PlayStation Home Client 1.55 Arrives

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On Thursday 29th September from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here are some details on what to expect after update:

This week’s PlayStation Home bumper update kicks off with the 1.55 client update, with some improvements to the Home start up flow, wardrobe and furniture browsing, and much more. Full details of the client update can be found here.

Two weeks ago, we asked the PlayStation Home community to post on the official PlayStation Forums, screenshots of their favourite places, activities or games in Home. Users did not miss the opportunity to try on their favourite outfits and work out their best angles and poses. Some even invited friends to a very special photo shoot. Their creativity really showed up and you can now have a look at a selection of the best bits by heading over Home Square. And because sharing is what makes us a community after all, continue unveiling your talent for in-game photography in Home at

If video is more your thing, there’s also great news for machinima fans as LOOT presents the updated Active Camera. Record videos straight to your hard drive. Pause and resume recording for sweet in-camera editing. Feel like uploading the video straight to Well, now you can. Since the LOOT Active Camera will work in any of your personal spaces, the possibilities are endless! Make it. Record it. Share it. What will you create?

Alice Cooper brings a whole host of new dark and twisted arrivals to the ‘AAA’ store. The new arrivals include mind-blowing stage props and outfits such as Alice’s voodoo outfit and one-of-a-kind furniture items such as a skeleton in a cage. Visit the ‘AAA’ store today to get that edge your apartment desperately needs. Do it now, or Alice might just ‘Bite Your Face Off!

This week also sees the arrival of the Ansa da Fone apartment from nDreams. This truly unique apartment is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in Home. It’s a huge 4-storey cartoon apartment seen from a side-on camera view, where you can play a frantic 4 player mini game with your friends or chill out and redecorate. Will you get there in time to Ansa da Fone?

Billabong are pleased to announce the release of their latest items in their PlayStation Home Shopping Centre. Cool caps, stylish hoodies, colourful board shorts, smart flannel shirts, denims, cargo shorts, and a tank top. Billabong has everything your avatar needs to look great in Home.


Ladies, get ready to go adventuring in deep space with this week’s addition to the Novus Prime store! The Nebulon-Interweave Power Suit is the latest in high-tech functional fashions that all the female pilots of the Novus Prime fleet wear under their armoured gear. While this suit is usually hidden behind layers of power armour, you can finally show off these sweet threads. The included tiny Nebulon reactor creates channels of cascading energy to provide all the power any pilot needs to jump into combat with your Mech-Suit or fighter ship. Not only does it provide the full array of comfort and mobility, you’ll also look great wearing it.


In Sodium2 this week you’ll find an awesome new track – Descent. Descent is set within the network of cave left behind by an unregulated iridium mining operation deep below the surface of Sodium exoplanet Iridos. The Velocity Racing League has since claimed this area for the purposes of extreme underground racing. This dark and twisting track provides some serious thrills, and is also available in reverse mode! Head to Sodium2 now to test your skills.

Okay soldier, this is the final push. Keep your head down, stay sharp and be ready. Now MOVE OUT! What do you mean you didn’t sign up for this?! Okay, so maybe you didn’t. That’s the joy of the Airsoft range from Double Time -you can develop your discipline and strategy with none of the danger of genuine warfare!


Ready for some woodland manoeuvres? Choose the Digital Camo range – clothing, gun and mask with this hi-tech colouring to ensure the enemy won’t be able to pick out your outline as you’re lurking in the bushes, ready to deal out their doom! More at home amongst the dunes? With the Desert Combat Pack, they won’t see you hiding in the sand until it’s too late.

Double Time – Doubling your chance of victory!

Also from Lockwood this week, the Publishing Showcase opens its doors to the public. All your favourite Lockwood lines are on display and there’s a beautifully furnished Cucumber lounge area to hang out in. There’s a range of rewards to unlock, some easy to achieve, some requiring a bit of lateral thinking. Work together, help each other out and make sure to call back regularly to ensure you unlock them all.

Other updates this week include new clothing and furniture from Granzella, Mass Media’s Weird Wear range, and some more Alice Cooper themed items from AAA. Check it all out from Thursday!

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3 Author Replies

  • Looking decent this week, looking forward to see how the community photos will be shown. Especially since one of them is mine :p

  • So is this the reboot everyone is excited about then?

    • This isn’t the redesign that we posted about earlier in the week, it’s a more iterative update that improves general functionality.

  • Excellent update, they keep getting better and better, which is great to see!

    I’m looking forward to see what the members of Home do with the new Loot Camera, I hope to see a lot of creative videos underway

    I am looking forward to see the new core update, hopefully I’ll be impressed! (by the looks of things, it seems quite good)


  • @KAP

    Not yet mate, that comes seperate as it’s not a core client, more like new spaces with new functionality

  • @loonytoon1982

    Oh ok.

    The Active camera is the best thing to come to Home in a long while. Really cool activee item.. the next logically step now is to atleast view the recorded footage on a screen within Home.

    No legal enfringment in sight then right? seeing as everything shown is recorded in home anyway.

    Thats a thought, recording fuction before picture frames for EU… ?!


    • It isn’t free, no. You can either a ‘modular stage set’ apartment that comes with the camera for £3.99 or the camera on it’s own for £2.49.

  • Hi does the gun shoot or 4 show please answer

  • Also I’d like to report a problem with your Iphone app it doesnt allow me to post im at my laptop trying to post but I prefer from my phone please fix this problem thank you

  • Great update this week, well done :) the nDreams apartment is a must buy for me.

  • James why is there no new access video this week?


