Co-op, The Battlefield 3 Way

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Co-op, The Battlefield 3 Way

Hi all! This is Tommy Rydling, Product Manager at DICE. Having just come back from a great GamesCom show in Germany, here’s your chance to learn all about the co-op campaign in Battlefield 3 that we showed off on PS3.

We designed co-op is designed to be the perfect blend between the strong narrative from single player and the open-ended action from multiplayer. We are fusing the replayability of multiplayer with a pick up and play mentality to create a totally new flavour of Battlefield.

Co-op follows the same philosophy as our award-winning multiplayer game mechanics. Teamwork is practically never forced upon you, but working together will make things much easier and — more importantly — lead to victory.


“Snake-66 is mission go!”

The missions in the co-op campaign are for the most part asymmetric. This means that one mission can have you piloting a helicopter while your friend is the gunner, for example. Other situations have one player disarming a bomb and the other one defending him. Or (as you could see in our press conference playthrough at GamesCom) you can do tandem kills to avoid detection. There are also other mechanics requiring teamwork, such as spotting enemies to make large firefights easier, or the essential concept of reviving one another to avoid ending up at the game over screen.

The co-op missions in Battlefield 3 all take place in the same world as the single player campaign, and follow a unique series of events that lead up to an explosive finish. Players in co-op will take the role of soldiers that are not tied to any one particular branch of the Armed Forces. This is an intentional design decision to allow for a vast variety in gameplay in the different co-op missions.

Extract Hamid El Zakir
At GamesCom 2011, we ran Battlefield 3 in co-op for the first time, with the mission Exfiltration on 10 PlayStation 3 stations. During the five days of the show, thousands of fans and journalists got hands-on time with Exfiltration.

The mission revolves around a defecting informant, El Zakir, that you and your co-op friend need to escort to safety. The mission starts outside the building where El Zakir resides. You need to move in, remove any opposition, and extract the target. If you can make it that far without raising a single alarm, there’s a little bonus in it for you. Part two of Exfiltration has you clearing a path for your convoy so you can reach the outskirts of the city, before entering two of the vehicles and assisting by manning the top-mounted machine guns. There’s much more to the mission, but that gives you an idea of what to expect.


Man down! Give your co-op buddy a helping hand to stay in the game.

Lend a helping hand
To survive through the co-op missions, you’ll need to stay close to your buddy. If he goes down, lend a helping hand with the new co-op “Man down!” mechanic, that lets you revive him in the heat of battle. While being down, you can still use your secondary weapon to defend yourself, while slowly crawling to a safer spot where your friend can help you without getting shot. If both of you go down, it’s game over.

You fight together. You die together. And you score together. After having cleared a co-op mission with your friend, your total combined score will be displayed via Battlelog, our suite of free social features that connect all Battlefield 3 players. Missions are designed to be shorter than single player missions, so you can easily do multiple rounds in an evening to try and beat your friends’ high score. The best score of your Friend will be displayed for each mission, so you know what to aim for.

Difficulty is high. We are definitely going for a tough challenge in all missions. Also, since competitive players will likely try each mission several times, all of the co-op missions contain randomized elements to keep every playthrough fresh. Clearing the co-op missions not only gives you scores and bragging rights – it also has benefits for your multiplayer career. There are a number of weapons that you can unlock in co-op and take with you to the regular multiplayer modes. These unlocks are based on your combined scores accumulated throughout the co-op campaign.

We hope you enjoyed this first look at Exfiltration. It was very rewarding meeting our fans at GamesCom, and we hope you stay tuned for more blog posts here at the PlayStation blog as we move ever closer to launch. And don’t forget there’s an upcoming Open Beta in September!

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5 Author Replies

  • Cant wait for this! *Pre-orders*

  • YES! sounds like it’s influenced by Rainbow6 Vegas co-op (which is one the best co-op games around) but with the scope of Battlefield. Randomized enemy spawns kept that game fresh for YEARS, it was always unpredictable, so it’s awesome knowing BF3 will also have randomized elements too. Awesome news.

  • @ 2

    Totally agree!

    Rainbow 6 Vegas was excellent & hopefully the 3rd title will be released next year, due to the screenshots & story that i’ve read ;)

  • Why is there no PS3 gameplay video include in this post?

  • Awesome! Been waiting for more info on the co-op. Onslaught was a disappointment tbh, it didn’t have enough replayability, but in BF3 the co-op sounds brilliant, having more random or at least less predictible spawns and having some cool, varied objectives is awesome. Having it unlock weapons for MP is a great idea too imo.

