PlayStation 3 Now Available at €249.99

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As the gaming world looked to Cologne for the future of PlayStation, SCEE President and CEO Andrew House announced that PS3 is now more accessible than ever thanks to a price reduction that sets it at €249.99 (RRP) with immediate effect.

If you missed the announcement at the SCEE gamescom press conference, you can see the whole thing here until 6pm BST / 7pm CET on Wednesday.

While a price reduction will attract potential PS3 owners, it is high quality games that will keep new and existing customers gripped, and Andrew House was keen to highlight the “experiences that aren’t just exclusive to PS3; they are only possible on PS3.”

Focus was on the exclusive titles coming to PS3 in the rest of 2011, including Infamous Festival of Blood, a standalone extension to inFamous 2 set in Zeke’s Halloween dream in which Cole is bitten by a vampire and gains a new set of powers with which to save or destroy New Marais.

We also saw the influence graphic artist Olly Moss has had on the box art, advertising game trailer, and more for Resistance 3, which is now less than a month away from release. Slightly further out but still teasingly close is Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and we saw a gameplay demo of the blockbuster.

Both Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 will be playable in stereoscopic 3D and the barrier to entry is set to fall as the 3D Display unveiled earlier this year that E3 is coming to Europe. This 24-inch display incorporates unique technology that allows two people playing a game to see individual, full-screen, 2D images – it’s like having two displays in one.

At gamescom 2010 we were awaiting the release of PlayStation Move and this year we heard that over 8.8 million units have been sold worldwide and more that 200 games compatible with the motion controller already. Two more are coming: Move Fitness, a unique fitness title that not only allows exercise, but also fun and personal training; and DanceStar Party, which brings the SingStar accuracy and focus on technique to a dancing game.

That’s not all was revealed at the SCEE gamescom press conference – be sure to check out our round-up of PlayStation Vita news, which includes details of social applications and newly announced games, and the unveiling of the brand new PSP E-1000 model.

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6 Author Replies

  • Wheres the Resistance Burning Skies screens/info?

  • €249 for which model?

  • James

    I am so disappointed by Sony’s conference at gamescom. I was expecting to see

    Syphon filter 4 announced

    Demand five and sky player announced for PS3

    And most importantly PS2 classics introduced

    On the subject of PS2 classics I don’t think we will ever get them as Sony are making loads of money from HD remakes and they can sell them for about £35 each, whilst PS2 classics on PSN would be around £8 to £10 each.

    The moral and honest thing for Sony to do would be to introduce PS2 classics, however the smart and conniving thing to do would be to do more HD remakes, after all Sony is a business after all and they are going to make money no matter what their consumers want.

    I feel like going to the nearest window and throwing my PS3 out and smashing it to smithereens and buying an Xbox.

  • For anyone wondering that’s £199 MCV is saying/confirming.!/Michael_French/statuses/103532424679522305

  • I got a 320GB Ps3 with Playstation Movie starter pack for 350 Euros .

  • Hi james,

    Great coverage of the gamescomm conferance.
    I also have a few issues with no announcements of new features for the ps3. sky player, updated web browser, ps2 classics etc. i think you get the point.

    I would like to know what are the price tages for the new hardware for the UK. I seams that most of the execs on stage tonight are british but yet no £ price tag. Hopefully you can clear this up

    W3X- (Mike)

    • Hi Mike, sorry for the delay – I’ve been on my feet since the press conference. I’m hearing that the new price for PS3 is £199 and I’m still trying to track down the 3D display UK price.

  • Confirm the UK price you always ignore the £ when you announce prices.

  • Still not good enough to compete with xbox

  • euro mony
    dollar = same valuta ???????????
    u have a diploma ???

    249 dollar = not 249 €

    • It’s always a little misleading when we have these announcements because the dollar prices do not include sales tax, which varies from state to state, whereas the euro price does. Therefore they aren’t necessarily the same value when it comes down to what people are paying in stores.

  • Wow, some people had high hopes for that conference. Personally that conference was exactly what I expected so no complaints (would’ve rather had more talk on games than diversity mind)

    But yeah, main topic I want to know more about is what model is the price referring to, and what will it be in the UK? Imagine a press release will be sent out soon clarifying this?

  • and still no moviestore for the majority of the EU,
    remember the promiss gamescom of 2009!!!!!!

    ps Andrew house,you posted the NOS as channel
    however as of firmware 3.7 no tv channels anymore for the netherlands,maybe sonot Benesux forgot to inform you

  • 12@ yes that conference was exactly what I expected = big 0

    games games games
    rest lots lesser please

  • STILL no sign of the video store…

  • why we can’t have RAVING RABITS for MOVE ? much funnier game then anything else we have … just saying :-)

  • Cool;) But the only thing is the Xbox 360 = £149 in the UK. If only the PS3 was at least under £199/$199/199euros it would have really kicked the Xbox 360 & Wii in the gutter! :D

  • Is £279.99 the official price for the 3G Vita in the UK? or is that just a price retailers have put up just to get pre-orders in, does anyone know?