  • ___oooo________________________oo__________ooo_________oo______

  • As much as I enjoy using home from time to time, I still wonder what’s going to happen once a ps4 arrives. is everything going to get upgraded etc

  • Good to see a new core client update before the new Hub and Districts come in.

    Just have to wait 8 1/2 hours for it to update :P.

    For those who vote these posts so low, Home is a FREE service that nobody forces you to use, so stop complaining like spoilt brats and grow a pair.

  • see on home if ya purchase ur on jetski can ya drive it on the other beach

  • instead of having to always do races

  • Good Job indeed
    I have said this before & I shall say it again as I belive Billabong and their Home clothes creator’s VeeMee deserve the praise:
    The reason why the Billabong range looks so good in home, is because the clothes they have in their Home shop are exactly the same as the ones you can get instore. I went to Billabong’s main store in Queen street here in Auckland and I saw for myself Scotty Lago pants, the caps we know and love and the boardshorts. some desiners, and LKWD can be guilty of this, tho I think their quality is on par with Billabongs, dont recognise that men have a bump between their legs for instance. I always ask guys whom are wearing those awful red swimming togs you can win from Midway if they are feeling cold at the moment…I just can’t help myself. Other times you buy shorts and you get knobbly english knees and skinny legs to boot or an upper body outfit with a skinny emobody.
    I’m not saying we should all have muscular mary bodies, just put a little bit more beef on where it counts please when designing clothes…[DELETED]

  • Finally playstation home bringing us the good stuff but japanese playstation home had this stuff 2 years ago just proves how EU playstation home slowly updates its technology.

  • @ ASTRA_GSI_MKIII. You can’t m8, after maintenance today you’ll find that the other beach has been removed due to irem pulling out of home.

  • Hey new update looks good & New 5th october PSH looks really good. Keep up good work Sony.

  • ps3 games are not inproving there doing the same thing over and over ps3 games are a downgrade from ps2 games like gta SanAndreas you could flyplanes, helicopter’s, drive cars, drive boats, drive quad, drive train, skydive, swim under water, go in shops and rob them, go in house and rob it, buy your own house, pimp yo car, get a giril friend, drive rc car,plane and helicopter’s, build muscle, play in casino, drive bikes, drive lorry with trailer, drive fork lift that really works, operate cranes, toe vehicle’s and planes, ride bmx and mountain bike, drive tank, play pool and then ps3 gta iv you can fly helicopter, drive cars and bikes, use a phone, internet cafe, play bowling, darts, get drunk, get girl friend err thats it and like many game developers they went wrong by not adding to the old with the new when i get a game i like to think whats new i can do and know i can do all the stuff on the old one on the new one

  • I have a problem since this update, can’t access home square! other locations are ok, going from anywhere my apartment, shopping center, invites all I get is !”You are already at this location” Ahhh! Help!

  • after pshome update 1.55 home been running bad on my ps3 the update messed upped my home experience please someone tell me why the update lagged my ps3????????

  • lol, £4 for a camera? Does the one in the ghostbuster house finally work yet? Would’ve been better to just add a video camera to your inventory along with the camera we currently have.. why just personal spaces? That seems a little stupid imo.

    Avatars need a complete redesign, the characters we can make look too ugly and plastic. You notice the difference if you compare your character with Altair or Cole.. also, even though I’ve taken the time to edit my guys face I’ve spotted several guys in one sitting that look exactly like my character.. then again, the character design is pretty restrictive.

    Also, the animation sucks.

  • warning: DON‘T BUY THE NDREAMS Ansadafone space with muti purchases or by it self.

    as i payed £11.17 for a few things 2 of them was 2 personal spaces, 1 item not been flaged as bought telling me to buy again.

    although my Email confirmation says otherwise till i hear back from PS helpline be wry.

    that is all. :|

  • I have been playing the trial version of FreeRealms recently, with its quests, guilds and mini-games. This sounds similar to descriptions of the revamped Home that is coming later this year. Can you confirm this James as it would be brilliant (as is FreeRealms btw!)

  • Just to let SCEE know the missing item has now been sorted.


  • procion is walking around home with an angry emote above his head in a bit of a daze atm… why?
    Because procion has found out that PS Home, where procion spends alot of time and even more money, and whom regularly tries to post positive feedback about Home in the blog was not invited to the beta of the new Home that’s coming out.
    Now procion is not happy because as is wrong in this world, it’s not what you know, but WHO you know that gets you thru the right doors into the places you might want to be. As usual Sony are showing they learnt next to nothing during the OUTAGE about customer care, LOYALTY nor sentiment.
    now procion isn’t just angry for himself, but for all the others whom spend alot of MONEY, TIME and EFFORT putting effort into their perspaces & clubhouses into Home, making the place a welcome place for new people, saying hullo back to people, respecting folk, all of whom were not invited because they do not get kudos in forums nor know the right(or is it the wrong?) people. Perhaps Sony could learn a thing or three from procion and his ilk. NOT HAPPY

  • btw procion has been cheered up a bit by seeing the photos people took of themselves and their friends that are up on the screen in the Square ). Thanks everyone…

  • Ansa da fone apartment still not arrived plus part of the new alice cooper costume and lost paint ball spot reward also getting you have recieved new item message when logging on what another great update why is it only home that has problems with updates ive never had update issues like this with any of homes pc based competitors

  • Most people don’t care about Home – why not use your time for something more product like making actual games.

  • When will playstation get party chat like xbox have :)? cuzz that is the only let down of the ps3 today:)

  • For some reason, everything added by the new update seems to lack the letter “o” in whatever text is displayed. Other than that, I like that improved flow in the design.

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