PlayStation Plus Content 3rd August – 7th September

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As well as some great content this month, we have a bit of a special on Assassin’s Creed for you to enjoy some exclusive extras with Plus

New PlayStation Plus Content

Here is the main content list from Aug 3rd – Sept 7th

  • Comix Zone
  • Crash Commando
PS One:
  • Rayman
  • OMG-Z!
  • Bashi Blocks
Exclusive Discounts:
  • Assassin’s Creed – 50% off
  • Assassin’s Creed 2 – 20% off – purchase the full game and get all of the DLC for free (Sequence 12, 13 and Secret locations)
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Purchase the full game and get 2 free avatars (Harlequin & Ezio)
  • Modnation Racers – 20% off
  • Worms 2: Armageddon – 50% off
  • Alien Zombie MegaDeath – 50% off
  • Arcade Sports Bundle – 30% off
Dynamic themes:
  • Exclusive Giant Robot Battle!
  • Exclusive Penalty Shoot-out
Premium Avatars:
  • Renegade Ops – Bryant Avatar
  • Renegade Ops – Natasha Avatar

There will be plenty more special little extras for you during the month so keep an eye out for the next update

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27 Author Replies

  • Nice Update :D Just renewed my sub for 15more months :D Rayman FTW :D can’t wait for the R3 beta soon 2 ;)

  • What version of Brotherhood is this? Standard? Platinum? Da Vinci?

  • Nice content. Thanks James.

  • Does the Modnation discount apply to the ps3 version? If so I’m guessing it’s coming in today’s store update? :-)

  • 2 PSN games eh? can’t be bad unless they’re rubbish but I aint complaining!

  • No full game trials? :/

  • OMG-Z! is free? Nice, the game looks like another excellent Laughing Jackal game :D

  • crash commando :| James may I say that giving us years old PSN content is like slapping us old users with a decaying slimy fish.

    tbh with the amount of waiting for modnation you really could have tried to get that as are free game for this month.

    also the Ezio avatar will be available for purchase separately for us right??

    • Hi, we chose Crash commando because it has been requested before and is a great game. apologies if you aren’t loving it this month but hopefully there has been, and will be plenty more that you enjoy to make Plus amazing value in the long run. Also there are lots of day one discounts this month (more coming soon) to help even this out ;-)
      yes, the avatar will be available to get separately. Cheers

  • Glad im not a plus member anymore :P

    Feb,june, july was good for plus members tho.

  • Would have been nice to get an update before the release but it’s looks like a good month none the less.

    • Apologies for this. Ross will be doing the Plus posts from now on and will continue to try and get you the info as early as possible

  • Real interested in Crash Commando, will be playing that tonight! Not a bad content list.
    Thank you James :D

  • Why isn’t there what we can expect for september? Most of the times you gave a preview for next month.

    And the Brotherhood deal is a bit silly. Buy a game for 30 euros (which is way cheaper in Stores) and get two avatars, worth 1 euro. That’s not an exclusive deal.

  • Sweet my Birthday is on the 7th of September,Thanks SONY the one and only. :D

  • that’s a good update.
    Is there any chance of Playstation Plus users getting a discount on Uncharted 2 DLC in the near future? It would be a good way to get more people excited for Drakes Deception.
    Just an idea.
    Keep up the good work.

  • @StewyC12: One PSN game and one SEGA Classic (which is really not the same as a PSN game).

    Thanks for Crash Commando.
    It’s an old game, but I’ve never played it.

  • everytime i see a plus post i always get my hopes up that it will have stuff worth subbing for , yet again it offers games i already have that are very old like crash commando . still no cash from me , please add features otherwise enjoy minimal subs

    • We are of course looking at adding features but unfortunately system changes take time. Keep your eyes peeled though as Plus is an evolving service

  • nice month this time, glad I renewed. Going to pick up Alien Mega Death too when I get home

  • Nice content. Thanks SCEE overlords.

  • Nice update, thank you! this month will be even better when the resistance beta is released :D

  • Comix Zone…. Well, now thats a classic. loved this game as a kid…
    Cant wait to play it again :)

    Thanks Sony

  • Comix Zone is the most anticipated classic from Sega MD for me :) Thanks for delivering this game for free!

  • Some nice content there, shame I can’t get the AC:B avatars though, I already own the disk version so should be entitled! We used to be told the following months update in advance on these posts (or at least part of the update), howcome we haven’t been getting this since PSN was down?

    • Hi, you will still be able to get the avatars separately on the store but unfortunately they won’t be free. Ross is working hard to get the content and let you know in advance.

  • Crash Commando, Comix Zone and Rayman. All games I played years ago (many years for the latter two). Can’t win them all I suppose. :(

    Saying that there are two new minis and your mid-month treats to looks forward to. Also if I’m honest Rayman does rock and I have to say it…


    • haha, sometimes palying the classics again can be just as much fun! Am sure you will love the mid month treats too!

  • Not such a bad list, looking forward to playing Crash Commando…

    Could you pass on my suggestion for the Hustle Kings Snooker Pack to be discounted? Thanks :)

  • Is alien zombie megadeath the psn version or the minis version?

  • So is Rayman free or is it on discount?

  • I have Comix Zone on the Sega Mega Drive Ulitimate Collection, but I might get it for the extra trophies. I’ll definately get Crash Commando though!

  • another month where we are given another game from the mega drive collection.. sorry, but there is not going to be a renewal from me… who ever wants sonic and golden axe etc can buy the retail disc for £5. these games are shocking

  • Oh goody! An ancient Megadrive game and a online-only game with nobody online anymore. And does anyone really buy/play the Minis? They are grade z-quality games you can play in millions of websites for free.

