PlayStation Home: Scribble Shooter Vs. Savage Cosmos

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Do you like scribbles? Do you like shooting stuff? Then you’ll love Scribble Shooter – the brand new vertical scrolling shooter exclusive to PlayStation Home exploding into the Stuff store this week. Packaged in a stylish arcade cabinet and accompanied by a whole host of rewards and purchasable goodies, Scribble Shooter gives you 10 levels of dastardly doodling, each one culminating in a bombastic boss-fight! Do you have what it takes to save the universe? Please note, users will only be able to play past the demo level and win the associated rewards if they have purchased the full game.


Crash-landing into the Moonbase is the new Savage Cosmos arcade game, brought to you by GAME! This 90’s styled arcade game is a blast from the past, just like the amusement arcades of old. Buy tokens from the GAME V store to play in the Moonbase or buy a cabinet of your own for your Apartment.


Dare you enter the doomed SS Cosmos on a rescue mission? Be warned however, for hordes of aliens await you on the ship. With only your trusty X1VM Plasma Rife to fend off the onslaught will you be able to escape the ship in time or will you succumb to the horrors that lie within?!

Savage Cosmos is a single player arcade game, based on the top-down, run & gun shooters of old. With over 40 rooms to explore, 15 medals to unlock, hi-score boards to dominate and unlockable rewards, Savage Cosmos will keep you coming back for more!

Konami celebrates the 30th anniversary of the beloved Frogger series with a Frogger mascot head and an animated Frogger T-shirt for both men and women. In addition to the clothing, a Frogger companion will be available as well!


Whether you’re a Sweet Lolita relaxing in the park or a foxy punk getting ready for the ultimate festival – this Summer Medusa brings you the latest styles perfect for relaxing or partying on those long sunny days.

For the girls we have sister styles ‘The Cassie’ and ‘The Leopardess’ (one plain, one with spots, can you guess which?) or there’s the long wavy ‘Sweet Lolita’ finished off with a tiny bow. If you want to keep that hair up and out of the way on a hot day, Medusa stylists have created two funky up dos- cute pigtails and sassy double buns.

Medusa also caters for Men, choose from several fashionable styles – two dishevelled, windswept looks, a low ponytail and an edgy shaved cut. You get the shorts, sunglasses and prep that BBQ, then kick back and let Medusa handle the hard bit, setting you up with the perfect hairstyle for a chilled out stud.


If you’re not sure which look to go for, check out Medusa’s Summer Hairstyles Packs, available for Male and Female, get yourself ready for a trendy Summer!

Want to be the centre of attention? Want to make everyone do a double take? Then show off your crazy side with the “must be seen to be believed” Chaos clothing line from Hellfire Games. Be the life of any party or dazzle friends and foes alike with animated pandemonium.


Get retro and check out the new old-school household appliances available now in different range of colours in the V Store. Also this week, look away now if you’re squeamish! You can now own your very own brain in a jar! Other updates this week include a giant chess board and pieces for deep-thinking strategists to decorate their apartment, and a discounted bundle of furniture from Codeglue’s Cardboard Cartel.


That about wraps it up for this week. As usual, PlayStation Home will be briefly taken offline on Thursday while this update is applied.

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