PlayStation Home: Gladiators And Gamescom Details

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Gear up for the battle and become the gladiator of the future! Get the newest avatar Items on PlayStation Home. Choose between the Bushido, Jet Tumbler or Under Armour series and dress you’re avatar with helmets, blades, chestplates and greaves or go all in with the full body armour sets. You can even change factions by simply altering your hair colour – but remember, only worthy warriors are given the privilege to become a true gladiator!

Audi Windows returns to the Audi Home Terminal this summer with six brand new levels for you to experience, along with a new hi-score board so you can now compete against your friends. With the introduction of the all-new Audi Trophy cabinet and integrated hi-score board for your Apartment, celebrating your success has never been easier – or more stylish. With a selection of nine achievement-based trophies to be unlocked can you impress your friends & win them all?

Ever feel like you’ve missed out on your fifteen minutes of fame? Well fear not, because this week nDreams brings you the nParty Movie Star Collection, replete with your very own Red Carpet, menacing (cardboard) bodyguard and even some pesky paparazzi!

Hot on the heels of the Savage Cosmos arcade game release, this week sees the Moonbase invaded by Zombies! Burn Zombie Burn virtual items can now be purchased in the GAME V store.

The Baron tried sabotaging the Gift Machine, chomping wires and shoving his sticky paws where they shouldn’t be, but Lockwood kicked that crazy cottontail out of the workshop and brought the Machine back even better! There are handy new features such as wishlists and the friend filter and loads of new stuff to send! Tasteful ornaments, beautiful bonsai trees and elegant footwear are just a few of the goodies added into the machine. There are even some free gifts for a limited time as a little thank you for your patience.


New larger token packs are also available to make sending gifts even easier. The larger the token pack, the greater discount you’ll get on your tokens. And once you’ve sent cool new stuff to all your friends, why not check out some baseball action? Double Time is the new collection from Lockwood, bringing you the latest in athletic apparel.

Nine vs. nine. The crack of leather on the bat, the intake of breath from the crowd as the ball sails through the air and the fielder races to meet it. Will the runner steal the base, or will their luck run out?


Join the thrill of the game by picking up the latest range of sportswear from Double Time. Complete baseball uniforms as worn by the Legends themselves! Hit a home run sporting a natty baseball cap or throw a strike with the ball and glove.

In Threads, Rocket Knight T-shirts now available in Konami’s Retro Collection. Swear your allegiance by wearing a Rocket Knight Sparkster, Axel or General Sweinhart shirt. Collect them all!

This week sees a range of active items arrive in the Stuff store. Add a touch of class to your apartment with an animated cascading water fountain or indoor waterfall. Get the party started with a DJ light, fondue set, and lava lamps. For mad scientists there is an electrifying tesla coil and rotating orreries.


Finally, keep your eyes peeled this coming Tuesday for the return of the gamescom space for 2011! On August 16th at 5pm CET the space will be available from the Navigator and the What’s New section of the XMB. We will be streaming the Sony press conference live into the space from 7pm CET onwards, but don’t worry if you miss it the first time round; we will be looping the hour long press conference once it’s finished and we will also be putting up video edits in the space later on.

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