‘Heads-Up’ PlayStation Plus Update – 2nd November 2011

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It’s November, new Plus content for all and of course this month as you probably are all already aware, Hydrophobia: Prophecy hits the Store and comes at no cost to Plus subscribers.

This Move-enabled action-adventure features Kate Wilson facing off against a fanatical terrorist group aboard a city-sized luxury ocean liner. But the real star of Hydrophobia: Prophecy is without doubt the amazing water effects which put even Bioshock to shame and have to be seen to be believed. This new PSN incarnation has new gameplay sections and has been tweaked and improved from the original XBLA and PC releases – Dark Energy have described this as the most complete version of the game yet. So enjoy!

What else do we have for you at the start of November? Well, there are your usual minis, including the incredibly endearing ‘Where is my Heart?’ and to celebrate the launch of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, we bring you Naughty Dog‘s first PlayStation outings – not one but FOUR (count ’em!) PSone Classics from the Crash Bandicoot series.

We have some very fine discounts for Tales from Space: About a Blob and Hard Corps: Uprising should you feel the need to grab a couple of bargains; dynamic themes for Ubisoft’s upcoming ‘I Am Alive!‘ and our PlayStation’s own social favourite ‘Start the Party! Save the World‘ plus a set of non-game related PSN avatars for you to jazz up your PSN profile.

There’s more this month of course, with launch discounts and deals for a few different titles still to come, including some of the items the US enjoyed late last month.

Speaking of the US Store, I’m sure by now you will have seen the 12 month subscription offer that is currently available to SCEA Plus consumers – Buy a 12-month subscription and get a copy of ‘Jurassic Park: The Game’ at no cost. I stress that this offer will be available to SCEE in the near future, the release date for Jurassic Park: The Game is not currently confirmed for SCEE (we’ll keep you updated) so if you’re planning to buy or renew your 12-month Plus subscription, hold out a little longer and you too can frolic with the dinosaurs in Telltale’s latest adventure outing.

That’s all for now folks, enjoy your content.

PlayStation Plus Content

  • Hydrophobia: Prophecy (PSN) – 100% discount until 7th December
  • Rumble Trucks (mini) – 100% discount until 7th December, exclusive until 16th November
  • Where is my Heart (mini) – 100% discount until 7th December, exclusive until 16th November
  • Crash Bandicoot (PSone) – 100% discount until 7th December
  • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PSone) – 100% discount until 7th December
  • Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (PSone) – 100% discount until 7th December
  • Crash Team Racing (PSone) – 100% discount until 7th December
  • Tales from Space: About a Blob – 70% discount until 7th December
  • Hard Corps: Uprising – 50% discount until 7th December
  • I Am Alive! (Dynamic Theme) – Exclusive and 100% discount until 7th December
  • Start the Party! Save the World (DynamicTheme) – Exclusive and 100% discount until 2nd November
  • Bulldog Avatar – Exclusive and 100% discount until 7th December
  • Eagle Avatar – Exclusive and 100% discount until 7th December
  • Panda Avatar – Exclusive and 100% discount until 7th December
  • Shark Avatar – Exclusive and 100% discount until 7th December
  • Wolf Avatar – Exclusive and 100% discount until 7th December

Still available:

A range of additional discounts on selected Halloween Sale items – check the Store for full details.

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26 Author Replies

  • Hey Andy, Need your help with a purchased Item!
    I bought the GT5 bundle pack from the store this morning from PS+ (with the discount) and it took my money as i confirmed payment. It then didnt let me download ANYTHING.. i checked my downloads and it isnt there.. When i clicked on PS+ the icon disapeared strangely.. then i clicked on the original GT5 bundle icon from the main screen (without discount) and it wierdly said “THIS CONTENT CANNOT BE ACCESSED ON YOUR ACCOUNT”?? Im a bit puzzled because i have the shopping bag icon next to the individual packs but it still says i have to buy them as well!!
    Is there a way i can either get my money back so i can get something else or can you fix the problem?
    Thanks bro

  • is it possible to let us know the size of each element? like on us blog? because right now when i want to buy something i have to check on their blog if my disk is big enough to buy things… well maybe not buy but download and install… cheers

  • Ross. A very good update this month, Thank you. A free game that is brand spanking new. Good stuff and a standard that should be kept if possible.

