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Over the last couple of years PlayStation.Blog has been bringing you news and features from the world of PlayStation and, crucially, allowing you leave comments and feedback on any new information or content featured.

Many have turned to the Blog to discuss technical support issues that have required greater assistance. While discussion and feedback is a key aspect of the Blog, when seeking answers to technical queries we recommend you start with the guides and FAQs at and, if you can’t find the solution there, check out our Technical Help and Advice Forums.

Our team is on hand to research and respond to your technical questions. Here is an explanation of how advice can be sought on the forums from our tech support guru, RabidWalker:

If you ever have a question or require any technical support, we have the ideal area over on our Technical Help and Advice Board found on the Official PlayStation Forum.

If you visit the Technical Help and Advice Board on our forums, you have the opportunity to pose those technical questions to our community and the team so we can help you out.

You will need to log into the Official PlayStation forums and head over to Technical Help section to ask your question:

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This will invite our knowledgeable community to reply to your question (with the reply button in the bottom right hand corner of your posted query). Our team will also be able to look into any queries you may have and help with finding you the best answer.

The best answers can be tagged as an ‘Accepted Solution’ by any of our community members. This means others who have the same query will be able to navigate to the answer straight away. You may find the query you have has already been answered by the community- in which case this will be easy to find!

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In this instance, a good solution has been found and tagged as the best answer to our question ‘Clicking on ‘Solved! Go to Solution‘ will immediately send you over to the answer.

On the Technical Help and Advice Forums you will find a catalogue of Accepted Solutions for all the most popular Technical Questions, regularly updated by both the team and the community. There is also a host of up-to-date guides to many PlayStation queries to help you.

For Example-

How do I activate/deactivate my PlayStation 3?

Connecting PS3 to PC monitor- Any Questions?

As well as technical advice, there will be all the latest information on PlayStation Network updates, Game updates and System software information, with the opportunity to discuss all of these areas.

You can also follow PlayStation Technical Support on Twitter @RabidWalker, which will be regularly updated with the latest Technical Information and links to support guides to help you out.

Additionally, I have set up a blog author account for RabidWalker and will ask him to pop onto the blog from time to time to pick up any recurring issues and direct people to the information they need.

Finally, if you’ve tried these channels and still have a technical issue, here are the customer support telephone numbers for each PAL territory:

[Contact Us] PlayStation Customer Helpline

I hope this helps some of you and please continue to let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions of how we can make your PlayStation experiences as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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3 Author Replies

  • Still should allow deactivation online even if its one console per six months or something. I have 4 consoles right now on my account and worry if my console breaks.

  • Shame that Sony still havnt been able after 4 years to get a possibility that sub-account holder could upgrade his account to master account when account holder turns 18…

    Would it be time to fix this?

  • As you cannot deactivate a console if it YLOD.

  • lol, have you guys in marketing finally had enough with idiots treating you like customer services?

    • I just want people to get the help they’re looking for – many of the people posting and commenting here do not have the training nor the moderation tools needed to deal with the more complex tech support requests we get.

  • I completely agree with some of the others, there should be an option to deactivate a broken console easily. I think iTunes does it in a good way, it lets you deactivate all of them at any time then you just reactivate the ones you want to.

  • Sorry, not marketing, PR, lol.

  • Allowing deactivation of consoles online.

    The account holder should be able to deactivate PS3 accounts on his/her own will, in all honesty.

    I’m stuck with 2 activated consoles from broken PS3’s. tried phoning up the helpline but they won’t do anything…

  • *When the console is broken and you can’t access its XMB

  • Very useful post James, but I would also re-iterate the need for online deactivation, particularly in the case of Singstar DLC which cannot be used on multiple systems.

    Also another request for Games to be sorted A-Z on the XMB.

  • How about some news regarding all countries that didn´t get the indentity theft protection plan due to the handout of our personal information by Sony?

  • Me too. I have 2 broken PS3s still active and I can’t deactivate them.

    In, I can see my active PS3s, but it doesn’t show the serial number, so I don’t know which is which and it doesn’t let me to deactivate them.

