The Games Of Gamescom: LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack Live Demo

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The Games Of Gamescom: LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack Live Demo

A few weeks ago, Sid Shuman, SCEA, Senior Social Media Specialist, delivered an in-depth report on LittleBigPlanet 2‘s upcoming Move Pack, and how it makes level design even more intuitive.

This morning in Cologne, Germany we ran into a couple of Media Molecule members at breakfast (the pastries were delicious). We asked if they’d be interested in running us through the new tools on camera. Media Molecule Level Design Lead Kengo Kurimoto stepped forward with a quick demo.

How cool was that cel-shaded Sackboy? That’s one of six new costumes based on iconic art, and it’s included when the Move Pack drops next month.

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  • The video is set to private.

  • The video is not set to private.

  • looks awesome!!!!!! cant wait to see what the people of come up with!!!

  • how much will it be

  • everyone keeps on about move and converting to move but really there is nothing better than a duel shock control. i’d rather press buttons than swing my arms about like some idiot at some party. lbp has expanded to top down games and other types but really sony is just copying the wii. i create platformers and top down games. if i wanted people to wave their arms around i’d created on a wii. you cant beat something that’s been with us most of our time gaming! vita sounds cool though but i don’t really play handheld’s as much as i used to but i do like reality fighters lol

  • I LOVE LBP :P But i hate MOVE :( Oh well!;)

  • I hope this doesn’t mean we’re suddenly going to have a flood of move-requiring levels spamming up the community moon. That’d be really annoying for those of us that don’t have Move or the DLC. Please MM, give them their own section.

    I’m rather disappointed about the sticker material being in this DLC – I can’t use Move due to a permanent shoulder injury, so I guess I’ll miss out on that :( Any chance of seeing it in another DLC as well guys?

  • Eh? What is that huge thin PS3 device in the background?

  • That’s the same television I got :p See why I don’t get out a lot anymore? :p This is really great..I hope we continue to see this trend of more quality dlc for exclusives (the infamous 2 dlc looks great too), so that it’s not just the exclusives that are better than most games, but also their dlc :p Because it’s really annoying to get expensive dlc and just think of it as a disappointment.. More bang for your buck, that’s what it’s all about with the exclusives :p

  • @6 It’s not supposed to beat Dualshock.. I mean the Dualshock is my alltime favorite controller too, and personally I’m not really into motion controll gaming either, but the Move is a great extension of the Dualshock.. Unlike Kinect, which only offers exclusives for the device, the Move can also be used with games you previously owned..

    For example, I loved replaying Heavy Rain with the Move, the same quality experience as with a Dualshock, just motion controlled and probably even more realistic.. Ofcourse this game was just great for Move anyway because of the original controlls, but it shows the potential of what could be done with Move..

    And it’s not exactly a copy of the wii controller, sure it looks the same but altogether the device has more in common with the Eyetoy camera.. it’s the camera that makes all the difference here.. on the wii it just feels a little sloppy, much more precisive with the Move..

  • Exellent :D Really hope their will be some people that make some awesome move games.

  • @asbo069 I couldn’t agree with you more. Although it’s a great idea, the move just doesn’t do it for me :)

  • This looks awesome! The possebilities are endless and I have seen more usefull and creative ways to use a motion controler than I have seen from Wii, Kinect and the rest of the Sony Move titels combined.
    Great jub, day one buy!

  • Looks fantastic and a great use for the Move controller too. Far better than anything the Wii or Kinect have.

  • @11 true about the wii but the kinect is more of the playstation eye which sony started on the ps2 so microsoft is only just catching up.

  • This could be the best game so far for Move, the paint tool and sticker panel ideas are already ticking away :D

  • That looks insane.worried about the price,and how things like paint work.
    It’d be pointless if people without the pack can’t see the painted creations,or are locked out from playing levels that use the animation wouldn’t make any sense.

  • all i want to know is how much as ive been putting off buying LBP2 because of this i want the complete package instead of half a game but now this is out ill be picking up the game plus its only 20 quid at game at the mo.

    but please tell us is this free or wil we have to spend more money to complete an unfinished game.

    get MM to redo the point blank games as these would be stunning with the move and MM genius to create new levels.

    MAKE THE DO IT (tbh i dont know why they havent redone point blank as this would sell move on its own…

    in the awsome words of captian jean luc picard…..

    MAKE IT SO!!!!!

  • WAIT WAIT WAIT…. so I’ve been waiting for this update to support the move since the day lbp2 came out, initially we had the expectation it would arrive within a few months but unfortunately it has taken almost 8 months….which is fine, worth the wait I hope…

    but of all the time I’ve been waiting today is the first I have heard of people referring to the cost of this update/patch/dlc…[DELETED]? I thought this was gonna be a free update?!!!!

  • It’s a nice idea and so far this is the only game that uses move well to be honest though there isn’t enough games with move to convince me to buy it as it’s either a add on or something similar to arcade machines with light guns its only great for a couple of minutes but then you get fed up so sorry but no move for me

  • I mite dust of lbp2 and start playing it again now!

  • Cant wait but there’s one thing i want to know….. Will there be a beta for this? because if there is i would be REEEAALLY great full to Mm if they let ME be one of the testers!!!! IS there anyone in GB timezone who plays lbp ALOT like me? cuz i’d like a friend who is always on with me ;)

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