    I plan on playing the crap out of this :)

    • Glad to hear you like what you’re reading, Cassy!

      And yes, looking back at Onslaught we see it as a good experiment in offering something outside the core gameplay of a Battlefield game that we learned a lot from. I think one of the main draws with co-op in BF3 will be the fact that these are completely new maps that form its own story. I mean, apart from the high score hunt and replayability factor that will have you playing the crap out of it. :)

  • @ OniEyes

    Here’s a link if you’re interested:

  • Where is my copy of battlefield 3………….cant wait…………mmmmm beta…?

  • Sounds good but modern warfare 3 is on its way, who will have the better gameplay, I know modern warfare 3 has a huge fan list just waiting, good luck battlefield!

  • What day is the beta out?

  • I think i wont get an answer so i’ll answer the question for myself:

    “PS3 gameplay of Battlefield 3 is being purposely withheld because EA & Dice are mis-selling and marketing Battlefield 3 on the back of the PC version, which the PS3 version will never approach”

    Thanks for the reply guys. Do you have any further comments?

    “Yes, if you want an amazing graphical powerhouse for your console without corporate lies, stick to high profile games developed EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOUR CONSOLE of choice. Games like Uncharted 3 for PS3 or Gear of War 3 for xb360”

    Lol. thanks again guys!

  • is looking the business,as usual,and can’t wait for release date, erm have i missed something though as i’ve no info on when i can get into the beta,for getting MOH please lets know,on a slightly different topic i was Gutted at end of july i got a invite off Dice for private beta, but i haven’t got a ‘gaming’ pc, what are the odds, smpathy anyone?.

    • If you bought MOH:LE or Tier 1 Ed. you will be invited to the Beta 48hrs before it goes public. In September. Exact dates will be announced later.

      And I’m guessing the PRivate Beta you mention was actually our technical Alpha Trial. :) Sorry you couldn’t join, though.

  • we all know this already. i bet we all want to play the demo/beta ourself!

  • I’m happy to hear previews have been shown off on PS3, meaning we are not getting the smelly end of the stick.

    I’ll be getting this along with MW3, my shooting needs fixed for the year (so, Sony, make some RPG games! Shooters are settled by your 3rd party partners!).

  • this game looks like it has the best graphics ever(literally ever) i dont think there is a game available with better graphics which is good…makes it more realistic aww but you gotta have a demo or a beta before i buy any game the resident evil 5,infamous,burnout paradise and some other demos are what pushed me to buy the full game i only bought mgs4 cuz i played it round my friends 1st

  • @ Catkiller1 & cassychan

    Thanks for the links guys but i think you missed my point.

  • @12, OniEyes

    The footage of the co-op that was shown at GamesCom that Catkiller1 and I posted is PS3 footage…

  • sounds a bit ‘funny’ whats everyone know allready, ….. and do devs really make games that sell in multi millions designed only for pc’s i just thought it would look better on a alieware or better? as they must have better bits inside, well thats my assumption due to the cost of a real gaming laptop/pc compared to most others.. suppose you get what you pay for obviously …. will that be all stranger….. haha those quotes really cracked me up the last few weeks… good memory’s etc….. erm i still got the code for pc beta here bet theres a few lucky guys with a good pc that would love that.

  • Great post.

    This game is going to be truly fantastic!

    Have only just platinum BF2, and still playing, went back and had a go on BF1, that still holds it own. A brilliant series that continues to delight. Cannot wait for the Beta in September, and from tomorrow we can say the game is next month!

    Had an incredible session on BF2 last night, managed to get top’s on every game. :-)

    Pre-ordered through Game, Shopto and Play. Which ever arrives first I will keep!

    cannot wait. Thanks Dice.

  • Ditch this campaign nonsense and make a multiplayer only Battlefield please, it is bad enough the PS3 gets limited by the 360 version and Microsofts stupid “Cannot be better on PS3” rules, but then to waste limited disc space (360 limits) of single campaign stuff is even worse.

    This is why BFBC2s map were all boring rehashes instead of actual new maps for months and months.

  • The game just looks amazing can’t wait

  • Really can’t wait for this, hopefully the whinging tweens will stay on cod. After all team play will be over their heads.

  • @ OniEyes

    No, I knew what you were reffering to I just though i’d post it anyway incase you missed it.

    I feel the same way, as they big it up in this post but don’t follow it up with a video. It’s as if they have no confidence in showing any footage, which can be worrying at this stage, but I have every confidence in EA & Dice!

  • I don’t wont to hate on B3 too much but that co-op video looks extremely average graphically (Its probably why there is no official video here on the blog).

