Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Experience Opens To PS Plus Members This Week

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Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Experience Opens To PS Plus Members This Week

I’m really happy to announce that PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe, South Africa, The Middle East, Australia and New Zealand will get a chance to play Uncharted 3‘s competitive multiplayer experience before the full game releases on November 2.

The Uncharted 3 competitive multiplayer experience will go online for PlayStation Plus subscribers on Wednesday, October 5, 2011.

PlayStation Plus subscription is the only way to guarantee access. However, If you’re not a subscriber to PlayStation Plus, there may be other ways to gain access throughout the month of October, keep an eye on your local PlayStation.Blog page or community forums for more details.

airstrip jump

chateau gas maskairport hanger drake

This is a great way to get a head start on leveling up your Uncharted 3 multiplayer profile – Naughty Dog have made sure that key aspects of your progress during the competitive multiplayer experience, will carry over into the final retail copy of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. We’ll have more details on how that works very, very soon.

Naughty Dog have been working really hard to blow you away with the Uncharted 3 multiplayer experience – they can’t wait to flip the switch for PlayStation Plus users in Europe, South Africa, The Middle East, Australia and New Zealand on October 5.

See you online!

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9 Author Replies

  • What if PS+ isn’t available in our region?

    • Hi JohnoBoy,

      There may be ways to get involved in the Multiplayer Experience throughout the month of October. Your local PlayStation.Blog page or community forums may be putting together voucher giveaways.

  • this is an AWESOME idea. cant wait to get started :)

  • Does this mean we get the full competetive multiplayer experience, or no`?

    • Hi sephiroth180,

      Yes, the it’s the competitive multiplayer experience, if you have PlayStation Plus. Otherwise check your local PS blog or forums.

  • YES! Really thought you forgot about your European fans!

    Hope to get more like this with my PS Plus! (PS Plus renewed!)

    I feel so special now! Hahah.. :D

    Thanks ND and PlayStation!

  • @sephiroth180 It should be

  • Does this include the Subway items like the US region?

    • Hi nagon111,

      Unfortunately, we won’t have the Subway items like the US. However, we will be looking to putting those in at a later date

  • I have two questions. 1) Is this October 5th Australia/ NZ time or is it actually on Thursday when the PS Store updates? 2) Will there be the Subway treasure/ clothes and Naughty Dog guns from the American MP experience? :) Looking forward to this

    • Hi Spike-123,

      To answer your questions;

      1) It will be on the Store update, so Thursday for Australia & New Zealand

      2) Unfortunately, we won’t have the subway items, but we’re looking to put them in at a later date.

      See you online!

  • Great news. What about co-op?

    • It’s just the competitive multiplayer Hell-Raiser-85, but there’s more than enough in there until the full game arrives.

  • Sounds great!

    Is does this incude all multiplayer maps and modes, or only the ones from the beta?

  • Will be Portuguese voices and text in this version? (PT-PT).

  • @Hell-Raiser-85
    It’s only the competitive multiplayer..

    Link to ND forum about the early:

    I expect it to be exactly as the Subway (American) version.. :)

  • @Spike-123 sweet!

    @Hell-Raiser-85 Would be awesome, but I doubt it. Would have us play the story before everyone else.

  • @BeanDK
    There are some new maps. I’ve seen 2 new ones beside those there were in the beta.
    ND have said that they will release new maps later this month. :)

  • Omg, I really hope my Plus subscription doesn’t run out soon.

  • yeah great etc.. who cares about uncharteds multiplayer,….is that all’s that game devs think these days,?. take a good, even brilliant game and add multiplayer cos multiplayer is allways as good as the game it’s on,…like i actually want to spend my time in a game with a load of 10 year olds, ..i HATE mp…. just give us the game/story mode allready,…does ANYONE like playing story games anymore,?..or have those days been and gone,?…at least i hope you’s do the trophys like U2 ,..just play 1 co-op and 1 competitive game etc then earn the rest in story,…yeah good luck to the people who have opposite views than me i’m happy for you’s..but it’s just not for me…… least ways not the way it is at the moment .. but maybe the day will come when i actually find a decent one,..

  • Hell Yeah !!

  • @KILLER_CATTT: Mange tak :)

  • Are the statistics from US version beta will be compatible with the EU version (I guess not)? They are stored in a local file, or on the servers?

  • Good morning:

    this week is going to be the bees knees of epicness.

    you get this epicness if you in 1 region can you guess where it is?

    a new programme of sony called “only on PSN”


    read it and weep, 4 years SCEE get us imports still waiting.

    it will take a another 4 years to catch up again.

  • I hope the starts are on the server. It’s good to see this is coming to europe too but if this had been confirmed earlier it would have saved a lot of complaining.

  • *Oh man i want to play god hand & odin sphere again *sighs* :(

  • @chrisandsheva
    Wow dude…
    How can You whine so much over a game that have the greatest singleplayer on PS3?
    ND added multiplayer so people could enjoy the game for years… Because no matter what, the singleplayer can’t be played for that long, no singleplayer is that good.
    And yes, there are some games where it is just added so they can put it on the box.. But Uncharted has one of the greatest multiplayer on the PS3..
    So I don’t think Your whining is appropriate here.. Find another place for that.
    And last. They have a release date for Uncharted 3, it is nov. 1.. ND is just showing there fans they love them be releasing the full multiplayer 1 month before. Name a dev. that have done just that!

  • @BeanDK
    Det var da så lidt.. ;)

    Altid rart, at kunne hjælpe sine landsmænd! :D

  • Which day we will start Uncharted 3 multiplayer on October 5th? or something?

