Battlefield 3 Beta Dates And PS3 DLC Exclusivity

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Battlefield 3 Beta Dates And PS3 DLC Exclusivity

This is Tommy Rydling from DICE, coming to you, the readers of the PlayStation Blog, with two exciting pieces of news.

First, we are very happy to announce the dates for the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 Open Beta. The Beta is open to all and will run from September 29th to October 10th. You can join it by simply going to the going the PlayStation Store and navigating to the Demos section, followed by the Latest PlayStation Demos option – from there you’ll see the link to download the Battlefield 3 demo!


Prepare for battle in the bombed-out metro tunnels on the outskirts of Paris in the upcoming
Battlefield 3 Open Beta!

Alternatively, if you have redeemed a Medal of Honor: Limited Edition or Tier 1 Edition Online Pass, you will receive early access via a personal email invitation from DICE that includes 48 hour early access, which allows you to start playing on September 27th.

The Open Beta is your chance to play Battlefield 3 early, try out our free social platform Battlelog, and give your valued feedback directly to those of us at DICE. You participating in the Battlefield 3 Open Beta means that you are not only helping us load test the servers, but more importantly helping us fine-tune the final components of the multiplayer game.

During your time in the Open Beta, you’ll be playing on the map Operation Métro – a map you might have seen coverage of from E3, where we won the Best Multiplayer Game award.

But that’s not all for our PlayStation fans! You’ll be happy to know that, starting with our first expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand (released later this year), all full-blown upcoming expansion packs for the game will appear one week early exclusively on PlayStation 3!

As you may or may not have heard, Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand is a themed expansion pack containing four of the most loved maps from Battlefield 2, boldly reimagined in the Frostbite 2 engine. It also features new weapons and vehicles, unique in-game dog tags, new persistence, and new Trophies.

Be sure to stay tuned for more on the PlayStation version of Battlefield 3 and all things related. And do let us know what you think of the Beta once it’s up and running. For more stories on Battlefield 3, feel free to check out the official Battlefield blog where I post from behind the scenes under the name “H Brun”.

I also wanted to say thank you for your continued support for DICE and Battlefield 3. Meeting our fans in person is always very rewarding and exciting. We went to GamesCom with the PS3 co-op mission Exfiltration, and at Tokyo Game Show we let visitors play the single player mission Operation Guillotine. The response so far has been overwhelming, and we look forward to showing you more action from Battlefield 3 before the European launch on October 28th.

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  • Just one week? Should have been one FULL month, the same as COD is for us

  • Xbox gets Modern Warfail 3 DLC early access and we get Battlefield 3 DLC early access.
    Those poor Xbox people ;)

  • I honestly have never been this excited for a game ever. I fear I will become a hermit and not see daylight for months because of it. Which isn’t such a bad thing really. Cheers!

  • Full month? Why game is released soon after.

  • NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for once we get the love pity its only a week they should suffer like we had to with cod DLC i love DICE

    this is a hell of a coup de gra for the ps3 well done sony well done whoever got this i salute you 100%

    now accidently put the beta up a week early just to annoy the 360 idiots that would make my year!!!!!

    but just knowing ill be playing karkland a week early will be awsome god im going to rub a big fat bf3 [Deleted] in all there faces on the forums!!!!!

  • Thanks Tommy.

    I can honestly say that I have never been this keen to play a FPS.

    Like many, I have already pre-ordered and I’m sure the Beta will only cement that decision for me.

  • Thanks for giving the PS3 some Love :D I am fed-up of hearing that the Xbox 360 gets DLC 1st & all that. I will buy this game ‘DAY 1’ now just to show you my ‘Thanks’ ;)

    + Any chance of a normal demo before the game comes out(i.e story mode demo)? :P

  • Why Germany is always left behind ???

