Three Games for the Launch of the PlayStation Network Import Section

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Japanese retro fans, get ready! You are about to be immersed in a sea of PS one Japanese gems that never made it to European shores. MonkeyPaw Games is proud to announce the release of the first three titles to the all new PlayStation Network Import section. We will feature direct-from-Japan PS one imports and Classics, including infamous shooter Cho Aniki and the super smooth Arcade Hits: Sonic Wings Special. These shooters have been imported in their original Japanese form. Help can be found at

MonkeyPaw Games is also proud to release the first game in the Arc the Lad series, one of the longest-selling RPGs of the PS one era. This classic is in English only and will be the start of many RPGs to come to the PlayStation Network Classic section. Join us as we bring you a taste of Japanese gaming that you’ve never experienced.

Relive the Origins of Tactical RPGs with Arc the Lad.

Japanese RPGs are on a level by themselves. One that is sure to steal your sleep is Arc the Lad. The game stormed onto the RPG scene with a compelling world that served as a prologue to one of the longest-running tactical RPG series in history. Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad II, Arc Arena: Monster Tournament and Arc the Lad III will all be coming to the PlayStation Network.

To this day, many of your favorite RPG features were first displayed in this epic series. Arc the Lad introduced gameplay fideas like jumping and body blocking that extended the tactical strategy element.
Players follow the young adventurer Arc, set to save a world teetering on the edge of oblivion. Seven different party members will join the quest, each one bursting with dozens of hand-drawn frames of animation that immerse players in a surreal fantasy landscape.
Further enhancing the game’s presentation is an epic soundtrack. Players can also choose to plumb the depths of an optional 50-level dungeon that, if conquered, will influence future events in Arc the Lad II, unlocking a key character and a separate side quest.

Cho Aniki reigns down on the PlayStation Network

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all in a video game, now you get a chance to see how wacky the Japanese import world can be. MonkeyPaw Games proudly presents Cho Aniki.

Cho Aniki has been a favorite of those with knowledge of the Japanese domestic game market. This classic icon of the shooter era created a special place as one of the most outrageous titles in the parody shooter legacy. Deemed too daring for Western markets, in reality, the game is a comic display of homo-erotic, over-the-top graphics and Japanese wackiness on every level.

As you blast your way through multitudes of erotic bodybuilders, spinning corpses and head holes, you’ll find humor and challenge in completing every emphatic level. The game consists of an unending spiral of the weird and wonderful.

Cho Aniki is tough and will challenge your shooting skills. But in return, you’ll get a constant flow of humor and irony that will make you laugh as you blast your way through.

Arcade Hits: Sonic Wings Special

The Sonic Wings Special brings you to fore of the great era of Japanese shoot’em-ups. This vertical scroller combines features of previous versions (I-III) and delivers a mind-bending, finger-happy splurge through shooter heaven.

Sonic Wings features 2-player same-screen simultaneous play and a choice of multiple jet fighters. Pick from 7 teams and fourteen pilots flying high in twenty-six different jets. Each captain is detailed out in anime graphics so you get a real feel for your co-pilot. There are 17 stages with multiple paths in which to choose while levels can be randomly served.

Who wouldn’t want to play Captain Blaster Keaton while battling the enemy Fat Morgana? This is a quintessential fighter from a great era of gaming history. Take a spin on your P-61 Black Widow and feel the power of Sonic Wings Special.

For more information about MonkeyPaw Games, see our site, follow us on Twitter @Monkeypawgames, or ‘like’ us on Facebook.

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4 Author Replies

  • to late
    lots of persone ask 4 ps2 compatibelity on ps3

    u refuse ! u say we needed to look ps3 games .

    today i refuse to geting old ps1 ore ps2 games , no hd remakes
    = rip off
    only ting of intrest = monsterhunter on ps3
    rest = not need garbadge .

  • omg imports finaly start to come out and people are still complaning.

    come on what were the odd’s in everything you wanted coming in the first week, also if you dont want to buy the un remastered ps2 games then dont,. the bigger titles will still get the hd treatment.

    any way good to see the imports land finally just need xenogears and the maga man games and im good to go

  • Never liked Japanese games myself but its a nice addition to the PS Library nonetheless.

  • “MonkeyPaw Games is also proud to release the first game in the Arc the Lad series, one of the longest-selling RPGs of the PS one era. This classic is in English only and will be the start of many RPGs to come to the PlayStation Network Classic section”

    So this game will be in English, but the other two won’t? Also, will the import thing only be limited to the japanese versions of the games. Some of them were released in America, so I’d figure it would be easier to use them for the import program, since their in english and doesn’t require you to learn a second language.

    Still, it’s a nice idea, and I look forward to see what kind of games you can bring :)

  • Any sign of the resi 2 and 3 games we should have been given as part of plus last month?

