Sweet, Sweet Starhawk BETA News!

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Sweet, Sweet Starhawk BETA News!

Boy, do I have some exciting news to share with all of our Warhawk fans today, but first, let me serve you all some delicious hors d’oeuvres de internets!

We were so happy with the response to Starhawk at PAX that the SCEA marketing machine leveled-up, cast Videozzaga and summoned a quick video of our Santa Monica sr. producer Harvard Bonin talking with people at the show in Seattle after they got hands-on with Starhawk!

Not only was it great to see people loving Starhawk at PAX, the team and I love seeing coverage and buzz about the game start to pick up speed. And with our announcement last week that early access keys for the Starhawk Public Beta will be included in Uncharted 3, well… things are now moving forward at ludicrous speed! It was great to read all the comments, tweets and Facebook posts from players who are just now getting introduced to Starhawk’s gameplay and universe and the LightBox Interactive team and I can’t wait to see all of you online in early 2012!

Purchasers of Uncharted 3 in Europe will be able to access the public beta in early 2012. Codes will be sent via email so make sure to keep an eye on the blog for further timing details.

But Dylan, you ask, what about now? Did you forget about us? What about all of the die-hard Warhawk fans who waited patiently for Starhawk to emerge from the shadowy nether regions of game development?

Five words: Private. Beta. Starting. In. November!

Let me explain.

Normally before a team releases a Public Beta for a game, the dev team goes through a phase known as the closed beta or “Private Beta.” This is when the dev team works very closely with a small group of colleagues from the publisher, quality assurance (QA) team, or very close friends to make sure things are solid, the gameplay is tuned, big bugs are squashed, etc. It’s all about a tight feedback loop and close interaction with the developer.

And we want the team here at LightBox Interactive to have that close communication with our Warhawk fans! Even as I write this blog post I’m still blown away that SCEA has approved this!

Ok, let’s break it down:

We’re going to be starting the Private Beta in November and we’ll be sending a bunch of our Warhawk players (European players too!!) special email invites with Starhawk Private Beta keys. We’re going to be letting players into the Private Beta in waves so we can manage the server load, watch the game balance analytics, etc. The order in which players are granted access is a dark art known only to Sith-IT-Managers and Gywn, Lord of Cinder. But, suffice it to say it’s a mix of your rank/level in Warhawk, your involvement in the Warhawk community, and a few other magical parameters.

So keep checking your email like a Hawk!

Like what I did there? ;-)

SCEA has setup a secure forum where all the Warhawk players that are granted access into the Starhawk Private Beta will be able to talk directly with me, and some of our other team members here at LightBox Interactive. We’ll be posting our special PlayStation Network handles so you know when you’re playing with one of us online and we’ll be on VOIP in-game so you can talk directly to us if you want to!

We’re really looking for lots of feedback to help make sure Starhawk is as solid and tuned as possible. So we’ll be actively requesting comments on tuning changes and other game updates that we’ll be making to Starhawk throughout the Private Beta.

And this is a *key* part of the process because we are going to be validating our SkillScore player ranking system as well as weapon and Build & Battle game balance. Our new Hot-Fix system lets us really keep up with the demands of the community so we’ll be trying to push updates almost every day.

We’ll be going into more details on which features will be included in the Private Beta in the coming weeks, but for now, I hope our Warhawk player community is as excited about this opportunity as we are!!!

And for all the Warhawk players that are going to be helping us play Starhawk during the Private Beta, we have a special “gift” planned for all of you when Starhawk is officially released. Oh the
anticipation… THE ANTICIPATION!!!!! :-0

*deep breath*

Ok…what’s next? Oh yeah…

And lastly, no blog post would be complete without my obligatory mention of our website, www.StarhawkTheGame.com—so keep tabs on it because SCEA will be updating it with all the latest as things really start to get rolling for Starhawk!

Rock on!


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3 Author Replies

  • Crosses fingers :D

  • No PS Plus exclusive beta entry? :(

  • Four words: I.Love.You.Guys. Seriously best news EVER! Really hope I get into this as I know what I will be drooling over in the next few months (disregarding dark souls and strangers wrath). Many <3's to you guys and many <3's to starhawk being so damn awesome!

    • I hope you get in too! But remember, if you don’t get into the private beta, you can always score yourself a Starhawk Public Beta key if you purchase Uncharted3!

      And the keys that we are emailing our European players who purchase Uncharted 3 will get early exclusive early access to the Public Beta — and we have some really good features planned to be active during that part of the public beta.