    Worst Plus-month so far!

  • Yawn … so disappointing …

  • @26 – Rayman is Free!! :P

  • had crash commando for ages never got into it but might give it another go as theres gonna be lots of new users, apart from that i dont have the others so thanks looking forward to see what goodies we get late in the month.

    any chance of joe danger on plus soon.

    also a nice plus discount on infamous 2 would be a nice way of starting off sucker punch as a first party studio.

    and finally how about getting us the street fighter 8 bit avatars

  • Thanks!

    Any chance of Mass Effect 2 DLCs??

  • The discounts are certainly more welcome than the free games, nothing that interests me again though.

    My years subscription is up next month, I don’t think I can justify re-subscribing. There’s just been far too many months where all I’ve bothered downloading are the dynamic themes/avatars.

    I do like the cloud saves, but I’m not paying £30 per year for that.

    • Hold on for the mid month treats and sept’s content! Also, i’m sure if you took all the free games and discounts you have used, it would be worth much more than the subscription ;-)

  • I’m quite happy with this content thanks! :D

  • Decent update, a few nice treats i’ll look forward to playing. btw i’m now keeping track of content i wanted to buy but got money off with ps plus to see if i’m actually getting my moneys worth. So far I’ve gotten £13 of stuff i actually used (just from the 1st month), so with 11 more to go it looks like i’ll be getting a very good deal. I’d even pay £10 a year just for the cloud saving.

    • glad you are doing this as you will def see that it works out great value for money, even if you don’t like everything each month. ;-) With well over £700 of content and discounts in the first year, it should be a great value service for everyone

  • “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Purchase the full game and get 2 free avatars”

    How generous! :D

  • sorry but i wont be renewing my plus subscription it’s actually stopping me from buying games because i always think well if i buy this it’ll be on plus for free in 2 years time. for my £40 think ill just buy games this year like trine2, payday the heist, amy, journey and many more thanks

  • Good Evening Ross,

    How are the replacement games coming for NZ subscribers. I believe you owe us two. I understand there has not been much time to organise them from last week, but then again they should have been available from the start.

    Sorry, not really wanting to nag.

    PS Did you get my message regarding Square’s Tomb Raider and how it is rated NZ R16 here. From what it looks like they wanted to pay for TR to be rated here but not Soul Reaver. Would this be true?

    Thank you for your time.



    • Hi, I checked with Ross and he is all over the replacement games for you and will sort them out ASAP!

      Could be that TR was previously rated for the PS one disc, but that wasnt the case for Soul Reaver.

  • I’ll post my tally each month so everyone can see the true value of plus. u said that we got £750 of stuff last year, i predict its actually around £60-£70 worth of stuff that we really wanted, which is still a great deal. Also, that doesn’t include betas, or cloud saving, so u guys only really need to give me £30 worth of content a year that i want for me to be happy, which i think u will do. =)

    • Am sure out of the years content we can manage more than £30 for each member and as you say, with the features as well (that are evolving too!) Plus is a great value service, even for those who buy lots on the Store.

  • Nothing fun at all. I’m not renewing my plus membership…

  • Are there any chances for Russian PSN to have 12 month plan in near future? We currently have only 90 days one.

    • We are working on this but i’m afraid there are currently some legal issues. if these can be sorted then we will get you the years sub as well ;-)

  • Stop releasing the Sega Megadrive collection 1 game at a time… I can go and buy the entire thing for a tenner at my local supermarket, well I would if I didn’t already own it. Now I got that off my chest. Crash Commando…really…goes and checks calendar…nope it is definitely 2011. You should give us Calling all Cars next month or perhaps Rub a Duck, I’m pretty sure most of the recent owners won’t have played them either.

  • Supersonic acrobatic battle cars is still not available in greece. Just to let you know,not that you care.

    • don’t we?? I thought we did ;-) I will follow up with the store team and try to fix this ASAP for you

    • Ross is talking to the Publisher now and providing there are no technical issues, he will make this available for an extra week for Greece so that you don’t miss out

  • Meh, nothing interests me this month, a pity you don’t give the AC2 DLC free for *everyone* on plus, I already have the base game… Cause you know, I bought it when it was released…

    Oh well, can’t win them all, I had nice stuff to play the last two months, and 2 outta 3 isn’t bad. :)

    Heres hoping I get something juicy for the mid month thingy. :D

  • This is looking like a good month for the discounted games, however I know that the store updates in around 3-5 hours but it would be nice to see the prices of things beforehand so I can plan whether I need to buy a PSN card.

  • Nice, Rayman could actually be a PSOne title that I’ll play longer than for just 3-5 minutes.

    Didn’t know Crash Commando, but it seems good enough. And I didn’t manage to finish last month’s games yet.

    Btw., interesting “CC” pattern running here.
    Castle Crashers
    Comet Crash
    Crash Commando

    One almost wonders why people claim that there is a lack of innovation in this business, haha.

  • Gotta love the ‘cup half empty’ people in the world.

    It’s a games console. It’s the summer. Games ALWAYS have a dry spell in the summer so what did you expect Sony to do??

    If they had released Modnation Racers for even as much as 100% or even 75% discount, people would STILL moan that the game is years old.

    Sony can’t win the war for everybody. Some months will be poor in comparison to others, it’s the nature of the business.

  • Is there any reason i cant get any (aus)psn cards lately?

  • Oh another poor update, I already own Crash Commando and nothing else interests me at all, not even any good themes or avatars, why can’t you guys put the assassins creed brotherhood avatars on for us plus users, yet if you buy the well over priced game you get 2 free, where’s the logic in that.

    Well my plus subscription expires this month, don’t think I will renew.

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