Announcing SingStar Back To The 80s And The SingStore Update (10 August 2011)

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Announcing SingStar Back To The 80s And The SingStore Update (10 August 2011)



I’m so excited because I am the one who gets to tell you that we have a brand new SingStar Blu-ray Disc in the works which will be ready for your collective singing pleasure in time for Christmas. ‘Back To The 80s’ will feature 30 massive hits from the decade which was otherwise defined by neon legwarmers, oversized shoulder pads and bad hair. We’ll be posting a full tracklist for you once we have it available so watch this space. I know I can’t wait to get my hands on it (the tracklist AND the disc that is).

If you haven’t been to visit the SingStore or My SingStar Online since Tuesday last week you should get your virtual selves there asap because the 5.12 patch is waiting for you. Once you’re done with the update you will be able to share your in game snapshots with the world via Facebook, view all the songs in the SingStore by release date, plus we added a few new filters to the song selection carousel.


Now on to the SingStore update. I’m loving ‘Kyrie’ by Mr. Mister this week, P!nk and (obviously!) ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ for which I shall also be getting the dance add-on so I can make sure I get the fullest Ricky Martin experience possible! Oh yes! Let’s also not forget about Toto with ‘Rosanna’ or Take That or the Rock Steady Crew, ok?


Last but not least, some lucky SingStar team members are off to Gamescom in Cologne next week so if you want to see/hear/read what we get up to there, make sure you follow us on Twitter @SingStarHQ or if you’re out there too, make sure you come and say hi.

See ya,
Nina xx

In English
Chris Brown Forever
Dead By April Losing You
Franz Ferdinand No You Girls
Gossip Heavy Cross
Katy B Broken Record
Marshall Hain Dancing In The City
Mr Mister Kyrie
P!nk Perfect
Ricky Martin Livin’ La Vida Loca
Rock Steady Crew Hey You (The Rocksteady Crew)
Take That Shine
The Script Breakeven
Toto Rosanna
Watershed Indigo Girl


Dance add-ons
The Black Eyed Peas Shut Up [ORIG]
Ricky Martin Livin’ La Vida Loca

Tracks have previously been released on a disc.

Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls – not released in SCEA territories.

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19 Author Replies

  • Toto – Rosanna for me. This makes me happy because there is a possibility for Africa to be released as DLC soon.

  • Long time reader, first time poster here.

    Will you be uploading pictures of yourself to Facebook? Will you be my friend?

  • I like this update :)

    Ricky Martin, Gossip and P!nk for me! (and the 2 dance add-ons)

    I hope that this update marks the “rise of singstar” again :)

    P.S Still hoping for more Anastacia, Sugababes, Kelly Clarkson, Pussycat Dolls and Natasha Bedingfield…. *Fingers crossed*

  • P!nk – Perfect

    THANKYOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! one of my favourite songs at the moment, just wondering though is it the radio edit or the album version???? Now just for Rihanna – California King Bed & any Eminem songs :-)

    Will you be updating us at a later date with the tracklisting for the 80’s disc?

  • Oh also is anyone updating on the Facebook page as nothing has been updated for weeks now and alot of people don’t know about this blog

  • You may want to check the SingStar UK VIP Lounge on Facebook or the official SingStar forums!

    There are loads of problems with the 5.12 update:

    SingStar Viewer – if you quit via the XMB, your PS3 will crash, beep 3 times and reboot (quit by pressing PS button works fine).

    SingStar Games – boot time is longer than ever, game randomly crashes, downloads don’t download and disappear from purchase history (temporarily… requiring you to go back and forth for them to work), some DLC has gone missing and had to be re-downloaded, and numerous other issues.

    Why hasn’t anyone from London Studios or SingStar commented on the forums/Facebook regarding those issues?

    It’s a widespread problem and there’s been no apology or acknowledgement of it.

    I’d recommend to people reading this, that they only allow the update on one of their SingStar PS3 discs for the sole purpose of going online. The 5.12 update is buggy as hell, so you should play the game using a non-updated disc until they release a fix/another patch.