      Keep your eyes on the blog here for more details!

  • @2 probably 2012 when the open beta starts.

    Clocked up 600 hours on Warhawk so far, only problem is the amount of points I need to Platinum it :(.

    Managed to have a quick play on Starhawk at GAMEfest, was very impressed, it looked and felt great, the Hawk’s felt a bit odd to pilot at first, but shall get used to that.
    Can’t wait for that email.

    • The plat was soooo hard to get in Warhawk — Too hard actually.

      While the exact details of how we’re deciding which Warhawk players get access will remain cloaked in mystery, I can tell you that the Platinum Trophy makes no difference. So you can breath a sigh of relief there :-)

  • I thought I paid money in PS plus to get into these betas? What a disappointment…

  • Awesome news :D I hope you take into account hours of play too. I was never very good at levelling up due to the requirements of some of the higher levels, but i put nearly 200 hours into Warhawk so hopefully that counts for something :)

    Also, my birthday is in November so you should definitely let me in :D Thanks for doing this, Sony and Lightbox!

  • @5 And you will, along with those who get the beta with Uncharted. But this is for us dedicated Warhawk folk, as a bonus for being dedicated and on-board with the first game.

  • No doubt Mr Jobe is fast asleep at this hour. So, for when he wakes up and (hopefully!) peruses the mass amounts of love in this comments thread, I’d like to say:

    I love you man. Putting the die-hards first is an epic win of a strategy.

    I’m not too happy about facing off against staff from LightBox though, I tried taking one of them on in a Hawk at E3. Got annhilated!

  • Oh, every time I hear any Starhawk news, I get unbearably excited. Chances are, I’ll be playing Warhawk again tonight because of this. Such great memories from it – it’s still my favourite multiplayer game, despite all the great alternatives, and I had bought my copy even before I had my own PS3. Once I got my own at the first price-cut in 2007, I spent most nights playing it. I’m hoping Starhawk will be just as compelling to me! At least I can definitely take the Uncharted 3 route in to play it pre-release.

    Can’t wait to see more over the coming months! I hope you’re planning a cool Collector’s Edition! I still have that Warhawk/Headset combo box on my shelf, but I want a nice display piece this time! :)

  • I hope PLUS users get into the Public Beta as well as Uncharted3 purchasers. Will be a bit miffed if we don’t.

    There’s too many good games coming out at the moment, without having these Betas to play it’s impossible to choose between them – already taking a gamble on Skyrim and Batman (they’re auto-purchases for me), but Uncharted/Battlefield/Starhawk are gonna have to fight it out for my money. I don’t need that many shooting games!

  • Doubt I’ll get in but good luck to all that do ;)

  • Doubt I’ll get in this but good luck to those of you that do ;)

  • I cannot wait for this.

    1400 hours of ranked game time. Reached the rank of general and obtained the platinum over the period of 18 months. Took up all my friend list at one stage, got me involved with the official playstation forums and my one and only clan to date. It was also my first adventure into online gaming. To say it holds an important place in my heart (gaming wise) is an understatement.

    Hope I make it into the beta.

    Dylan rocks !!!

  • I was lucky enough to play this for a good long while at the Eurogamer expo and as a massive warhawk fan i honestly felt let down.

    The frame rate, building and features was really good but i really did not enjoy the fighting, it felt like Red Faction, The aiming, the Recoil, everything.

    I loved Warhawk for it’s variety and Arcadey feel. I’m not sure if it will be the same here, The Beta is make or break for me i think.

  • One of the absolutely best games that I saw at this year’s GamesCom and as a big Warhawk fan, I’m really, really looking forward to this bad boy. Clocked a few hundred hours but never got to General and thus never got the platinum though, I’m afraid. I hope I still get into the closed beta though and if not, I’ll be seeing you in 2012!

  • AWWWWW Man this is AWESOME! November is only days away! I would love with all my heart to be included in the closed beta, but even so, i’m seriously excited about all the Starhawk gossip that’s gonna be flying our way!!

    P.s You guys should tune into StarhawkRADIO.com tonight for their second live show streamed from the StarhawkRADIO.com Website.Last weeks show was brilliant, The one and only, Harvard Bonin JR was on the show taking questions and giving answers face to face so to speak with fans who phoned or skyped in…Its a brilliant show and site run by a few top guys. MISS IT MISS OUT!! The show doesn’t kick off until around 1AM UK time but its Friday so who cares :) if you cant make the live show check back at StarhawkRADIO.com Well worth a look! ESPECIALY if your interested in representing your country at THE STARHAWK OLYMPICS later next year!