  • over the past few weeks ive had problems with my console & ive rang up sony helpline & they helped me out quickly & politely they even gave me a console swap coz my ps3 was basically dead lol so i reckon if u need help with anything to give them a ring there very nice on the phone and will try to help u out ASAP :)

  • Cool, now some problems might get delat within the blog, where a lot of traffic is happening. That’s one fine step into the right directions.

    I see the good intention here and hope a lot of problems get solved. Thumbs up from me.

  • A couple of things I’d like to see would be the ability to restore data from a YLoD’s PS3 to a new one , direct from the dead PS3’s HDD. I’ve lost YEARS of game saves from my old PS3. It’s sat, dead, hoping for a cure one day. I backed up all my PS1 & PS2 games saves to it, then it died. I don’t have the original save games any more either as I wiped the old cards. Argh! Not to mention I got 30 hours into Final Fantasy XIII and lost that too… very annoying, the HDD was fine it was the flippin’ PS3 overheating. Sony support wouldn’t get my stuff back if they replaced the PS3 either. Imagine if I’d put all my family photos on and they were locked in there. ANNOYING.

    Furthermore, I’d like a better explanation for the masses on how to put the PS3 into your router’s DMZ. I know how to but I’m sure most problems with connectivity in games is because people have no clue about port forwarding etc, and the DMZ would sort out most issues. I mention it to people onine when they are struggling aand they just go “EH???” then blame the game, Sony, the servers, etc…

  • what are you on about this is not a section to deal with problems if you read it says contact customer services

  • by the way that was for 13 not 14

  • Totally agree with the above comments on deactivating a console. Especially troublesome as I believe that video content is even more restrictive than games.

  • People don’t think though. They just post wherever they want and expect help!

  • @windsorblue01

    I was referring to the blog accoung being made for >RabidWalker<, which ultimately means, he can comment like Ross, or James, or the other good folks at SCEE. Because of his knowledge he might immediatly lead the person to a solution instead of a "call customer service" message. There are quite some technical questions on the heads-up, it will speed up some things a whole lot more.

    Also, it's great anyway to raise awareness of "Where can I find the problem to my solution quickly." and this is a small guide that might help me in future to detect why X isn't working as intended.

    • Indeed, when I respond to a tech support problem with ‘I’ll look into it’ or ‘I’ll ask’ then it usually means I call RabidWalker or another member of the team. From now, I can point out the comment to them and ask them to direct the person to the right place on the forums.

  • yeh sorry i realise that dont mind me i talk a load of rubbish half the time if not most :)

  • @James – that’s good to know. I’m sure it must’ve got to you guys quite a lot though with a lot of the comments always being unrelated and many quite harshly worded! Hopefully bringing up solutions to the more common issues from time to time will sort a lot of problems.

    About the account deactivation that a lot of people bring up I think all users pretty much agree that we should be able to control what consoles our accounts are active on, like by having the deactivation function on actually work, as customer support are never any help when it comes to deactivating on a broken console.

  • @ umblebee POST NUMBER 14

    The blog team won’t post anything on how to DMZ due to the risks involved.

    If you don’t know what you’re doing it can lead to problems.

    The only way you could find out, is to Google it fella as it doesn’t come highly recommended.

  • *BumbleBee

    Whwre did my B go? No pun intended!! :)

  • It’s a bad day for me lol, *where

  • Don’t see the big deal really? Things were working fine. If they happened to be low priority, they might just comment here.

    Looks good for Sony too

  • I had another thought… this has bugged me loads… when running a “Backup” on PS3, can’t we choose WHAT to backup? When I’m upgrading my HDD, for example, all I want to backup is the system data and game saves, and to save time I generally don’t want to backup my photos, music and movies… possibly not even the “game install data” as I shoud be able to get that back… last time I upgraded from a 250GB to 640GB HDD it took seven HOURS to back up everything, and that was after I’d deleted pics, movies and vids and most game install data.

    Furthermore the first restore failed so I had to start again… it can be frustrating after waiting several hours to find the restore failed! A smaller backup size probably helps as it reduces the probability of error.

    I know this may not be the place to bring that up and there’s not much anyone can do about it, but where else can we go?

    PS3 is an all-singing all-dancing media monster, yet some of the missing or user-unfriendly functionality hampers its ability to be the dream system it should be… user friendliness should be a priority yet certain aspects (backing up/restoring data, reconvering data from a dead PS3 etc) leave a lot to be desired.

