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After 130 hours in Kamurocho and countless streetfights swiftly ended with the Essence of Head Bashing, I finally got the Yakuza 4 Platinum Trophy on Wednesday night. The mission started a few months ago and, much to the credit of this excellent game, at the time of that final pling I was enjoying it as much as at the beginning.

As for my next Platinum, maybe something a bit less daunting. Anyone want to lend me Hannah Montana?

PlayStation.Blog Recap 30th July

Here’s your recap. I’ll be roaming the Moors like Heathcliffe this weekend so I’ll respond to your comments first thing Monday morning.

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  • Let me be the 1st to say congrats getting your PLAT now go out there and the 2nd 1. :D

  • Congratulations! A much easier, yet still enjoyable second platinum would be Assassin’s Creed 2.

  • @Skookie30 I was the first I think, I told him via PSN message on Wednesday. :D

    But once again congrats James, try SmackDown Vs RAW 2011, fairly easy.

  • BTW james i give up on Castle crashers as a FREE plus game it is broken 1 trophy is glitch i got all 26 animals orbs sitting in my ark & the trophy didn’t unlock.

    i haven’t finish the game the devs should be ashame giveing us a broken free game my friend had unlock it he bought it.

    & before you say did you went on mutiplayer co-op because that dont count, No i find em all in single player.

    i notice there are 2 animal ords as part of DLC and the King 1 i see ppl play as King on the leaderboards but Crap EU get shafted by devs I say STF-U :(

  • ahh but i was the 1st on blog to say congrats like the ppl that put First in the post :P

  • Congrats on your first platinum trophy, James.
    I guess there are many other very easy Platinum trophies except from Hannah Montana. Cars 2 and Megamind are good examples. Most of the games which bases on movies have easy Platinum trophy. This might be a way of pushing the sales of these games, because there are many trophyaddicted people out there.

    By the way I enjoyed reading the articles from the “Inside SCEE” category. You are right, we already know many things about your job, so I would also be very interested in an article “Made in Austria”, a report from the Playstation 3 Blu-ray manufacturing.

    • That’s a great idea for a feature. I’ve got a few more interview candidates lined up and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • congrats james :) i plats hannah montana like 2 yrs ago LOL try resident evil 5 & assassins creed 2 & WWE all stars i enjoyed playing them & getting the plats fairly easy aswell & fun games :)

  • Yeah Yakuza 4 is the best game I’ve played this year along with Little Big Planet 2. Hopefully Of The End is localised or the Black Panther PSP game is on the PSN.

  • there a few DLC with castle crashers there the pink knight one a skin there a KING DLC a skin & a weopon & like i say the 2 animal orbs.

    but my trophy list didn’t had the DLC trophies and my friend who bought it was from norway so he didn’t get the DLC from USA did he. :(

  • Congratz! I may ask a few things like how to do the Ultimate Essence, the explanation in the game is not very clear, I end up doing the Essence of Finishing.

  • congratz on getting your platinum i actully know that feeling it’s awesome at first then after 15 plats you get bored a little and then this is only a addiction now! but on my other account i had 25plats it happpened too me, the reason i am not posting with that account is that this site is kinda wierd for unsupported regions like iceland, soo i am starting again from scratch, but i hope that you will enjoy each platinum you get, but when you get your tenth platinum trophy you will know the feeling of accomplishing something very big. and you deserve too feel proud :).

    but hey do you know anything about section 8 voucher codes?,i thought i would get him straight too my e-mail but i haven’t got it.
    soo you know: i bought section 8 prejudice at the first seconds soo, were is my code for section 8 seriously i completed section 8 prejudice on 6 hours,

    • I was just kind of relieved and to be honest, if I hadn’t announced that I was going to do it I would have given up a long time ago. I’m just not a completionist – I play little bits if lots of things.

  • you may delete my Ranting above about the game being broken i now need to buy the Last 2 animals in the insane store that the difficult level insane.

    so question are these 2 animals in the insane store the 2 animals that was with a DLC? or are we still getting the other DLC‘s including the pink kinght thanks :|

  • hey hey


    how does it feel ? did you feel like it was worth all the effort just for a digital trophy ? would you recomend the experience for others ?

    did going for the trophy enhance the gaming experience or did it feel more like a grind, as some trophies (collect 350 shards .. ) can feel more like a chore than an enhancement.

    Feeeeedback on the experience for us non trophy concerened folks. please.

    • I’d certainly recommend the game but the whole experience confirmed that I’m not a natural trophy hoarder. I have a busy work and social life and there is an eternal backlog of games I want to check out, so I’d rather move on to something new than do all the extra stuff needed for the platinum. That being said, I like how it forced me to do things I wouldn’t usually have bothered with, like learning Shogi (Japanese chess).

  • Welcome to the dark side, JG. ;)

  • i know its off topic but if anone has youtube here can you please subscribe to me please i beg u its iBaDPS3Productions ok thank you sorry but i beg you

  • i’ve aleady messaged you but thought i’d come on here and say congrats anyway. If your looking for a slightly less daunting platinum then i still think your best off carrying on with Hot persuit which i noticed you were playing. I’s not too difficult and is repectable no the less or alternative platinum FIFa 11 you’ve put enough hours into it. lol


  • Platinum in Yakuza 4? I salute you, good sir ;)

  • Ross? You shouldn’t be here! Anyway try GT5 for platinum. You have to do 2 24hr endurances and it takes about 1 month-2 months max to platinum for GT5.

  • how about telling mw why my dl list is constantly getting jumbled twice its happened and its always the plus content that gets jumbled

  • Good thing you didn’t try for Yakuza3. Getting a Platinum in that game made me want to blow my brains out (in a good way…if there is such a thing as wanting to blow your brains out in a good way).

