Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD Hits PSN Wednesday, 50% Off for Plus Members

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Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)

More classic Resident Evil horror is heading to the PlayStation Network next week with Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD! Claire Redfield, after narrowly escaping Raccoon City, is searching for her brother Chris.

Captured while sneaking around an Umbrella facility and snooping for leads, Claire is hauled off to a maximum security prison installation on Rockfort Island. While making her escape, she realizes the island is being overrun by zombies and Bio-Organic Weapons. Claire meets another prisoner, Steve Burnside, who is also looking to escape … but will they be able to work together to make it out alive? The island is veiled in secrets and the family behind the Umbrella Corporation has a deadly agenda of their own. Relive the survival horror classic available via PlayStation Network on Wednesday, Sept. 28th.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)

As we mentioned last week, we’ve got even more RE deals for PlayStation fans to help celebrate Resident Evil‘s 15th anniversary. For PlayStation Plus members, we’re offering the same 50-percent-off promotion for Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD that you enjoyed for Resident Evil 4 HD last week. That means you can score both games for under €20! And non-Plus members are in for a great deal too – anyone who purchases Resident Evil 4 will be able to buy Code Veronica X HD for the next two weeks at half-price. Happy zombie slaying!

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  • Awesome, my favourite Resident Evil! Best locations, music, characters and story in the series imo.

    I just got PS+ today when I got Resi4HD earlier and can’t wait to replay CVX for the hundredth time on Wednesday :)

  • Sweet looking forward to this strangely enough I was playing this last night in bed on my old Dreamcast :)

  • PS+ is my best gaming investment ever.


  • Does this have the same silly controls as 1,2 and 3?

  • @5, Huono_peleis, yeah it has the same style of AWESOME survival horror tank controls, though the camera work isn’t as static as the first Resi games (it follows the player a bit more) and there are tweaks here and there.


  • static camera is better then a 3D camera that turns around adnomal.

    if you hold a certain button she RUNs hardly a Tank.

  • can i have my free avatars please before i purchase RE:CV

  • I’d also like my avatars please.

  • Shame they are not coming out on Blu-ray disc? :-( Most of the other HD PS2 games are/have(i.e God of War, ICO etc etc)

  • Another post asking where are the 5 promised avatars with the purchase of RE4.

  • this is off topic but i couldn’t find where else to post.

    anyone know if the red johnson chronicles that appeared as ‘new’ on the 7 september update is the same as the one i bought off psn back in april? if so ive just wasted ages dl’ing it!

  • so its not just me with the RE4 avatars ?? either there was a problem putting them on the store OR they just ripped us off !! im not buying RE Code Veronica X HD untill i get my avatars and tbh i was looking forward to getting this game but not wasting money if im getting ripped off

  • is it actually going to be 50% this time or are you going to charge 8 quid again instead of 7.99? It may seem petty but if you say 50% I expect 50% as the minimum, otherwise its false advertising.

  • also, I’m not keen that all people who purchased res4 get cc at half price. That just devalued my plus savings by 8 quid

  • so whats with the new pricing of RE4 HD after 1 day now it costs the same as a new game in the stores lol, and even the ps+ pricing is too much if you consider how old it is and apparentk just a port upscaled from the Pc version. You can find the game for PC for more than half its price theyre demanding on psn. i honestly dont see any benefit with those prices, i kinda feel sorry for ps+ users who think the price is a bargain

  • Hang on…am I right in thinking that some are whinging that they were ripped off because they didn’t get the avatars? So you didn’t want the game then, just some avatars?

    Yes, it is a slight annoyance that they haven’t arrived as of yet, but I thought I was buying the game myself.

    With regards the price….you paid £8? I got mine for £6, which was less than originally thought.

  • can someone tell me where can i get the re4 avatars i can’t find them

  • @20, adumr82, I agree, I just got PS+ thinking that getting both Resi games at half price was a good offer, but now they say that those without PS+ get half price on CVX if they bought 4 means I paid more than I had to with PS+ sub and both games (12+8+8) compared to just buying both games (16+8), lol.

  • No it not just the avatars if you are from uk you know Our UK laws regarding advertisements. a misleading advertisements payable by a heavy Fine.

    crapcom is a japanese same with sony SCEE a arm of sony not of the hook with it‘s LIES too.

    they to can have a heavy fine never hear of a unfair competition law it effect M$

    it covers Sony muti region too what so fair 1 region better then the other.

    in short 1 region out does the other MS out does the Rivals same thing.

  • Why are non plus subscribers getting discounts? I won’t be renewing if this keeps up!

  • can’t wait for Resident Evil: Code Veronica, gotta get plus today for these great deals

  • Skookie 30 STILL complaining. Wonders will never cease. I honestly don’t know anybody that can complain so much about something yet keep the product causing the moaning.


  • I’ve never seen so many ungrateful comments before…

    We got 50% OFF Resident Evil 4, and now 50% OFF RE:CV. What more do you all want? We haven’t got the avatars yet no, but they are only free avatars.

