PlayStation Home Client 1.55 Arrives

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On Thursday 29th September from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here are some details on what to expect after update:

This week’s PlayStation Home bumper update kicks off with the 1.55 client update, with some improvements to the Home start up flow, wardrobe and furniture browsing, and much more. Full details of the client update can be found here.

Two weeks ago, we asked the PlayStation Home community to post on the official PlayStation Forums, screenshots of their favourite places, activities or games in Home. Users did not miss the opportunity to try on their favourite outfits and work out their best angles and poses. Some even invited friends to a very special photo shoot. Their creativity really showed up and you can now have a look at a selection of the best bits by heading over Home Square. And because sharing is what makes us a community after all, continue unveiling your talent for in-game photography in Home at

If video is more your thing, there’s also great news for machinima fans as LOOT presents the updated Active Camera. Record videos straight to your hard drive. Pause and resume recording for sweet in-camera editing. Feel like uploading the video straight to Well, now you can. Since the LOOT Active Camera will work in any of your personal spaces, the possibilities are endless! Make it. Record it. Share it. What will you create?

Alice Cooper brings a whole host of new dark and twisted arrivals to the ‘AAA’ store. The new arrivals include mind-blowing stage props and outfits such as Alice’s voodoo outfit and one-of-a-kind furniture items such as a skeleton in a cage. Visit the ‘AAA’ store today to get that edge your apartment desperately needs. Do it now, or Alice might just ‘Bite Your Face Off!

This week also sees the arrival of the Ansa da Fone apartment from nDreams. This truly unique apartment is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in Home. It’s a huge 4-storey cartoon apartment seen from a side-on camera view, where you can play a frantic 4 player mini game with your friends or chill out and redecorate. Will you get there in time to Ansa da Fone?

Billabong are pleased to announce the release of their latest items in their PlayStation Home Shopping Centre. Cool caps, stylish hoodies, colourful board shorts, smart flannel shirts, denims, cargo shorts, and a tank top. Billabong has everything your avatar needs to look great in Home.


Ladies, get ready to go adventuring in deep space with this week’s addition to the Novus Prime store! The Nebulon-Interweave Power Suit is the latest in high-tech functional fashions that all the female pilots of the Novus Prime fleet wear under their armoured gear. While this suit is usually hidden behind layers of power armour, you can finally show off these sweet threads. The included tiny Nebulon reactor creates channels of cascading energy to provide all the power any pilot needs to jump into combat with your Mech-Suit or fighter ship. Not only does it provide the full array of comfort and mobility, you’ll also look great wearing it.


In Sodium2 this week you’ll find an awesome new track – Descent. Descent is set within the network of cave left behind by an unregulated iridium mining operation deep below the surface of Sodium exoplanet Iridos. The Velocity Racing League has since claimed this area for the purposes of extreme underground racing. This dark and twisting track provides some serious thrills, and is also available in reverse mode! Head to Sodium2 now to test your skills.

Okay soldier, this is the final push. Keep your head down, stay sharp and be ready. Now MOVE OUT! What do you mean you didn’t sign up for this?! Okay, so maybe you didn’t. That’s the joy of the Airsoft range from Double Time -you can develop your discipline and strategy with none of the danger of genuine warfare!


Ready for some woodland manoeuvres? Choose the Digital Camo range – clothing, gun and mask with this hi-tech colouring to ensure the enemy won’t be able to pick out your outline as you’re lurking in the bushes, ready to deal out their doom! More at home amongst the dunes? With the Desert Combat Pack, they won’t see you hiding in the sand until it’s too late.

Double Time – Doubling your chance of victory!

Also from Lockwood this week, the Publishing Showcase opens its doors to the public. All your favourite Lockwood lines are on display and there’s a beautifully furnished Cucumber lounge area to hang out in. There’s a range of rewards to unlock, some easy to achieve, some requiring a bit of lateral thinking. Work together, help each other out and make sure to call back regularly to ensure you unlock them all.

Other updates this week include new clothing and furniture from Granzella, Mass Media’s Weird Wear range, and some more Alice Cooper themed items from AAA. Check it all out from Thursday!

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