    Congrats though :)

    Another fun and much easier Platinum to get is InFamous2.

    • I’m currently starting my second play of I2 (well behaved this time) so I’ll see how close to the play that takes me and see how I feel.

  • Congrats James, Yakuza 4’s a brilliant game, I think I got my platinum for it a week or two after it came out, I literally couldn’t put it down, lol. Out of interest, what was your playtime when you finished? When I got the platinum I had put in a bit over 115 hours, it was hella fun, well worth it.

  • @somethingatt I agree, it was playing pool against cheating AI S.O.B. Seiji Nakano that was probably the most annoying for the Minigame Master trophy in Yakuza 3, but even that was still pretty fun.

  • Congrats James! There’s nothing better than when you’ve put in so much effort that you finally get your Plat trohpy.

  • Congratulations mate, seen you playing away at it a lot recently :D

    I need to platinum a new game. Not got one in a couple of months. Sad times.

  • Yeah Platinums are addictive…something I really like with the trophy system.

    Not a bad week, looking forward to Ratchet and Clank All 4 One.

    And the announcement on monday ;D

  • New visualisations for PS3’s music player, When?

  • Congrats James! :D
    After getting every trophy for LA Noire a couple of weeks ago making it 3 for me I am now aiming for my 4th Platinum on Dragon Age 2. I need 3 more trophies so better get playing another new save!

  • Congrats James. Go with infamous 2 is not hard to plat plus its a great game to play. Should not take you more then 20 hours to plat.

  • Hey there, I’ll suggest Tomb Raider Legend/Underworld for your next plats, they aren’t hard, infact, they have been my easiest plat, not only is it easy, but the game is fun too!
    Not only that but you may have played Legend on the PS2 first, so you may know where most of the treasures are; making Legend perhaps take only 10-15 hours.
    Also, I’ll just finish by saying i’ve been quite dissapointed with the PS Store updates recently and the only thing I really did enjpy were the Hyperdimension Neptunia RED/5pb events and the Dissidia Avatars, I feel that Sony doesn’t really have games old enough for me these days, just saying.

  • Finally!!! welcome to the Platinum club!!

    @ unwinged-angel
    Just recently got the platinum on legend, currently going for Underworld at the moment, try anniversary, it’s not too difficult, however, some of the time trials are a bit annoying, if you don’t know the game very well, I managed to get it in a few weeks playinmg on and off

  • Also you’re only about an hour or so from getting the Assassin’s Creed II platinum if you still have your save and there’s zero difficulty in getting those trophies, and it’s an awesome game.

  • Congrats on your first platinum! Also well done on sneaking the app in there ;) judging by your trophy total (1365 trophies and ONE plat!) you are probably closer than you think to a few other platinums too. Go get them!

  • Congrats on your platinum james well deserved. 130 hours!! now that is commitment.

  • Derp, after I asked earlier I just noticed you said 130 hours right at the beginning of the post, lol. You should know Kamurocho like the back of your hand now!

  • hi james id recommend resident evil 5 its a co-op friendly platinum so if you need help im your man:)

  • awww your friends lists full..figures though your a blog mod your a ps blog celebrity:)

  • ross whats your psn id?

  • Yakuza 4 has nothing on Heavy Rain. Should have gone for that platinum.

  • Congratz on the Yakuz 4 platinum (I need to do that as werll)

    The Platinum I am trying for now is Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, I’ve nearly platinumed it.

  • resident evil 5
    godfather 2
    uncharted 2 and fallout 3 are fun achievable plats im currently at 13 plats

  • Nobody mentioned Duke Nukem Forever yet?

    Or go for Fallout 3, its time consuming (especially if you go for the GOTY edition ) but I enjoyed every second of it :-).

    Or if you want to do an entertaining racegame you could pick split/second.

    If you like 2 wheels I can suggest SBK09 (not SBK X/SBK-2010 because it has a glitched trophy that hasn’t been fixed…).

  • Hi James did you get around to looking into the FirstPlay subscription issue I mentioned a few weeks ago?

    Just in case you forgotten I was charged the 10.99 for the 90 day subscription 2 weeks later it ended. Will I get my money back?

    • I’ll ask the question again first thing in the morning. It’s likely you’ll gave to call customer services so they can confirm the transaction, I reckon.

  • @James – Plat Sly Cooper 1 its really easy to get and wont take you long either :D

    Dont go for Hanna craptanna !! lol

  • Another easy one is Terminator Salvation.

  • When is sony gonna release an update or something that gives us the ability to delete trophies….i have many games that i didn’t like and there at 44% and 20%….it’s driving me crazy i hope sony get’s this message as soon as possible…..peace off :)

  • Oh and one question:
    Could the developers PLEASE remove the “copy savegame to PS+ storage” icon for non-ps+ members. Or at least not select it by default, but select my USB storage device.

    Its pretty irritating if you are back-upping multiple savegames to thumb-drive/usb-drive and you need to reselect to destination device every time.

    however a better feature would be “copy all saves to …”

    Thanks :-)

  • hey. hope u will b livestreaming gdc press conferance this year. it can be done easy with a computer or even an iphone. u didnt do it last year, idk y. but please do it this year. even bad quality video is better than text. congratz on platinum. personally i dont give a **** about trophies anymore. they can ruin games for u. i never check trophy list until after ive played the game.

  • I whant you here att the blogg to give oss beter info on psn+.

  • You should consider trying to aim for Terminator Salvation’s Platinum Trophy, and even its 10 gold trophies while ur at it, since its by far the easiest game for the trophies. Course its the only platinum I have right now.

  • i jus woke up n noticed i slept a whole day :( whered sunday go?

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