanks feature advanced motor control and balancing systems, allowing access to several custom animation routines. Flight stabilizers kick in on-demand, for when walking just isn’t enough. This release also includes a large number of mechs that had been confiscated in a raid on a Space Pirate outpost. These Rogue Mech Suits utilize the same trustworthy technology as the Power Mech, but they may feature different animations. You can rest assured that they have gone through the same rigorous quality and safety testing to meet Earth Fleet standards.

We hope you enjoy!

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2 Author Replies

  • WOW hardly anything this week seems really low on content any reason why

    and are we getting RC RALLY ?

  • Why we Europe players haven’t got our Uncharted 3 Beta rewards? I really want the answer. It’s not fun, if we spent many hours playing the beta for nothing. ND said that US got their codes, but Europe haven´t so far. I don´t know if this problem is with ND or with SCEE, but i wan’t my rewards!

  • JAMES READ!!!!!!!!!





    sorry for caps :D


  • UPDATE SUCKS CAUSE NO SODIUM 2 UPDATE AGAIN. all because of usa why always usa why do we have 2 wait for them but they don’t have to wait for us.

  • So about those Uncharted 3 Home reward codes… any chance you could actually bother to add the items to the store?

    It’s not like we’ve been waiting over 4 weeks for it to be added… .. … Oh wait… yes we have been waiting for over 4 weeks for them to be added.

  • I did wonder why there was a Pot Noodle advert in HOME Square last week! lol

  • @6
    Yeah I agree, I’ve mentioned it everywhere on the blog but I never get an answer.

  • hi james it’s me again so i will get a free outfit if i play a game in home after the update sounds good but i am werrd about the playstation network from tomorrow from 4.00pm until friday at 2.00am please replie me and tell me if any news about the network ok good luck james from thunderking ps i like you

  • Boring ZZzzzzzzzz………..

    wake me up when we get UGC on par with SCEA.

    but wait i wont be awaken because SCEE to chickin to give it to us.

    *goes back to sleep*

  • What about the Sodium 2 update that was in last week’s blog update?

  • @10 Apparently that’s *next week* now according to a German MOD…

  • Hmmm thats all very well and good, lockwood releasing more virtual (and no doubt over priced) items on home but they need to FIX the gift machine first. I paid £3.99 for a bundle pack of tokens about 3 weeks ago and ever since then i’ve not been able to use them as each time I try to send a gift my ps3 freezes and I have to do a hard reset. Ive spoken to friends too and a few people are having the same problem. I’ve messaged a moderator (who I wont name and shame here) and got, suprise suprise, NO RESPONSE. Seriously Sony/Lockwood, i’m aware Playstation home is still in open beta stage but when you are taking money off customers and your RENTAL (I say rental as we never truly own anything we purchase on home) products are not working its not on. If I went to blockbuster video and rented a movie and it didnt work id get a refund or an exchange. What do I get from Sony? NOTHING, apart from the desire to take my custom elsewhere next Gen.

  • @ DAVIE222

    Access Episode 9, is within the Latest section.

  • catkiller

    Thanks man! but it wasnt there earlyer, anyways im gonna watch it tommorow morning.

  • WOW, What a rubbish update.. Iv choosen not to spend any more money on home untill we get the same stuff as usa does & Limited ediotion stuff that DO NOT go back in the store.

  • so you try bring people back after re-releasing home giving it a fresh look btw i was impressed and it did bring me back a few hrs a day but now you add a little update like this that sucks time to un-install it again.

  • James,

    Did you see my reply about your question about home clubhouses on the previous update comments?

  • Drey… DREY…hmmmm. It sounds like an American’s idea of a french sounding word (that doesn’t exist)trying to be all hip and catwalky and… Someone get Bruno please. It needs asphixiating. It’s just wong majorly Wong.
    As i have said before and I will resay it, Sony, you NEED to get Home out of beta and into some semblance of Alpha. Really this whole beta business has become like a god is to a religion. Something to use as a crutch when the chips are down, and to praise when the drey’s are doing so well. It’s always there… “Oh well, Home is still in beta, so you are not going to get the odd item you pay for, nor the rewards you spent hours fishing to catch and won but never got, because werrre still Dreying in beta. Really it has worn out it’s useby date. I was hoping with the advent of The Hub that we would begin to see parity in perspace releases with the US and the untramelling of the beta into the QA dustbin of been there, lived with that. Seems we in SCEE will be waiting to catch up for a lot longer… Please just release the Sony perspaces that the US has like Santorini, Waterfall Terrace, The Loot Yacht, etc the list goes ooooonn…

  • Still no payday code James, what’s going on with them?

