Select AC: Revelations Discs Include The Original AC

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Select AC: Revelations Discs Include The Original AC

Hey there PlayStation Assassins!

We have something really exciting to announce today: thanks to a special partnership with Sony, we are offering a full version of the original Assassin’s Creed for free if you’re one of the first to buy Assassin’s Creed Revelations! Supplies are somewhat limited, however, so you’ll need to act quickly (pre-ordering might help ;D) in order to take advantage of this special offer.

As you know, Assassin’s Creed Revelations will see Ezio follow in the footsteps of the legendary Assassin Mentor Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad on a quest to understand the true nature of what it means to be an Assassin. To prepare you for this journey, we thought it might be a good idea for you to have the game that started it all on-hand just in case you needed a quick refresher on Altaïr’s history.

To further ensure that you are completely up to date on the lore of Assassin’s Creed, we’ll also be discounting Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood by 30% in the PlayStation Store!

Vittoria agli Assassini!

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  • will there be trophies added to AC1?

    • I enquired about this and found out that the game on the Disc is the same build that was published on PlayStation Store a while back, so it doesn’t include Trophies.

  • Awesome offer!! :D

  • Is this with all versions of the game? If I was to pre-order the Animus would I be guaranteed a copy of the first Assassin’s Creed?

  • Just finished AC1 at the weekend (and had completed AC2 a few weeks ago). About to start AC Brotherhood and want to finish that so quickly that I can start AC Revelations.

  • What about discounting the brotherhood DLC?

  • I suppose the most people who get Assassin’s Creed Revelation already have the first game.

  • Good deal… the offers are 100% confirmed also for European territories?

  • I don’t have the first game @European_Gamer.
    May pick up Brotherhood also

  • For ALL European territories, sorry for the mistakes :)

  • It’s not a bad idea at all, similar to news on Bioshock Infinite coming with the original Bioshock, but the only problem is that most people who will buy AC:R will be fans of the series and most likely already own all of the games anyway.

    Still it’s free, so it’s a nice gesture.

  • Great offer and I hope it’ll help you sell more games in this fantastic franchise! As someone who already owns the original Assassin’s Creed, is anything added or changed from that to this version? I will definitely get Revelations no matter what but it would be good to know if I should have my eyes on this version.

  • This is a great offer and should hopefully help people get a look at where it all began.

    Revelations is a fantastic looking game and one that we really can’t wait to get our hands on! Have a read of our preview and see just why we are so excited for it!

  • How do we know if the game we have pre ordered comes with ac1? I have Assassin’s Creed Revelations – Collector’s Edition pre ordered @ amazon, will it include ac1?

  • please include trophies.

  • Include some trophies and you got yourself a deal

  • @#1 No, it won’t -_- pretty shame I must say.

  • Would be nice if Assassin’s Creed had a trophy patch, I’m sure it would get people playing it again!

  • Its a good deal but if you added trophy support it would be a great deal and I would play it again for sure.

  • No trophies, dont too care for wether I’ll get a free AC1 or not then.

  • Trophies don’t make the game. Granted they add some more longevity, but it isn’t vital.

    I think this is an awesome pre-order incentive, I just need to get myself Brotherhood before hand.

    AC2 is one of my favourite PS3 titles, along with Fallout 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

  • why would i want a crappy game bundled with an even crappier one ?

  • They don’t realize that the trophy support inclusion in AC1 would lead ubisoft to sell quite a few more copies in either disc/digital formats.

    I’ve played it on PC when first came out I don’t buy it for PS3 because of the lack of trophies, otherwise I would.

  • 21,
    you are probably one of the very few people to say this

  • No trophies? Meh. AC1 is the worst in the series. I dont want to play through that boredom again. Trophies would add some variety and challenge.

  • AC1 was good for the time but its horrible compared to AC2. If AC1 had trophy support it will give some incentive for people to play it again.

  • I think giving AC trophies would be a nice gift to people who supported AC from the beginning.

  • A real nice gesture from Ubisoft, but as most others I would realy like trophies for that game.

  • No trophies no dice.

  • No trophies is a deal breaker.

    Will wait until the game is in the bargain bin.

  • is this applicable to the AC:R collectors edition?

  • No never add trophies to AC1. Imagine if it was collect all the flags and kill all the templars and collect all the feathers and unlock every area of the map. This game is better off without trophies but you must play it if you haven’t as it will make you familiar with the story.

  • Cool offer;) Thanks, i always support game companies that show some love to the PS3;)

  • Hopefully this will come with the collectors edition to :] Can you tell us if it does ?

  • I already pre ordered this over a week ago, does this mean ill get ac1? I take it will come as a store download redeem code?

  • I think that this offer is pointless,most of PS3 players have played/completed AC1 and whats the point of going back without someting new?Whats the point of playing AC2 or AC3 again?Whats the point of buying AC4(Revelations) ,they are all the same thing.When u complete an AC creed game there isn’t any real reason to go back.I know the online is fun but not for very long,after 3 hours it is boring.I dont like AC…..

    Damn it is a really good Game!lol
    But i believe and i will believe for my whole life(And maybe Afterlife) that Tenchu is way better,I still wait one for PS3
    I love Tenchu ,it is the best thing that Humanity ever managed/created,from the 5000BC until now…….in “Gaming History” ofcourse :P
    I will Buy PSV,make sure you will release a Tenchu game there Sony ^__^

  • Tricky, cant sell part 1 to lower purchase costs, but resale of Revelations will have much more value

  • I got AC as my first PS3 game, not a bad game on the whole, i would play thru it again if it were to offer trophies, a lot of people say Trophies don’t add anything to the game and thats fair for some people but for others its an extra target to aim for.

