Yakuza: Dead Souls – Coming To The West!

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Yakuza: Dead Souls – Coming To The West!

I’m really pleased to be able drop by the PlayStation Blog to confirm some great news for all Yakuza fans; the much requested “Yakuza of the End” is coming to our shores. Renamed Yakuza: Dead Souls the iconic Japanese series returns, only this time it brings something we’ve felt has been missing – zombies!

If you find yourself not believing that zombies and Yakuza can mix, then take a look for yourself.


Sony EN Reveal

We see them: the souls of the dead

Phrase 1

The version we’re bringing to the west features the entire storyline, as well as brand new mini-game; Pachislot. Yakuza: Dead Souls returns you back to the streets of Kamurocho, which is now under attack by hordes of zombies. Though you’re not going to be restricted by zombies being your only threat, you’ll also face powerful mutants and of course members of the Japanese underworld.

The end of one chapter marks the beginning of another

Phrase 2

Playing through the eyes of four of the most revered members of the series, you’ll be tested by changing allegiances and the lines of friends and foes being blurred. Whilst zombies are bad enough, combined with the threat of the Yakuza too, you’re in for some testing times.

For the first time ever, Yakuza now also features gunplay, with everything from pistols, rocket launchers and mini-guns available for destructive use against your enemies. The only complication being how dead are your enemies going to stay?

What was once whole is now destroyed

Phrase 3d

Well that’s your lot for the time being, a quick announce and tease, though I’ll be back at some point to give you some further scoop on the game.

Until then, stay safe, and we’ll keep those zombies on ice until release, after all they won’t stay fresh for long.

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9 Author Replies

  • Are the gunplay controls still the same as the Japanese version? I ask this because i read somewhere that the gunplay mechanics would be changed for the west. (which i dont really want, the japanese version was fine as it was)

  • Cool, can’t go wrong with a bit more Yakuza.

  • Brilliant news, thank you very much Sega, and Mike for delivering the news. Will preorder as soon as it’s available to do so.

    Any info on whether we’ll get Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity and Valkyria Chronicles 3 Mike?

    • Glad to hear it.

      I’m not here to comment about any other SEGA content, so I’ll just walk on by those questions ;)

  • I love this news! I’m a big fan of the YAKUZA series, and more YAKUZA is always welcome in my book!

    Now there’s just a few more things we YAKUZA fans would like, but they should be handled in due time:

    – Western version of “Kenzan!”
    – HD Collection of “YAKUZA” and “YAKUZA 2”, originally released for PlayStation 2.
    – Western version of “Black Panther: New Chapter”

    Hopefully, we’ll see those things, too, eventually. :)
    But hey, I’ve got much in the YAKUZA name to look out for, so I’m not complaining!

    Thank you, SEGA!
    Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu!

  • Awesome news!!!!! Very nice box art

    The beautiful Kamurocho attack by zombies? Not be a problem with Kazuma Kiryu around there :)

  • Is the combat like Yakuza 3?

  • The combat in the YAKUZA series has evolved over the years, but it hasn’t really changed drastically. Since the emphasis in Dead Souls is on shooting zombies, the combat is not really the same. But at the same time, there’s also traditional combat as seen in previous entries in the series in the game, so in that area, the combat is the same.

    So, the short version of the answer is: yes and no.

  • Oh yes! This is one of my favourite series of all time and I can’t wait for it! Where can I preorder? :)

  • are there any series left now that haven’t featured zombies yet?
    still, this does look like fun.

  • I can’t wait for this I’m glad Sega are bringing it to Europe. At some point it would be nice to see Yakuza Kenzan over here.

    Glad to see you back on the EU Blog Mike.

  • Good, now go and get started on Kezan too!

  • The best news !
    Thanks to SEGA & everyone involved. Yakuza is still alive but dead if you catch my drift ? Bring on the zombie hell !!!

  • Of The End* :P

  • Any Info on HotD: Overkill for Germany. Because this is the only game from SEGA I’m interested in…

  • Can we expect multilanguage subs this time? Pleaseeee. I enjoyed Yakuza 2, 3 and 4 but English is not my main language and Im not 100% confortable with it.

  • Yakuza: Dead Souls whatever happend 2 the original title Yaukza of the end?

  • anone got borderland and is it good cuz i just bought it for psn and il scared to play it and also next week im blowing £70 on ps home halloween stuff but not as much as what americans spend on lol

  • mike kebby = love you dude, hopefully we can get yakuza: black panther &/or kenzan, but bad timing much PS Vita is out around february/march but i will more than likely get both =P

  • So what are you planning to gut from the game this time?

    • Ha, I knew somebody would ask something like this :)

      You’ll be pleased to know the answer is nothing – well except for the story, the characters, the zombies…I mean, er…


  • Great news. But bring Kenzan to the west also.

  • Thanks for the announcement, Mike.
    I love the yakuza series.

  • @ Dgnfly, this is Of The End but renamed Yakuza: Dead Souls.

    Is there going to be a special edition like the Yakuza 4 steelbook editions? Also the controls and camera angles in the Japanese demo were horrible, hopefully there is a change in controls.

    I do kinda wish that there was online co-op but it’s cool. I hope the Black Panther game comes too. I’m surprised that game is made by AKI (the awesome developers behind WCW/NWO revenge). Sorry for asking too many questions. The hostesses look nice :D

  • I will keep spamming you guys until you listen. Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue Shenmue!!!

  • i still want kenzan in english. and what about the psp ones?