  • James,

    What about those who bought a replacement ps3 recently???

    I bought a 160 gb ps3 replacement for my old 60 gb ps3 on Friday and now I could have got a I would have waited

    Is there going to anything on offer for those who recently bought a ps3

    • It’s an unfortunate case and I sympathise but I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do. It’s inevitable when we have a price cut that there will be cases like this. Hope you’re enjoying your new console nonetheless.

  • gotta say was looking forward to the press conference but it just seemed abit flat. I was totally dancestar but the rest was meh. The pricing seems steep for the 3Dtv was kin of expecting it to be around the £350 mark but seems extremely over priced.
    I also thought we would see more focus on PS3 as SCEJ have already stated that thier conference will be focused on PSvita. I just hope in the coming days we will see more on firmware features for PS3 like fb,twitter, Cross game chat and other features. IF not then i guess who ever’s at the top really arn’t listerning to consumer feedback.

  • IF not then i guess who ever’s at the top really arn’t listerning to consumer feedback.

    I agree they say they listen that 100% BS no-one ask for a low-paid PSP what we got is a Lame conference, today it not a good day for Ps3 users.

    & tomorrow we getting a other poor store update.

    We ask for Ps2 games services on PSN Bring back Ps2 BC only hinted “not at the moment” SCEE needs to burn out F-ing joke

  • So it appears that Sony are now neglecting software for the PS3 moving forward.

    No Skype
    No Twitter
    No x-game chat

    And as per usual, UK consumers will pay on average more for their PS3 consoles.

    I am tired of Sony ignoring all these questions.

  • I have to say I am becoming more and more disappointed with the playstation experience.
    Great games, great offers, great console, but I am saddened by the lack of advancement in the smaller details.
    My biggest annoyance is the web browser. It is now virtually out of date with the modern internet. I cant even view the video for this gamescom presentation or Facebook, you make so much effort to promote.
    The closed off chat function is bad. Why not link to other platforms? windows live, google chat, facebook chat?
    Where is skype? I have it on my PSP. I have it on my Mobile. I have a PSeye camera and I still use my laptop to chat to my friends.
    The PSeye Camera resolution? might be sufficient for move but the resolution is rubbish for video chatting. Why not a HD camera or compatibility with the many Cams on the high street.
    Come on Sony, you are specialist in this field?!

  • Plugging in Cameras? videos? downloading and editing on my PS3. it works but its clunky, slow and not very pretty.
    Features on my PS3 I mostly ignore because they dont work well.
    Ok, so the PS3 is mainly a games machine, but I thought it was orientated as a complete entertainment device? the one box in the living room?
    Cross game chat. say no more.
    There is so much talk on the forums and playstation blog about what the users want but very little seems to filter back onto the consoles.
    The past 6-7 firmware updates have mainly been updating security and rightly so, but where are the new features.
    It rarely seems to happen.
    I paid for PS+ and that has given me a few extra games and download options, but I am not going to pay for it again unless the core firmware issues are fixed and the console its self cam be made to run at its fastest and most efficient.
    The XMB is really slow. On start up, and exiting games. Why? I though the cell processor was supposed to be a super fast chip connected to super fast memory.

  • They might be small issues to some people, but to me they are a constant reminder of how imperfect the PS3 is.
    Little details that detract from the overall experience.
    I really hope that a HUGE firmware (V.4.0?)update is coming to correct ALL these issues, because after seeing this Gamescom broadcast the last E3 show and the firmware updates for the past year I am strongly considering giving up on Playstation altogether.
    It isnt what I hoped it would be, and what it could be.
    Sony isnt listening to people want.
    I am very disappointed.

  • Agree with above, I was watching only for the 3DTV’s price. Considering 500euro will probably equate to £450, this make our one £145 pounds more expensive than the US one. That really is very disproportionate.

  • nice vids pitty the ps3 has an out of date flash player and unable to watch them, maybe something the new ceo wants to act on, rather than sony releasing pointless firmware updates.

  • @matthewkh

    You should work for Sony! This isn’t sarcasm either.

  • 249.99$ = 249.99€ = fail.
    Something as simple as converting prices worldwide at a decent rate would do a whole lot more to Sony reputation, sales and consumer trust than a price drop that had already been done by retailers for months through differents promotions/sales. Nothing to see here next.

    • As I said above, it seems strange on the surface but when you equate sales tax, which the dollar price doesn’t include, it makes more sense.

  • Will the SimulView feature of the PS Monitor be possible on other TV’s like current or future Sony Bravia TV’s?

  • @gr0undp0und
    If you know where there is a job, sign me up!
    I am unemployed right now and looking. I would be happy to be the official representative in the department of what consumers actually want.
    I have definitely got more enthusiasm than the guys who presented the show. And I dress better too!

  • Funny all this advertisement around the Vita and being able to browse the web.