    I was over the moon at 50% off and I accidently got RE4 for £6 during the pricing error. Personally I think Sony was overgenerous.

    But seriously, stop moaning on the blog. It’s annoying. If you’re not happy with what you get, buy a different console.

    Well done Sony. Loving 50% off, loving Playstation Plus, I LOVE YOU!

  • You know that the EU Psn store has a US import section? if not then now you know so that you guys can start working on bringing RE2 & RE3 to the store ;)

  • @JAY81UK
    Couldn’t agree more.
    Had a go at RE4 yesterday and loved it. Bring on Code Veronica :)

  • @11, Skookie30, whether a static camera is better than one that follows the player within the path of that camera depends on a lot of things. As an example in Silent Hill 2 certain fixed camera angles were used along with sounds in the distance to make the player nervous as they aren’t able to see what they’re heading towards. The times when the camera follows in CVX don’t detract from that survival horror feel or the gameplay at all though, they just keep the cameras from having to change as frequently and let the player better see the environment. And tank controls can have a run button (like every proper Resident Evil does), tanks can go slow and fast too ;)

    As for the free avatars, if people were promised them then they should get them, and this is the place to publicly voice concern, so although everyone gets the point after the first few polite inquiries yeah it gets annoying with some of the whinging people, but people whinging about people whinging then being sicophantic Sony or Capcom or whatever is just as annoying. If people want to politely ask or whinge then let them.

  • yeah right avatars paaaaaa! we wont be getting them the usa will be getting them along with everything else thats good including gow vol2 collection discount. for instance i got the 5th anniversary edition of oblivion today and all that is different from goty was a dvd. being english = missing out.
    yep being treated like crap is back again!

  • You could give everyone 10 free PSN games next wednesday and people would still moan about it.

    Just be grateful and support your brand [DELETED].

  • Where are our free RES4 avatars?

  • Great thanks Capcom/Sony I have always wanted to play this. Did not get the chance on Dreamcast as I was still traumatised from Resident Evil 1 :(.

    But please I beg you capcom you have remade Resident Evil 1 on GameCube and Wii. PLEASE I BEG YOU remake Resident Evil 2 and 3 for PS3.

  • am very happy to have RE4 on my ps,…i’ve yet to put much time in yet though,as was in middle of GOW etc,…but will revisit tomorrow,….regarding the avatars, very disappointed,but not to the extent where i will be bothered enough to moan as like @jay81uk?…(post30) said it’s to good having RE4 on ps (and for 6 quid, for that,…but is everyone sure that we,..EU were promised them?..only when statements are made by game devs regarding bonus content, uness it’s specifically says EU region in, then it is most prob only aimed at the US, And especially these avatars, they’ve been on the US store for years anyway,…and avatars, just like ps1 classics need to go through Q and testing to make sure there compatible with the EU’s (Sad!) psn store(s) so imo that would probably cost capcom more than any profits they’d make,..but i’m no tech expert so not 100% ….

  • _____________________________oo__________oo_________oo______

  • i no there just avatars but the point is SONY or CAPCOM haven’t told us y there not on the store when u ask them they just ignore u thts whts annoyed me & i didn’t mean to say we have been ripped off tht was just me trying to get a reply but….nothing lol 8 quid is a great deal foe RE4 i love the game on PS2 & i herd tht it was 6 quid on wednesday by my m8s (but i was busy all day wednesday so didn’t have change to get on ) came on thursday night it was 8 quid whats up with tht ?? look at ppls comments all asking about the RE4 avatars every1 want them lol :P & not even 1 reply why ??

  • Nothing is more perfect than a PS3.

  • while i’m here,..someone asked about the controlls for code x… when you say same as re1,2and3 you don’t mean you can’t use the thumb sticks do you?… as when i got re1 the other week i was gutted cos imo it is unplayable,..i knew there were ‘issues’ with fixed camera, which i didn’t like (yet?) ..but when i seen i had to use the directional buttons to move i only lasted half hour or so,…why didn’t they make the option to use analogu (thumbsticks) work,? they done with other ps1 classics?…so unless i’m missing something in options (xmb etc) i am never going to play any of these games,…but i’m sure i remember playing (part of) a old resi on my ps1 and using the sticks to move?….hope it’s something i’m doing wrong cos i would like to try the 3 of them,…if the controlls/camera in code x are similar to outbreak files then i can live with that…..just hope someone posts back tellin me i’m doing something wrong on re1 etc…

  • personally i think if anyone wants to have a go at sony then thats fine with me,..god, i’m probably more higher on thier ‘bad customer’ list than anyone, .on this page etc….so i wasn’t trying to defend them, i was only stating what game devs think is the norm,…ie,..everone in US are only people worth issuing statements to bout new games and whats in them,…while us 2nd class EU folk get the leftover crappier version,….stinks, but such is the way of the (business) world today….. i hope china enter the gaming console market,..though doubtfull cos of thier comunist views,..but if they did and made a good console then the US would be treated the same, if not worse than us in EU,….stranger things have happened …..

