Debut Trailer: Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD For PS3

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we visited these hallowed halls to talk about our upcoming PS3 and PS Vita game Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD. If you’ve been following the game’s development closely, you may have caught our announcement that we delayed the release of Stranger’s Wrath HD on the PS3 into the summer from its intended spring release. While summer is almost at an end, we wanted to tell you that the game is in the final part of development right now. We’re in beta and fixing bugs, and doing some last-minute optimizing where we can.

It’s been a long road for us, and we’ve made a whole truck full of updates. We’ve updated EVERY one of 83 characters in the game, the vast majority of the environmental textures, and a lot of the environment geometry. We’ve also completely updated the user interface, added some easter eggs into the game, and a whole raft of unlockable extras — some never seen before, and some rarely seen.

To celebrate being at the end of the development cycle for Stranger’s Wrath, we wanted to share this trailer with you. The trailer looks great but the game looks better: you just can’t capture 60 frames-per-second action in a web trailer!

We hope you enjoy the trailer and we’ll be back very soon to share full release details with you.

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  • Game looks good. Cannot wait to play it. Does it feature any multiplayer components?

  • I haven’t played this oddworld game, only the first two, so i’m looking forward for this fps with platforming adventure :D
    Can i have a question?? I really want to know if i buy a ps3 version of this game will i be able to play it on psv or i have to buy it for psv too?? I lke to play the oddworld classic’s on my psp, but this game hava better graphics so i would like to play on my HDTV and later on PSV on the go :D I am also looking forward to other oddworld remakes.

  • This game looks like 2 be interesting now its in hd and on the ps3
    so is this going 2 be on bluray?
    and whens the release date?

  • Quirky. Was kinda hoping it;d be more like Abe’s Oddesy, but will keep an eye out for a demo.

  • Will definitely be getting this, never got the chance to play the original cause never got a xbox.

    @jerry88pl When this was originally announced, it would only be available on PSN download. So you won’t need to buy two copies.

    I’m really looking forward to that side of the PSVita, how I can cloud save and continue a game either on PS3 or Vita. I’ve never really been interested in mobile gaming until the Vita came along. If I’m going on a business trip or something, it doesn’t mean I have to leave an exciting game at home.

  • Didn’t the guy who made the 1st few Oddworld games once say that the ‘PS2′(YES PlayStation ‘2’) was going to fail & he started to just make games for the original Xbox? LoL
    (thats when i gave up on Oddworld games) Yes i know forgive & forget…erm NEVER! :D PlayStation is in my BLOOD;)

  • I can’t wait to play it. All I need it a release date.

    Also will there something like the Odd box for PS3?

  • Hey guys anybody noticed since 3.70 update ,Automatic update ,players met dont work oh and it freezes the ps3 alot?anybody any info on a fix?

  • Remake the first 2 Oddworld games, or make a new game in their style. They were far superior to anything else you put out.

  • Hmm what is the price?

  • I thought this would be like the abe’s oddysee games as I haven’t seen this game before. I too will wait for a demo, not into fps that much, i do have a couple and i think i’ll get deus ex, so yeah i’ll just wait aye.

  • why wait so long to bring out a trailer? people have almost forgotten about this game since it was announced, also i agree with a couple of comments here, i prefer the original ps1 oddworld games they will always be a classic and it is a shame that they were never given the HD treatment that they really deserve, also i don’t like the fact that this current game has gone the FPS route to cater to call of duty fans instead of sticking to the original formula which was a 2D platformer, they could have at least tried to redone Munch’s Oddysee, i would have been happy with that at least.

  • it’s look very nice .

  • So, it looks like a shooter based on the Oddworld universe. Bearing in mind there has never been an original game released on the PS3, how are we supposed to relate to the series? The last game I played of this type was Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus – which was fitting because, even though it was touted as a 5 game series for the Playstation, they decided to release all the rest of their games exclusively on the X-Box! Quite apart from the deep-seated feeling of resentment and betrayal I feel for this company; how do they expect us to pick up the reins after such a huge gap? I loved the original Playstation games, don’t get me wrong; but we were promised games that never got made and I’ll never forgive them for ‘selling out’. I’m bored with shooters, I hate ‘quirky’ shooters even more – I won’t be buying this…

  • Sadly, this game is not for me.

    Shame SCEE stopped development of Just Add Water’s excellent PSN store game Gravity Crash ( ), it would’ve been great to see some DLC for it.

  • Loved this on xbox never thought it would make it too PS3 if the price is right then this game is a must for anyone who enjoys FPS games challenging but never frustrating on a colourful landscape with fun weapons.
    I wouldn’t expect this to be much more than a tenner given its age and content but you never know with the ridiculous price of some of the download games on the market

  • @9 they already remaking Abe’s Oddysee.

