PlayStation Home: Scribble Shooter Vs. Savage Cosmos

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Do you like scribbles? Do you like shooting stuff? Then you’ll love Scribble Shooter – the brand new vertical scrolling shooter exclusive to PlayStation Home exploding into the Stuff store this week. Packaged in a stylish arcade cabinet and accompanied by a whole host of rewards and purchasable goodies, Scribble Shooter gives you 10 levels of dastardly doodling, each one culminating in a bombastic boss-fight! Do you have what it takes to save the universe? Please note, users will only be able to play past the demo level and win the associated rewards if they have purchased the full game.


Crash-landing into the Moonbase is the new Savage Cosmos arcade game, brought to you by GAME! This 90’s styled arcade game is a blast from the past, just like the amusement arcades of old. Buy tokens from the GAME V store to play in the Moonbase or buy a cabinet of your own for your Apartment.


Dare you enter the doomed SS Cosmos on a rescue mission? Be warned however, for hordes of aliens await you on the ship. With only your trusty X1VM Plasma Rife to fend off the onslaught will you be able to escape the ship in time or will you succumb to the horrors that lie within?!

Savage Cosmos is a single player arcade game, based on the top-down, run & gun shooters of old. With over 40 rooms to explore, 15 medals to unlock, hi-score boards to dominate and unlockable rewards, Savage Cosmos will keep you coming back for more!

Konami celebrates the 30th anniversary of the beloved Frogger series with a Frogger mascot head and an animated Frogger T-shirt for both men and women. In addition to the clothing, a Frogger companion will be available as well!


Whether you’re a Sweet Lolita relaxing in the park or a foxy punk getting ready for the ultimate festival – this Summer Medusa brings you the latest styles perfect for relaxing or partying on those long sunny days.

For the girls we have sister styles ‘The Cassie’ and ‘The Leopardess’ (one plain, one with spots, can you guess which?) or there’s the long wavy ‘Sweet Lolita’ finished off with a tiny bow. If you want to keep that hair up and out of the way on a hot day, Medusa stylists have created two funky up dos- cute pigtails and sassy double buns.

Medusa also caters for Men, choose from several fashionable styles – two dishevelled, windswept looks, a low ponytail and an edgy shaved cut. You get the shorts, sunglasses and prep that BBQ, then kick back and let Medusa handle the hard bit, setting you up with the perfect hairstyle for a chilled out stud.


If you’re not sure which look to go for, check out Medusa’s Summer Hairstyles Packs, available for Male and Female, get yourself ready for a trendy Summer!

Want to be the centre of attention? Want to make everyone do a double take? Then show off your crazy side with the “must be seen to be believed” Chaos clothing line from Hellfire Games. Be the life of any party or dazzle friends and foes alike with animated pandemonium.


Get retro and check out the new old-school household appliances available now in different range of colours in the V Store. Also this week, look away now if you’re squeamish! You can now own your very own brain in a jar! Other updates this week include a giant chess board and pieces for deep-thinking strategists to decorate their apartment, and a discounted bundle of furniture from Codeglue’s Cardboard Cartel.


That about wraps it up for this week. As usual, PlayStation Home will be briefly taken offline on Thursday while this update is applied.

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  • offtopic: wasn’t the competition today ?.. just curious.

  • “The perfect hairstyle for a chilled out stud?” lol

  • hey my ufc games are nt work help me lol

  • i eat my words lol god update,rewrads rewards to get

  • Can you tell me when the spaces or apartments relased in europe?
    -Bonk Apartment?
    -Def Jam apartment?

  • SWEET! I LOVE PS HOME! and i got a couple of questions:

    1.can you put cross game music in ps home

    2.can you put voice chatting propaly in home

    3.can you make the avatars talk

    thanks :)

  • Oh hey james i didnt know it was you, lol non the less im having problems on ps home, it keeps disconectin me :( please help….thank you james :D

  • SWEET! I LOVE PS HOME! nice games and a lot staff. I think right now, for plus users, to take some free Home items……

  • Can you fix your web browser!!!! if i have to reset my ps3 one more time im going to throw it out the window.

  • No Dead Island Zombie ?

  • The comment “off the day”by #9 lol, Yes sure i think the old ps3 browser has problems but this not place for solving problems Go to official ps3 forum i m sure you find more conversation about this cheers

  • Guys just to let you know james is off work now.

    and i dont know why people are complaining about the internet browser, i always use my ps3 internet browser, maby its your conection?

    if your talking about youtube then try out

    you can watch videos in hd+ save them to your ps3 XMB menu.


    Heres a few websites that will make your ps3 so good!
    for free ps3 themes!
    to watch full movies!
    to download old movies to your XMB!
    to watch hd youtube on ps3!
    to download free music to your ps3 XMB!


