Relive The Experience That Started It All

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Relive The Experience That Started It All

Hey there PlayStation Assassins!

We’ve created a brand new trailer especially for you lucky PS3 players who will get the critically acclaimed original Assassin’s Creed game included with their copies of Assassin’s Creed Revelations absolutely free.

As Ezio Auditore da Firenze journeys to Masyaf to uncover the secrets of legendary Master Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad, you too can revisit the exploits of the Assassin who launched the Assassin’s Creed series. Follow Altaïr’s quest to reclaim his once-shattered status as a true Master Assassin and discover the source of the seemingly everlasting enmity between the Assassin Brotherhood and the Templar Order.

Join us on November 15 and you could be one of the fortunate early-buyers that receives a free copy of the original Assassin’s Creed with Assassin’s Creed Revelations!

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  • Nice I have been meaning to buy Assassin’s Creed 1 again. People who buy the Collector’s Edition get AC1 free right?

    • I’m just popping in to answer a few of the pertinent questions.

      – This offer does apply to the Collector’s Edition and the first ‘run’ of the game. What this means to you is that if you’re picking Revelations up at launch, you’ll get the the original Assassin’s Creed.

      – The game is included on the Disc and will then install onto your HDD; it’s not a voucher code system or anything like that. If anyone had the Dead Space 2 that includes Extraction, it works like that.

      – The original Assassin’s Creed does not include Trophies but, obviously, Revelations does.

  • so i sell ac 1 and get a download version free?

  • Anyway you guys can make trophy support for it?

  • I did not word that correctly. So people who buy Revelations on the 15th weather they get the normal edition or the collector’s edition they get AC1 free? Will this free copy be on BD disk or download?

  • will AC1 be as a different choice on the xmb or will we have to install it meaning that i wont be able to use my save file from the original AC1 disc, also why is it being released on a tuesday in europe thats not normal lol

  • Why is it only on the first so many discs?

  • I’m confused, you say we “could be” one of the lucky ones .. so not everyone will get a copy?

  • @Ocelot07
    It’s supposed to be on the BD but only the first batch for some reason

  • why does X-box have 1000GP on this game but we don’t have trophies?

    Same goes with Resident Evil 4 / Code Veronica, 300 PSN points, 1000GP – unfair

  • I understand that is not in their plans to bring Trophies but I am sure that it is absolutely feasible: The Force Unleashed was patched for trophies after some time in fact.
    Also I am sure that there are thousands of players that would really be happy to re-play this one and MGS4, only for the sake of trophies!

  • Cool;) Thanks ubisoft. Its nice to see some companies giving the PS3 some love it deserves LoL

    + I think adding Trophies would make more people buy the 1st one + if MGS4 had a Trophy update it would sell more to. I just don’t get why they don’t do it?(but maybe its not that easy with older games. Uncharted 1 did it tho i remember)

  • Don’t ruin this great franchise by milking it!

  • It’s a really good trailer I watched it a few days ago.

    I still have my copy of the first Assassin’s Creed game and I’ve played it 2-4 times.

  • I don’t get it. I’ve got the game on pre-order, does this mean I’ll get AC 1 with my copy? “Join us on November 15 and you could be one of the fortunate early-buyers…” So I am guessing the answer to my question is no? Only a few will get it? *confused*

  • @lil_mOO
    From the looks of it you will. I think it’s the first so many discs produced that’ll have AC1 on them so pre-orders should have it

  • @ N-T-Krist
    Yes, you’re right! why the ps3 have less trophies than XBOX on the same game/s ?

  • Il just wait till it drops in price, always does within a month or so, happened with ac, ac2, bh, fc2, pop collection and sc collection. Made mistake of buying all at launch only to be gutted couple if week later.

  • Oh and add hawk 1 and 2 to that list

  • @18

    MGSHD has 1000G but Three platinums… it’s just depending on how it’s licenced on the system.

  • Look at me, I’m Altair. Now look at my hand, now back to me! I’m Ezio.

    What’s in your hand? A dagger. You’re Desmond.

    Aaaanyway, looking forward to ACR, not getting it at launch so won’t get AC1 unfortunately, but, yeah.

  • ok ac1 only for certain people cause of limited resources or so ubi says and have you noticed some games that dont support trophies like cod dont go back to the xmb when you eject the disc like every trophy supported game? so they are probably unable to support trophies

  • I’d only be excited about this if AC1 had been updated with trophy support. Won’t bother replaying it so it’s a wasted gift on me but it’s great for anyone who hasn’t played it before.

  • as a few have said i would love to play this again, with trophies, but only if they didn’t interfere with the natural flow of the gameplay, as most trophies Make you do, looking at U3s treasures at minute, but it is a common occurrence in most games today, i have played a lot of games were it is great to see the trophy ping, as it just happens through the action, but some trophies were you need to basically stop playing the game ie the 100 feathers in AC2 just make me mad, i still have it and my finished game save, and need 12 more feathers to basically add another plat, but just cannot bear ruining memories of such a good game to go and find them.. though i suppose any trophies are better than none.
    Also my opinion on the reply, ie the 1st ‘run’ of the game having the bonus AC game is that basically Everyone who buys it 1st week ‘should’ get it, as i think 1st run is basically every game made to cover the opening week or even weeks of the release, though if it is like DS then you can’t keep it if you sell/trade Revelations in, though whoever waits to get a 2nd hand one ‘should’ be able to get AC to, if it’s a 1st run copy etc.

  • they should make trophies for ac1

  • I’m seriously hoping that you get to choose whether you install the first one or not! My 40GB machine is already bursting from it seams and I’m having hard time fitting patches etc. there. Urgh, I should really get a new one but I’m not sure if I have enough money after Skyrim and AC:R.

  • Oh, guys… just explain how we can take advantage of the offer and the discounts! I’ve always been on the line to jump into this series and the offer of the 1st game and 30% discount on the others sounds great! But… how can I (we) do it? Buy any copy, any version at launch at any store? Install AC1 on HDD, and then get 30% discount on ACII and AC:brotherhood digital versions on PSN? Pull us in!

  • this looks like it’s going to be really good but I still think I’m going to get skyrim instead :)

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