Rainbow Moon: PSN-Exclusive Strategy RPG Coming In 2012

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Rainbow Moon: PSN-Exclusive Strategy RPG Coming In 2012


Hello everyone, this is Marcus from SideQuest Studios, the developer that brought you the PSN exclusive shoot’em up series Söldner-X. Today I am telling you about what we’ve been working on with our publishing partner eastasiasoft during roughly the last year and a half. No, it’s not another shooter, but it’s once again a very classical genre that we are bringing back to life on the PlayStation 3 in 2012.

Our latest creation is titled Rainbow Moon. It’s a strategy role-playing game (or, for short, “SRPG”) with a strong emphasis on exploration, character development and turn-based battles. This genre is one of my personal favorites that I enjoyed playing most when I was growing up (and still enjoy a lot now as far as time allows).


I can promise you that Rainbow Moon is going to be massive, and it’s got all the features that you want from a traditional RPG. First of all, it will take you around 30 hours just to play through the main story mode, but that’s far from all what the game has to offer. Your playtime can be extended to 100 hours or longer if you want to complete all side quests and achieve full character development.

What else can you expect from Rainbow Moon? A classic isometric open world, six playable main characters, more than 20 dungeons, around 100 special skills, fully customizable weapons, armors and accessories, and a lot more.


At the moment, we are still putting on the last finishing touches, and I can’t wait to see when Rainbow Moon hits the PlayStation Store in the first quarter of 2012. Until then, I will surely have more information for you here on the PlayStation blog. If you want to stay up to date on Rainbow Moon’s development, you may also check out the official website at www.rainbowmoongame.com or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RainbowMoonTheGame.

P.S.: Make sure to let me know what you think about Rainbow Moon, and leave your feedback or questions in the comments.


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10 Author Replies

  • Looks beautiful. Can’t wait. :)

  • :O!

    I’ve never ACTUALLY bought any of the Soldner X games, but I can ssure you I have played them and enjoyed them, I’m just very stingy with money.

    However, you certainly have my attention with this.

    I’m guessing it’s all single player? Whilst some kind of online option would be nice, like 1-1 battle arenas, or co-op features… I will surely have this on my “to watch” list regardless :D <3

    …PS: Awesome name for the game, really takes me back to the 90's SRPGs with it ^_^

    • Hi guys,
      thank you so much for all the feedback.
      Yes, rainbow moon will be a classical single player game. However, we are working on some features that’ll allow you to share your results with other players in a way you might know from our Soldner-X titles. Not 100% sure, this will make it into the final release, but I’m confident:)

  • Now this is my cup of tea :D

  • Love the look of this <3

  • page not found when i hit the facebook link.

  • Looks great, Marcus! The Söldner X games were quality ones so I’ll be looking forward Rainbow Moon for sure :D

  • This news made me more excited and interested than any other news in past week , updates to store included.

    Graphic wise looks like Final Fantasy Tactics bit more refined and better looking , i like it ;)

    I hope you have managed to do a good story for it as well as interesting player chars – time will tell

  • Awesome! I love SRPGs but have yet to play any on a home console this gen, none have really interested me recently but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one!

    @Khazar the link is broken in the blog post (it just adds it to the end of this page’s url), copy+paste it or click this one: http://www.facebook.com/RainbowMoonTheGame

  • Best words in the world i.e – ‘PSN-Exclusive’ & ‘PS3 Exclusive’ :P

  • hmmmm naaaaa i already own vandal hearts

  • Looking forward to this game.
    SideQuest Studios always delivered quality so far, so I will certainly buy this when it’s released.

    Just one question: Any chances we will get another Söldner X or another sidescrolling shmup from you guys?
    They are the best on PSN, so many people want more. :-)

    • We would love to maker another shooting game sometime. But at the moment there are no such plans. It all depends on sales too:)

  • looks cool, but 2012, that’s years away. >_<

  • Strategy RPG…?
    That’s enough to obtain my full atention!

  • Looks awesome, to bad almost all PSN titles are to pricey

    • If rainbow moon would be a disc title the price would be probably up to 2 – 6 x higher. I think there’s a huge benefit from digital distribution here.