    A quick question, for those who have renewed PS+ already shouldn’t Jurassic Park be available as a freebie too especially those who renew a month earlier or so?

    • Heya, thanks for the support.
      Unfortunately we’re not able to offer Jurassic Park except for those who renew or purchase a 12 month subscription within the period that we’ll be announcing, but as with the US Plus offering we should also have a launch discount for those that have missed out.

  • Still no payday the heist update !!! again??!!!

  • Nice update! :D

  • fantastic to get the entire crash series (ps2 games dont count) for free. Best platformers and Kart racer ever!!

  • Really sweet, thanks Ross!

    I was going to get me the discounted GT5 bundle myself, I guess I’ll have to wait for Ross to confirm if there’s any problem with it. Hope you can get the item or your money back :/
    BTW, is that discount permanent for Plus subscribers or is it going to expire anytime soon?

    • The discount will eventually expire, yes, but no timeframe just yet.
      As for the issue with those who purchased the full price item – Andy has already arranged with customer services to refund the difference back into the wallets of any consumers who purchased the wrong pack. I’ll check up on the progress of this, if this hasn’t happened already.

  • I renewed my plus for 12 months just the other day, I take it I get no bonus for doing so?

  • Awesome, I have fond memories of the Crash games and the PS3 version of Hydrophobia looks cool, nice update!

  • I’m liking the look of Hydrophobia: Prophecy and it’s nice to finally see the Crash Bandicoot series make an appearance :)

  • @Smoovie-T

    have you gone to the download content button/icon in game on the gt5 home screen???

  • To anyone who has issues with the GT5 DLC, you have to use the ingame menu to enable it (there’s one, if you recall), and it’s also account-locked, meaning ONLY the account that purchased it can use it.

  • @Smoovie-T

    You need to download it in game, so when you load up GT5, in the main menu (Where you can choose if you wanna play arcade or watch GTTV) you will see a little icon in the bottom right hand corner. It should say my downloads. Click on it and it will allow you to download your content.


    Payday is out today

  • ALL THE BANDICOOTS?! Very Happy with this….I’m such a big kid lol

  • ALL CRASH BANDICOOT GAMES FREE!!! OMG thank you sooo much PlayStation!! :D I <3 YOU!!

  • One of the best offer last few months. Thanks guys!

    • December is looking pretty tasty as well at the moment – expect to hear from me before the end of November with regard to next month.

  • good update dont play minis or ps one games but for those that do very good

  • Wait a minute!

    Is that a total of V (FIVE) games for PS+ subscribers?! (See what I did there? GTAV trailer, anyone?)

    That’s not a Great update, that’s freakin’ AMAZING!

    (I know, seven games free if you count minis, but c’mon I was trying to be clever!)

  • Wow @ all Crashes :D Amazing update – 10/10! THANKS!!!

  • amazing :) for the first time in a while, EU PS+ customers get the same content as the USA PS+ customers! lol

    im actually happy to get some decent PSOne content too (and 3 of them also!) and Hydrophobia seems interesting :)

    just waiting for the PSN store to update now as just logged on and nothing new on there at all except for the DC Universe download which is now a free version for basic use :) might actually give the game a go now :)

    as for Payday The Heist – that’s not a PS+ release (this update was just PS+ only from what ive read) – that’s supposed to be coming to the PSN store today but as above, its not been updated yet, so be patient and also wait for the official Heads Up update :)

    • We do try to align with Plus but sometimes our regional deals do differ but we always try and make up the value later on. For example, the SEGA Daytona deal will be going ahead over here once the game is ready in Europe.

  • Hello Ross,I’d also like to know if it would be possible to get the file sizes of the store releases.This has put me off buying things in the last few weeks,due to dwindling space on my HDD and also ISP download capping.I’m not moaning,but I don’t think it would be to hard to put the data sizes for store updates with the info for each game/item.Thanx

    • Heya, you’re quite right – it’s not as easy for us to get the file sizes of th content as it is for the US team but equally it’s not impossible.

      I’ll speak to Andy and since it’s a very popular request we’ll endeavour to add file sizes to the larger content items.

  • Best Update ever! Keep up the good work.

  • Great update.

    GT5 Bundle – there’s no problem with it, i’ve got it, it just installs differently, once you’ve bought it, start the game (you need the v2 update) & there is a Download button on the right, click that.