  • 2 @ why need old games wen u are abel to play ps3 games ?
    other games i play on my ps2

  • This is excellent news the only problem i have is why can’t you release the games that did make it over to the uk but are not on the ps store eg. Re2 and Re3 aswell’ i can see by this alone that things are starting to get going and SCEE have pulled there finger out getting us these obscure japenese gems so thank you sony.

    ps. spyro 1-3 make it happen!!!

  • I’ll buy Japanese games if you provide translation, this only appeals to anyone who can read Japanese

  • @adumr82
    we are not america and we dont get the same plus content, we were hardly going to get re2 and 3 for free when there not even on the store to buy, people need to lower there expectations a bit when i seen last months us plus post the first thing i thought was we would not get those 2 as there not out over here.


    i never said you need to buy them but in your post you said old games = rip off but thats just not true.
    remember not everyone has a ps2 or a ps3 with ps2 bc so there will be people out there that welcome these older games so i think the term rip off is a bit much

  • I’m happy that the US / JP Import programme is kicking off, though none of these titles interest me.

    But, will Monkeypaw directly handle all the imports or is this a “from case to case”-thing?

    Another question, which is unortunatelly quite unreleted to this topic. Will Europe also taking part in on the ONLY ON PLAYSTATION series, or is this a thank you for only loyal US customers, while the rest of the world will get a nice “NOT YOUR CANDY!” thrown towards their faces.

  • Yeah, a lot of these import games will be far from a rip off as buying the original release will probably set you back far more than buying it digitally would, and for those of us who like to play, and not collect, our games, it’s a nice system.

  • @shou_kobayashi

    sony have said that offer is only for the usa but they have there own plans for us i found the info here

  • lol at 1.11 onwards in the cho aniki vid whats that coming out between his legs well its a little man lol

  • I never thought i see the day my god what a long road we been down.
    finally i can play the games that i never played that i consent moaning to give us imports on the par with SCEA.

    so Kudos for All.

    while it just the start are we expected to get RE 2/3 and the square enix ones or are you doing the import side of things monkeypaw with SCEE?

    so i better tone down my moaning eh ;)

    just the PS2 classics & it‘s “imports”

    many thanks :)

  • Arc the Lad….

    Yes please.

    But in all honesty. I like this initiative and I hope to see it turn into something substantial. As opposed to, you know, three games initialy and then one new one per three or four months.

    But yay!

  • *looks at Cho Aniki*

    What… what the hell is this crap? o_O Dammit Japan, just when I thought you couldn’t squick me out any more, you go and pull something like this.

  • @ Rokoth

    i don‘t think they do that, I‘m pretty sure they know our feelings about imports. :)

    I‘m glad too that we getting a risky game more of them please.

    the ones with gals are risky but they are others we won’t ever see.

    or maybe we can it be certain a BBFC 18/pegi 18

    1 game you take photos of gals to WOE them forgot what it called.

  • i cant believe it people wanted imports you start to get them and your still not happy

  • Well, imported Silent Hill and Resident Evil 2&3 would be great.

  • who not happy, did i said i was unhappy.

  • not you skookie i know better than to comment about you

  • I won’t say no to Arc the Lad.

    As for imports I would love the American version of Suikoden 3.

    It was never released in Europe and since it looks like select PS2 games are appearing Suikoden 3 is a must have.

  • Awesome! I’m really glad and I hope more and more rpgs make their way onto the store in the future.

  • So, is this a warm up to an American Chrono Cross import release.

    Please say yes?


  • Chrono trigger & Chrono cross.
    Make it happen!

  • @1: I like the HD-remakes. PS3 is my first Playstation, so I didn’t play a lot of good games from the past.
    But I don’t want to play games with outdated graphics (like the PSOne classics).

    So I really appreciate the HD-versions of classic games!

  • So hyped for Arc the Lad, played this so much on the PSone when I imported it back in 2000.

  • I‘m sorry windsorblue01 you’re post were below mine so i misread it.

    we know Ps2 titles are coming as well i‘m here waiting for a confirmation, if we don‘t hear in the next half hour i got to go out.

  • Nice for diversity though none of this first lot really appeal to me (Sonic Wings is alright but unspectacular, Cho Aniki I saw years ago and not sure I want to ever see again and I just can’t stand JRPGs so Arc the Lad ain’t for me).

    Might we ever see PC Engine games? I’d buy Parasol Stars in an instant. One of the absolute best 2 player games ever made.

  • @hayzink, before mouthing off maybe think. It was said they were trying to get the imports of re2 and re3. This thread is about imports, hence any news?

    On a side note we shouldn’t have to lower expectations just because we are european.