  • Stranger’s Wrath is one of the most unique first person games ever made and totally deserves its Oddworld title. Quirky characters, the little guy gaining the strength to take down a massive corporation, platforming gameplay, haunting music and some of the best graphics and CG cutscenes of its time. Only Rareware and Oddworld Inhabitants infused this quality of fantasy charm into their big-budget games.

  • its a huge fail!! i remember picking up the first game all those years ago and getting hooked, actually the whole family did both gameplay styles were amazing. you had to think through the game to survive, there was no shooting just pulling leavers and taking minds over!!! this new one is a bit of a run n gun and looks nowhere as challenging as the classics. this is probably a good example that kids are incapable of working things out these days, so not a buy from me but i might just go and drop a few hints to the misses to get the classics for xmas

  • It’s not a run and gun. You fail.

  • @20
    no its an adventure!!! i said a bit of a run and gun, the video doesnt show running about all over the place and shooting enemies up! o wait it does, it doesnt show puzzle solving and sticky situations like the old ones. its a far cry from being as good or better than its older titles, again it looks easy and suited for the more child aged market.
    some will love it and some dont, i just happen to prefer the older game style

  • Bought this on steam on release.
    Played it to death.
    Can’t wait to play it again this time in HD.

    Didn’t they say it was going to have move support somewhere?

  • @ Judgehusler

    Thanks for the heads up as i’ve never played this game. It’s good to get a gamers point of view rather than reviews etc.

    Might pick this up though, as Just Add Water mentioned an Oddboxx collection being released with the first 4 titles.

  • i played it for a time it was on the xbox, it had levels to pulled, ladders to climb the enemies are space out on the playfield there are parts you don‘t encounter enemies.

    it not like enemies always coming at you.

    this will be day 1 buy. :)

  • Great! another mindless shooter game, we really need more of them, NOT!! will play my old PS1 oddworld games instead, at least they had some originality and gameplay value. remember those words do you developers? GAMEPLAY!! ORIGINALITY!! I can lend you a dictionary if you need a reminder of their definitions!!

  • andy08ps its gonna be a ps3 psn store download only and only for ps3 xbox had original that they STOLE from us so im gonna say this NEVER STICK THESE remakes on xbox cuz we own them.

    & Weasel-Dave SHUT UP u dont know a good ps3 game even if it dropped out of your butt that is full of soul storm brew

    me and other fans are gonna buy this game wen its out and we cant wait to have it :D and i think other ppl wil agree with me ur just like skookie30 a right moaner y dont u go marry her and have moaning babys together

  • yes they remakin oddworld HD 2d in 3D :D

    anyone got from dust its cooool

  • Sorry Richy, I thought this was a place for voicing your opinions, rather than just spouting badly spelt abuse, I will know better next time. But you are right about From Dust, it’s a great game and well recommended.

  • P.s. Rich, Skookie30’s comment is positive and complimentary towards this game, so why are you picking on her? Seems a little mean of you to involve an innocent party in your tirade.

  • To everyone calling this a stale unoriginal FPS, this game has the same charm and a unique atmosphere just like all the other OddWorld games. Not to mention, it’s in 3rd person and primarily a platformer. The “FPS” parts you see are merely in aiming mode. It’s kind of similar to Ratchet & Clank in the sense of combining shooter & platformer elements.

  • Seriously? “Sold Out”? “Betrayal”? You do realise it wasn’t OWI’s decision to develop solely for the Xbox, right? It was EA’s (Who bought up OWI. This was a time when EA was the publisher equivalent of an amoeba and swallowed up developers such as Bullfrog) decision to develop for Xbox and only for Xbox.

    Also, to Carl-G…No, Lorne Lanning actually stated that one of the reasons OWI dropped out of game-developing (After Strangers Wrath.) was because they couldn’t develop for the PS2 and that they couldn’t please all sections of their fanbase. I cannot recall seeing anything where he said the PS2 would fail.

    After a lengthy absence, they’re back, and they’re bringing a game that the original fans missed out on. They’re ensuring that their fanbase can view the games they most likely never got to play, something they’re doing hand in hand with giving Oddysee and Exoddus the HD treatment. Our response? BOO! HISS! GO AWAY! BETRAYERS!

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from the unwarranted sense of entitlement generation.

  • Well, as a fan of the originals this is nice to see, but can anyone explicitly confirm that the other are being released? I already own Abe 1 and 2 but I’ve always wanted to play Munch’s Oddysee too.

  • BTW, lol I always loved the names of the three bosses from Exoddus, General Dripik, Vice President Aslik and Director Phleg, lol I was laughing for ages after I first heard them. If nothing else Dripik’s name was perfect, he was so dumb lol, he was a drip.

  • I was so [DELETED] when this suddenly became an Xbox exclusive, especially considering the series is affiliated with Playstation.. This was one of the titles I was looking forward to before the ps2 launch but it never released..

    Hope it stands the test against time

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