Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.0 Live & DLC Packs Confirmed

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GT5 Release Announcement

Last week I made a post that outlined all the great new content incoming for GT5, well today is the day for the first wave of that new content – Functionality Update 2.0 is out now, so make sure you are online with your PS3, load up GT5 and it should update automatically.

As you know, you can always check which version of the game you are running by pressing the “Manual” button at the bottom of the main menu screen. The version number will be located on the upper left of the index page in this manual. If the number starts with Ver. 2.00, you know you’re up to date.

If not, press the PS button and quit the game. The game will be updated automatically when you restart it with your PS3 system connected to the Internet.

Update 2.0 is a fairly major enhancement for GT5 with some great new features and free content, as well as some popular improvements and fixes. Enjoy it!

In my last post I also promised to give you more details of the DLC that will be released on PlayStation Store on 18th October. There are four new packs plus a ‘complete pack’ that bundles them altogether at a discounted price.

Mazda RX-7 Touring CarGran Turismo Red Bull X2011 Prototype

The ‘Racing Car Pack‘ (€7.99) adds 12 new vehicles from Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Dodge, as well as three new bespoke karts. As fantastic as these rides are what will hopefully really excite amongst the car line up is a never seen before Red Bull X2011 Prototype. As some of you may already know, this is the pinnacle vehicle from the game and the most difficult to attain.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

For me, one of the most exciting inclusions in the DLC is the Spa track that comes as part of the ‘Course Pack‘ (€3.99). Spa is an awesome circuit recreated with Yamauchi-san’s customary attention to detail. Out of La Source hairpin, downhill to cross the Eau Rouge stream and then uphill through the Eau Rouge left-right-left combination, flat out with a blind summit, always ranks right up there as one of, if not THE, best racing experience of any driver. And now, we’ll all be able to get a feeling of what it’s like to drive it in some of the world’s best cars. I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll be a massively popular addition to Gran Turismo.


This pack also contains a couple of layouts in a pretty impressive new indoor karting arena. A bit different to Spa, but still a great, fun racing experience.


A new 100-colour set of paints, that include new matte, chrome and aluminium colours, makes up the ‘Special Paint Pack‘ (€1.99).

Racing Gear01Racing Gear02

The ‘Racing Gear Pack‘ (also €1.99) includes special racing gear with 25 new Gran Turismo design helmets and 15 race suits as well as new Simpson helmets and Alpinestars GP1 overalls. You also get a famous driver pack that includes race gear for some of the top Nascar and WRC drivers.

The ‘Complete Pack‘ bundle is priced at €11.99, but there is also a special PlayStation Plus Bundle Price for one month (from 18th October) of only €8.99.

So there you go, as well as the new changes provided by Functionality Update 2.0 there are plenty of other exciting changes coming. Yamauchi-san promised some evolution along the way in GT5 and I reckon this is a good start.

One final note for this post, don’t forget that the GT Academy: Road to Dubai series is currently airing on Eurosport and the full, four-part GT Academy 2011 series will be making its debut soon on various European channels. Keep an eye on for broadcast times.

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