  • Cannot wait, so pumped :)
    And, can’t wait till the full game.
    Day1 on the Battlefield

    Thanks guys for your hard work ;)

  • Cannot wait for this game, dont know what to play more Skyrim CE or BF3 this year, only time will tell. 1 week early isnt bad as its a huge game and a first from them for us :D

  • i’m glad thats its finally upon us and thanks for that. although as a MOH LE owner i have to address the elephant in the room and ask why is it only 48hr exclusive access? seems to me that its abit misleading from when it was announced that MOH owners would get early access to it. I still have it on my shelf and i do wonder are you going to offer MOH owners abit more ingame stuff to make up for the fact that the exclusive access is only 48hrs.

  • one week only .. is that we PS3 users just get!!??? I thought it was something big when i clicked on that link from PLaystation twitter account! I thouhgt their partnership with EA will produce something better than just a week!
    we all know we wait for a while month for a DLC from #@$#@%$# activision! anyway, i hope they have more exclusives .. we all know everyone is going to buy the game anyway cuz it’s looking freakin’ Amaaaaazing.. I’m thinking of buying the PC version though. (nothing on PS3 is attracting me to buy its version of the game, not yet at least)

  • Can’t wait for this game to be released. Not gonna lie I love the fact Sony/EA have sided together compared to Microsoft/Activision. While they get CoD exclusive timed DLC we get extra stuff like DeadSpace Extraction, extra SSX mountians and previous Xbox exclusive MassEffect.

  • Being on PSN just got even more awesome. As soon as i have money, im pre-ordering

  • Well, the Open Beta is a very good thing! I’ll do my best to play it even though school is starting on the 30th :/

    However, the DLC exclusivity sucks…It has no point whatsoever. Oh well, maybe the industry will grow up someday.

  • Hi Tom, NOW I will purchase BF3 on PS3.

    With what I have seen, and I must say is a lot, of in game footage I am slightly concerned DICE may have taken the BF3 franchise down the long lonely Call of Duty road. Please tell me something that will ease my mind as to why, as with BFBC2, this game has no comparison with COD apart from War.
    I love the sprawling areas of BF, the, if you like, take your time game play, but the footage shows a lot of close combat, people running about all of which COD has which is why I moved to BF.

    Thanks TOM.

  • why resident evil 4 hd price is £11.99 when i want to buy is £15.99 ?

  • One week head start! Big deal… what’s the point in pretending like that’s a major deal with Sony ,couldn’t you come up with a month and we’ll call a major news.

  • Aren’t Microsoft gonna have you from your balls now you’ve done this? I thought they hated it coming on PSN first? Though undoubtedly, BF3 will be too big for them to get into a fuss about a minor thing.

  • Cool but 1 week won’t do any big impact.

  • Quick question – can you please confirm exactly how early access to the Beta is going to work?

    We have been through 1) Accessed from the MoH disc 2) Downloaded directly from the PSN Store, and we are now at 3) Waiting for emails, presumably with redeemable codes.

    Some clarity on the situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • And this post finally made up my mind. I wasn’t going to get MW3 this year and I wasn’t sure about getting BF3 either because I’ve played too many FPS games this generation, but this Blog post has changed my mind. I’ll definitely get BF3 now and good job on having us PS3 owners back. Any PS3 only owner who buys COD over BF3 this fall has something awrong with their mind

  • @flamingcarrot, good call, email? PS store? Who knows? maybe the beta will arrive by jet??

  • This is gonna be awsome! Always been a Battlefield fan, and I think this is gonna be the most anticipated one for me :D

  • not enough 0 on the check to get at least 1 month…

  • Meh, timed exclusivity is a cheap trick used to lure xbox kiddies, you can stick it. I’ll be buying both BF3 and MW3, the one I get bored with first will be traded in regardless of the immature, empty marketing strategies. I was definitely in the BF camp until EA/DICE started whipping up the fanboys, now I’m not so sure they’ll actually deliver the game they promised to consoles… empty vessels make most sound…

  • @jackjack233 hahahaha lol :D :D :D

    Some people play the same game for years and we play new experience and Finally Realistic mw shooter B3 FTW!!! :D

  • @ Andybeans

    How does that logic work for COD when microsoft get DLC a whole month before Sony?

