Treasure Hunting In Jordan To Celebrate Uncharted 3

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While our wonderful PlayStation Community has been getting their hands on the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer this week, team SCEE were joined by 20 competition winners from across the world, local media, Naughty Dog representatives and Nolan North and Emily Rose – the actors behind Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher in the game – on a treasure hunt in the Jordanian desert.


We followed in the footsteps of T.E. Lawrence – better known as Lawrence of Arabia and one of the historical figures that has a large role in the Uncharted 3 plot – in search of gold coins, with the team to gather the most booty at the end of the day collecting prizes including a beautiful (and valuable) watch, a Garmin GPS device and a Belstaff jacket. All attending winners will also receive the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Explorer Edition on launch and one of the first PlayStation Vita consoles from the production line, along with Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

I’ll have a video documenting the entire event for you next week (as soon as we’re done editing it) but, in the meantime, check out these pictures and a breakdown of the challenges the Jordanian desert had in store for our intrepid contestants.


Sand Balance challenge, Lawrence Spring (GPS N 29 33.509 E 035 24.682)

A local Bedouin awaited our adventurers with a set of scales containing gold coins. Our contestants had several sacks of sand of different weights and had to choose which one balanced the scales perfectly.


Little Bridge (GPS N 29 31.207 E 035 26.548)

Our teams encountered on overturned Jeep in the desert and had to search it to find a scroll. Then, they moved over to a marked off square of fine sand and had to dig with their fingers in search of up to ten gold coins, against the clock.


Middle Bridge, Um Fruth (GPS N 29 28.127 E 035 26.938)

Our teams had to approach a local Bedouin tribesman and correctly say the phrase ‘Ahtaaju an atadarraba ‘ala al Arabia’ (which translates as ‘I need to practice my Arabic’) and were then allowed to take on the challenge, where they were given three throwing axes and had to get them to stick in a wooden board from a distance.


Large Bridge, Burdha Bridge (GPS N 29 28.58 E 035 29.026)

After using their GPS devices to locate a scroll, the treasure hunters found a shooting range in a gully and tried to hit three targets using a standard .22 air rifle.

Parachute Landing (GPS N 29 31.325 E 035 27.944)

Our adventurers followed their GPS devices to an abandoned parachute in the middle of the desert. Close by was a suitcase containing various items. They had 20 seconds to memorise as many of the items as possible and then write them down afterwards.

Lawrence’s House (GPS N 29 31.701 E 035 27.559)

The treasure hunters rode camels to the bottom of a rock formation and then had to search for a scroll containing their next clue. They then rode back to Lawrence’s House and drank tea with local Bedouin tribesmen.


Alameleh Inscriptions (GPS N 29 33.363 E 035 27.164)

A scroll was hidden beneath a loose rock next to the inscriptions.

Sand Dune (GPS N 29 33.216 E 035 26.725)

Our adventurers climbed a huge sand dune where they found a hand poking out from the sand, clutching a rifle and the next scroll (remind you of the first Uncharted 3 trailer?)


Al Shallaleh (GPS N 29 34.438 E 035 24.774)

Our teams climbed the side of the rock face to a waterfall and had to fill three bottles with water and take them over to a cylinder with fake coin at the bottom; the idea was to fill the cylinder so that the coin floats to the top, as quickly as they could.

Final Location, The Nabataen Temple (GPS N 29 34.670 E 035 24.876)

The scrolls collected at each location were combined to show the co-ordinates to the final location and our teams had to input them to the GPS devices and navigate their way to the Bedouin trading post. There they handed in the gold coins to be counted and decide who would be the overall winner.

We then returned to our camp at Bait Ali in the Wadi Rum region to clear sand from ears and prepare for the evening reception, where Taylor Kurosaki and Arne Meyer of Naughty Dog gave a presentation of the desert gameplay in Uncharted 3, and Nolan North and Emily Rose offered some insight into the lengths they go to in performance capture to bring their characters to life.


We then presented Dario Ripamonti from Italy with the top prize of a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera watch, and Rui Unas from Portugal and Spain’s Alvaro Soria Salinas with the Garmin GPS 62ST mapping system second prize and the Belstaff Road Master jacket respectively.

It really was a fantastic trip and every attendee that I spoke to agreed. However, and most importantly, the event signifies that Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is less than a month away from release and I know you’re looking forward to it as much as we all are. Like I said, we’ll have a full professional video showing all that happened next week and, as a bit of a tease in the meantime, here’s some really rough footage I shot on my flip camera from the back of our jeep.

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  • Will UC3 MP be free for everyone to download on October 19th? There was a blog post saying that it will be exclusive to PS+ until that date…

  • Cool! Seems like a totally awesome trip :D

    (also: been there, done that, but yeah, with a camera crew and uncharted theme, very awesome!)

    • It’s a stunning part of the world and we had a great bunch of people to share it with. I’m really excited to show you the final video once we’ve finished editing it.

  • Looks like it was a cool trip. Congrats to the winners! Hope you didn’t get sunburn too badly. :D

  • AHH JAMES you BACK this whole Stinking blog went to Hell this week.

    i suggest you sack the [DELETED] MOD leaves flame hated post while deletes non awaiting moderation posts.

    you say this blog is more relax then the SCEA that is a lie i see some strong language over there. begin with S end in T other swear words i pick out too.

