PlayStation Store Now Available on Sony Tablet S

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We’d like to share an exciting update regarding PlayStation Suite. As you’re aware, PlayStation Suite is focused on delivering the world of PlayStation to Android-based PlayStation Certified devices.

The official PlayStation Store for PlayStation Certified devices launches today. It is available immediately on Sony Corporation’s “Sony Tablet S.” At launch, 10 PSone games will be available on the PlayStation Store for €4.99 / £3.99 each.

A great line-up of PSone classics and favourites will be available on the PS Store for PlayStation Certified devices at launch, including the following titles available for the Sony Tablet S:

  • Everybody’s Golf 2
  • Twisted Metal
  • Jet Rider
  • Jumping Flash!
  • Destruction Derby
  • MediEvil
  • Kula World
  • Jet Rider 2
  • Kurushi Final
  • Cool Boarders

Installing the PS Store is easy. Sony Tablet S owners will receive a notification letting you know that the PS Store has opened and is available for download. From there, simply follow the on-screen directions to download the PS Store App and start downloading games for the Sony Tablet S.

Working closely with developers across the world, we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and expand on the variety of PlayStation games and content you can access on your Android-based PlayStation Certified devices. This service is available in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia.

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  • is this linked to existing ps store?
    if so the titles i already own on that list i take it i can just re-download them at no extra cost

    • Hi
      PS Store for PS3 and PSP is not linked to PS Store for Sony tablet and you cannot transfer content at present, unfortunately.

  • I got the same question as #1.

    Surely they should be free if you already bought them on the store?

  • Is this also for Xperia Play?

  • will this be on xperia play as well? as mine just arrived today

  • Will this be released for the xperia play? as there is hardly any games available for the play right now.

  • To all the comments above, the Xperia PLAY already has those games, they are located within the Playstation Pocket app!

  • “Working closely with developers across the world, we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and expand on the variety of PlayStation games and content you can access on your Android-based PlayStation Certified devices.”

    Let me translate the quote to the ppl here…

    As SCEE we promise great things it will stll be same crap service it will be 4 years wait befoe we up to speed just the same as Ps3 thank you.

    your friend: SCEE.

    so in short it will be just like the Ps3 all over again 4 years waiting there should be no excues to not to caught up with ps3.

    but those 10 games fills me with dread.

    Good luck SCEE you need it.

    hmm is ps-suite region locked too i‘m thinking getting a new Xperia PLAY.

  • hey hey

    I played crash bandicoot on the sony tablet… it was awfull.

    will the tablet play the more recent psn games ? eg joe danger

    the tablet looked nice but it felt hideous to play. maybe there is a reason tablet games are generic crud

  • sorry for going off-topic my last part of my above post 8 still not been answered.

    i hope this not delay getting Ps2 titles it look like it was.

    ppl haveing ago at me clearly never read today‘s heads up alot of moaning there.

  • @11
    That was probably the lack of buttons.
    You get used to it after a while, but buttons are still the best way to play games.

  • Ok, I mean @9. :P
    I think the two abusive posts got deleted.

  • I bought an experia play a few month back and the psx game selection sucks, only game worth bothering with is crash bandicoot and also other games from the xperia play store don’t work too well with the control’s, it certainly isn’t worth the money you pay for it,

  • I have Xperia PLAY and we don’t have these games in Saudi Arabia. I’m surprised that Sony promotes the PLAY as a gaming phone but without the ability to buy the games.

  • I know its impossible but it would be cool if you could have every PS1 game to buy + even better PS2 games as well :D

  • yep. i found the lack of buttons disturbing.

    It really didn’t feel intuitive enough and these games are more controller orientated than a tap screen circle thingymabob that occluded a large portion of the gamespace.

    I also got that feeling of lack of shoulder buttons means we are never gonna be able to access the ps3 network games.

    its a nice tablet and the playstation certified is a nice gimmick but PSOne should remain firmly rooted in the old grey matter generating those fond memories rather than failsploding on a modern piece of tech.

  • who decided the vita wouldn’t be able to play ps1 games but these buttonless tablets will?

  • @hazel

    i know my mind boggles why it can & vita can‘t it can play PSP games so why not PS1 i was gonna trade my Red PSP part trade for vita if i did decide to get 1.

  • #7 Skookie: Haha. I was gonna write something similar myself. :) Its the truth what you wrote. Big words, and nothing happens.

    The worst thing is that you need to pay for everything you already own. ;)

    I will buy a HTC or Samsung tablet instead, because a Sony one would remind me that i must re-purchase everything i want on it. PSX 1 games isnt even suited for touch screen.