  • This is the kind of thing we’ve all been waiting for getting uncharted 3 access early is worth the years sub on it’s own in my eyes. Plus is really starting to make sense any serious ps3 owner should join up and the psn as a whole has become a vastly superior service to what i knew a few short years ago’ keep up the good work Sony\SCEE.

  • Well i know what the mystery trailer was a new programme starts october 5th No intrest if you from EU.

    i think to get better treatment from sony, you need the following…

    1. a yankee

    2. loads of money.

    3. oil

    4. got more nukes then needed

    5. ???

  • Has anyone noticed the free uncharted 2 dlc in the plus section? Says it’s free till the 4th and you get to keep it forever!! :)

  • spike-123_ It will be wed in the uk aswell see u on the frontline.

  • but seriously SCEE we need a blog post are we or are we not getting this “only on PSN” programme

    & my advice don‘t just stop with a few PS2 games & while you at it, why don‘t you put back Ps2 BC via a update 4.0

  • Great! Hope i will get in soon or else i have to buy PSN + :D Thanks for the update!

  • Serioulsy considering getting PS+ now. Been toying with the idea for months.
    Although, £40 for UC3 MP a month early? Not sure…
    Perhaps I’ll just wait and finish the enormous backlog of games lying around…

  • @umbrellabio I saw that and was excited for like 10 seconds before realising: UC3 MP is 10x better than UC2. I highly doubt many people will continue on UC2 MP in a few months (I mean seroiusly, EVERYONE is going to get UC3…).

  • This is great!!! Can’t wait till Wednesday!

  • @Skookie30 From the same site you linked. http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2011/10/03/ps2-titles-also-coming-to-european-ps3s/

    Anyway, on subject; I will wait for more information on the other ways to get into this as I still have little to no reason to justify the £40 subscription charge for this.

    The issue I have with things being exclusive to Plus is that the service doesn’t cater to people like myself who have previously purchased a majority of the content on offer.

    Calculating the discounts on things I have purchased in the past year I still wouldn’t have saved more than I spent if I had purchased a sub so there’s no incentives to do so. Until then I’ll wait it out unfortunately.

  • HEY KILLER CAT i can and will express my opinion where i like where do i say uncharted isn’t brilliant?..also i told all with opposite views to mine that i was Happy for them…but it isn’t for me…..but if you have to make a single game last you for years i suppose i shouldn’t be responding to ye…..ps WIND YE NECK IN.

  • This is SO SO SO SO SO amazing!!!!!

  • Great news!!! can’t wait :) bye bye BF3 beta :P

  • Oh crap too slow some-one beat me to it.

    that what you get for going to the Bog. lol :D

    it is great news loonytoon1982 i like the saying leading up to xmas.

    so it won’t launch at xmas but release a steady flow of titles up to xmas & beyond. :)

  • A shame it’s not co-op, but now whining about it – still a nice bonus to get “free” access to multiplayer one month before release.

  • can we EU players also earn the special subway gear and treasures, including those special ND guns, that our american counterparts can earn?

  • @chrisandsheva

    This blog post is for people who like the multiplayer.. What You are saying isn’t helping any…

    If the singleplayer still is great what is the problem then? You aren’t loosing anything?

  • Great PLUS exclusive right here… will it be the same as the US promotion..? will it say “Uncharted 3 Subway promotion” when we are playing it..?

  • With all due respect Sony and Naughty Dog, please look after your customers equally. You know North America accounts for just over half of Uncharted 2 sales and less than half of Uncharted sales so in summary, it’s 50/50 sales wise. While our friends in America are now enjoying the multiplayer, we sit and wait for 5 more days? Surely a simultaneous release would have been more wise. For you Sony, take a look at your market share in this region compared to Xbox and then look at the states. An argument can be made to support your more loyal base here. Please send out the codes now so we can all enjoy this great game.

  • @KILLER CAT ..if nd is showing the fans how much there loved what about the ones that don’t have plus,?.. this,unlike the US offer is just a ploy cooked up between nd (shame on em) and sony to get more people to sign up for plus,……so after you’ve had your bonus month to level up will you be looking to jump ibto games full of level 1’s to show them how good you are,?…totally stinks that any dev would release a game with multi as big as U3 will be and not allow everone a fair and equal chance,….and you wonder Why i Hate mp…..well that and the sometimes ridiculous trophy requirements to earn the plat,…ye your right ‘some’ games do last for years..

  • at 41 ..true but i’m not gaining nothing either,..lol…..anyway i’ve been awake All night (again) so maybe i should just sign off …. for now,….no harm meant.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I tried to answer as many of your questions as I could. I’m off to Jordan now for the Uncharted Treasure Hunter event, so I’ll be away from the blog for a few days.

    Enjoy the multiplayer experience.

    Speak soon

  • That’s some amazing news. Last week I started playing U2 Multi again because I was starting to feel the impatience for U3 release. Being able to play U3 multi will make the wait more bearable.

    Too bad we have to wait until Wednesday though. They could have gone the extra mile making it available today (especially since the package is already on the dl servers)

  • I can’t wait. I’ve been missing the extra features of Uncharted 3’s multiplayer since the beta ended and as much as I love Uncharted 2 I cannot wait to be playing this again.

    Now I just gotta get the money together to buy Uncharted 3. Having one of those times where many things are breaking down…

  • Thank you Sony and Naughty Dog :3

  • so is the same idea as the usa’s subway promotion minus the subway extras?

    i want to have a foot long taunt in game :)

    lol but thanks guys

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