  • So who is classed as a Warhawk player? Anyone who has played the game or over a certain number of ours? Anyways im really looking forward to this and hope i enjoy it as much as the release of warhawk :D

  • At #10, You do realise BETA’s aren’t demo’s right? They are solely for testing not for people to “dip in” and make them buy it. If that is your sole reason for doing so then wait for the demo’s to come out. /rant

  • Hey Dylan….I mad a paint scheme icon for Warhawk and won a sweet Warhawk model – does that make me involved enough in the community to get into the early beta ;)

    Cant wait for the full release either way!

  • Not going to use it. I buy Uncharted 3 only for the sp game, thats what the core is of this game so why slap a mp beta in there as an insentive….

  • What qualifies as a Warhawk player here? :P I played it a bit but I’m not a good rank at all!

  • #10, Unfortunately most Betas are indeed demo’s or old code, especially when the game is released within 2 weeks. There are however some that are true betas where feedback is used (Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, this).

    #20 You do realise this ISN’T related to Uncharted SP or MP.

  • I should be a shoe-in for this considering how many hours I spent on Warhawk :)

  • Copy pasted from US blog. I will be very sad (within reason of course) if I won’t get the email for private beta. Though I played Warhawk some what over 300 hours ranked plus unranked splitscreen which doesn’t match anywhere near the top players. But for me putting over 300 hours in a single game is good indicator how much I liked it because there ain’t even over 5 of those kinds of games and CoD ain’t one of them ;).

  • I know chances are this will never be taken into consideration, but I had to forcefully switch from my old account “cascio94” (which was command marshall) to the newer one “hypertobby” (which is 1st leut.) so I’d have 210.000 pts by now according to myhawk. It’s just a desperate attempt but please take this into consideration, I haven’t been playing anything but warhawk over the past years!!! SIGH!!!!

  • Does 1200+ hours, general rank and the fact I’m still playing warhawk and will be until starhawk comes out stand me in good sted for a code?

  • No Thanks Starhawk Warhawk was an epic fail game to much into design hold design back make it more fun to play Starhawk is just a cheap copy of Dead Space Dead Space 2 mixed with Warhawk style another epic fail Starhawk will be.

  • but what about the warhawk fans who not a fan of uncahrted?

  • what is it with plus subscribers,? everytime a beta is in the pipeline some people think cos they’ve paid £40 odd that there owned entry into it, and new psn games each month, .. well done for giving the original warhawk players 1st/exclusive access to the awsome looking starhawk beta.. i only hope this isn’t a scea post with the word europe thrown in to cover the backs due to a few recent paste jobs…on topic i only had my ps3 since late 09 so buying warhawk wasn’t really a feasable option, though i played the demo for a good few hours… lol.. is that enough to put me in the running,?…… only messing, give it to the guys who truly deserve it.. btw 300 to 1200 hours, good lord.. best of luck to all who want in on this.

  • Please… if you want to build a community for this game of loyal followers, consider REGIONALISED server/lobby systems… I’m not saying disallow players from different regions to play together; I’m asking for the option to do that AND the option to play with people in your region/country… because SOCOM 2 did it SO well and people built friendships from that game; indeed some people bought PS2s just to join their friends… SOCOM 4 has shown that if you don’t bother putting some thought into that side of things, the game, and the community, can fall apart… for a start, playing an online team-based game with people who don’t speak your language is REALLY irritating, but further than that, English-speaking Brits don’t necessarily enjoy playing with English-speaking Americans as much as they do playing together. We may speak the same language but culturally there are huge differences. On top of this, I am convinced that playing with people in your own country reduces the amount of lag drastically against playing with people globally. The lag may be minor but even milliseconds can be the difference between life and death. [tbc]

  • [continued]
    Please don’t lump us all together like Zipper made the mistake of doing. SOCOM 2 should have been the benchmark for online multiplayer, and the lobby system worked SO well. SOCOM veterans are baffled as to why this blueprint has been strayed so far away from. PLEASE get the lobby/server system right.

  • I only got to 2nd Lieutenant but have been playing for over 239 hours and bought all the expansions, i hope that counts for something. Would be awesome to be in next month’s closed beta.

  • @ 27.. i have to disagree Wolf. Starhawk has Warhawk all over it and as for Warhawk being a flop. its been 4 years and were still talking about it, you ,me and a massive Warhawk community…. Have you played Warhawk? its just i had a look on myhawk to see if you have actually played the game or if you were just trolling and couldn’t find ya……

  • @28

    Well that’s impossible since what PS3 owner isn’t a fan of Uncharted?