  • @22 Catkiller1

    Please read my post again… I have NO PROBLEMS with the DMZ thing. I can do it fine, I am an IT boffin!

    My point is that most people have no idea how to port forward, put PS3 in DMZ, or even ensure UPnP is working. This leads to connectivity problems in every online game from CoD to SOCOM to Resi 4 and everything else, but people will just say “oh these servers are s**t” without realising there are things they can do.

    Also, I don’t mean to knock you but there aren’t really any security issues that I know of with having the PS3 put in the DMZ. I’d not put a PC in there but if you want to play online and minimize connectivity problems, putting the PS3 in the DMZ is the best way as it eliminates the need to manually set up port forwarding, and also bypasses the clunky UPnP system which rarely works as it should.

    I’m just saying they should educate people about these things as it would solve a lot of stress for a lot of online gamers.

  • @Bumblebee

    My net on ps3 is perfect. You got cable? You using your own router? You able to flash dd-wrt onto it?

  • I’ve been emailing costumer service to see if they can upgrade my subaccount to a master account, but I just get an email saying that the costumer support is not currently available and try again later.

  • When you have to explain how to go about contacting customer services in case someone has an issue, then surely there’s something wrong.

    As a customer facing blog for Sony / Playstation, i’m not surprised this is the first place many people look for an answer.

    Perhaps there should be a big fat button at the top or sides that directs people to the customer service forums / contact details?

    If all else fails just post a weekly “Customer Service Help” entry here to attract customers with technical problems comments. :)

  • How many times…

    My PS3 connects fine but the amount of times I see messages in certain games telling me that other players in the lobby have NAT issues so there may be connection problems is rather high.

    What I am saying is, for those people [who may not have UPnP working to sort these problems, for example, or who may not have port forwarding sorted out (either manually or via UPnP)] might benefit from a little educating about these things. The best way in my opinion is to put the PS3 in the DMZ, which is not rocket science but is beyond the understanding of most casual gamers.

    But I am fine, I connect via ethernet cable to a router on a fibre optic line; my PS3 has a static IP address on my router; and that address has been put in the router’s DMZ. My connection problems are non-existent* but some people I play with online do have issues.

    [continued in next post somewhere below]

    *other than when PSN goes down for a month.

  • And like I said, when I mention “have you put the PS3 in the DMZ, or checked your NAT type, or checked UPnP is working?” the response is generally “what the hell are you talking about? What language is that? I just plugged it in and assumed it would work”.

    Just to confirm before anyone else tries to “help” me: I don’t need it, I connect great! I just mean the casual gamer, the non-techie types and the laymen! They require assistance and they don’t even know it!

  • Oh before I go – I have to mention on the odd time I have needed to contact PS customer services – from when my PS2 died back in the day, to when my PS3 lens went doo-daa… the support has been excellent. Really friendly and helpful telephone support and fast replacement of my kit.

    The only problem was finding the number in the first place – I had to root around on the Internet for it – so it might indeed be an idea to make it easier to find.

  • What a great guide maybe a guide how moderaton Works…..

    Welcome to EU-basis Blog if you looking for a place for your posts to be moderaton to death then to be deleted or sometimes we just delete posts that was not flagged,

    or would you like to win our compo Long winded posts & typo only to apply, If yes to these things come join the blog community.

  • @ BumbleBee

    Before you get all stressed again re-read my post.

    I never said anything of the sort to suggest that you need help.

    When I said if you don’t know what you’re doing I don’t mean you personally I mean the person who is going to do it.

    Can’t b bothered to blog on here explaining about DMZ that’s why I said Google it for anyone interested as this isn’t the place.

    I replied as you mentioned it.

    Stop taking everything at face value but this could be a language problem so sorry if you didn’t understand me :)

  • “When you have to explain how to go about contacting customer services in case someone has an issue, then surely there’s something wrong.”

    Yes, there is something wrong… with the people who keep asking! Some people just clearly don’t pay attention.

    This very post tells people that staff who post on the blog are marketing/PR types, not qualified to respond to technical issues. It also makes it clear where find help with the technical side of things.

    Yet here we are with people STILL saying things in the comments like “let us upgrade sub-accounts to master accounts” and “let us deactivate broken PS3s online.”

