SingStore Update 24 August – Rihanna, Katy B, & Loads More!

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Nina’s having a well-deserved rest after singing and dancing away with the rest of our team and lots of you too last week at Gamescom, so you’ve got me this week.

I’ve got a good week though (in my opinion) and some amazing songs. First and foremost is the all-conquering Rihanna with her smash Rude Boy. This is a huge tune for those Summer SingStar parties and has a great video, bringing a carnival vibe to SingStar.


One of the sounds of the festivals this year is definitely Katy B (from the stable one of my favourite radio stations – Rinse FM) and we’re bringing a second Katy B track to SingStar, Louder is from her debut album Katy on a Mission.


Diving back in time a little, and to Sparks. If you like a singing challenge (and we know some of you do) then this is the song for you this week. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us is fast, falsetto, utterly bonkers, genre-defying pop. If anyone can even come close to 10000 points on this I will be very impressed. Can’t wait to see the tribute videos for this on

Lots of other big tracks from big hitters below… and some one hitters too… Babylon Zoo where are you now?

If you’ve missed a couple of updates because you’ve been on holiday the ‘new’ section in the SingStore is now ordered by SingStar release date – easy to look back and see the recent store updates.

Enjoy the summer hits, and come follow us on @SingStarHQ.


In English

Atomic Kitten Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)
Babylon Zoo Spaceman
Blur Country House
Graham Coxon Freakin’ Out
Hurts Illuminated
Katy B Louder
Kylie Minogue What Do I Have To Do? (not released in Australia/New Zealand)
Mcfly Feat Taio Cruz Shine A Light
Rihanna Rude Boy
Sparks This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us
Take That The Garden
Toto Stop Loving You

In German

MIA. Alles Neu

In Spanish

Tequila Salta

Dance add-ons

Gwen Stefani What You Waiting For?
Gossip Standing In The Way Of Control

Tracks have previously been released on a disc.

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9 Author Replies

  • Hey Chris, here’s an idea.

    How about moving SingStar Viewer (the application) from the [Games] section in the XMB to the new [TV/Video Services] one?

    I think this makes sense (it’s more of a video app as it is a game) and people would use it way more (as it stands it’s buried on the bottom of my games list).

    How about it? :)

    • Makes sense …. be nice if you could choose where to put items yourself wouldn’t it? I’m probably not supposed to suggest stuff like that! :)

  • Nice update Chris any idea on when you will have the song list of Back to the 80’s for us and keep the Kylie tracks coming.

    • cheers… Back to the 80s tracklist is still being confirmed, but I can tell you there are some corkers on there :)

  • I’ll be getting Rihanna for sure, and will have to listen tot he previews for the others.

    any news on a track list for back to the 80’s

  • This week i seen vidzone banner on Greek playstation store however I couldn’t access it from my account. Does this mean that we are getting vidzone anytime soon or that it is there by mistake?

  • Pleeeeeeaaasseeeeeeeeeeeee more Britney Spears Songs :x

    Till The World Ends
    I wanna Go
    Im a Slave for you
    Piece of Me


    Rihanna – Russian Roullete
    Lady GaGa – Paparazzi
    Ke$ha – Tick Tock

    Please good songs !

  • how about some linkin park

  • oh and will back to the 80’s be released worldwide?

  • Hi Chris,

    I have problemen with downloading the dance add-ons from the last update.
    I purchashed the dance add-ons, they are on the bill but I cannot download.
    Also they are not in the download history.
    It’s the same problem as it happends evert 2 weeks.

    Can you please help?

    Greetings MonsterRacer

  • Hi MonsterRacer, we’re currently looking at fixes for this issue with colleagues from PSN, more to come very soon on when we will release a fix for the problem some people are having. Apologies and thanks for your patience.

  • Are we getting Street fighter 3 today?

  • @pnov81 you will be lucky its tuesday today not wednesday when store is updated

  • Yes I know that but the PSN play program advertised SF3 being available on the 23rd. Clearly it was a mistake by SCEE but I just wanted to check.

  • It looks like the original article was corrected, it is coming on the 24th then.

  • Yayy more Toto :D

    Do you have any idea who I could contact about the song list of the new Finnish Singstar? There are so many awesome Finnish songs throughout the history which I would like to sing instead of those crappy rap-songs that they play on the radio these days. I absolutely disgust Finnish rap, and I want to make sure that they know it when they’re choosing the songs for the next one.

  • Hurts *AND* Sparks?! \o/
    Thanks Nina! :)

  • lame we want black eyed peas MORE

  • anyone got any ideas for songs the gold trophy for the 9000 hard for rubbish singer im stuck on that as only need that and 1000 4 stars for plat

  • What for game is Singstar? Is it a RPG Adventure game with Rihanna or is it a sequel to Def Jam?

  • any news on MUBI or Vidzone in Poland? I can see those icons on my PS3 during “Whats New” presentations…

  • dude i do practise when no ones around a bit embaresed but i di love the game just need volume 3 then got all the disks also i get some from download bt the way singstar guitar on hard is insane are you mad

  • Can we expect Afrikaans language DLC at some point for Singstar Afrikaanse Treffers?

  • Would’ve prefered a more known katy b track like Katy On A Mission, Lights On, or Easy Please Me, and a more recent Rihanna single (anything from Loud) but it’s a step in the right direction.

    Also i noticed these songs on the dancestar track list, will any be arriving on the SingStore anytime soon?
    Example – Kickstarts
    Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne – Down
    Lady Gaga – Born This Way
    LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem
    Nicole Scherzinger – Don’t Hold Your Breath
    Tiesto vs Diplo ft Busta – C’Mon (Catch Them By Surprise)
    Usher ft. Pitbull – DJ Got Us Falling In Love
    Usher ft. – OMG

    Other requests are On the Floor by J-Lo and Give Me Everything by Pitbull.