  • @34 seeing as its ps3 exclusive they have probably added it onto certain discs to make full use of blu ray

  • @james can you get gabe to check the comments later please i want him to see that the majority of the original ac fans would love a trophy patch i dont see why they should skip out on trophies especially as they only need to convert the xbox’s ac achievements into ps3 trophies

  • look guys i played the first 1….

    it was one of my first games i bought….

    id rather 7.99 worth of content for the new game if i was still a fan but i left it be when they went all multiplayer after that i didnt play the rest loved the first 1 though the moment wher you first got on your horse was awsome spent 4 hrs riding around lol !!!

    honestly though how hard is it to patch a early game with trophies????

    imagine the money from new sales just to play it the way it should have been with that satisfying bling of a trophy popping and before they say but ppl would buy it preowned blah, blah, blah issue a new disk to the shops or put the trophies with the DD version of the game, then for anyone who does buy the game 2nd hand let them pay say oooh 1.99 for the trophy patch….simple but very smart that way they cover the cost of adding trophies and giving the customer what they want instead of ramming ANOTHER crappy sequel down our throats!!!!

    and on a slightly diffrent note…………


  • i already have ac 1,2 and bhood so ill wait a bit before i buy this jus to skip this offer

  • No trophies, no buy. I’d rather wait until AC:R gets it’s “all DLCs included” GOTY edition.

  • Patch it with tropies than we can talk. Uncharted,Buzz and more could do it so I don’t see how anyone else can’t patch their games with trophies.

  • I have all the AC games apart from the first one which I very nearly bought one time but I wasn’t going to get the next AC because theres better games coming out. Very tempted but, no sorry.

  • I am saddened that AC1 doesn’t come with trophies.

    I’ll pass the pre-order then as I already supported AC1 when it came out, no need to support an unaltered game.

  • Seriously trophys? who needs em you buy a game for gameplay

    new comers let me tell you something heard of a ps1 or ps2? yeah they got no trophies you might be thinkinh ” OH MY GOD ROFL COPTER FAKE AND STUPID NO TROPHIEZ NUBZ”

    yeah ………..

    you know how long it takes to patch stuff with trophies???

    im a ac fan i got all games

    100% platinum ac2
    97% acb

    and i did that for the fun of it

    buying acr Love you ubisoft thank you for the game that reminded me of prince of persia (GOT THE TRILOGY)

    love ya ubisoft

    btw sony how about giving us a acr costume for lbp 1 (or lbp 2)

    might buy lbp 2

    ac1 is a great game always have been you cant expect a old game to be like ac2

    Assassin’s Creed got me and my friends to do some crazy stuff at school blend in with the crowd free run get in trouble but we always said

    Nothing is true Every is permitted we all got ac

    ACR first buy

    ALL game packs brought if there are any

    requescat in pace Acr once im done with you. god knows how you’d look (DISC MIGHT GET SCRATCHED FOR PLAYING 24/7 WITH IT

  • btw assassin’s creed for ps vita too?

    only reason im getting xperia play is for ac on button controls

    lol + for calling but mostly ac

    i love all ac things

    btw plz get acr avatars

    like desmond with the black animus background
    and ezio black animus background
    finaly altair with black animus background
    or the assassins sign

    btw 20p in uk didn’t like spending 40p on ezio avatar

  • Those complaining about trophies…What the hell?

    Games are games.

    I’ve just finished Siren Blood Curse and I’m currently doing a Final Fantasy VI playthrough on my PSP.

    Do I need trophies to do that? NO! We’re supposed to be having fun. When there will be an unforeseen server crash and all trophies will be lost, what do you think will happen?

    I understand that trophies is an incentive to do things you’d never attempt, I’ve done that as well. I wouldn’t have completed 3 Bayonetta walkthroughs without them. But come on, those who have played AC 1 should either not play it again or enjoy the story reminder, but don’t you dare complain about the lack of trophies. This does not suppress any entertaining moment found in the game.

    And this also applies to “Oh no, Resident Evil 4 HD doesn’t have a Platinum!”.

    I wonder how players will react, 20 years from now, when shown games from the early 2000’s.

  • @Sjw17 And he’s french lol how ironic

  • imo,..trophies have given ‘certain’ devs a way to not make a game as good as it would have to be without em, ..sure theres lots of top games out there, yet i believe that if so many ‘consumers’ weren’t as bothered over hearing that ping then they’d most likely be spotting the flaws that are in some games and be demanding a better end,there moneys worth,..alas far to many of us,..(inc me) seem to overlook these things as long as they/me are getting our satisfaction collecting trophies,….also (don’t laugh) theres people who’re addicted to the persuit of em,..Why, i’ve not a clue, it is nice to meet the requirements to earn some,..while others are just a joke or worse to extreme…like play 1000 online games and such….wish i had a idea for a suitable and acceptable alternative but it will probably never change… ye i’m glad i can scan my trophy list and think ye, i earned that and it was hard etc,…but i absolutely believe that gaming and games would be ‘Even’ better without em,..or with a different,..(maybe?) form of getting them,…..btw..i also would love to see AC with a trophy patch,….think i just shot my foot off there….but what can one do.if you can’t beat em join em etc….

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