  • @30.

    Ungrateful? No. Dissatisfied with the service we get while our American friends across the pond time and time again get the best deals? Hell yes!

    And it isn’t just the recent Resident Evil 4 release that highlights the difference between American and European releases, it’s an issue going back as far as I can remember. Basically, just look at the content available on teh U.S. Store, then compare it to the European Store and you’ll understand the frustration so many of us feel when it comes to this second class treatment. Are American users more special than us? That what it seems like.

    And no free avatars, as were promised when we with a PS+ subscription bought the game. Where are they? I’m sure our friends across the pond have them. But not us. Oh no. And don’t bother complaining to anyone here on this site, because they don’t give a crap either. Come back on Wednesday, see the comments replying to the ‘Heads Up’ Store update. You’ll only get a reply if you commend Ross or Andy. If you complain (which more and more of us do) you won’t hear a thing.

    Basically, we’re fed-up, mad and not going to take this poor treatment any longer. Sadly, no-one at Sony will ever listen.

  • To Mike Lunn yet again i say put your prices down as Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code Veronica X is both £11.99 each in the playstation store thats to much as its an old games like i sad put Resident Evil 4 to £4.99 and Resident Evil Code Veronica X to £4.99 il buy them otherwise il rather play Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code Veronica X on my playstation 2 and my Gamecube don’t forget Mike Lunn remake Resident Evil from Gamecube version on HD to playstation 3 and remake Resident Evil Zero Gamecube version on HD to playstation 3

  • @CoolRichy007UK

    no you shut up ass kissing fanboy everybody has the right 2 speak about facts and if have the brain off a 6 year old just shut up.

  • who wants 2 pay for bad ports anyways RE4 for psn has had even more bad reviews than the wii version and that says a lot considering the ps3 is supposse 2 be better even if it´s ps2 port nothing has been made 2 improve this is just a money scam on capcom part. cause when fans want something and can´t get it capcom blames the fans like ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 a game that release 3 months after the original,megaman legends 3 cancelled then blamed on the fans, DMC completely destroy so is the Resident evil series.

  • hey SONY can i have my free avatars for RE4 please

  • @coolrichy007 you still a 2 face you don’t know what the hell namecalling is if you can read it was frodouk who namecall me 1st.

    of course i‘m gonna answer back, then there is you namecalling ppl again you threated to sue somebody else in a other post.

    i do moan so Do you that makes you a 2 face.


    here a free advice get to bed early, don’t ever join in a flame angerment you called me “you suck you TWONK”

    look at your poor created post, post 44 before you decide to namecall ppl & yes i can see the title above you waiting for the avatars too.

    Now a newsflash I‘m up early because i‘m going somewhere so i won’t be on here till late wednesday, unlike some here everyday & dueing the night.

    Bye see next week late.

  • Im getting this! im looking forward to playing it!
    I think a lot of people get very jealous of the americans on here…. it makes me laugh! you should all know by now that XBOX releases games at the same time as the americans and you could easily trade your PS3 in for an XBOX.
    So… 2 choices,
    1. Sit here and moan about how the americans get sooo much more than europe.
    2. Trade your PS3 for an XBOX and get everything.

    As i dont care about stupid americans, i just ignore the fact that they exist and i couldn’t care less if they get stuff earlier than me because if i really wanted these games i would of said goodbye to sony a long time ago.
    But i feel most people would rather moan every week stating that they have “Had Enough” but still purchase online content every week :|
    The fact is europe is the moaning capital of the world and at this rate it always will be…

  • The game will be released on Sept 28TH!!!!
    what a happy accident!doesn’t remind you of something?
    “Sept 28Th daylight,the monsters have overtaken the city.somehow I’m still alive”

  • That was a wasteful trip sold out :(

    just pop back & what do i see my post 21 come out of hideing pity it was so long to be moderation then we wouldn’t flame each other last night Eh mod.

    a question or too, I‘m not namecalling if you ever read my posts when i criticise or praise or make my opinions of ppl posts i don’t mention names.

    but it always right if you call out my name i will response.

    now that question can a xbox 360 play Ps1 classics?

    here another question….

    the blog post of august 1st says we getting imports so, When are we getting imports?

  • Hey mike, what about those free RE4 avatars what you did promise on your previous blog post?

    “At launch we’re going to be giving everyone five free RE4 avatars to anyone who purchases Resident Evil 4 HD”

    or was it just lies?, answer us!

  • @MegaGeeza22

    you seem 2 be another idiot i have 2 tell it´s not the console it´s the service´s and the only service´s in playstation is SCEE the other regions are the best for service´s and even xbox has a better service´s in europe unlike sony who only have good service´s for jap en U.S

  • Wednesday RE4 €14,99, yesterday €19,99. [DELETED]? :S

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