Fracture, A Short Film Debuting In PS Home

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Greetings one and all. My name is Ashley Wing, an independent filmmaker from the UK based in Devon.

Me and my crew are just coming to the end of the long post-production process on our sci-fi short film ‘Fracture’. The grade (colouring of the film) only has a few days left and then we render our final export before it begins its journey to the Home Cinema.


Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself and why I proposed an online premiere at PlayStation Home cinema.

I have worked on numerous projects, from corporate videos, music videos, promotional clips and new media – some of which have seen me travel around the world.

I’ve written and directed several short award-winning films and am currently involved in the development of a mobile phone game. It’s great fun and not too dissimilar from the creative process of film-making.


Yes, I’m also gamer! It began back in the Eighties with a ZX Spectrum, followed by a Sega Master System, right up to my current PS3 console. It saddens me to say that, due to my job and various projects, I don’t have as much time to dedicate to games as I once did. That said, I still book a week off to play the bigger titles.

I tried PlayStation Home for five minutes when it first launched. I didn’t launch it again until March 2011 after my writing colleague and friend, Paul Atkins, suggested I check it out again.

Appetite whetted, I immersed myself fully within the world, got to meet people and generally be part of the ever-expanding community.

Impressed with the changes and the possibilities of the software, I found myself standing in front of the online cinema, scratching my head and thinking ‘why are there no short films playing here?’

It’s perfect – the films are short enough to enjoy a narrative without encroaching on free time. That was the moment I sent an email to Sony about ‘Fracture’.


Home to me is about many things – it’s about sharing, communicating, self expression. Gamers are experiencing an expanding, living, breathing community. I think the idea of creating an online facility where friends can sit down to watch a short film, and then talk about it afterwards, is bringing the community experience even closer.

It’s pushing the cinema in the direction it needs. It breaks the ice with strangers, or continues a conversation thread with friends. Whatever the audience gets from it I’m certain it will be a richer experience than simply watching a movie trailer.

In short, I think the future of Home is bright indeed – which is why I’m so excited about premiering ‘Fracture’ on the Sony Home Cinema. I see so many possibilities to explore and hope to have the opportunity to bring some of them to fruition.

Games and media are a huge part of my life so I will follow the developments with great interest – and hopefully even get chance to contribute. I’d like to hear some of your ideas, too!

So after all that I guess you finally want to know about the actual film we plan to screen?! Let’s start with the trailer:

‘Fracture’ is a short film produced by Fxhome Limited. It was pitched as a world-wide community project – a ‘no-to low-budget’, non-profit movie.

We had a five-day shoot in a small industrial unit at Henderson business park in Norwich, England, before the project entered a lengthy post production, with many effects being created by our vfx supervisor, Sebastien Regert.

The film is set on the bleak and unforgiving surface of a distant world where a fragile mining base stands isolated, relentlessly battered by brutal storms. The crew have known loneliness, love and betrayal in their time there, and in such a claustrophobic environment secrets can’t stay hidden forever…

If you would like to know more, watch the pre-production videos or listen to cast and crew interviews you can do so at:

You can show your support to the project by following us here:

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2 Author Replies

  • Great initiative, and I can only applaud any attempt to make decent sci-fi :) (looking forward after the teaser :D)

    One remark. question.. Will it show in the normal film theatre, or will you have a special space for showing ? I’m asking because there is no real full-screen option in the theatre (only a screen zoom with massive borders), which could have some serious impact on the viewing experience.

  • Thanks for premiering in Home! I was wondering if this would make it’s way across the pond for the US Home users to enjoy. Me being one of them. Again thanks for the contribution

  • I am sorry but the trailer did nothing for me, trailers should grab your attention and make you wanna see more….yours didn’t do that.

    I am sure this might be a great film and until that moment it goes live, and i manage to watch it, i may post again and eat cake :)

    ***This is my opinion and i am entitled to it before the flame wars begin***

  • @ Fr34kyUK: The cake is a lie!

  • I think this is a great idea for small independent companies to release on home. many a times I’ve walked around the cinema area in home wishing an actual film was being shown.

    as for the movie it looks really good and the cgi looks really good for having a no-low budget.

    is this going to be free or is a pay-per-view affair? either way I will watch it?

  • I assume the reason why is, Sony let you have a good deal and its marketing.

  • Movie premieres in Home? Now we’re talking!