  • Thank you, Sega! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    sorry original YAKUZA and YAKUZA 2 was the best on playstation 2 but playstation 3 YAKUZA 3 and YAKUZA 4 was rubbish wasn’t fun playing rubbish story just shows new team at SEGA doesn’t have what it takes to beat original SEGA games on playstation 2.

  • another thing Shenmue was an epic story then Shenmue 2 even more deep story heres a tip SEGA Shenmue 3 playstation 3 4 character story with online co op SEGA will make billions in 1 day Shenmue 3 playstation 3

  • great news Mike! Be sure to whip up another contest regarding the game, i need another hoodie! ;D

  • Mike

    Hope you are well?

    Please, Please, Please entice SEGA to release Shenmue 1&2 to the Store! ;)

  • Yo mikeface you be glad to know it took 4 years, 1 mishap but EU has got imports.

    how does that make you feel?

    anyway anyword about landstalker & shining in series for plus members.

  • Also a Yakuza HD Collection with 1&2.

    Bit of a no brainer really considering 3 & 4 are already released, as it would be great to have the complete collection & story :)

  • Sorry to keep asking you questions Mike.

    Could you please request the following games, to at least be considered for release onto our store please?

    Crazy Taxi 2
    Dynamite Cop
    Fighting Vipers 2
    Jet Grind Radio
    Quake 3: Arena
    Skies Of Arcadia
    Sonic Adventure 2
    Sonic Shuffle
    Time Stalkers
    Zombie Revenge

    Glad to hear Daytona USA will be with us soon :)

  • # Rolling Stttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrt rolling sttttttttttttaaaaarrt #


    there isn’t any coop in this is there? it’s still a single player game?

    just wondered as I haven’t found out much about this Yakuza yet :)

    i know you said above you aren’t here to response about other Sega queries but would really like to see the Yakuza PSP game make its way over at some point ;) just thought i’d mention it.

    keep being awesome

  • if this is not the place to ask then sorry, but who do i hassle about getting skys of arcadia on psn

    (sega game sega related post so i cant be too far away from getting the right person)

  • @GRB20

    i knew that i meant it in a way why change it.

  • i agree with hayzink we need a dreamcast section on the store the ps3 can handle dreamcast very well i‘m enjoying the Ulala on SC5p2 how did it manage to get a pegi 12 i have no idea.

    a nice henti reference folks that all i‘m gonna say.

    since Ps2 titles and rumour of Pc engine games on PSN a dreamcast is a must

  • @ mike on the subject of Ps2 titles on PSN can we have some Ulala action in SC5p1


  • Mike Kebby; Wrote What’s a Shenmue? Posted on 06 October 2011 at 09:35 am by Mike KebbyWhat’s a Shenmue?

    OMG! Mike Kebby Digital Campaigns Manager, SEGA

    So Mike Kebby you haven’t hears of Shenmue on SEGA DREAM CAST or Shenmue 2 for XBOX sorry Mike Kebby Digital Campaigns Manager, SEGA you sound like a FAKE! Con Artist saying your a Digital Campaigns Manager, SEGA next thing he doesn’t know that BLEACH his avatar is renji that he didn’t know BLEACH is sponsored by P&G, Sony music, SEGA, Playstation, sorry Mike Kebby im a more SEGA fetish man than your ever be.

  • To Mike Kebby my favourite game on SEGA is Legaia 2 Duel Sega on playstation 2 if you don’t know this game then i reckon you should just leave SEGA as a worker at SEGA you should know all SEGA Games its part of your job.

  • Oh dear, I’m guessing all you chaps still harping on about Shenmue haven’t played either of the games in recent years. Awful, stiff, slow moving clunky nonsense. Leave it dead I say.

    Anyway, very happy to see more Yakuza get released here, guess 3 and 4 must have done well for SEGA.

    I also second (Third?) the motion for a Yakuza 1 and 2 HD collection.

  • Hahahaha Came on to say i’m so happy to be getting another Yakuza game over here and hoping we get Kenzan and Black panther at some point and i see the greatest weeaboo/sega fanboy ever, Immprtal-wolf- You are really sticking it to the man Hahaha

  • Someone in the comments here can’t read scarscam well <_< Anyway Mike, could you do me a favor and pester Sega for Yakuza: Black Panther on PSP & Yakuza Kenzan? ;)

  • LMAO Mike Kebby heres a sarcasm for you every time you load a SEGA!!!!!! game on your console it says BAKA!!!!!! because your a sarcastic guy who doesn’t know im british but studied japanese for 7 years plus im only 25 years old. Work that out BAKA Mike Kebby. as i watch all anime in japanese and play japanese games like Final Fantasy Versus XIII whats that only out in japanese version well i understand japanese do you.

  • wonder if thats a insult or not, anyway i wish i could speak or at least read japanese as i would find a way to create a scj psn account, as i heard theres is the best store, even the asian stores with some english translations leave the EU’s for dust,.. i wonder if scee will ever do it properly and unify all the stores,.. i mean i thought that digital content for sale on the internet could be a global thing,.. and if they (scee) had to they could sell the content via a 3rd party from some little lax carefree island somewhere, i mean theres plenty of businesses that operate through using the lax laws of some unheard of country,.. suppose i can only dream about it, for now……. ps mike i found out some info about andy, and maybe ross, took me by surprise to say the least,.. so i will be 100% behind them now, not that i ever held them to blame in 1st place, but now knowing the heads up is (and was!) in good hands kinda makes me feel better…… on topic i couldn’t ‘tune in’ to yakuza’s 3or4, allways felt they were missing something,.. guns,.. so those and zombies too, i reckon i’ll be trying that out, so yeah am looking forward to it.

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