    • Hi,

      We are aware of the issues and are in the middle of fixing them, especially the downloading of songs.



  • On a completely unrelated note, how come when I press My Account at the top of the page, it still says something about maintenance, it’s been like that forever?

    Also, first time poster, hello :)

  • Man, oh man… This is my favorite update in a long time… and i usually like them all…. ill be getting Chris Brown, Pink, Toto, the script…. also ill be listening to the previews of the others that i dint know to see about thoes…. possible 6-7 songs for me this week….

    hey shouldnt living la vida loca be in green because its a previous disc song

  • Yep, they messed up the announcement slightly.

    Chris Brown – Forever
    Dead By April – Losing You
    Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls (on SingStar Guitar)
    Gossip – Heavy Cross
    Katy B – Broken Record
    Marshall Hain – Dancing In The City (on SingStar Chartbreaker – released in Germany only)
    Mr Mister – Kyrie (on SingStar Rock Ballads PS2)
    P!nk – Perfect
    Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca (on SingStar Dance)
    Rock Steady Crew – Hey You (The Rocksteady Crew)
    Take That – Shine (on SingStar Take That)
    The Script – Breakeven
    Toto – Rosanna
    Watershed – Indigo Girl (on SingStar Chartbreaker – released in Germany only)

    [Dance add-ons]

    The Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up
    Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca

    • Not sure it counts asd a ‘mess up’ but apologies, yes, please consider Ricky to be in green. I’m not perfect, I’m afraid.

  • Great post Graffin_UK! I also made a thread in the official forums about the game hard crashing when selecting certain songs in any 2 player local mode. This issue is happening to several other people besides myself and it may be related to people who have lots of DLC like 500 songs+. Also this crashing issue was happening before the newest patch. I have not tested this issue with the newest update but I’m assured it still exists.

    On a more positive note, I’m stoked for the 80’s disc Nina and cant wait for the announced setlist!

    One more thing, Are there going to be anymore Guitar Add Ons released in the store? I havnt seen new Guitar Add Ons in quite awhile. Thanks

  • Yeah, it’s great to hear they plan on releasing new discs, but it would be great if we got more recent tracks.

    Hey SideshowN, the problems that myself and others are experiencing are only after we’ve updated the Viewer and game discs to 5.12.

    Prior to 5.12 I had no problems with the Viewer at all, and played SingStar for hours (using wireless mics if it makes any difference) without the game crashing. The only problem was lag on the carousel.

  • After 5.12, i’ve had 10 songs disappear. They all had one thing in common. Dance add-ons. The dance add-ons apparently still exist on my hard drive, but the actual songs had to be re-downloaded for some strange reason. When they re-downloaded, they initially displayed cover images of completely different songs (it went back to normal after playing the song). I’ve had the game crash twice on me. Once whilst singing (solo). Another whilst browsing the carousel (I have 221 songs that i’ve bought as DLC).

    They add a feature for simultaneous Guitar and Dance play, but there hasn’t been any guitar add-ons for quite some time, and the only dance add-ons are those that are on the SingStar Dance disc, so it would be nice to get something that we don’t already have.

    They add Facebook features, yet the SingStar Team have all but abandoned their Facebook page, with the last post being on June 28.

    Please get us more recent, decent songs and add-ons!

    I would love it if you added “American Jesus” by Bad Religion, but any BR song would be appreciated.


  • glad to see more singstar disc’s comming. If your doing the 80’s can we also have a 90’s and a 00’s please.

    Also great to see more facebook intergration, i know you have a singstar comunity site but i’d very much like to upload singstar video’s directly to youtube/facebook aswell. I think it would be a great addition to the feature set and would not only promote songs for artists etc but also promote singstar to people that don’t own a ps3 or singstar.

    • Maybe we’ll have a look at those then :)

      That would be great but there are some issues with the music and licensing unfortunately.