    Unless you are a big Battlefield fan, there is NO reason for you to be excited about this game, especially when there are genuinely impressive PS3 games like Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 coming soon.

    ….lol, I bet the PS3 version of B3 even runs at a sub-hd resolution like Crysis 2 does LOoooooL lol lol.

  • Please, no fishy comments here. This is about BF3.

  • keyboard + mouse support like your good ol’ friends Valve are doing on CS?

  • This is the one game I’d like to get a high end pc for, the console version still looks awesome but obviously less spectacular..

  • @ catkiller

    I have every confidence B3 will be better than MW3, that’s for sure. But personally, i prefer games that push my PS3, and those games tend to be made without being held back by xb360 :)

  • @27, ShadowDoGGG

    KB&M users would absolutely destroy pad users though dude. In the case of CS I understand why they’re adding support for it because it’s cross-platform with PC users but as it is now every PS3 is the same and every pad is the same, it’s very even and fair, if KB&M were added there would be a huge division of skill.

  • @ OniEyes POST NUMBER 29

    With you on that one fella! ;)

    PS3 exclusives I feel, have shown that the graphics on the PS3 are better than the “console with no name”.

    Just a shame some developers can’t be bothered to work with SONY & other developers who know the code etc, to learn how to acheive the great things I know the PS3 can do & handle!

    Hopefully the PS4 will have better functions & cross game chat etc. That’s if I decide to get one of course, don’t get me wrong I love my PS3 hence why i’ve purchased many retail games & hundreds of digital titles, but there’s something missing!!??

  • @CassyChan Then let me play with PC users… I don’t care if graphics need to be put down for it to work on bigger maps. I just want KB+ mouse. Or I will just have to save up for a better PC.

  • @shadowdoggg
    Hey dude with u on that with cs but I will deffinatly (sry if I spelled it wrong) but I am surely gonna play it with the sharpshooter it’s a dream of mine since I first played cs when it appeard

  • btw will b3 support move? It’ll be a shame if not because I’m hooked on the sharpshooter and I know there will be some that will hate this comment but hey it’s only a choice! Also I’m seriously thinking of not buying it if it doesn’t support it!

  • Silly question time(because i know no one ever bothers doing it)but –

    Question –

    Will there be 4 player off-line split-screen mode with bots?

    (+ i will answer it…)

    Answer = NO

    YAWN :-/

  • was getting this for PS3 but after reading its only 24 players online for console im going back to PC been looking at my PC spec and it will run on medium to high settings which will still look beter than a console version. Im still playing battlefield 2 on PC that game is years old and is still a beast of a game.

    Battlefield 3 on console = mediocre graphics less players more lagg smaller maps and more spawn killing

    Battlefield 3 PC = Way better gameplay better graphics 64 players less lagg and designated moderate servers to stop the spawn killing n stuff


  • OniEyes

    gameplay= epic either way!

  • ARMY_ALI23

    graphics is a big thing in a fps.

  • killzonexx

    evryone does, even me!

  • KylieDog


  • Nixy

    i bet both games= campers.

  • OniEyes

    the 360 is the thing thats holding the PS3 back to the 360 level.

  • Stonesthrow

    ps3 would be pc level right now if the games wernt 360 ports.

  • UnveiledPanic

    probly not, its not a ps3 exclusive.

  • @Davie222 Sorry mate, you have no idea what your on about. PC is always more superior in graphics, the only thing with Consoles is because there is a standard – it means it is ‘easier’ to get more out of consoles than really they should be allowed.

  • Do-_One

    PC’s cost alot and i mean high gaming PC’s

  • battlefield bad company looks even better than mw3, lol.

  • @DAVIE you can pick up a very good desktop that will run BF3 on high settings for around £450 and that PC would prob last 2 years before needing an upgrade.

    I understand consoles are cheaper but are they ???? i paid 500 quid for ps3 at launch im on my 4th now i got two 60gb back from sony £120 and my last 1 i bought a slim £239

    Maths £979 ive spent on my consoles i could of bought a really high end pc for that money and it still be going strong 3 years down the line.

  • ShadowDoGGG & Do-_One

    im afraid your wrong ShadowDoGGG look at ps3 exclusives, they look exelent wile mutliplatform games are just simply 360 ports, ps3 can do pc level due to the blue ray disk but due to the facd most games are ports the xbox is holding it back.

    Oh and Do-_One maby but the constant paying to update is annoying on top gaming PC’s

    i do know what im talking about and PS3 can do so much more, please guys dont start hating, thanks.

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