OMG-Z Showers PSN Minis In Blood

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Hi, I’m Ross Brierley, a games tester at Laughing Jackal, and I’m here to tell you about our latest PSN minis game, OMG-Z; a blood-splattering, zombie-exploding chain reaction shooter.


In OMG-Z we have combined two of our favourite things: Zombies and Explosions. Lots of them. More than 80 levels worth, each of them filled to the brim with as many Zombies as your PlayStation can handle.

The biggest zombie fan at Laughing Jackal is undoubtedly OMG-Z’s artist, Jake, who was influenced by the work of Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard’s work on The Walking Dead comics and a hint of Madworld’s sense of style helped to make OMG-Z the most blood-drenched game to make it to PlayStation minis.

But OMG-Z brings more to minis than gore and explosions (not that there’s anything wrong with just having gore and explosions :) ). Underneath it all OMG-Z has a rock solid chain reaction mechanic which understands the simple pleasure in shooting a zombie in just the right spot to start a chain reaction that sprays the level in blood.


The more zombies you kill on a level the more money you win, allowing you to increase your limited supply of bullets, improve the explosion radius for any one of the five classes of zombie, or place more barrels of oil around the levels which, if shot, will explode and spray the surrounding zombies with flaming oil. There are 70 upgrades to buy and you’re going to need them all to get your hands on the more elusive of the 324 medals on offer.

OMG-Z is released exclusively to PS+ subscribers on August 2nd (SCEA) and August 3rd (SCEE) for the bargain price of FREE. Two weeks later, the game will go on general release to everyone else with access to the PSN Store for the low, low price of €2.99/£2.49. To find out more please visit the OMG-Z webpage.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to explode some zombies!

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