  • @ 20 I think you have hit the nail on the head with Drab, sorry i mean Drey. Even the promotion video produced by Lockwood on you tube is laughably pretentious. All “buzz words” and black and white text but no actual footage of the content they will be flogging on home. Home developers keep on pumping this dross out while large parts of home still remain broken and largely ignored, as its “still only a beta”.

    Why didnt we have any support on home for the the big titles of the season? Batman Arkham city, Skyrim, Modern warfare 3 etc (im sure infinity ward were shaking in their boots too after bootleggers re defined the fps genre with cutting edge graphics and fluid controls ^^). Its because its up to the makers of these games to put their IP’s on home and when three HUGE games like this are all no shows on home its a tell just how seriously games developers view home as a platform to promote their games, or rather they dont view home seriously at all. If all we have to look forward to in the future is dross like drey then home for me is truly dead in the water.

  • update hasn’t pleased everyone but I’m sure James will tell us soon about new PSH which everyone wants. I suppose we just need to wait & looking to PSH Christmas & Christmas all round.

  • update hasn’t pleased everyone but I’m sure James will tell us soon about new PSH which everyone wants. I suppose we just need to wait & I’m looking forward to PSH Christmas & Christmas all round.

  • After a very long time I was temted in home again because of the dramatic update. Well, it´s still the same boring, ugly, endless downloading c.r.a.p.

  • ok new update & James is it re imagine update aka pier park & other places.

  • “Home, Life with too many limitations” is probably what you meant.

  • Is home still in the beta stages? Last time I went on it was full of desperate blokes trying to cop off with other blokes that were pretending to be girls. But if that floats people’s boats fair play to you all

  • So i ask richy to stop messaging me rubbish because it wont let me block him and you SCEE delete my post that had no bad languge in it? GROW UP SCEE!

    this blog is the only way i can get through to richy.


  • James, could you tell me when we EU will get good updates for a change? :)

  • James, i was not having a go at you but your right and i am sorry.

    but i didnt know where else to post it.

  • ok james i just read the policy and i am verry sorry

    but i had to write something or richy would carry on sending me bad messages….infact he is doing it now.

    James why is my block list broken?

    p.s: i by SCEE i did not mean you james.

  • yes james i know and i got 50 but i cant remove anyone from it….it just freezes so i had to tell richy on the blog, once again sorry

  • davie, he does give in eventually lol

  • oOoOoO them tech customes look cool.. i go on home & BOOM 5 pound odd, Seriuosly if you put it 2.99 at the most you would of probably made more prof as alot more would buy it. AND PLEASE DO EXCLUSIVE SHOP LIKE USA HOME!!!

  • @ Retro

    was that post ment for me @ 10 but if the Mod says it true i say that very good news kudos SCEE, however i was awaiting moderation so my post may not be 10.

    okay still on-topic on the subject i made about UGC & no one has mention it this is what SCEA Says….

    “PlayStation Home is proud to announce the release of Crackle on all LOOT EOD Screens this week. Now you can watch hundreds of full-length Hollywood movies and thousands of television shows with your friends for free. The LOOT EOD Screens can be found in the LOOT EOD Theater, Sunset Yacht, and the Hollywood Hills House. Catch up on these must-see movies available from Crackle: Step Brothers, Cruel Intentions, Snatch, Resident Evil, A Few Good Men, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, and many more! What will you watch first?”

    it not perfect Own content but still under control content, and watch with friends so that was suppose to be the issue but it 1st step i welcome it the 2nd step our content.

  • James, where do I get my code sorted for the PS Home Uncharted level. The code I received did not work.

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