Uncharted 3 Behind The Scenes: Motion Capture

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Uncharted 3 Behind The Scenes: Motion Capture

I don’t need to remind you that the release of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is less than a week away and you may have seen that the reviews are rolling in, including perfect scores from IGN, PlayStation Official Magazine UK, Destructoid, The Guardian and more.

These critics have all highlighted narrative and, in particular, the actors’ performances as particular strengths. It’s unusual, when you think about it, to be talking about performances in the context of a game, but it’s that marriage of technology and human acting, along with a great script and a skilled team of animators, that brings Drake, Sully and co. to life in such a believable way.

While we were in Jordan a few weeks ago – you may have seen our Treasure Hunt video here on the blog – we spoke with Nolan North and Emily Rose, the actors behind Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher, as well as Taylor Kurosaki and Arne Meyer from Naughty Dog, about how this performance capture process works.

We’ll have more behind the scenes videos for you in the run-up to the release of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. On a scale of one to ten, how much are you looking forward to it?

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  • hmm never knew elena’s voice actress was so hot :)

  • On a scale of one to ten, 11.

  • James, regarding yesterday’s heads-up: Andy wrote that the halloween sale is till the 9th, but in the description of the games it says it’s until the 2nd. Could you look into this?
    @hayzink Emily Rose is also the main actress in the syfy show Haven. She is indeed very hot :)

  • @3

    is that show like supernatural at all, it looks good might need to grab it

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, 20. I’m wishing away the days till it get’s released.

  • I‘m Very glad it out next week wednesday day 1 buy for.

    I‘m very glad it out next week it means No more Hype on the blog about it. not talking about DLC because it will have DLC.

    & It will be announce on the blog.

  • @4 if your a fan of supernatural (good tastes my man) then you ‘would’ of liked haven, but not sure if it’s a show you could try to just begin watching, and am not sure whether (like i would with supernatural ) recommend you to actually buy it on dvd.. but yeah for a syfy (hate that sell out tv company) show it is one of thier better shows… so what do ye think sam and dean should do,?.. i mean castiel,? i Hope they decide to trust him…

  • if its no bf its uncharted jeez sony get a grip

  • hayzink ..

    Haven is kinda like xfiles but less serious.

    Season 1 got off to a bit of a slow start

    But s2 which just finished in the US is really awesome.

    s3 is already confirmed so its a good show to start watching

  • @hayzink & chrisandsheva I wouldn’t really say it’s like supernatural. But it is at the moment one of the better shows on syfy and don’t forget, it has a bit of a Stephen King charm to it (being based on his book). I would actually say it reminds me mostly of The 4400.
    Oh and btw, this behind the scenes video was awesome. Emily manages to look good even in that ridiculous mocap suit.
    And on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m exactly at “gonna flip out if I don’t get to play it soon”.

  • Hello, did you’ve got any new information about the release of Payday?

  • post10 thats right, what happened to the supposedly later today (yesterdays heads up) comment,? i am mentioning it here as this seems to be best place for fast (ish) answer
    i don’t even have/waiting for the game, but am very interested in the outcome for those who are waiting.

  • Cant f***in wait!!

  • @Basket21 good description of Haven, though i didn’t see season1 as bieng slow at the time, obviously season2 would seem much faster,..also are you sure about season3,?… i mean this is syfy after all the company that changed it’s name from sci-fi for no good reason, and decided to end stargate universe early but invest more money in reality type rubbish and talk shows,…. still angry about that sg-universe, really made no commen or business sense yet they ‘scrapped’ what was probably the ‘next original star-trek’ why why why,?….

  • Want it now looks awwwwsome

  • I’m getting the Explorer Edition as I’m a rabid CE lover, but I will give it a 7 as I want Skyrim much more that U3…and AC Revelations, and saints Row The Tird, and, wait did I just say that… oh

  • and the GTAV trailer on 2.11.11

  • You peeps need to watch Sons Of Anarchy!

    Now that is one good series ;)

  • catkiller1.. it looks a very good series sons of anarchy, unfortunately i never followed it from the beginning and the times i do warch a episode, though good i feel ‘lost’ in it.. but yeah very violent and lots of action, i think,? also that theres a lot of episodes/series so to buy them all would probably sting the wallet a bit,?…. And who you calling a peep ye greaser,..lol,

  • @6

    i only just got into supernatural(in the last month) had it for ages and watched the first 6 episodes and did not enjoy it :(

    then i read something about it on empire that addressed the fact that the start of the whole thing is not the best but then it finds its feet and its fantastic so i thought what the hell and gave it another go and boy am i glad i did as it just got better and better, currently im only up to season 6 episode 3 but have been watching at least a season a week(while keeping up with dexter,walking dead and im a bit shamed to say the vampire diaries) so dont know if your referring to something that i have passed or something thats going on in season 7(ill be there next week so ill find out soon if thats the case).
    angel was my fav tv show of this type before watching supernatural but now i really dont know as this has turned out to be one great show :)

  • Ahh, love all the actors.

    Much like IGN’s review, 10 in terms of my anticipation levels.

    Oh and @1: Welcome to knowledge. :)

  • @ Chrisandsheva


    Not a bad price at all! ;)

  • James when is the PS brand 3D TV coming out?