  • ‘Katy B – Broken Record’

    A song from 2011?? *dies* would have preferred easy please me or katy on a mission, but this is a great start and i will get it :)

    Might get pink and the script too. Best update in a while, but still no signs or chris browns latest songs, pitbulls latest songs, j-los latest, lmfao’s latest, more jessie j, any nicki minaj etc.

  • Delighted! I love the 80’s, this will go down very well in my house!

  • One request for the Back To The ’80s disc.

    If you are going to include “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley (which you most definitely should :)), then could you please use the original version of the song and not the terrible version which is currently available on the Singstore?

  • by the way, it’s just a pity that you can’t use the facebook photo feature on sub-accounts. Any possibility of this being fixed!?

  • Well, Nothing for me this time.


    I have bought two songs after updating and they didn’t start downloading… they didn’t even appear in my purchase list… But the transaction was made (I even shared the purchase items on facebook)


    Seems like you didn’t have enough time to make Singstar Bollywood compatible with PS3 yet…

    Oh Well! *rolleyes*

  • @15

    Please… don’t ask them for songs already relased… They probably have a bunch of them prepared to the re-selling!

  • Hey there,

    So you know if the new disc will be new tracks or tracks that are already in the store?

    If they’re already d/l content I’d rather avoid d/ling any ’80s tracks from the store for the time being.


  • @19 hope it all are new tracks would be stupid if its old DLC content.
    Hope that you guys make more Discs Soon because disc rulez over DLC

  • I will never ever buy a singstar disc again if you don´t make it possible to download the songs to the harddisk and tag songs in the store that I already own on disk. It´s a partykiller.
    And please more 2011 songs, 80´s has been done to death by Singstar.

  • Great update. Pink, Toto, Take That, Chris Brown, Franz Ferdinand, The Script and Gossip are a must for me. Can’t wait for the Back to the 80’s tracklist. Yeah :D

  • my top Songs for Back to the 80’s

    Power Of Love – Huey lewis and the news
    Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
    Come Sail Away – STYX
    Man in the mirror – michael jackson
    Here I go Again – Whitesnake
    Money For Nothing – dire Straits
    Dont Stop Beleiving – Journey
    Jesse’d girl – Rick Springfield
    Paradise City – Guns And Roses
    Loverboy – Working For The Weekend

  • HI Nina,
    no SCOOTTAAAAH yet,
    but girl you make me happy with the rock steady crew!!!!

    finally 1 song i appreciate :)

  • I bought a couple of songs.. but they didnt download and are not in my purchase history.. but i have spent the money. Can you look into this please?

  • My Playsations got the Yellow Light of Death and just doesn’t want to work anymore. I looked around and all technical experts employed about this fault found it was the same problem; gas build up on the board causing cracks in the solder. It was even on watchdog. I still have months of PS+ and nothing to use it on, shame it broke before the Vita launched I would have prob bought one. Sony told me it was my fault for not venting it right, but it’s on a tv stand right next to my window. I’ve been with Sony since PS1 and I’m very dissapointed (Both my PS1 and PS2 still work….) First all my info’s hacked, the my console packs in all together. Poor show.

  • why no more SingStar updates on the NA blog? and are SCEA territories done with the big “catch up” updates?

  • Nice update I get about 3 or so songs and here’s hoping the 80 tracklist is good.

  • Hi Nina, this is a great update ;) Thank you for having Pink! One of her best songs.

    I’m getting Pink, Gossip and maybe Katy B and Chris Brown.

    Keep this kind of update up ;) Singstar is back on track. Is there any news for new Lady Gaga songs soon?


  • Yeah is SCEA territories done with the big “catch up” updates?