    Both are great suggestions, but as has been explained many times, and is stated clearly above, this is not the place to request such features.

    Yes, blog staff can pass the message along, and I’m sure they have many times. That doesn’t change the fact that the only people who can make it happen are the guys in Japan who deal with the firmware, and decide what features get implemented. If those people are going to pay attention to such requests, they’ll probably take more notice of the ones made in the right place. That is, after all, what the support forums are for. The blog is for information only.

  • I also agree with the deactivation of consoles. Guess Sony won’t listen. They didn’t listen when people told them of the security flaw in their system and then months later – they get hacked.

    Maybe eventually…

  • +1 to what Catkiller said.

    It unnerves me to see people bandying around advise like DMZs without pointing out the pitfalls and security implications.

    • Community Team Moderator, SCEE

      To take on Catkiller and Bumblebees discussion,

      I agree that for something such as setting up a DMZ, the guide has to provide some context and explanation of the process. For someone who hasn’t done this before it may seem a bit daunting (certainly taking into account the jargon involved as well).

      So although there is great advise already on the forums from the community, the aim is to gather the best bits into a guide/walkthrough with explanations of why and how this maybe necessary. One key thing going forward is to ensure that any terms used are defined so anyone can understand and carry out the process.
      (Also taking into account the relative setups each user may have!)

      This is the aim for a number of processes (DMZ being one of them).I also invite people to query or provide suggestions to me on the forums and Twitter.

  • Yay RabidWalker’s posts have helped me heaps of times

  • @ X201

    What security implications? I’ve used DMZ and not had any probs.

  • @Bumblebee You obviously have some issues. Don’t see the big deal. Some people don’t really care about their network as long as it works. The way you are speaking, it is like your having problems yourself. Why do you care so much for others’ system?

    A lot of the cheap routers are the real problem. I would think most consumer based networking equipment would have uPnP active right away unless deactivated manually.

  • hHA HA HA Guide to costumer suport hmmmmmmm I spend 1 month ringing – emailing uk CS when my 5th ps3 died and begging them to deactivate it they didn’t help my at all and email answer was to ring CS , i manage it through different country PCS (they were VERY NICE )but why ??? they don’t won’t to do this for you in UK ???!!! After PSN blackout i couldn’t change my password for a MONTH i was ringing and emailing CS AGAIN and i couldn’t even speak with anybody to at least let them know that such a problem exists and i was here on this blog as well but nothing was done. my friends guide my how to change it through different site that i didn’t know … for my CS in UK BIG minus . and i live in FEAR that my ps3 will break some day again and i HAVE TO RING CS …

  • Hi there James after i updated my ps3 to latest updated its been impossible for me to download large memory for example when uncharted 3 beta was out it was impossible for me to download it and it when only to 358MB then stopped then the ps3 crashed is there something you can help with as i missed out on uncharted 3 beta and DLC i want i can’t buy please respond thanks.

  • @JAY81UK

    The security implications that your console is outside of your firewall and visible to all on the internet, as opposed to Port-Forwarding and uPNP where its behind a firewall and only the handful of ports that need to be visible to the internet are visible.

  • James Gallagher some american girl got me banned from ps3 for a month when all i did was be nice to her freinds and btw she thretenend me the girl who i was being ncie to her freind all il say is if that dam american dont get out of eu home and back to her american home and she trys to report me again i will contact the police get her IP and sue her for damages

  • This is a great step in the right direction. I’m just sorry it took loads of us complaining last week on the blog to get yous guys moving

  • Please stand by…

    Ps1 classics is imminent i spy a ps1 console. :D

  • This is useful information, but unfortunately since the recent PSN outage, people from countries without PlayStation Stores can’t log in to post either here or at the official PS forums, locking them out of both communication with the rest of the community AND the ability to discuss/pose support-related questions.

    Why has this ability not been restored to everyone yet? I’d make this top priority so that everyone who paid for the console gets the same service with regards to interacting with others and getting support.

  • Can you please give us an option to deactivate broken ps3s?
    I dont want to lose my account…

  • People turn to the blog for help because the phone support is so hopeless.

    Last time I rang them, I spent over an hour waiting and they didn’t even solve my problem.

    I’m amazed it hasn’t been sorted yet.

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