  • Great idea. Really looking forward to watching it.

  • BTW it’s already live in Home, you have to go into the Fracture auditorium after watching you get a poster.

  • Having watched this yesterday in Home I have to say it was really well done. A nice short movie with a sci-fi thriller feel to it, worth a watch even if you’re not a regular Home user.

  • “Me and my crew”… erk. One of my pet hates; while grammatically correct this suggests you think you are more important than your “crew”, as you have put yourself before them, and so is quite impolite.

    “My crew and I” would be better.

    I know this is no place to start spouting on about English and grammar but hopefully someone, somewhere, will take note and perhaps we can still head towards a society who communicate effectively with words and sentences rather than, as it seems sometimes, a society who communicate with grunts, gestures and “text-speak”.

  • I hope this come to NA Home :D Looks awesome

  • An actual movie in the home theatre? Genius… I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner though. Anyway, I’ll be watching it when it releases.

  • @3 disagree totally, as for nil to low budget the trailer and i hope film look great, from a sci-fi film/game fans prospective, imo….@bumblebee i agree with the apparent loss of proper English/grammar but your example could also mean the opposite, as in you don’t need your crew, for back up or help etc, suppose it’s really how you view yourself, which having little info about am not in a position to comment on…no offense to both above intended.

  • Howdy one and all,

    First of all, thank you for taking time to watch Fracture and posting your feedback! We spent a lot of time working on this and it’s fantastic to finally get it out there – and what better way than screening it in the cinema auditorium?!

    @11 – Pet hate or not, I hire people to do a job, and therefore they are part of my crew – a tight-knit unit, almost like family. All our objectives are the same – to make the best film we possibly can.

    @2 – We really want to screen it in the US too, but our hands are tied until there’s a big enough demand for it. So shout loud, show your support and make it happen!

    I sincerely appreciate all your kind words and look forward to what possibilities lay ahead. I’ll be in Home sporadically and if anyone has any questions about the production, I’m more than happy to answer them.

    All the best,

  • Will fire up home and have a look.

  • Finaly a reason to start up Home again (after years).
    I hope the cinema will get used more often for this (and any) kind of movies instead of trailers of movies and games.
    I also hope the quality (resolution) of the picture will be high enough to enjoy.

  • Playstation home what’s that never heard of it.

  • Just finished watching it and I have to say.. This made my morning! Pretty ok cgi and acting for a low budget one. Keep it up!

  • You know what, fair play! Thanks for gettin the ball rollin on this one, sony should keep this going as iv always wondered up untill now “whats the point” with the pshome cinima, it was a waste of time b4 but now i can see a bright future for it, right then im off to check out Fracture, looks pretty cool!

  • Awesome!!! This is a fantastic idea. Looking forward to watching it. Any idea of the release date?

  • Hi Ashley :) I bumped into you in Home last night whilst watching Fracture. It was good to talk to you!

    I started to watch Fracture believing that it was a trailer. As a couple of minutes passed I realised something else was going on. I was pleasantly surprised! I believe there is a future for this kind of thing in Home. I think Sony could do with a quality option for the stream (Fracture was highly compressed compared to trailers), where, for example, you could choose to buffer a while if you wished to enjoy higher definition content. I also believe that a full screen option would be a definite hit with users – the screen surround is a waste of TV real-estate when enjoying a movie.

    As for the movie itself; I enjoyed it. I had a feeling it was a BBC script, and it turns out I was right! This is certainly no bad thing – I definitely got a British Drama vibe from it.

    Overall, I think this screening has been a success. Kudos on being the first to come to Sony with this; and I look forward to your other ideas – including your game/movie collab!

  • @Coleguilla It’s available in the Home Cinema, the trailer is streaming in the foyer – with the full short film playing in the middle screen to the right.

    @plasticmouse Quite a few community members thought the same, about it being a trailer!

    Home has an eclectic range of users so it’s interesting to read through the comments and talk to the audience. The feedback has been positive and constructive which is great in allowing us to move forward and produce quality movies the community want to watch.

    Keep sending us your feedback!


  • Great idea, much better use for the cinema in Home rather than just the same old trailers that are hardly updated anymore. Still showing Transformers 3 trailer?! :-S

  • Great idea, much better use for the cinema in Home rather than the same old trailers showing. Cowboys & Aliens?! :-S

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