PlayStation Home: What Goes Bump In The Night

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On Thursday 27th October from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood is being unleashed upon the unsuspecting world this week, and we thought we’d share a little of the vampyrical love with you. Seek out the special inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood store in Home Square and peruse its wares to receive a free pair of glowing red vampire eyes – available only this week. Dig a little deeper and buy the game and you will be granted dominion over your very own horde of fiendish flapping nightmares, yours to wear with whatever takes your fancy! Beware people… This is bat country.

Also in Home Square this week, to celebrate the momentous release of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One for your PS3, we have created a psychodeconstructotron! This cunning device will analyse your responses to certain stimuli and match your personality to one of the four heroes in the game; the intrepid Ratchet, the logical Clank, the blathering Captain Qwark or the nefarious… Dr. Nefarious. You will be rewarded for your participation with a commemorative head-piece and t-shirt, tailored to suit your personality type. For those with multiple personalities, you can retake the test and collect them all!

The rest of Home Square has had a spooky makeover just in time for Halloween. Head over to the monument by the entrance to the Shopping Centre to find all of the ghoulish items from the last few weeks as well as some new additions which include:



  • nSanity stuff – A collection of freaky heads, available in both his and hers
  • nDreams Bling Reapers – Stare into the souls of your friends with fearsome glowing eyes and number their days with the all new Bling Reaper and Epic Party Robes from nDreams!
  • DoubleSix big heads – Boost your ego with the new giant heads from DoubleSix! Brought to you in celebration of their all new title “All Zombies Must Die!”!
  • DoubleSix Companions – Do you lie in bed at night, quivering for fear of the zombie apocalypse? Of course you do, what right-thinking paranoid delusional wouldn’t? Well now you can bring your nightmares to life with a new range of zombie companions from DoubleSix, straight from their new game “All Zombies Must Die!”!
  • The Official Scre4m Movie Costume: enough to scare even the coldest of hearts!
  • Codeglue Day of the Dead Masks for male and female avatars: an eerie Tombstone Chair and some scary but very fun companions in the form of a Mummy Cat and a Mummy Hand.


Elsewhere in PlayStation Home, be sure to stop by Aurora this week to enjoy the 1.3 update. Everyone’s favourite flying island has taken on a decidedly sinister feel this week in celebration of Halloween, who can say what terrors may lurk in the creeping shadows? nDreams will also be running some events throughout the week so keep your peepers peeled for further information!

Visit the Lockwood Publishing Showcase this Halloween for a chance to get six limited time rewards, you’ll have to visit on different days if you want to get them all! It’s been adorned with all things spooky, invite your friends to the perfect set for dressing up and taking some seasonal snaps! Did they forget their costume? Head over to the Gift Machine for 10 creepy themed gifts.


There’s a new baseball team in town, the Cemetery Shadows. They’re here to win and they don’t mind if that means playing dirty. Want to take a walk on the dark side? Then head to Double Time for a Cemetery Shadows uniform and get ready to take on the opposition!

Have a great Halloween and stay safe! (A few cloves of garlic above your doorway usually does the trick).

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