  • this is very poor chris brown a woman beater
    pink , the script , ricky martin and others singstar r u joking?
    as for take that typical boyband can’t sing women (and strange guys) fall in love with them and r blind to their lack of talent their manager laughs to the bank wondering how stupid ppl r for buying their poor albums

    h8 is welcome

  • Chris Brown Forever
    Gossip Heavy Cross
    Katy B Broken Record
    P!nk Perfect
    The Script Breakeven

    Awesome update! It’s been a while since a really good one so i’m happy .. BUT .. there is definitely somethign up as songs are not appearing in purchase history and downloads are taking an absolute age on the singstar serves (yet my internet connecvtion is working super fast)! I see i aint the only one who has experiences this .. what gives??

  • @shedboy90 u need some Rage Against the Machine.

  • Wow, still no announcement or reply on here, on the SingStar Forums or Facebook, regarding the problems people are experiencing since the 5.12 update.

    They launch an update before the weekend that obviously hasn’t been tested properly, then they disappear without any word. The Team’s last post on the Facebook page was on June 28th!

    Nina, please check the official SingStar Forums and/or Facebook UK VIP Lounge, because there are a LOT of people experiencing problems.

    I see there’s some server maintenance happening today which may solve the download/purchase history issues, but we need something to address the crashing, DLC disappearing, DLC not sorted properly, and other problems.

    If you could please look into it, it would be very much appreciated.

    It would be nice to know that a fix is being worked on and will be released soon.


  • Chris Brown-Forever ? i must …. buy this … game !!

  • 80’s music. First artist named on this page: Chris Brown.

    For the love of god…

  • I do let them know evertime, is the facebook Singstar UK lounge not being used anymore then? And don’t mind it being the Radio edit just was curious lol

  • Thanks for the replies Nina.

    There are some serious bugs with the 5.12 update so if that could be looked into, it’d be very much appreciated.

    Yes, please do give the SingStar UK VIP Lounge on Facebook a poke!

    I look forward to the 80s disc (and any future releases… I buy them all), but could you please consider applying a new set of trophies for each title, as it adds a little more of an incentive to not only buy the discs but also to play them more!


  • Oh, one more thing… with the 80s disc… if & when you get hold of the track-lists could you please find out if the AU/DE/UK versions will have the same tracks or different ones?

    Thanks again!

  • Happy to report that downloads now work properly. They don’t disappear from your purchase history and download speeds are back to normal.

    Thanks for fixing that!

    Will there still be an update to fix the viewer and a few of the other problems introduced in 5.12?

  • To Nina Scherer: Yes, the My Account link at the top of the page.

    It says:

    “Site Maintenance Notice

    The server is currently down for maintenance.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.”

    And has done so for a while.

  • Hey HasseTheSailor, try empty your browser’s cache and delete all cookies, or try logging in using a different browser (eg. Firefox, Opera or Chrome).

  • Hi all, as mentioned in post #41 by @Graffin_UK, purchased songs should now be in your purchase history, ready for download. Enjoy and apologies. Nx

  • thanks Nina it seems youve woken them up form their long sleep lol. They havent put an update BUT have said they have now hopefully sorted the problem with downloading songs although at the moment the new songs havent been updated yet :-( I want P!nk – Perfect lol

  • I’ll be getting the update live for you this afternoon! :)

  • @HasseTheSailor I know this may sound like a silly question but have you recieved an email from Playstation that everyone received when PSN came back????? That maybe why if not like Graffin_UK said try clearing history, cookies etc….

  • Hi all,

    The update is now live! Enjoy yourselves!


  • Hi Nina,

    I cannot download the dance add ons from this week, there not showing up in the download history but they are on the bill i got by e-mail.

    Can you please help

    Greetings MonsterRacer

  • Hi Nina,

    Nice Update, I’ll be getting 7 songs.
    Just a quick question, I tried asking on a few other websites.
    Are the people at singstar aware of a problem with the game when you have over 900 songs on the carousel. I own over a 1000 songs but when they are all downloaded to the carousel the game doesnt work. After choosing a song the screen just goes black. I have 650 downloaded at the moment and its fine.

    I’d really appreciate it if you could look into it as I’ve noticed a few other people on the eu singstar page have the same problem but we cant get any response.

    Thank You

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