  • I so covet the sassy double buns hairstyle \m/ Way to go Lockwood!!!

  • hi ross m and james g you have psone and neo geo titles on the store..any chance of some sega megadrive/genesis titles like micheal jackson moonwalker? sorry about posting this here it just everyone the highest you guys reply up to is page 5 excluded rosses whopping 138 replies about a month ago

  • hi ross mcgrath and james gallagher you have psone/neogeo titles on the store. any chance of some sega megadrive/genesis titles like micheal jackson moonwalker.? sorry about posting this here it just everyone knows the highest you guys reply up to is page 5 excluding rosses whopping 138 replies about a month ago.*

  • wait actually i retract that question replace it with sega megadrive/nes and when are we gunna see more sega genesis games:) thats better

  • How is home still going its so slow to load and boring content what a waste of money.

  • whats the price on the Frogger items?

  • Nice update but there is one thing missing which has been announced on and that’s the Dead Island plaza. They’re releasing it in NA Home, why not here? And please tell me why moderators don’t reply on posts here?

  • @ Number 6
    I’ve given up up asking them stuff herein. You’re just asking a digital wall of silence…
    I don’t understand why the Sony perspaces that are available in US are not just released here. Apart from the promised mansion perspaces, which would cause an uproar if SCEE tried to charge what they cost in the US, I can think of no reason why perspaces like Santorini/Thera, Waterfall Terrace(would double as a perfect clubhouse instead ofv that cell we have atm)for example cannot be sold in our region, along with all their furniture items… Well no reason except for Germany’s censorship overlaws. I mean picture frames in the party pack part of the welcome back package that do not function as picture frames is utterly ridiculous.
    on another note, I want that medusa cube pigtails hairdo to come out for guys. I wanna look as mad and quirky as Ludacris & his kid does in their vid with that kind of hairstyle…)))

  • addendum: correction, I meant that Medusa rang Orb shaped pigtails for guys not cube. orb…hmmmmm…little fluffy clouds…”they were long and clear/and there were lots of stars/at night”…

  • last year and in 2009 there were tons of cool public spaces and updates that actually added features, the old home square is better and most people probably agree.

    this year the quality has gone down and there aren’t any cool new public spaces and the occasional updates are for nothing.

  • but why is the loading so slow in home and why won’t the devs ever try and improve the graphics i mean it still looks the same as in 2008

  • i have a question:

    can you please ask sony to remove the reporting feature in home?
    i see far too many people using this feature as they see fit and reporting the innocent. it needs to be removed because home users cannot be wise enough to use the feature only when necessary and its doing more harm than good.

    also, its not real life and home should be a place of freedom because remember it is just a game and so people should be able to do as they please just like in gta

  • can we please get a nathan drake hairstyle? it would be the most popular male hairstyle on home ever

  • @epicgamer0

    i agree, home can be so much better with actual voices on the avatars, better graphics/animation, FREE COSTUMES! i mean why do they cost? it prob cost 5p to make them so why not charge 50p? the helghast radec costume is nearly £5 and its old! i can go on and on about home like it needs more sounds and voice chats and cross game music BUT home is still verrv impressive and i will always love it! oh and to all you people saying “home sucks” or home is for no lifes” your wrong because home is for people who want to hang out with there ps3 friends in a playstation-like world, also epicgamer0 read my last comment i put about all the great websites, im sure you would like them.

    heads up guys:james day off to day so stop hating on the fact he isnt here, thank you. :)

  • To the off topic guys:
    You won’t expect replys here! Go to the forums and ask.

  • WoW large chess game that was my idea 5 years ago on playstation home but i wanted wizards chess large on playstation home but at least there talking my advice on playstation home. ow don’t get your free 1 month netflix there ripping people off as alto pay after 1 free month ok heres my web page for free any movie you want to see.

  • Awesome Glad to see Scribble Shooter on out Home at last after the U.S/Canada one had it like 2 weeks ago i was starting to worry we wouldn’t get it but glad we have :) also love the Savage Cosmos too i will be buying both game units :D & im thinking of getting that gian chess set i thnk that would look so cool in the middle of my dolphy room.

    I have a question though because on that youtube video yall have posted about scribble shooter it says try it for free in central plaza i know ours is Home Square but is there not going to be a Scribble shooter game unit in Home Square for people to try it out before they get it?

    Me personally i does not bother as im going to be buying the unit anyways but people that may of missed the E3 area may not of had the chance to play.

  • Guys buy Scribble Shooter, Savage cosmos sucks. The sense of perspective against objects and enemies is atrocious and the amounts of enemies they fire at you is purposterous. I have only earned one reward so far through the game and they expect me to be able to complete the game without losing 1 life and without using any continues and be able to go into every room likewise. Stay away from this game!

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