  • I played a lot of Warhawk and enjoyed it. But nowhere near enough as I feel is required to get into this beta. Ah well. I’ll see u guys in the Public Beta then.

    Cya then! Can’t wait.

  • mk3gsi wrote; @ 27.. i have to disagree Wolf. Starhawk has Warhawk all over it and as for Warhawk being a flop. its been 4 years and were still talking about it, you ,me and a massive Warhawk community…. Have you played Warhawk? its just i had a look on myhawk to see if you have actually played the game or if you were just trolling and couldn’t find ya……

    @mk3gsi Yeah we all talk about the rubbish game ever built on playstation 3 even now called Warhawk reason we talk about Warhawk is because it was my second purchase game on playstation 3 and it totally sucked balls my first playstation 3 game was Call of Duty 3 so basically everyone talks about Warhawk crapyist game ever made scard us for life

  • cant wait hopefully early(er) access(crosses fingers)
    since i already preordered uncharted 3

  • can someone please stop people from copying the ‘whole’ of someones comment out in order to reply to it, and though i have Never seen this done before in the few years of using this blog i am fastly finding it very irksome, we are not goldfish, ie with the memory span of a few seconds etc… but the worst part of it is that i have yet to see this method used for anything other than ‘correcting’ a imagined wrong, if it was also used to pay someone a compliment ‘occasionally’ then fair enough, but as it stands it looks a tad intimidating… looking through certain peoples eyes,.. not my own..lol… but whoever the guy is he cannot be wrong as he ‘seems’ to know just about everything and know it better than us mere mortals…. on the off chance that this actually gets past moderation thnx.

  • Will normal beta testers get into the private beta?

  • ive never played warhawk :L sso i dont think ill get in lol

  • Hi Dylan,
    This is great, I’ve put many, many hours in Warhawk and still love it completely. So much even that I have won a total of four t-shirts playing Warhawk, and I have even won statue #194 :).
    Now my problem is that 95% of all those many hours were made through playing split-screen online, hosting my own server (called Heineken-Beer).
    I had many players returning to the server, most of the time hosting 16 player team games that were full in just minutes.
    Because of the fact that I played mostly split-screen, I don’t have a lot of points registered.

    Will I be able to get in on the SH beta even though my amount ranked hours are low?

  • HELLO!
    I played a lot of Warhawk but mostly on un-ranked server because I was playing split-screen with my friends/family. Hope time on un-ranked servers also counts. I am checking Starhawk news Daily since beginning of May. This is the greatest news since then. I cannot wait until 2012, please tell me if I got in ~November Beta~. :D

    Over 99% of my time spent on TPS/FPS is Warhawk, its just amazing, hope that counts too.


  • @Hidstar I play on your server loads! One of the few public split servers that has a good ping. Hope you get on the beta you deserve to.

    Hope I get on too, I’ve clocked up loads if hours in split screen and ranked, won a Warhawk statue in the insignia contest and was on the original Warhawk beta back in 2007

  • dopeness..anyone know why i can only sign in to the eu blog

  • @Linzoid Cool, thanks! It’s great to hear you being so positive about ‘H-B’. :)

  • thinking about warhawk, as i have said i only played the demo etc, but i wish that it would of been on the list of choices we got for the welcome back package, as i had all other offerings but mostly cos it really does look like a good game even now 4,?.. years on.. plus the new life it would of brought into the online community, i would ask for it to be a candidate for a plus game, but i think to many people would complain if it was, ie allready had it or what 4 year old game and so on, plus not that many would give it their time so it may be hard finding games etc,… still i cannot wait to play starhawk, am getting uncharted, (obviously,..lol.) so i will get in the beta,.. man there’s going to be a awful lot of beta players..

  • i’m trying to fall for the hype machine & get myself excited for this game but i can’t,i bought WARHAWK 3 times with each time making an excuse like i may like it if i play it longer…etc but i don’t & i will never do,sorry i wish i could follow the crowd on this one but if it plays anything like WARHAWK then its a massive NO from me. :(

  • Dylan, i’ve been playing Warhawk for about 3 years now. Am General having clocked up over 2000 hours, ranking about 240 or something. I play this game and nothing else.

    I even went to London to play the single player Starhawk.

    If i don’t get included in the private beta i’ll be most disappointed.

    you know what to do.

  • That’s a defo buy for next year.

  • Great news Warhawkheads.

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