SOCOM: Special Forces DLC Packs Incoming

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SOCOM: Special Forces DLC Packs Incoming

The SOCOM franchise is a long and storied one, and today we’re very happy to announce that we’re revisiting its past and bringing back what is perhaps the series’ most popular mode, “Demolition”, alongside this much loved mode you will get new maps weapons and character skins as well!

For those that haven’t experienced “Demolition” before, each team vies for control of a bomb placed on the map. Once a team grabs the bomb, they need to carry it into the opposing team’s base, arm the bomb and defend it until the base is destroyed.

The Demolition Pack includes four new maps, two of which are returning classics — “Bitter Jungle” and “Ruins”. All four of these maps support not only the Demolition game type but many of the retail competitive modes as well. Additionally, six of the existing maps will support the Demolition game type, making for 10 total Demolition maps. Additionally, the Demolition Pack also includes two new weapons, the HS-C3 and 552, as well as six new multiplayer skins to choose from.

Earn Double XP Now!

To celebrate the release of the SOCOM: Special Forces Demolition Pack we’re running a Double XP event for the next week! All you have to do to claim your bonus is log in to SOCOM: Special Forces and complete any competitive multiplayer game. That’s it! We’ll see you online, soldier.

Demolition Pack Details


Included Maps:

  • “Departure” – Navigate trains and tunnels in this subway station as you hunt down the enemy.
  • “Overflow” – Both distanced and close-quarters combat take place around a massive dam.
  • “Bitter Jungle” – Get out of the city and into the jungle in this classic SOCOM environment.
  • “Ruins” – Do battle in this classic SOCOM map’s ancient ruins.

Included Weapons:

  • HS-C3 – Low rate of fire but above average damage and very high accuracy.
  • 552 – Average damage and firing rate, but very accurate when standing still.

Included Character Skins:

  • Specter
  • Jester
  • Bastion
  • Ahmed
  • Dimitri
  • Steiner


But the SOCOM action doesn’t stop there. we’ve got another treat in store for you…

In a few weeks time we’ll also be expanding SOCOM: Special Forces cooperative mode with the new Evac Co-op Pack. Available early November for €4.99, the Evac Co-op Pack will introduce the “Evac” cooperative mode and include a new cooperative map, two new weapons and six additional character skins.

In “Evac”, players are caught behind enemy lines and must fight their way out alive. Your pick-up vehicle is on-route to a designated location, and it’s up to you to fight your way there and defend the point until your exit arrives.

“Evac” works across the original six cooperative missions as well as the new “Onslaught” location included in this pack. “Onslaught” also supports the original “Espionage” and “Takedown” cooperative modes.


Evac Co-op Pack Details

Included Weapons:

  • AM50 – It doesn’t carry many rounds and it’s slow to fire, but the AM50 will kill with a single shot anywhere on an opponent’s body.
  • M82A1A – A very low firing rate and lower than average ammo capacity is offset by the M82A1A’s ability to take down an opponent with a single round.


Included Character Skins:

  • Hunter
  • Python
  • Mystic
  • Jalil
  • Nasir
  • Renzo

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