    • We only ask for two things: keep it on-topic and keep it polite, as you’ll see here:

      Even this comment comes across as a bit aggressive so please do try to keep an eye on that. The reason we have such policies is to create a welcoming blog and encourage new people to join and engage with the PlayStation community. Nobody wants this place to look like a YouTube comments thread!

  • Why would you want swear words allowed on a blog? Is your vocabulary so limited that you can’t function without them?

    I’ve never had an issue with moderators on this blog and I think that Andy and Ross did a sterling job in the face of some quite vitriolic feedback, seriously, some of the commenters should be ashamed of themselves.

    On topic. Looks like the trip of a lifetime. Really looking forward to this title hitting the shelves.

  • you may want to renew that victor & james.

    think back 2 nights/day a go.

    ppl saying too haters gonna hate, you can put flamers gonna flame.

  • i‘m sure catkiller agree with me he would know what i‘m talking.

    i did the deleted bit myself so now you offended by the word “[DELETED]”

  • wow, that looks so cool, I wish I could do that

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  • seems like an amzing trips the lanscape looked great.
    It’s a shame i won’t be purchasing uncharted 3 though. I am a really big fan of the series and was looking forward to it. got the money together to pre-order the explorers editon and surprise surprise couldn’t find a major retailer to pre-order it from after a few days of searching i find an obscure website for a company that i didn’t even know operated in the UK and they are sold out of explorer editions. So after being smacked in the face as a fan with uncharted 2 by not being able to get the collectors edition of that the same things happened again with uncharted 3. SO unfortunately this is an adventure drake will have to solve himself this time round with out my help

  • please note the bit “for any reason” that made me chuckle hash criticism will be swift deleted.

  • looks like an epic trip James, once I finish my uni degree in 8 weeks I might just try to get a job with you guys aye, do you need someone in Australia???

  • Hey it’s Rui Unas in the third photo!

  • just googled that watch, very nice.

  • Oh yeah, Portuguese team with Rui Unas! that guy is great! In the 3º photo!

  • Don’t be upset to not win for this competition guys we all find the real treasure in 1/11/1 :D :D :D

  • That looked amazing.

    Thanks for sharing the experience James.

  • Damn I never saw this competition. What an excellent prize. The heat probably would have killed me though. I can’t even cope with english sunny days…

  • @ James in your reply to Skookie.

    With the greatest respect James you’re so wrong on this. It’s not your fault as you’ve been away & you’re unaware of what Skookie is referring to as you probably think he’s just ranting & moaning again. This time he has a valid point!

    I think it was Monday when it all happened & it was within the debate blog. There were foul & disgusting posts & Cyberbullying occurred. I spoke 2 my legal firm & it would have been serious but both parties agreed to leave it as apologies were made!

    None of these posts were deleted & they still remain, although they will probably get deleted now that you know but I have taken screenshots & kept them on file. Highly unprofessional by your moderators & something needs to be looked at so future events like this don’t take place again in the future!

    Maybe set a scheduled task that turns off posts once the last moderator has left the building perhaps?

    Kind Regards

  • I apologise James it was the Uncharted 3 Blog Post on 3rd October, Page 2 onwards!

  • I wanted to go :(

  • Looks like an amazing trip.

    When will the winner get his Vita? (Yeah, I’m fishing here:P)

  • Whoa, seems kinda like an awesome sumer camp! :D

  • Can I just say I envy those guys greatly xD probably more because he gets a ps vita early though :p and @ coolrichy007uk get a life… I mean seriously no one likes cheater or hackers in their online games but you’re acting as stupid and immature as the idiots that feel they need to cheat….

  • on the subject catkiller brought up about closeing down commets have people on here go back on the thread after 30 days.

    how ironic if you do go back after 30 days to commet you can’t because it closed.

    but can’t close threads at night or if the flame got out of hand.

    i don’t like hackers full stop i think others will agree, we been offline for nearly 3 months

  • i thing uch3 will be the game of the year :)

  • Wow that sounds like it was an epic adventure.

  • Dear EU Blog:

    Was one of the prizes to win a date with Emily Rose? :P
    I would have jumped onto a plane, and flew over myself, if that was the case! haha

  • Rui Unas is in the 3rd pic !!! From this day forward, that man is a God.

  • Bad Game!

    Bad graphic!

    Bad, Bad bad!

  • Skookie back to posting yet more nonsense. Just ban him/her/it already and have done.

  • Hello, all. My US blog was boring me as there is only 1 post today, or rather, yesterday now, so I checked in here & saw the awesome photos of that U3 treasure hunt.

    James, I look forward to watching your film on this. As you all know, we Americans, whom some of you like to whine about getting too much love from Sony, were excluded from the contest. In fact, we have very few Sony-sponsored contests here.

    While it doesn’t compare to a desert treasure hunt, we are having a fantastic opportunity in 5 cities to attend a special meet/greet/play event with Naughty Dog next week. I’ll be attending the Los Angeles event. Very excited.

  • awesome photo of Rui Unas =) YAY PORTUGAL

  • 2 questions
    when will you be announcing the ps vita date, ain’t much time until 2012?
    when will Uncharted 3 Mutliplayer become available to the public because this is not fair.

  • Wow, what an amazing trip. Uncharted, Nolan, Emily, Vita. What more do you need?!

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