    Is it going to have the same pace (a=ie) of crop (o=a) as the PS3? Because the PS3 also has advertisement saying you can use it to browse the Internet.

    Nope, sorry, I don’t trust the Sony smooth talk anymore.


    3 – SKY PLAYER

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • Man that was boring but I wasn’t expecting much so I wasn’t dissapointed. I hope Ubisoft see the light and make that AC for PS3/X360 instead of the Vita. I mean Revelations was going to be the exclusive 3DS game but luckily they came to their senses.
    Hey guys I’ve been reading up on that SimulView for the PS3 monitor and when its in use you still get a ghost like image of what the other person is seeing and vice-versa. But of course Sony won’t be telling you this until after you buy one so save your money if thats your reason for buying one.

  • the cost for the 3D telly is a shocker EG has update it post, the price is UK £499.99 so since when €499.99 same as £499.99 it is NOT. :P

  • Sony,

    If you would have put halve the time you currently have invested in this blog comment filter into fixing the webbrowser it would surpass IE and the overrated Chrome browser by far :-)

  • Why do Sony think that $ and € have equal value? $249.99 is roughly €170. It is cheaper for someone to import a PS3 (and for that matter a PSV) than buy locally, this should never be the case.

    Speaking of the Vita a release date would have been nice, much more so than announcing a PSP micro or whatever Gameboy marketing approach you are using.

  • 199€ btw should be the real magic break price,since
    its in dollars 249= 174 euro,making a 199 euros the most reasonable conversion
    but then again
    [sarcastic mode]
    since sony promissed a videostore also in 2009 for the EU
    when can we expect this pricedrop ? 2014 ??
    [/sarcastic mode]

  • So what about Australian gamers? Is Sony going to look after them with a price-reduction also, or are they just going to get left by the wayside and thrown out like yesterday’s garbage?

  • I would also point out, Sony, that your 3DTV is not entry level, as I can go on Amazon and get an LG 42″ 3DTV for £100 less than you are charging for yours.

  • very cheap for a great console

  • 3d = not hot only when no glasses are needed = maby

    -ps2 games on ps3 = must
    -media cros chat on ps3 = must
    -corect mony sytem = must

    u realy not get it !!!
    we are u consummers ,
    we aske – lots games (excluzieve deals or games )

    europe = were are ore video service ? muby stinks i want to rent new movies trou ps3 ( cinema films)!!!

    we gamers are not intrested in bla bla bla
    20 € price cut = lol ore shops selling below price !!!
    so them making profit on games

    u realy need to tank the shops en gamers en stil we europe are the last weel .

    ps3 bad in jappan bad in usa on lounch
    europe save u ps3 ath hich price
    now vita = not 1st here , u realy making europe pist .

    not ath cristmis = i not nead .

  • update u games auto – sofware update auto = great
    only i not want demos auto downloaded , lots of pers not like !!!!

    wen this is gone be fikst

    also wen u try blok sombady in ore language , u get slovenia tekst ???????
    my language = nederlands !!!!

  • Awesome, want to upgrade my 120gb to a 320gb, looks like now is the time to do it. I am so getting on that in the morning.

  • All that money and sony still don’t have anyone that knows how to do the math. All those engeneers and doctors and whatever they have there, and there isn’t a single person who’s good with numbers and know what to do with them.

    When are you, sony, going to learn that EURO it’s not equal to dollar? Since day 1, EURO has ALWAYS worth more than dollar, stop fighting it and get over it.

    1.00 USD = 0.696389 EUR

    so, that being said

    249.00 USD = 173.423 EUR

    I wonder where those almost €80 extra come from for the European (EURO zone) price.


  • so much whinging!!
    if you don’t like it, move along.

  • you call it winging i call it a company who i strongly want to succeed doing it at a massive rip off.

    please bring some of the social features to ps3
    also cross game chat and please update the browser to something like chrome. Made me laugh when i went to stream the conference via the blog on my ps3 browser to then only be told i need to update adobe flash player. then when i tried to install the update it say’s browser is not supported.
    So yes we need these social features, software features on ps3 to keep it revelant otherwise might as well trade in ps3’s in for vitas and forget gaming on a home console.
    Also £499 for that tv, am sorry but no just no. £350 you’d definately have had my money but even i’m adept enough to know exchange rates.

  • I’d just like to know what’s coming up next month on PS+ I’m not too fussed about all the discounts on hardware. I guess it can only be a good thing if more people can afford the console.

  • 249.00 USD = 173.198 EUR
    US Dollar Euro
    1 USD = 0.695576 EUR 1 EUR = 1.43766 USD

    173.20 EUR = 151.405 GBP
    Euro British Pound
    1 EUR = 0.874175 GBP 1 GBP = 1.14394 EUR

    So the ps3 is now around £150? i think not yet again getting robbed blind well done SCEE

  • @sumpunk

    Are you really that stupid that a hand held is capable of handling applications that should be standard on a powerful games machine in 2011?

    Don’t be such an ass.

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