    Marketing is all about ‘tricks’. ;)

  • @17 What does that have to do with BF3? Don’t just post random things in random places..

    Anyway, not really into beta’s but it’ll make the wait less hard..

  • Please don´t do that sad one week (or month) earlier thing. It´s so Microsoft to compensate for hardly having any exclusives. Sony doesn´t need that. Don´t put money down for that. If you want to pay for something extra let them make an exclusive mission like you did with other titels, that´s cool.

  • some people are never pleased!!! i played alpha and it was awsome so playing beta will be cool. this game has turned up the heat on competition as they are only a snip behind mw3 in preorder sales, but all that can change. cant wait for full game and custom my own tags, not long left to wait.

  • At last. I`m excited like hell. But one week is definitelty too short to have enough fun. Shame for the game makers that they don`t want to give us longer period of time (like one month for instance).

  • Looking forward to seeing what improvements have been made since the alpha build, nice one on getting dlc before xbox.

  • If you like BF3, BlackOps or MW3, Add me on PS3 R_Navarro #PSN

  • There is a mistake in the post. I read the official beta FAQ and it said if you redeemed your Medal of honor tear1/limited edition you don’t get an invitation, it appears automatically in your PS Store. If your on the xbox you need an email.

  • Yeahhh!!! Finely something good for the ps3 players :D

  • can’t wait too try out th Beta it looks amazing im gettin both Games Mw3 & BF3 :)

  • pre ordered mine months ago carnt wait !!! i will deffo b dwn loading this demo thanks…

  • i thought the bf2 maps dlc was already in the game in the “limited” edition thing?am i wrong?

  • Simply awesome.
    Feels like a nice little victory to me. A week doesn’t quite cut it against the activision deal with MS for 4 weeks exclusivity, But a week ahead of everyone else sounds great to me.
    Extra stuff, or good discounts for PS+ subs would make the pot even sweeter

    Thanks Tommy/DICE/Sony

  • What RE4 is £15.99?…which planet is your store located,?……am well looking forward to getting hold of this, what i’ve seen of it so far looks unreal,…personally i doubt it will make ‘that’ much difference about either pc,ps or xbox versions as there all going to be/look better than most anything thats come b4,….though with most of my ‘squad’ being over on x-box i’d probably best choose that,….if this was a different game i’d most probably try to think of some cynical remark regarding the LE MOH early access…’late’ access, but as it’s B3 i will not try,…though i am still gutted i was chosen for the alpha, but alas a alienware is a bit to extravagant for my needs,….so roll on the 27th,……AWSOME….

  • hey people of the gaming community im gona be off topic here, i was pulled off the street other day to play bf3 in some trailer as a promo but have you seen the xbox store? here is a link for info, but iv been there and its great. all xbox needs now is a license for beer and ill convert lol
    ill never convert but iv got to hand it to them they sure know how to market their company.
    sorry i couldnt give link to some photo’s as i was gob smacked at the time!!!!!

  • “First, we are very happy to announce the dates for the eagerly awaited Battlefield 3 Open Beta. The Beta is open to all and will run from September 29th to October 10th. You can join it by simply going to the going the PlayStation Store and navigating to the Demos section, followed by the Latest PlayStation Demos option – from there you’ll see the link to download the Battlefield 3 demo!”
    @ 21 and 23 what isn’t clear about that guys?

  • Wow, a week of DLC exclusive! Nice job Sony, that is some really well invested money! We may not all die in 2012, but I sure hope the video games industry will, we really need to start over.

  • 27th for me ;)

    Can’t wait & I have the Physical Warfare Pack preordered!

  • already got the DLC , dont care if we get it before anyone else . I just want to play the game …..

  • proud to be a ps3 user xD…. see u all on the battlefield -_-

  • @ undergroundgr

    Yes you’re right. If you preorder you’ll receive the limited edition, which includes the Back to Karkand map pack!

  • a week is better than nothing but is close to nothing…
    did DICE already say anything about move support? not that i dont want to use my DS3, but move support would give it more options and lots of people do enjoy to play FPS with move and the KING of FPS should have it too…

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