PlayStation Home: Living Life Without Limits

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PlayStation Home: Living Life Without Limits

On Thursday 17th November from 8AM GMT PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

Take a left down Leisure Avenue, go right down Relaxation Boulevard and where do you find yourself? Easy Street, that’s where. And that’s exactly where Pot Noodle wants to send you this week! Spend a short while taking it easy in Home Square and you will be rewarded for your lack of efforts with a free Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle outfit. Curious? Who wouldn’t be? Check it out after this week’s update!

Inspired by New York, London, Paris and Milan runways, Lockwood would like to present Drey – the exclusive high fashion collection only in Playstation Home. It’s time to celebrate in style – say hello to the new you!

DREY_Motorcycle_WhitePlayStation Home: 16th November 2011 DREY_Muse_PlayStation Home: 16th November 2011

What is Drey?

It’s about living life without limits – a life of social events and being the person who lights up the room when you enter. Drey deals in the fascinating, incredible, shocking and amazing. It’s not just about how you look; it’s about how it makes you feel… a million dollars.

TheRetronaut_RedBlue_PlayStation Home: 16th November 2011 TheRetronaut_WhitePinkPlayStation Home: 16th November 2011

Finally Fool Throttle introduces more off the wall fashion with the Retronauts, a bunch of stylish space travellers who wear only the finest vintage space suits. They’re all about accessorising, so even their space helmets and their ray guns are in colours that complement their outfits. And what’s the point in traveling if you don’t bring back a few souvenirs to show off in your apartment? The Retronauts have lugged some attractive crystal formations back from the far corners of the galaxy – they make great ornaments!


The Novus Prime Safety Commission has approved the release of the Power Mech Suits! These walking battle tanks feature advanced motor control and balancing systems, allowing access to several custom animation routines. Flight stabilizers kick in on-demand, for when walking just isn’t enough. This release also includes a large number of mechs that had been confiscated in a raid on a Space Pirate outpost. These Rogue Mech Suits utilize the same trustworthy technology as the Power Mech, but they may feature different animations. You can rest assured that they have gone through the same rigorous quality and safety testing to meet Earth Fleet standards.

We hope you enjoy!

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