  • Cho Aniki & Sonic Wings.

  • Chrono Cross please!


    .. something like that. Damn i miss that game.

  • May I ask where Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is? It was going to get released September 27 from what I read and there are no words on it this week either. It’s really disappointed how we in Europe get everything so late, not to mention never get some games (still waiting for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night EU release).

  • Great!! now lets start with USA imports too!!!!!!!!!

  • I can recommend Super Sonic Wings.
    Excellent shooter!

  • There are LOADS of PS1 games on the Japan PSN store. Last week i saw ‘Super PANG’ LOL I might get that(using a Japanese PSN Card) I got 2 games off the Japanese store in the past. I just couldn’t wait for the UK release really(if they would ever bring them to UK PSN that is which i doubt it) :-( + One problem tho is i can’t read Japanese:-(

  • @ adumr82
    mothing off i think you should read your comment again!
    “Any sign of the resi 2 and 3 games we should have been given as part of plus last month?”

    hmm seems like a standard playstation plus moan to e but if it was not im sorry but you dont need to mention plus when asking about imports.

    with regards to lowering our expectations comment you have taken that out of context, i dont mean we should expect to be second class to america i was just stating if a title was free with plus in the us and its not even on our store to buy what hope do we have of getting it in our plus update the same month.
    it be like if america got castlevania sotn this month i would not expect to get it as its not on our store to buy, do you get what i mean now?

  • i dont get the whole RE2 & 3 import moan, they were released on ps1 in europe so theyre gonna be on the store at some point, they dont need to be imported, unless theres something special about the us versions?

  • as said in starcraft2, “it’s about time!”, i could [DELETED] and moan for the longest time to why this hasn’t happened a loong time ago, but i won’t, coz now its happening and im looking forward to finally seeing games like r-type and chrono trigger finally hitting my ps3 at some point, while we are at it, what ever happened to ffiv ?? anyways, gz on the, for me, long awaited imports section of psn, looking for orward for some nice purchases :)….. i cant wait for salamander 2 ^^

  • oh and btw the whole america/europe/rest of the world psn store is a bit crap, just release it on every store in every country rather than favour one over the other, i understand time and update issues etc. But it doesnt seem fair that the US get re2 & 3 for free on plus but we dont, thats the reason i got plus in the first place

  • @Ultima-Genesis
    i agree with your first point of a single store it seems to work for the xbox so why not psn, it cant be due to publishers as 360 seems to do it with regards to the usa and europe at least(only game i know of thats not came out at the same time in eu and us is trenched and thats something to do with portugal) but publishers are known to have one rule for xbla and one for psn so publishers may still be the issue.
    mind you the ps3 is in a far better position than it was a few years ago and with the vita on the horison and publishers seemingly desperate to make games for that i feel sony could take a harder stance with this supposed 360 favoritism that is evedent.

    im confused to your second point but, did you get plus for re2 and 3 or just free games in general because if its the second point we do get free games all the time and some months our offerings are better than the usa(however your in nz and you seem to get the shaft more than others so i feel for you)

  • no japanese games will interest me but put spyro and croc on the store and ill buy em n i understand not every1 wants em so im willing to wait…could you tell me if any of these are even being considered….which is the spyro where you have to defrost frozen dragons?

  • wishlist

    spyro the dragon
    south park cold turkey
    starwars phantom menace
    bugs bunny lost in time
    donald duck goin quackers
    wild 9
    rugrats search for reptar

  • @ Polynski

    Spyro Year Of The Dragon!

    You can still purchase the above titles that you’ve mentioned from Ebay & they will work on your PS3.

  • @ Ultima-Genesis

    The deal with RE2 & RE3 is that both US versions run @ 60HZ, far superior to 50HZ. Also, the RE2 version on the US store is the Dual Shock version of RE2, again the superior option as it has extra stuff as well as being Dual Shock Compatible which the European RE2 was not.

    Nothing else special about RE3, same as Euro version apart from the frame rate issue.

  • Finally!!! good start i m very happy for this

    spyro the dragon
    Silent hill
    Resident evill 2,3
    ….and more…

    Welcome to Europe! Europe love playstation :) :) :)

  • The more i read through the comments on various posts the more i realise that alot of people dont seem to be very happy with anything that goes on in the world of playstation. I just dont get why the moaners and groners still have ps3s. If nothings good enough then get an xbox and go moan on that instead of filling these pages with your boring rants.Things come in bits and bats you cant have everything at once. Well done sony and everyone who works with them for improving playstation one day at a time.

  • thanks catkiller but i was thinking digital rather than hard copy ive converted to digital ima get a new harddrive too cuz at the moment my 80 cant hold it all at once so i have to keep deleting it but the 500 gb 1 im getting should be enough

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