From Dust Hits PSN September 14th

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From Dust Hits PSN September 14th

From Dust for PS3 (PSN)

The wait to experience Eric Chahi’s award winning strategy game, From Dust is almost over. We’re happy to announce that From Dust will be coming to the PlayStation Network on September 14th . In a little less than a week , players will get a chance to experience the winner of Game Critic’s Awards Best Strategy Game of E3 and what GameInformer called “a breath of fresh air”.

From Dust for PS3 (PSN)

From Dust puts players in control of The Breath, a mysterious power used by a primitive tribe to battle against the forces of nature. Players will use this power to help the tribe regain the knowledge of their ancestors. However, regaining this knowledge won’t be an easy task for players as the world of From Dust hosts volatile natural elements, including volcano eruptions and tsunamis.

From Dust for PS3 (PSN)From Dust for PS3 (PSN)

From Dust will be available on the PlayStation Network on September 14th for 14.99€ / £11.99

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  • Very interested when i saw this game, forgotten it was coming to PSN.

    Any PS+ Discount?

  • I don’t know what to make of this!

    It reminds me of a severley upgraded version of Populous.

    Looks gorgeous but I think i’ll pass :(

    @ Toppot

    Yes Plus members will get a discount but no mention on what % yet!

  • Good stuff! I’ve been waiting on this one, we need more strategy games on the PS3 of any sort. Plus, it’s good to see that God games are still about, I don’t think I’ve played one since the original Black & White.

  • It’s about damn time…..seems like we’ve been waiting ages for this, while xbox users have had it for a couple of months now.

  • Hmm would have bought it day one if I hadn’t already completed it on a friends Xbox I mean its been out since late July. But I doubt it’ll effect sales if I don’t get it lol.
    It just confuses me why third party publishers make such stupid deals to delay releases on platforms when it comes to downloadable games yet you’d never do it with disc based games.

  • At long last!! I’ve been waiting so long to play this… Looking forward to it :)

  • What about move support ? According to the reviews, the xbox version suffers from bad controls.

    I’m pretty sure the PS move would allow a better control of the game…

  • the way you described it looks nothing like the trailer…..

    or maybe am looking up the wrong game?

    i followed the dust link in the post and it says the game is called dust514 on the sony website…same in the tags, that’s how i found the trailer on this blog and it looks like a fps?


  • @Ravenblade86…..I agree with you mate, we need more games of this type. The last great god game i played was Populas & the epic Mega lo Mania on the sega megadrive.

  • The game got some excellent reviews but has a questionable balance of cost / gamelength.

    The initial buzz when the game launched made me feel like it was a day one buy, but as time has passed & other games have come out it, From Dust can wait until it is in a sale.

  • Huh, I didn’t know this was coming out on the psn. Now, I’m glad I didn’t buy it on the xbl.

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  • Will there be a demo/trial?

  • £12? Bargain! Sold.

  • @xxSamuraiGirlxx

    Dust514: MMO First Person Shooter set in the EVE universe.

    From Dust: RTS / Populous style God Game.

    This is about the latter.

  • Won’t buy games that are Time exklusives. See you have already lost 1 copy now :)

  • I’m really looking forward to this; the reviews have been very good!

  • You should fix the links in the story ;-)

    Anyway i’ll be getting this….

  • Too late… Bought the PC version. 2 weeks ago. Announcing the date earlier would have helped. Don’t care for the ridiculous exclusivity NDA timed exclusive timed announcement stuff.

  • So this comes out months after Xbox version and costs more. Was looking forward to this but Ubi are starting to annoy me, by all means to do timed exclusives but don’t charge more for the delayed version.

  • It did get ok reviews but there was a lot of things wrong with the game like an uneven difficulty curve, the game’s camera, terrible pathfinding logic for the tribe, etc.
    Is that all corrected?

  • @StuDevo Agreed.

  • Would have bought this if it was out when 360 got it, but now I may as well just wait for Journey to come out as it looks much better.

  • Is this identical to the 360/PC versions? Or did you at least spend the extra time improving it? :P

  • @ Alex Monney
    Will there be a demo please?

  • Don’t suppose Ubisoft have told you what they intend to charge for this belated release have they? Their recent timed exclusives have released at prices as high as double the price on “the other platform”

    Speaking of “the other platform” as they flat out won’t allow publishers to release over there if they release to us first, what are the chances Sony could fight back and impose additional content or discounted price as a condition of releasing here late as Ubisoft have been doing recently?

  • hell yeah i never played the game but i don’t have any money to purchase it i spend all of them to buy the psn play titles and now i am waiting for my pay day the heist better check it out on youtube first oh and yes will there be a demo trial fro this game to be sure thanx oh and another question will you realease the rachet and clank all 4 one avatars US already got them ;)

  • £11.99? After paying full price for Plants Vs Zombies only to discover it’s free now on PSN Plus I’m reluctant to pay full price again. Why can’t you reward customers with better discounts? Making games free like that only incenses the hardcore & loyal who buy everything first go! Sony look at this please!

  • after paying full price for plants Vs zombies and then discovering it free on PSN plus I’m reluctant to pay for another game like this Sony! Why don’t you reimburse or offer greater valued discount on future purchases if you make them free? So disappointing and poor marketing on your part!

  • Xbox had it first and cheaper that puts me off almost immediately. They left it too late like Mortal Kombat Arcade! I’m saving for DLC now!

  • Didn’t see the price at the bottom of the post. 12 quid, that’s significantly higher than it was released almost two months ago on the XBLA. Are we sure this isn’t another case of Ubisoft “mislabelling” the price to see if we’ll pay a premium again as they did with BG&E

    A markup, any markup on a belated release is unacceptable and the PSN needs its pricing guidelines adapting to make that point. I know that publishers set the prices on PSN but they’re abusing that freedom, signing exclusivity arrangements with another platform and then coming here later with inflated prices. Please fix this SCEE, if you don’t then publishers will continue to treat your platform and its users as a second class, especially given that your competition has recently added a rule to its online store to specifically mandate against late releases there.

  • Ummmm, it’s not “significantly higher” on PSN from where I’m standing. 1200msp is ~£10. The difference is less than a cup of coffee.

  • I have to agree that we are being unfairly treated if release is approx 20% dearer on PSN several months later

  • Well that was about time… I don’t even know if i’m still interested now that Dead Island just released…

  • @Opt1mus76: I guess when you put it like that, it is a little unfair, that said, we will get a day one discount according to this week’s Heads-Up. Which should restore parity for PS+ users.

  • I’ll be getting this for sure..

  • @VictorAnalogy So you pay extra for a fair price, and you think thats a good thing? Wow, thats ignorant.

  • That’s not what I said. I just said that the Plus discount would restore parity. The Plus discount should mean that I pay less than the… Let’s call it rrp for want of a better word, but, you might as well look on the bright side. I’m not ignorant. There’s just more important things in my life than the price of games. It’s called “perspective”.

  • been waiting for a game like this for sum time now looks rely good

  • after playing the demo on xbox live I wouldn’t recommend this.

  • everyone ignore danielmccue if you want to buy the game buy it he is just trying to stop people buying it ive seen his type before

  • £11,99 means its a good game and i wil be buying it and danielmccue shut up

  • Fantastic game/life style! Just played this and is now an instant purchase. Original and brilliant! Thanks guys.

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