    Love SingStar, but until there’s more recent songs, i struggle to spend a lot of time on it nowadays. There’s only a certain amount of times I can sing Frisky and Pass Out after all ;)

  • Oh and can DanceStar songs be imported into SingStar? That would be awesome. And vice versa with some dance songs on singstar.

  • Great update guys!
    Rude Boy is going to be a great addition!

    for future pickings….
    I’d love any song from Jason Mraz (I’m Yours being the obvious choice!)
    Do you think we’ll be seeing Olly Murs or Michael Bublé anytime soon?

  • Thanks Chris, thought that might be the case, oh well ill probably still buy it anyway :)

  • Do you know anything about a patch for singstar resolving the trophy problems? I’m stuck, sung over 300 songs but still no trophy!

    Definitely download McFly ft. Taio Cruz :D

  • Nice update :)

    Hopefully we’ll get more songs from Hurts in future updates (would love to see “Wonderful Life” and “Stay” on the store)

  • Wow best graphics ever! Good storyline def gonna buy it!

  • Serious Question ; Can you connect your ps2 microphones (From Singstar) to the PS3?

  • when are we going get some guns n’ roses on singstar ? have u guys ever tried to get permission ? please awnser, i’ve asked this a couple of times and no one takes 1 minute to awnser me. im a paying customer just like everyone else and i demand an awnser !

  • @Kanudo19 When you pay for a game you buy it to PLAY it not for answers

  • @OGSamir
    Yes, you can use your PS2 microphones on the PS3 :)

  • The updates are getting better each time. Rihanna, Kylie, Take That and Mcfly are a must for me. Keep it up guys ;)

  • Hi there,

    I’ve got a big problem with August 10th’s update : I wanted to buy Franz Ferdinand’s track “No you girls” ; you mentioned that this single won’t be released in SCEA territories. I live in France, a SCEE territory, not a SCEA one and yet it isn’t available in the store…How come is that ??????
    Otherwise, very nice update ; for me : graham coxon, babylon zoo, blur (!!!!!) and maybe atomic kitten & rihanna – although I would have preferred Disturbia & Only girl, stronger tracks…maybe next time… Keep up the good work !!!!
    Have a nice day

  • I won’t be buying any of these songs as at the moment there’s a SERIOUS bug with SingStar; the DL14 H403 error. I can buy songs but can’t download them! I spent £20 on songs last update and I’ve not been able to get a single one of them. So I’ve wasted my money until this is fixed. I’m not alone either so buyers, beware!

    See this thread on the forum for more info:

    Is there any word on this bug? Because it is mighty annoying to spend money then not get what you paid for.

  • Hmmm, the link was broken after I posted it, I will try again but if it doesn’t work, copy and paste into browser and remove the erroneous “space” in the word “error”:

    • Hi Bumblebee… we’re currently looking at and verifying fixes for this issue with colleagues from PSN, more to come very soon on when we will release a fix for the problem some people are having. Apologies and thanks for your patience.

  • I am encouraged by another Toto song, but it’s not “Africa”, and that is a tragedy… about we do something about that ?

    I am very happy with Babylon Zoo’s “Spaceman” – how about more tacky early 1990s nightclub stuff like that….back when I was fresh out of school & wore chambray shirts & stonewashed jeans !

    Perhaps I’ll get Blur & Atomic Kitten as well, but Australia not having the rights to Kylie’s stuff is totally whacked – I suppose her people want to release a disc here, and go back to the archaic format of buying discs rather than getting one disc in order to access the store & then download all the other stuff you want.

    Daft !

  • BTW – Am I going to have to go to that archaic practice of having to buy a disc for “Back To The 80s”, or will I be able to just download the content ?

    (Not like that one that has the Michael Jackson & Feagal Sharkey song on it, or the original Singstar release that Blink 182’s “All The Small Things” & Junior Senior’s “Move Your Feet” on it (because everything else I want has been downloaded), but I refuse to buy a full disc for one or two songs.

    That, & some of the dreadful Singstore updates we’ve seen before are the two things that annoy me about Singstar !!!

  • Hey, could you reply to my message (#14) or at least say if you haven’t got a clue about it.

  • Thanks Chris – I actually (foolishly?) bought another 2 songs this morning from the update so I’m 22 songs down now! But I’ll keep myself and my lady occupied with the 200+ songs I’ve got already and look forward to the day when I get my pack of 22 downloaded!

    Also might be worth telling the guy above me that PS2 mics ARE compatible with PS3 SingStar… although wireless is the way forward!

  • Hi,

    Today I bought Atomic Kitten, Katy B, McFly ft Taio Cruz and Rihanna.

    Rihanna was my 999th Singstar song! Hopefully the next update will contain my 1000th song :D Looking forward to it!

  • @ceacliod

    the reason nobody has replyed to ur #14 comment is maybe cuz nobody knows
    or someone that knows hasn’t been on blog yet
    so wait

  • hi i am still getting this error code h403 and it takes ages to log into the singstar store

    will the maintenance tomorrow fix this??

  • Can you guys please make it easier to associate downloaded Singstar songs with different PS3s?

    I recently bought a replacement PS3 after my original one died, so naturally I’m not allowed to re-download the songs I already paid for. Uh… why not?

    I’ve heard I can call Sony Support to transfer ownership to my new PS3, but there should be a better way than that. I should be able to it through my PS3.

  • Since there’s a few Toto songs now on the Singstore, can you please add Toto – Africa to them??

  • @ Bumblebee

    Use the following link to shorten the link that you would like to post fella!

    The Blog has a character restraint, so if you use the above link & follow the straight forward instructions, you can shorten the url.

    Makes it a bit easier for you that’s all ;)

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