  • Yeah, looks cool. Looking forward to this one :]

  • my first account was called rainbow moon 0_0

  • So is this some kind of tactical RPG ? On the 2 last screenshots the characters seem to be standing on some kind of invisible grid, like in most T-RPG. I’m not too found of the chara-design so far, but I’m willing to give this game a try if it is challenging enough.

  • I meant “fond” in the above message, not “found”… This blog could REALLY use an edit feature.

    • Hi Bilouze,
      I would say the difficulty is decent. For people who want to have an extra challenge, there is also a hard mode available from the beginning.

  • @ Marcus
    Thanks for the reply!
    Shame there are no current plans.
    Does this mean that sales of Söldner X 2 have not been that strong to economically justify doing another one?

  • Instant buy from me.
    Turrican 4?

  • First of all this does look quite interesting, i love rpg’s!
    Now this does seem as a pretty big game, is this game going to support a full set of trophies with a platinum? or a standard 9-12 trophies for a psn title? (its not a dealbreaker for buying it, just curious :))

    • This depends on the game rating. Usually PSN titles are handled as short game and have a restricted trophy set. We are currently in touch with sony, but nothing has been decided so far.

  • Sounds good, I loved the original Vandal Hearts & Final Fantasy Tactics & Disagea is great too so I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

  • I hope it’s not tooooooo much, yeah I don’t want to be the debbie downer, but sometimes too much to do is very tiring on a game.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like my sidequests and extra stuff, but I also don’t want to spend two days grinding for let’s say materials to fuse the ultimate hyper super weapon ex² … yeah I know, I can probably do it on my own pace… but still…

    • Hi Shou_Kobayashi,
      you don’t have to spend a lot of time if you just want to play through. The time consuming quests are fully optional.

  • Sounds great. I’m looking forward to this as i feel there aren’t enough turn based rpgs available for PS3. I know it’s no longer a fashionable genre, so a PSN release makes perfect sense to cut production costs.

    Finances allowing, this will be a day one purchase for me.

  • This looks like my kinda game ;-) Will get this when it comes out…

  • ….

    This looks amazing. Seriously. First thing on this blog that has excited me in about 8 months :D

    Looks beautiful, cannot wait for it :D Can I ask is it a one-off payment? And how much? and Im sure you must have some price in mind as you mentioned above it if it was on disk it would cost a lot.

  • Rainbow Moon. Thats a very…festive name for a game. Sort of looks like what Cityville would be like if it had better graphics, didn’t use flash which is prone to freezing all the darn time, and if Zynga actually cared about their games more than the trash they sow in order to reap our cash, oh and if Cityville had enemies that didnt freeze in place and which you could kill along with that trollop SAMANTHA. I like your game…but the name, it is very GHEY lol

  • 1st Quarter 2012 can’t come soon enough. :)

  • Where’s our payday codes SOny?

    To anyone wanting to know about the Payday codes, please spam every article posted on the blog asking where the codes are.

    I’ll be doing so until some one gives us a definite date for when we’ll get the codes.

  • Looking really nice! You mention that you enjoy SRPGs, so can you tell us fellow fans if the genre to what extent other titles have influenced this game? For example, is it closer to Shining Force’s simpler style rather than the more complex Final Fantasy Tactics?

    • Hi WingDagger,
      I would say it has it’s own unique style. The combat is complex on the one hand but very easy accessable on the other hand. In addition there is a strong exploration focus which is uncommon for most SRPGs, but a real innovation in opinion. It’s already a lot of fun to play this, so stay tuned for more:)

  • if this is anything like disgaea in depth then im sold day one :)

  • Turn based SRPG? I’m pretty much sold! I can only think of one superb SRPG that has been available on PS3 so far which is Valkyria Chronicles.

    From the screenshot I quite like the art style, it reminds me of Jeanne D’arc on the PSP which was a fantastic game. It would be great if you could share a little more about the battle system. I hope there will be some sort of rock-paper-scissors logic and perhaps front/side/rear impact on damage.

    I’m crossing my fingers that there will be a strong story and it will not be a grindfest but I am already very interested. I look forward to more details as they become available.

  • Wooo finally PSN has it’s own answer to FFTA? Lots to live up to but early screens look promising. :)

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