  • @european product manager
    i know this probably not your department but i think you’ve chosen a bad day to announce this, for the euro region etc, i must say that sony/sce’s reputation is suffering rather badly again, this time due to the ‘fact’ that the EU region is kind of like a 2nd or maybe even 3rd class service to it’s customers as opposed to the service the US enjoys, as i said this maybe isn’t your department but i thought i would let you know as no doubt there will be some ‘strange’ comments posted here, Also for the slight chance that you may know how or who to see to try and help us EU folk get some satisfaction due to these problems thanks.

  • Big opening! And you present us with 10 old PsOne games, plus you have to pay for them again – even if you already bought them on PS3/PSP Playstation Store?


  • @NoobBlast

    for my understanding you don’t need to pay again to download PSP games, it will have a vita store similar to PSP store look for red shopbags icons & download them to Vita.

  • Surely calling it the playstation store when its not linked to the original store is a bit criminal, talk about mis-advertising.

    I hope you make this clear in all your advertising games people have already bought wont be there.

  • Meh.

    Wake me up when you actually have additional games available – I’ve had the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY (“PlayStation phone”) since launch day and this is the same games that have been available since day, with no indication that we should expect more PlayStation/PSOne titles in the foreseeable future!

    And the choice of titles is rubbish! Where’s the Final Fantasy VII? THe Gran Turismo? The games that actually sold BIG numbers?

  • Those of you who need buttons – I’m pretty sure the tablet s can link with a ps3 controller.

  • When will PS Store be available in Luxembourg? I have a tablet, but so far I can’t say that I’m impressed.

  • oops still no Resident Evil 4 & Resident Evil 5 avatars in europe playstation store like they said they would playstation network wouldn’t lie to us customers who paid for Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 4 HD Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD would they as i haven’t seen any Resident Evil 5 avatars or Resident Evil 4 avatars on playstation store europe yet ??

  • Are PS Certified devices limited to purchasing old PSone games or is there going to be more recent titles available e.g. Minis.

    For the more recent dual core Android 3.0 tablets there are some pretty high end games available, to limit PS tablets to games that are 15 years old is not a good selling point.

  • I have to repurchase all the PSone classics again?! What is exactly the advantage of being a Sony loyal customer?

    And by the way, 9 of these titles were already available to download from the Android Market. So it’s not like they weren’t available before.

    And seriously, only a few Sony-developed PSone classics? What about all the PSone classics released thus far on PS3/PSP? Or even better, what about PSP games? The Xperia Play is a great piece of hardware with almost non-existant software support. Small studios have showed more support for Xperia Play in the Android Market than Sony’s services.

  • Every product launched since the psp and ps3, that is the psp go, xperia, these tablets, and i’m sure many more, have all had the same common problem: they are not supported, and feel like products made by different companies.
    There is a reason apple products sell, over and above marketing dominance.. An apple id seamlessly works accross multiple devices, and purchased content comes with it. I’ve just upgraded to an iphone, and all my ipad2 content is ready to fill it. I have some 79p apps, music, podcasts, books and some £10 plus apps, and i have no problem spending when i know my purchases will not only work on new devices, but also future apple products.
    I would not even consider sony products as there is no unified software, beyond a small selection of ps one ports, which frankly no-one wants anymore. Ps2 era games might get people going, in great numbers, but these titles just have no appeal to anyone other than those looking for a bit of nostalgia, and they are likely to have bought them already on psp or ps3.

  • Sony, it is time to move on. By all means use your back catalogue, but unless its a huge ps one classics collection for £20 or ps2 era games for a few quid a time then no-one is going to invest in these products.
    Vita may be looking like a success based on hype, but the same was said of the psp and it did ok…
    Its time to let apple know they cannot dominate the market forever, and to do this you need gamers with playstation products they are passionate about, not duff phones with playstation branding and limited software support.

    People need choice and content. People go on app stores to waste time browsing and waste money on things they see as worth a punt dor a few pence. Unlike the android ps store and nintendo eshop, which are barren, overpriced and unappealing.

  • Oh Sony, you certainly don’t need competitors if you kick into your own balls so well.
    That the online shops and thus your purchased content aren’t connected, isn’t “unfortunate” as you call it, it is greedy and dumb.

    Sorry, enhanced usability could have been a plus for your “certified products”. Asking for my money again, again and again is just a prime reason to ignore them right away. So be it!

  • What about NZ? Are you going to roll out the service here soon? Any chance of getting video unlimited here also?

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