  • Im getting PS 3D TV if its £250 along with PS Vita £280

  • @hayzink ,, no m8 you haven’t missed the bit i mentioned, all will be revealed quite soon, and boy was i glad to see s2 of walking dead start again last friday, got to be The best take on the zombie outbreak genre Ever full stop. ok i will join your club of shame (lol) your not alone with watching the vampire diaries though why it is only worthy of a off peak time on itv2 has me baffled, as from what i gather (as i never seen them) it is as good if not better than that twilight new moon trilogy that a lot of people raved about,.. only issue i had when i watched angel was the last episode, i would of liked a better ending or a new series, if their intention was to maybe leave the door open for one but as they sa in tinsel town (or is it the circus, same thing i suppose) the show must go on yet all Good things come to an end.

  • @shedboy90
    if you not into bf or uncharted dont post comments on them simple really ?

  • @25

    vampire diaries is well better than twilight(its not a patch on true blood but) the vampires actually eat people and kill them, but the lovey dovey stuff if sickly at times.

    walking dead is amazing i made a comment to my wife last night that its the only show about zombies that could make an episode that no actuall zombies are in and it would not bother you as its such a character driven show.

    angel’s cancellation was just bad timing as within a few years twilight re-invigorated the whole vampire franchise, mind you they are doing a buffy movie re-boot wheadon free so ill take a look at that.

    but man your taste in tv is scarily similar to mine.

  • @ chrisandsheva

    yea im kinda sure :)


    Syfy is bringing back Haven.

    The supernatural series has been given a 13-episode order for the third season, to premiere in 2012. Haven, based on Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid launched in the summer of 2010 and stars Emily Rose and Eric Balfour.

  • @hazink thanks for filling in those gaps, and your last remark, i was thinking the exact same thing when i was writing my post, now it is a bit scary..lol.
    @Basket21 thnx for the link, as you said it is one of the better shows on syfy But i will Never forgive them (syfy) for selling out it’s reason for bieng ie us, just ordinary sci-fi horror or all things between kind of people, they really have done a number on us a few times now, but sg-universe was the last straw etc, granted they Still show very good stuff Yet nothing like it really should be doing… again thnx

  • James Gallagher i bought the following but when i bought them it said (Content can not be selected at this time) but when i went to look at my email it said i bought them how come they are not in my inventory & wardrobe yet :( i had this trouble before with the last thing i bought last week the halloween tomb pack thingy

    All Zombies Must Die” Big Heads Pack 1 (
    AZMD Normal Zombie!
    AZMD Shock Mutant Zombie!
    AZMD Crazy Zombie! (Object)
    AZMD Radiation Mutant Zombie!
    AZMD Fire Mutant Zombie! (Object)
    AZMD Sonic Mutant Zombie! (Object)

    i hope u kno about this problem and your working on a fix :( i want my new pets and new heads plz HELPPPP this has happend to me before :(

  • Great video, and was that Nate’s Theme 3.0?

  • can someone connected to the moderation team please contact me regarding two posts that have been ‘removed’ 1st one post31 was ‘awaiting moderation’, 2nd one post32 was actually on the page for all to see for .? amount of time.
    I know i have agreed to ‘all’ toc’s and you are within your rights to do this etc, yet i believed that both posts were nothing that could possibly cause any distress or insult to anybody. Now i know also that you’s don’t need to give any reasons for your actions etc, but if you could maybe e-mail me and tell me what it is you’s believe necessitated this ‘very strange’ action i will both, keep it confidential and be very appreciative,
    thank you,

  • ok now i am really confused, apologies to our mod team, those unsung heroes without whom there’d be no blog, i have only gone and posted above question in the wrong blog, and i could of sworn that i never viewed any other pages before i exited the browser, so as i usually do i just loaded last address visited in my history list (ps browser)
    So i now feel like a right idiot, i don’t suppose theres any chance that these two posts could disappear is there,..please.
    again apologies for my stupidity.

  • hmm, it certainly does look good, but I’m looking forward to skyrim more, so I’ll ask for this for Christmas

  • @ Connor_mufc_1985
    im pointing out that the blog has been unfairly biased to bf and uncharted for the last near 1 month and a half

  • @skookie
    at 1st i found you annoying but after signing up to japanese psn i can see u were right scee are incompetent compared to scej they have over 200 ps1 classics for god sake scee u needa step it up big time

  • @shedboy90
    Ok Uncharted 3 is a playstation 3 exclusive and sony will obviously promote it’s own game they’d be fools not to and im pretty sure killzone 3 , resistance 3 and infamous 2 would of had the same publicity because again they are playstation 3 exclusive , im buying Uncharted 3 on release day as im sure many on this playstation blog will , battlefield 3 on the otherhand is a 3rd party game ea/dice and sony are now kind of in partnership with the timed exclusive dlc deal just like microsoft and activision are with call of duty timed exclusive dlc so again it would make sense to give battlefield 3 publicity on this blog just saying.

  • My lord, talk about off-topic thread.

    If anyone actually cares, I think the motion capture & vocal recording process of uncharted is what makes it the awesome series it is. I can’t think of any other game where the characters are so lifelike and endearing… hats off to Naughty Dog. Every other developer in the world could learn a thing or two from them…

    …especially the creators of Deus Ex HR, who have crafted the least convincing human interactions I have ever seen.

  • @Connor_mufc_1985
    ah ok whatever still would be nice of sony to promote other high profile games on the blog
    reekes of brainwashing to me

  • The uncharted series: best thing to happen to the playstation

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