  • many thanks plus update looking good so far :)

    think ill also get about a blob as its 70% off also been thinking of hard corps for a while so ill get both i think

    glad the stuff’s on till the 7th because my ps3 broke AGAIN(bad prepare i think) not gonna get it bk for a few weeks so glad i can still grab this lot :)

  • It looks like it will be a busy day of downloading.

    On an unreleated matter does anyone know where the Uncharted 3 summer beta rewards can be accessed?

  • Any news on Uncharted 3 fortune hunter club? BTW great update.

  • Have you stopped doing full game trials now then?

    • Nope, there’s a couple at least later in the month. We’re also possibly looking at creating some sort of permanent library of these for Plus members, but this is still in the planning stages.

  • Wow, nice update – thanks :o)

  • also just noticed the bit about Jurassic park i was wondering about that, glad that’s coming up as i only renewed for 3 month last time due to lack of funds so its perfect timing for me :)

  • Hooray! What a fun set of goodies! I never finished Hydrophobia on the 360 (one major reason was Scoot’s awful “accent”) so will definitely be playing through this version. I’m also glad I held off on CTR so I can play it for free now – woo hoo!

  • When you say there is a dicount on Prophecy (PSN), does that mean you can keep it?
    And not like those other “free” games you can’t use when your PS plus subcription expires!?

    • No, this one is standard and will expire with your Plus subscription as normal. With the Jurassic Park offer, that one should be yours to keep.

  • What if Crash 2 is not available in Poland (as far as I can remeber it was not submited for Polish users)?? Can I get something instead??

    • Crash 2 should be available in Poland, if it’s not it’s an administrative problem and I’ll get it rectified.

  • woooo now thats an update!! :D any ETA on Arc the Lad though please Ross?

    • Arc the Lad (the ENGLISH language version) is in emulation at the moment and as soon as it’s available we’ll be making it available in Plus for the full month. Once again, I’m very sorry that the issue occurred but we’ll definitely make good on the offer and I or Andy will let you know once it’s live.

  • hi andy or someone who works with sony when will tekken 3 and tekken 4 ever be on the EU psn store please answer :) !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing work on the crash bandicoot games :D on the topic of naughty dog will the uncharted pre-order codes work after todays update? the special edition codes worked fine but the pre-order codes havent worked for me.

  • I know this the PS+ update but when will we see PS2 classics on the store like the U.S.

  • “Have you stopped doing full game trials now then?”


    • “Nope, there’s a couple at least later in the month. We’re also possibly looking at creating some sort of permanent library of these for Plus members, but this is still in the planning stages.”

      That. ;)

  • JonnyPauz

    Thanks guys. Its a bit strange they dont tell you to download in-game! But the fact that the icon disappears after you buy it makes you panic lol..
    Really appreciate the help!

  • OK, I won’t ask for the UC3 Fortune Hunter’s club, but where are the Uncharted 3 DLC packs??? US got them day 1. Just wondering…

  • Thanks James for the heads up!

  • arc the lad?

    also any chance of a discount / free final fantasy vii+

  • Amazing update, Crash series is one of my favorite! I’m sure, I will buy Tales from Space and Hard Corpe with these great discounts! Thank, Sony! :)

  • I renewed my plus subscription back when the Sega Rally offer was on and now all my content from before about June has expired even though I’m still subscribed to Plus. I found a thread on the PS message board about the issue and it sounds like Customer Services are aware of the issue and do not have a resolution to the problem yet. I wondered if you were aware of the issue and/or knew how long we might be waiting for a solution?

  • Yes ross I‘m very please with this plus update it just like stacking all over again & That‘s Good.

    but i just hope the store update lbe ike this but it won’t.


  • Hello!Please! You could put all the new content for Tomb Raider (TR2, avatars, TR9 trailer) on “Franchising”.

    Thanks! ;)

  • I could not honestly be happier!!! CRASH BANDICOOT! WOOO :D
    Naughty Dog ROCK!

  • Good update with those Crash games! But in the words of the almighty cheeky – where is Crash Bash?

    But seriously, make the next update an all-FF affair and you will have a lot of subscriptions coming in. FFV, VI, VII, VIII and IX = winning combination.

  • Hi Can you see if we can get Urban Chaos for Psone Classics cheers :)

  • im sure i know of a couple of people who will still complain so these avatars are the ones promised a while ago that has nothing to do with games if they are im glad you never forgot

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